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Episode 4 – Swimming Upstream

 Synopsis: Rayyan and her mother Sarah have a disagreement over co-ed swimming at the local pool. 

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Part 2:

Part 3:

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What did you think of this episode? How does it compare to the previous episodes?

Are there any other topics from the episode that you want to discuss? Ask a Question.



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The Mayor asks Rayyan to gather 150 signatures supporting her cause to place a female lifeguard on duty before the next budget meeting.

The Mayor of our city asked the Mosque to create a petition against placing a Psychiatric Hospital next to the Mosque. The community felt that mental patients escaping the hospital to take refuge in the Mosque wouldn’t be a very good thing. We’ve also held rallies to show support for electoral candidates from our Muslim community. 

Have you had to create a petition? How about one supporting Islam? What sort of response did you get?


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Fatima and Baber have a spat over carving pumpkins at the Mosque. Amaar decides that halloween can be celebrated as long as it has an Islamic twist. The kids could dress up as a fig, or a date or an olive.

I’m of the opinion that our neighbours are our friends and we should share in their holidays and festivals. We invite them for Eid celebrations and they come with open arms to join us in our festivities. Why can’t we do the same?

What does your family/muslim community think of halloween? Do they celebrate it? With or without a muslim twist?


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Mother vs. Daughter

Sarah sabotages Rayyan’s petition by telling Fred Tupper that it is for an Islamic purpose. Fred Tupper goes from almost signing the petition to hire a “baywatch babe” to berating the thought of flushing $10,000 down the drain. Rayyan doesn’t react happily at first but after some wise words from Amaar decides to make peace with her mom.

Minor altercations are commonplace in the household but it appears that the love and communication established in family relationships dictate how resolutions will come about. Oftentimes it ends with hugs and apologies and seldom does it end with a blow-up.

Why do mothers and daughter sometimes not see eye to eye? It seems that in the end, they do make up with each other. Is this always the case? Do you have any stories where you have had an argument with your mom but worked things out afterwards?


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Episode 4 – Preview

Episode 4 – “Swimming Upstream” 

Synopsis: Rayyan and her mother Sarah have a disagreement over co-ed swimming at the local pool. 

Coming Wednesday February 7th 2007 !

Clip 1 – Swimming Instructor: Rayyan and Fatima cannot come to terms with a male swimming instructor even though he is “a friend of Dorothy”.
Clip Courtesy of r0njam35

What are your thoughts on co-ed swimming? Are there swim times at local pools for women only?


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