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Episode 2 – The Barrier

A barrier is put up to seperate the men and women which leads to fighting between the genders.

What did you think of this episode? 



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Hockey Board

The men at the Mosque decide that the women are too distracting even though they sit behind them during congregations. The men decide to put up an old board from a hockey arena to seperate the two genders.

From our experience, it seems that a Mosque goes through phases where at some point the barrier discussion encourages displeasure. We had a white-board acting as a divider in the beginning phases and now we have a full-fledged curtain that traverses across the room. A door was installed as a seperate entrance to the women’s area.

Some of the women were not too happy with the idea while other women applauded it.

What do you have as a divider?


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School Events

Baber’s daughter has to get permission from him to attend school functions and she has to describe them in a way that would get the approval of her father.

In Western cultures, school dances and parties are a dime a dozen.

Our parents were flexible enough to allow us to mingle with our friends and trusted that we would not go astray. Just because our friends drank didn’t mean we needed to.

How flexible were your parents?


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In the episode, Baber’s daughter tries to shock her father with the clothing she would wear before reaching a compromise that would work for both father and daughter.

The men in general don’t have a problem with their clothing, they may get the odd lecture about having pants extend below the knee but remain above the ankle. Women on the other hand are not so lucky; fathers are only satisfied when their daughters are completely covered, husbands when their wives are wrapped from head to toe.

What is it like in your house-hold?


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Amaar determines that the divider issue cannot be decided by one or two of the constituents. Each member of the Muslim community should have a voice but that’s not how it is at the gathering.

In some communities, women don’t have a voice at the Mosque but this is beginning to change. Women are starting to teach at the Mosque and organize weekly events and functions for other Muslim women to attend. They are becoming more involved and it all starts by attending the Mosque in the first place.

How involved are women in your community?


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