Season 4 – Episode 8 – Preview

Episode 8 – “Saving Sarah Hamoudi”

Synopsis: Sarah agrees to help Reverend Thorne improve the church’s profile in the area. In response, Amaar recruits Nate to help do the same for the mosque.

Airing Monday November 23rd 2009 !

How will Yasir feel about Sarah helping the Reverend? How will both Sarah and Nate improve their respective profiles? Who will do a better job?



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64 responses to “Season 4 – Episode 8 – Preview

  1. Anum

    When is this episode going to be posted its been more than a week since it aired in Canada and youtube doesn’t have it either 😦 waiting impatiently

  2. Steve

    Amaar used the word “Damn” on this show.

    Should an Iman be using such language?

  3. Tim

    This episode just didn’t make sense.

    There are different dynamics at work when we talk about what Amaar and Thorne has to do to increase their flock.

    Thorne has to convince people living in an increasing secularized society to come back to a religion they have neglected (or perhaps even their parents) had stopped going to before they were born. He really needs to “promote” his church.

    But Amaar has no need for such promotion for the dynamics for him are totally different. The increase in his congregation has solely to do with the number of Muslims in the Mercy population (and within driving distance) as when new Muslims move in they will find the Mosque. So for Amaar it is basically out of his control because it all depends on Canada’s lax immigration laws and how many of those “brown people” as Amaar put it moves to Mercy or close enough to Mercy to drive there to go to Mosque.

    So for Amaar “promoting” the Mosque just won’t work. It’s not part of the dynamics for him like it is for Thorne.

  4. Tim

    This episode just didn’t make sense.

    There are different dynamics at work when we talk about what Amaar and Thorne has to do to increase their respective flocks.

    Thorne has to convince people living in an increasing secularized society to come back to a religion they have neglected (or perhaps even their parents had stopped going to before they were born). He really needs to “promote” his church.

    But Amaar has no need for such promotion for the dynamics for him are totally different. The increase in his congregation has solely to do with the number of Muslims in the Mercy population (and within driving distance) as when new Muslims move in they will find the Mosque. So for Amaar it is basically out of his control because it all depends on Canada’s lax immigration laws and how many of those “brown people” as Amaar put it moves to Mercy or close enough to Mercy to drive there to go to Mosque.

    So for Amaar “promoting” the Mosque just won’t work. It’s not part of the dynamics for him like it is for Thorne.

  5. Steve

    Voters in Switzerland appeared to have backed a call to ban minarets from mosques, according to early exit poll results.

    Thirty minutes after the referendum finished at midday, Swiss television reported: “The initiative would appear to be accepted. There is a positive trend. It’s a huge surprise.”

    According to the respected gfs.bern polling institute an estimated 59 per cent of voters backed the ban. A majority of cantons were also in support of the initiative.

    “A majority have voted for a nationwide ban on the construction of minarets,” said the institute’s director Claude Longchamp, speaking on Swiss Radio DRS.

    For the Swiss constitution to be changed, the majority of the electorate and a majority of the cantons are required to vote ‘yes’.

    A survey two weeks ago showed 53 per cent said they would reject it. Both the government and parliament had rejected the initiative.

    Commentators had said the country risked international pariah status and a backlash across the Muslim world if a ’yes’ vote was achieved.

    If the exit polls prove correct it will be a huge shock and Switzerland risks international pariah status and a backlash across the Muslim world.

    Sunday’s vote was forced by members of the far-right Swiss People’s party (SVP) which has provoked a national debate over immigration with powerful billboard images.

    The stark “stop” posters depicting a Muslim woman in a burka against the backdrop of a Swiss flag studded with missile shaped black minarets have been banned in many towns.

    Hanspeter Rentsch, an executive director at the watch company Swatch, has warned that the referendum, and the poster propaganda, could damage Switzerland in the eyes of the world.

    “The ‘Swiss’ brand must continue to represent values such as openness, pluralism and freedom of religion. Under no circumstances must it be connected with hatred, animosity towards foreigners and narrow-mindedness,” he said.

    Campaigners demanded the referendum to halt “political Islamisation” by amending the Swiss constitution to add a clause stating “the construction of minarets is prohibited”.

    Eveline Widmer-Schlumpf, the Swiss justice minister, has suggested that a vote for a ban could fuel Islamist radicalism and violent protests, such as those that greeted Danish cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed in 2006.

    “This is not an appropriate instrument for combating religious extremism. It risks the opposite, of serving the cause of fanatics,” she said.

    But Oskar Freysinger, an SVP MP, compares warnings of anger in the Muslim world to the arguments used by “appeasers” of Adolf Hitler and the Nazis.

