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Episode 7 – Mother in Law

Synopsis: Yassir’s visiting mother from Lebanon insists that he try a second wife. 

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What did you think of this episode? How does it compare to the previous episodes?

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In this episode, Yassir’s mother insists that he take on a second wife. Amaar retorts that it’s against the law but she explains to Amaar that since the Nikah isn’t registered, it could be their little secret.

I’ve heard of men marrying two to three women where only one is actually registered. I suppose that isn’t proper because according to the doctrines, you can only marry more than one woman if you can treat them equally. 

Which countries currently allow polygamy? Are you in one of these countries? If it is Sunnah, why aren’t Muslim men marrying more women?


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Respect your parents

Yassir has a difficult time telling his mother that he doesn’t need another wife and Sarah is exactly what he needs. His mother can’t take no for an answer and even goes as far as faking a heart attack to gain the sympathy of his son.

Is Yassir really stuck between a rock and a hard-place? You have to respect your parents by not breaking their heart into a million pieces. 

Have you had many such arguments with your parents? What was the end result? Were you able to reach a compromise?


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Same-Sex Marriage

Reverend McGee is asked to perform a same-sex marriage for the ‘friend of Dorothy’ swim instructor. He is initially hesitant but much to the dismay of Fred Tupper, Fatima and Baber, he agrees to do the ceremony. The aforementioned characters are up in arms at the ‘abomination’. 

According to Islam, Nikah is a ‘contract’ between a man and a woman and therefore same-sex marriage is frowned upon absolutely not tolerated. Legally however, same-sex marriages can be perfomed in 8 out of the 10 all the provinces in Canada and a few countries in Europe as well as South Africa.

What is your community’s stance on same-sex marriage? What’s your stance? Are they different from your parents?


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Episode 7 – Preview


Note: This episode was originally supposed to air Feb 21st 2007.

You can watch clips from Episode 6 at

Second Marriage: Yassir’s mother talks with Amaar about a second marriage for her son.

Washing my body: Sarah’s mother-in-law reveals that she doesn’t want Sarah to wash her body when she dies.

Leaving home: Sarah has Rayyan bring her some things from home which doesn’t include Yassir and his mother.


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