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Episode 5 – The Convert

Synopsis: The mosque has a new white converted member and this leads to much discussion among the populace of Mercy and causes a few problems. 

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What did you think of this episode? How does it compare to the previous episodes?

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Sarah makes a bet with Rayyan that she can pray 5 times a day for an entire month. To accomplish this she prays at her work, in the morning at her house, and also at Fatima’s place.

Praying 5 times a day requires a great deal of commitment and discipline. You have to train yourself and with continual reinforcement it can become a habit. It may also be difficult when you are working full-time for someone else, but you can pray at lunch time and take the afternoon coffee break to perform salaat. 

Do you have obstacles when it comes to praying 5 times a day? What helps you overcome them?


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Halal Meat

Fatima points out that Mercy doesn’t have any halal butchers and she has to rely on kosher butchers.

When you live in small communities, it is difficult to get fresh halal meat. I feel that we are lucky in that sense. Even though our community is small (25 families), we still have farms in neighbouring towns that carry halal certified meat. Our local butcher really believes in the quality of the halal meat and he imports it in; so we are able to enjoy fresh halal poulty frequently. We get our lamb frozen but unfortunately we don’t have access to cattle farms.  We have to travel to a major metropolitan area to get fresh beef.

Do you have difficulty getting halal meat in your community? What did you have to do to make it easy to get fresh halal meat?


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Marlin converts to Islam and begins to conform to the culture too quickly. His attire resembles Baber’s, he passes judgement on Leyla and others, he views western behaviour as anti-muslim.

I haven’t met a convert who had travelled this route. The ones I know are much more mellow and are keen on gathering knowledge. They do not take sides in arguments on faith. That’s not to say though, that instances depicted in this episode don’t exist.

Have you had experiences with someone with convertitis? What did you do to help them? What did you learn?


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Episode 5 – Preview

Episode 5 – “The Convert”

Synopsis:  The mosque has a new white converted member and this leads to much discussion among the populace of Mercy and causes a few problems.  

Coming Wednesday February 14th 2007 !

Have you had any issues with a new convert? Was there a contraversy controversy at your mosque over a convert?


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