    “It is what Chamberlain thought in Munich in 1938. If these are the consequences, it is the proof that what we are doing to defend ourselves is legitimate,” he said.

    The vote is required because campaigners got over 100,000 signatures on a petition against minarets triggering a vote under the Swiss constitution.

    The campaign followed a row over a minaret in the tiny town of Langenthal, in the Bern canton of Switzerland.

    Earlier this year Langenthal’s 750 Muslims asked for planning permission to add a minaret, 30 feet high, to their mosque in a town with 11 churches and 14,500 inhabitants.

    The reaction to the apparently harmless request has polarised Switzerland and crossed borders to feed into British, French, Dutch and Austrian fears over Islam and national identity.

    “This minaret is a symbol of conquest and power which marks the will to introduce Sharia law as has happened in some other European cities. We will not accept that,” said Ulrich Schueler, an SVP politician and leader of the “stop” minaret campaign.

    Muslims have rejected the argument that a minaret symbolises Muslim power. Mutalip Karaademi, leader of Langenthal’s Muslim community and of Albanian origin, accused Mr Schueler of telling “dirty lies”.

    “A minaret is a symbol nothing more. It s nice to see a house of god with a minaret or a church steeple or cupolas on a synagogue,” he said.

    “They call us terrorists. They call us Taliban, so many labels all wrong. They insult us. We love this country, almost more than our own. Our children were born here.”

  6. Tim R

    “We love this country, almost more than our own. Our children were born here.”


    I see this not so much a problem with the Islamic Religion but indeed a problem with immigration.

  7. Steve


    Regardless of country, people want to know that those who make the country their home regardless of religion or ethnic origins are “on the same team.”

    I can understand this when it comes to expats as they are in the country temporarily and plan to return home. But when they start to build buildings in the host country that goes against the culture of the country, then that is when the problems ensues.

    It doesn’t has as much to do with the Islamic religion as it does with immigration.

    • Tim

      It also has to do with Islam being not only a religion but having a political aspect to it.

      You got all those Islamic countries which are a concern. You have the concern with Sharia law.

      I respect Islam as a religion but I am very concerned about Islam as a political movement.

      This show doesn’t talk about the political aspect of Islam. In this respect it “isn’t just another religion”.

  8. Gabby

    Nahida, I lurked around here, but never really commented. I’ve seen a lot. Nahida, can I ask you something? If you don’t mind? The same question you asked Steve. Why do you bother? Obviously, you have a very open heart. But is that it? Is it all compassion? I know you’re capable of disliking people. The hateful ones. I’ve seen you breeze past questions, ignoring some and cursing others, keeping ties with none. Steve said he knows he is not a good person. You don’t believe him, but why not? He has attacked you in unmentionable ways, doesn’t understand your struggle, thinks there isn’t one. He said your looks alone will get you privilege. A backhanded compliment, I guess. Even now, he is not answering your appeals, though you answered his when he appealed to your intellectual honesty. He wants nothing to do with you, can’t be friends with you, and he says it’s because of politics. But I believe Steve when he says he’s a bad person, so I think there is another reason. I think he knows he doesn’t deserve you.

    Your friendship. Pure, loyal, unwavering kindness.

    So why don’t you know it? Is it what Aiden says? That you see some subtle goodness in people the rest of the world is blind to? What’s different from the other hateful people you ignore? And… with what your roomate let slip…. WHY?

    • Nahida

      I’m sorry, Gabby. That’s a rather intrusive question.

      • Steve

        And calling Nahida Physically attractive. That was never meant to be a complement. Just a statement of fact.

      • Gabby

        How can something like that be a fact? Isn’t it based on opinion?

      • RD

        What’s she look like?

      • John

        Black hair with a sheen – lots of it, regal like a queen or something, the kind women can pile up, but she wears it down – big dark eyes. Slender, like a nymph.

      • Carlos

        How can something like that be a fact? Isn’t it based on opinion?

        It is not a compliment because it is not Steve’s opinion.

        It is also not a compliment because it is not creditted to her. She is intelligent. That is a compliment. She is compassionate. That is a compliment. She is generous, brave, and funny. These are compliments. She happens to be beautiful. This is not a compliment. No effort or work for being born a certain way.

      • Kat

        Well how do you know she doesn’t put in any effort?

    • Steve

      I appreciate her struggle, especially in what happened to her while a child. But, and I have thought about this a lot before posting it, I really don’t think she appreciates mine. And that has always hurt me deeply.

      My own government told me the going around shooting strangers is something I do. Oh I shouldn’t personalize that statement, huh, but Nahida personalized Limbaugh’s statements even though they weren’t directed to her. So yeah, I think I can personalize the FBI saying that the DC Beltway snipper attacks was something “white males do’ and then to find out that no, the murder wasn’t even part of my profile.

