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Little Mosque On The Prairie is a new Canadian sitcom produced by CBC Television that deals with the interactions of a small Muslim community with the citizens of a little prairie town in Canada.

Little Experiences is a weblog where readers can relate their real-life experiences to the focal points in the show.


What is the basic theme and objective of this sitcom?


“Little Mosque on the Prairie” is a sitcom which means situational comedy. The setting of the show is a fictional town of Mercy (pop. 10,000) somewhere in the midwest area known in North America as the prairies. The show depicts a small Muslim community interacting with a small non-Muslim community. The theme of the show is about relationships. The relationships can be between Muslims and non-Muslims, first and second generation Muslims, men and women, Muslims of different racial and ethnic background, children and their parents etc.

The objective of the sitcom is to show the challenges that Muslims face in a post 9-11 world. Of course, this is a fictional show so its stories and plots are not 100% reflection of what may actually occur in Muslim communities. It’s interesting to note that many non-Muslims have called me to say that that this is the first time they have seen Muslims in a positive light on television. One American viewer told me that he had a negative opinion about Islam and Muslims until he saw the show. The show has the ability to help non-Muslims feel at ease around Muslims and dispel some of the violent stereotypes that surround Muslims.

I had made a lot of dua’a before making the show asking Allah for guidance about whether the show would be a good thing for the Muslim Ummah. I asked him to make my way easy if it was something that would be of benefit to the ummah in this world and the next and to make my way difficult if it was something that would be harmful to my community. And He has made my way easy, so I must trust Him now and believe that this is something that I should continue to do with continued guidance and prayer from my Muslim community.

My intentions are always to please Allah because this show will be my witness on the day of judgement and I will have to account for everything that goes on in it. And He knows what is in my heart, what I can control and what I cannot cannot. And I ask Allah to forgive me for any mistakes that I make because Allah is most merciful and the most compassionate.

Zarqa Nawaaz (creator of Little Mosque on the Prairie)

Excerpt taken from Question Session at IslamOnline.Net


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  1. Sara

    One thing this show can do is to show non-Muslims how Muslims pray – i personally believe that they think Muslims just bow down and up down – if you could explain why and what they read it would make them understand much more.

  2. M

    Greetings everyone,
    I read a bit about an upcoming episode from the CBC site. A new white convert stirs up trouble in the community…
    As a ‘con’vert for 28 years I have experienced much, witnessed much, etc. I am very interested in this episode.
    Will the new ‘con’ be of the ‘kook’ factor?
    Or zealot?
    Or ??
    Overall the series is very good. It is long overdue but has finally arrived.
    Whoever posts the episodes via youtube, thank you. I live extremely south of Canada, in the U.S. No Canadian television here!! Lots of desert and good Mexican food though.
    I also liked the opening segment from the first episode. Too funny.
    I didn’t like the character of “Sarah” pinching her husbands butt. That was outta line. We go to the Masjid to pray to our Creator. Mentally our thoughts and actions are to be focused on this. When ‘Sarah’ pinched him, it was so inappropriate. I have not seen any TV programs depicting members of any congregation grabbing arse in their pews. Has anyone else?
    So, the producers, writers, etc. are doing their best to ‘humanize’ us. That’s fine, but this was not something anyone would witness at a Masjid before salat.
    I like Fatima. She plays the extreme “Muslim woman” very well.
    Rayyan and the imam gotta have a chaperone.
    I’m not sure about the convert character, “Sarah.” She is ok, but IT bugs me to think non-Muslim viewers may think the majority of us white Muslim converts are like her. We are so different from one another. Some wear hijab, even niqab, some like “Sarah” not at all, only during prayer. Some have conservative or liberal, etc. views of Islam. You need to work on her.
    I’m looking forward to the new ‘con’ episode.
    Salam to all.

  3. ps


    somehow I stumbled upon this blog, and I am so glad I discovered this really great show.

    Love it!

