Season 3 – Episode 17 – My Shariah

Synopsis: JJ opens an early wedding present before he’s supposed to, but no one has any idea what it is.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Videos courtesy of  Macuntu

What did you think of this episode? How does it compare to the previous episode? Are there any topics from the episode that you want to discuss?



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26 responses to “Season 3 – Episode 17 – My Shariah

  1. nisreen

    so…does anyone actually know what it is? 🙂

  2. 905

    What is that thing?

  3. ullubata

    so wat was that thing… a guage for water heater or somthing???

  4. Nuchtchas

    Baber was in the Watchmen movie, it was so weird to see him there

  5. akan

    why is the audio sync in part 2 and 3 not in line with the video?

  6. Will

    It appears to be a pressure cooker of some type. Any other suggestions?

  7. Will

    I just verified with my friend from the Middle East. It is indeed a pressure cooker. The hose on it is used to drain off the pressure. The pressure gauge is there for safety as apparently, sometimes these have been known to experience abrupt and hazardous failure if the pressure relief valve fails to release. Hope this helps.

    • Leopold

      would you care providing a link where this pressure cooker is shown?
      or can you explain why a pressure would have a electrical plug?
      i really can’t figure it out…

  8. wat a dumb episode…the last few have been horrid. they need to bring back nate, and iam sure they can come up with much better story lines

  9. Mo

    Yusef watch this show.

    It’s even better.

    White people are trash.

  10. Mo

    Here’s the second part

  11. Mo

    And the Third part.

    Can Islam save Trashy white girl. I don’t think I am giving too much away by saying Yes It Can!

  12. Mo

    Part four

    You have to feel sorry for white girl being born among such white trash. But don’t worry. Islam will save her.

  13. Mo

    Islam can even save White trash.

  14. Mo

    Yea, Islam Wins.(Doesn’t it always)

    Islam can save even trashy white people!

    You have to give the BBC credit for how accurately it portrayed Islam (and trashy white people) in this movie.

    You have to admit Yusef that this was a much better show.

    Although perhaps it’s unfair to compare a comedy to a drama. Too bad they only wrote it as a one time BBC TV movie. It would have made a great tv series. Each episode they could have a new trashy white family and show like how trashy they all were and then at the end of the episode show Islam making them not trashy anymore.

    It would be entertainment at its best. We could call it Detrash the White. BBC should really look into doing such a show. Perhaps they could use some of the characters from this movie.

  15. Mo

    Or perhaps the CBC could adapt this movie for a Canadian series. After all, Canada is overflowing with white trash.

    They could put it on after Little Mosque on the Prairie. Like at at 9 PM (8:30 in Newfoundland).

    I know there’s a lot of US shows that they have adapted from the UK. There’s a US version of “the Office” and Three’s Company was based upon a British sitcom called “Man About the House”. In that show the guy’s name was Robin which they had to change to Jack because in the US Robin is only a girl’s name.

  16. Mo

    Cleaning the White Trash.

    That would be a better title for the series.

  17. Nahida

    “White people are trash.”

    How endearing. I feel the same way about RACIST people…

  18. Mo

    Watch the movie Nahida.

    I think you would like it.

    It even won an award for the BBC.

    I think it would make a great series. Cleaning the White Trash through Islam.

    • Jesus Mohammad Buddha

      Religion is a crock. I would rather be ‘trash’ and think for myself than to pretend to be superior because of my imaginary friend who thinks for me. If it wasn’t for conservative religious people most of the atrocities of our history would not have happend. From well before the crusades to well after the holocaust religion has been used as an excuse for pain and death, exclusion and hate. Islam andChristianity can only replace one deficiency for another. They fix nothing. They just give u another destructive vice to replace a socially unacceptable one. Religion is the refuge of the weak minded, too confused by reality to solve thir own problems. So Saving someone from a financially poor sitation to a mentally poor one is a huge disservice IMO. Lack of money builds character, lack of self sufficiency and lack of a realistic outlook on yourself can be fatal to yourself and ultimately IS fatal to humanity as a whole. It’s not the dark ages anymore. Time to grow up and think for yourself.I

  19. Like others I too thought the contraption was some fancy waffle makers, but later I settled in on a diamond ring cleaner. I sure would like to know what it actually is.

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