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Episode 1 – Little Mosque

A young lawyer from Toronto, Amaar Rashid, moves  from Toronto to become an Imam in a small community in the prairies. When he arrives at his new home he realizes quickly that the muslims and locals are not getting along.

What were your thoughts on the topics in this episode?



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The Mosque in Mercy is rented from the local reverend and is situated in a Parish hall. The reverend needs to support his church so he rents space to Yassar’s construction company which uses the space for multiple purposes.

Subhanallah, our Masjid is fully owned and operated by approximately 25 families. We have work weekends where fellow muslims spend the better part of the weekend helping with improving the Masjid. It was purchased in January 2000 from a church after rigorous fund raising efforts in nearby communities. In December 2001, the Masjid was debt free.

Nowadays, the Masjid improvements consist of yard work, gardening, painting and improving facilities.

What’s the history behind your Mosque?


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The Imam-to-be, Amaar, plans on flying out of Toronto to his “paradise” but because of his manner of speaking and choice of words, he is taken into custody instead. He has another incident later-on where he cannot purchase a one-way ticket.

At Sea-Tac International Airport in Seattle one year, I was the only person at the security check-poin line a little more brown than the others. I was pulled aside by one of the security personnel and taken to a special line where I was thoroughly questioned about the contents of my luggage. Luckily, I co-operated well enough not to land myself in hot water.

Have you had an airport experience?


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Fred Tupper uses his radioshow to fuel the misconceptions already building in the community. Along with his guests he does a great job in twisting the information and using it out of context.

There was a story where a radioshow host tricked people by allowing them to express their true thoughts on Muslims by agreeing with the callers condemnation of Muslims. After the show, he categorically communicated to his listeners that the people calling in with stereotypical beliefs are very narrow minded and he is astonished that he is living in a society that harbors people with such ill-feelings.

Have you heard any spinnings on a radioshow?

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In Mercy, there is an argument about how they should determine the beginning of Ramadan. The opinions range from following Saudi Arabia, using a telescope versus using the naked eye much like the days of Muhammed.

Every year, we have a similar scenario where the same points are brought up. Some believe that scientists have the capability to determine the birth of the moon and we should follow their findings. Others believe that they should pursue the path of the Prophet. At the end of the day though, they call Houston to confirm anway.

What does your community do?


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In the show, Sarah insists on preparing cucumber sandwiches for fast-breaking while Fatima demands that they prepare traditional Goat curry.

For us, we know that pasta lasts longer so oftentimes during the month we have it in the morning. Mother also used to cook flavourful curries the night before that we would have with roti in the mornings. We had porridge and a cup of tea to round up the morning breakfast.

To break the fast (on the weekends), we would prepare samosas with mango and mint chutney, chick-peas, egg-rolls and tandoori chicken. For dinner, it would be a traditional aromatic curry with rice. Mmmmmm.

What is your Ramadan meal ?


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