  4. David

    Hallo everyone,
    just wanted to say “thank you” for this series and your comments on each episode. I recently relocated to the Middle East for business and this series and your discussion helps my “Western” mind a lot to understand the local culture and way of live. Thanks again and keep up the good work.
    p.s. since I don’t receive any Canadian TV here a special “thank you” goes out to all those uploading the series on YouTube.

  5. binmugahid

    Zarqa Nawaaz

    I highly respect the work you are doing, becoming the first with anything is not always easy, as they say, the brave ones always get the first bullets.

    I’m sure you meant well, and your talent in writing is quite good too.

    Please, don’t try to please anyone with your show, describe Islam as you see it in your surroundings and how it plays a part in the lives of the people around you.

    There is not a show that you can make that can please a Muslim fundamentalist like me 100 percent, or anybody else for that matter.

    So keep it up, and always remember that comedy must never, be directed at Allah or his messenger.

    Asalamu Alaiki Sister Zarqa, wherever you are

  6. Kent

    Hi I managed to watch the first 4 episodes of the show and enjoyed it. I plan to watch the remaining ones on Youtube when I get a chance and will start commenting then. I was wondering if the show has been renewed for next year, when the summer rebroadcasts will start and when the new season. if any starts. Thanks and Peace to everyone.

  7. Kent:

    Yes, the show has been picked up for another season. No word on when it will air.

  8. Ferdina


    I stumbled upon this show by accident when I overheard some Canadians talking about it in the bus one day.
    I’ve only watched the first episode so far and I love the show!!!
    I hope the South East Asian Muslims (Malaysians, Indonesians, etc.) will be represented in the show in the future. I live in Australia and I think we need a show like this down under as well.
    Here’s hoping! 🙂

    Keep up the good work!

  9. Alice

    I hope they will have a regular character on the show who wears a burka as I believe that women wearing burkas creates lots of unease in Western society.

  10. Basil


    Do you plan to do something similar for Season 2 which starts today?

    See http://www.cbc.ca/littlemosque

  11. asiila

    salaams and greetings:
    agreed about rednecks…i have lived in the country and they are quite real people…unlike some more so called ‘urbane and sophisticated’ types…they also have their share of some real ignants who can make your life very difficult. but that could be said of any one in any group…

    but i gotta laugh. one of our best muslim friends is a direct descendent of Robert E. Lee, ex-evangelical who grew up in the serious south. His online name is ‘muslim redneck,’ and all but one of his wives have been black women. Another brother from down south, i think from OKIE is named ED…wears cowboy boots, a cowboy hat, chews tobacco and drives trucks for a living. He also goes around giving speeches on Islam. They call him the ‘flying Imam…” My husband being a sheikh and self taught scholar knows, loves and respects them both. i always said the three of them should go on the speakers’ circuit as “Baba Ali, Muslim Red Neck and Ed.” lol


  12. Hanson

    This is a great show. I’m so glad I found it. It’s about time we had entertainment that can lead to serious discussion.

  13. Faruk

    Will someone please please please please answer the following question:

    Does anyone have Little Mosque on the Prairie S02E11 (episode 11 is called “The Five Year Plan” also aired immedately after Ep10 on Wed 12th Dec 2007 ? If so, please post a link to Ep11

  14. GOOD NEWS !!!!!

    You can download missing Episode 11 (The Five Year Plan) from: http://www.mininova.org/tor/1097171

  15. Corri

    I just wanted to say, “Thank you!” for having this blog up. I’ve been living up in the “North Country” of New York state for the past year (about an hour and a half north of Syracuse) and’ve gotten hooked on a couple of Canadian shows.
    OK, just one Canadian show: Little Mosque.

    I’m not Muslim, but grew up in (and am about to go back to) the Northern Virginia area – it has a huge Muslim population made up of just every stripe and background you could name, and this has been the only show *anywhere* that has shown the Muslims that *I’ve* known.

    OK, yeah – it’s a sitcom.
    Many of situations are off-the-wall and some characters are exaggerated, but it’s been good to see (and to know that others can see) the humanity within Islam shown on TV. On top of that, it’s just a warm, funny, good-natured show that’s well worth watching.

    So, again, thank you. I’m glad to know that I’ll be able to keep up with the goings on on “Little Mosque” even outside of the range of CBC.

  16. Ayesha

    i like the show a lot, and i think that the fact it is so “controversial” makes me mad, its just a comedy that has muslims, really, the extremists have to stop creating violence just cus of a show.

  17. notsoqueerperson

    Fanfic anyone:


    very nicely written

  18. AJ

    “Little Experiences is a weblog where readers can relate their real-life experiences to the focal points in the show.”

    See, so it is supposed to be a place where aspects of the show are discussed and how these aspects of the show relate to real life or not.

    Some here just want to censor people who disagree with them instead of engaging in interesting debate.

    Like in the last episode I thought the question of interacting with non-Muslims was quite interesting. In the show Yasir did gain the respect of the people at the lodge (well until he killed their mascot) . They even put his photo on the wall. The obviously began to look beyond his religion and just see him as another lodge member.

    But on the other hand it was very difficult for him to participate in group activities as practically all the stuff they did was haram.

    So, was Baber right about Muslims interacting with non-Muslims? Is it a bad or good thing?

    Of course this isn’t only a question for Muslims but for strong Christians as well especially when one is in college or high school. Should they just keep to the Christian organizations and not participate in the more general ones?

    If Muslims do “stick to themselves” and not associate with “those people” what would be the effect upon them integrating with the rest of society?

    It is certainly easier to “stick to ones own kind” as Baber believes. And I can certainly understand that one is often judged by who one associates. So I can understand Baber’s point. I believe Baber makes sense even though such behavior might generate suspicions among outsiders.

  19. Ken

    Here’s a video I found with Zarqa Nawaz giving a speech at a Muslim Public Affairs Council banquet


  20. Click my name to see how Zaib Shaikh (Amaar) was once in a porn movie.


  21. Before LMOTP Zaib was on a television show called “Metropia” where he played Jayesh. As you can see from the video, Jayesh was gayish!

    The show was set in a hip, multicultural district of downtown Toronto. Much of the action revolves around Bang!, a bar where many of the characters work or hang out.


  22. So, it wasn’t a porn movie but I have to wonder how could a Muslim actor play a character like that. Especially since although I haven’t seen the show I hear there were scenes regarding sex on that show (did they use a body double?).

  23. Zaib Shaikh isn’t Muslim you BUTT.

  24. Steve

    I read somewhere that he is a Sunni Muslim but they probably confused him with the character he plays on the show.

    After all, no Muslim actor would play Gayish Jayesh.

    I like this actor and how he plays Amaar but I can see why Muslims would be offended at having him play a Iman after he played Jayesh.

    Let’s hope that by playing this character Zaib might find his way to Allah.

  25. i just happened to come by this website i try to understand and admire anyone who can “follow?” any religion they believe in. i have many friends from all religions and walks in life and as they do respect all views and share their views and “prayers,hope,respect and unconditional love” this i believe in teaching our children and theirs to respect eachothers opinions and if you thought of “the worse case scenario” where and who would you look too?………..”yourself?,family?your faith?…. What if you looked around you and nearer too?…”seen and heard it all before…but what if?………..”your god bless”.

  26. i just happened to come by this website i try to understand and admire anyone who can “follow?” any religion they believe in. i have many friends from all religions and walks in life and as they do respect all views and share their views and “prayers,hope,respect and unconditional love” this i believe in teaching our children and theirs to respect eachothers opinions and if you thought of “the worse case scenario” where and who would you look too?………..”yourself?,family?your faith?…. What if you looked around you and nearer too?…”seen and heard it all before…but what if?………..”your god bless”.

  27. MarriedaMuslim

    Ok, so I know that the new season, season 4 premiered tonight Sept 28th, 2009, and I wanted to know if it was going to be posted on her in the next coming days because living in the states I can’t watch it otherwise. Plus the CBC website won’t let you watch it online unless you’re in Canada! WTF?! I need my LMOTP fix…lol.

  28. unnamed

    wow! super!

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