      Look, I know at times it is hard to be a Muslim. It is hard to be a woman. BUT GOD DAMN IT it is hard to be a white christian male in this society as well. So, yeah, she gets my appreciation of her struggle but never of mine. And DAMN IT it has been a struggle! And she has never tried to understand that.

      • Steve

        Hell, I (White Republican Male) am blamed for Trayvon’s death even though the person who shot him wasn’t at all even of my profile.

        Damn it would be like if some Sikh came in and shot up some Mormon Temple, and I got on here saying Nahida, those damn Muslims are at it again. And Nahida goes,er, Steve you know Sikhs aren’t Muslims don’t you and I go, uh, um he was a Muslim Sikh that’s it, he was not an average Sikh he was a Muslim Sikh. And Nahida goes that’s ridiculous and I go na nah nah, not hearing you he was a Muslim I don’t care what you say or what the evidence shows. and by the way I am going to use the tragedy to fundraiser for Romney!

        But again, it would probably be best if neither of us brings up the shooting again. I can tell she is angered. I know I am angered. Angered more than I have been about anything for quite some time.

      • Steve

        the murderer wasn’t even part of my profile.

        Unless you want to consider him a white black man.

        Another thing is this happened in 2002 mere months after 9-11 but you didn’t see us willy nilly automatically assuming that the Muslims were involved (even though it turned out that indeed a Muslim was involved). This shows that the post 9-11 atmosphere wasn’t as it has been portrayed in recent Bollywood films. They were lies, as I knew they were since I lived here during this time.

        If we were the country back in 2002 that the movie claimed we were then we would have been going around looking for Muslims instead of white males.

      • Steve

        I mean in the case of the Beltway Sniper we would have been focusing on Muslims instead of White Males if the climate was as the movie portrays it.

        If they want to do a realistic movie about Desi Life in America then they should have an Desi Honor student killed by a Black male while working at a convenience store for reading the Indian newspapers as I commonly do, that is an all too frequent experience of Indians who decide to come and live in America.

      • Steve

        I mean I lived in America, not in New York.

    • Steve

      How the Leftist Press KILLS PEOPLE.

      This guy won more vindication than most but the pressures that he had to go through to get it, obviously effected his health and shorted his life.

      The LEFT IS EVIL.

      • Steve

        Richard Jewell (and yeah he fit the White Profile although I don’t know his political party) actually won a lawsuit against the news media. A rare exception to the rule of the Fucking LEFT “getting away with it”, but you can tell from the article that it took it’s toll on him physically so in the end the news media still destroyed the man’s life!

        But of course the Left is good at that. I can only dream of being so cavalier about destroying people’s lives to suit political aims. And you think Talk Radio is powerful? You have the mainstream Press as your hitmen! Talk Radio is a poor, poor substitute and you are even trying to take that away from us!

      • Steve

        Sorry getting upset again.

        Kind of glad Nahida isn’t posting here anymore. She might not be as ruthless as most of the Left but she sure falls for every one of the Lefts games. I guess she can say (or at least think she can say) the same about me and how my reaction is dictated by the right, but that doesn’t take from the fact that I can say the same about her and how her reactions are dictated by the Left.

        There was no reason for her to get upset at Limbaugh like she did. I do understand how she is different than the Left but in her initial reaction to things she isn’t.

        If she doesn’t want to become like the Left then she should spend some time listening to Limbaugh, Beck, and perhaps even Hannity (though I don’t really like him as I see him as a water carrrier for the Fucking Republicans) and perhaps she will start understanding stuff from that perspective. I am not saying agreeing with them but she doesn’t even try to understand these people and if she wants to live up to higher standards that is what she should attempt to do.

        OR she can wallow in the mud with the rest of us here.

  9. Steve

    Gosh Nahida, I was angry today, I mean very very angry. And didn’t get on here until now.

    But I have to say I am really touched.

    It would be much better if we just didn’t bring up this subject of the shooting again as it only leads to bad. Neither of us were there. Nether of us know what happened.

    I do need to doubt a better tone with you. You don’t deserve it. You get a lot of the fallout from the Left that I have experienced through my life. But you are not like them. You are kind and good whereas they are just cruel, ruthless, and like I have said so many times, just plan evil.

    There is much we agree on like the mistreatment of women in this world and stuff like that so let us put our focus there.

    You really are different. You are a snowflake.

  10. Steve

    “do need to doubt a better tone with you. ”

    I mean adopt. Sorry. I have been pulling several all nighters lately and I am kind of tired.

    By the way you mentioned you were feeling sick lately. I am sorry to hear that and hope you get well real soon.

  11. Steve

    And Nahida, I do hope you are planning to keep a low profile this summer. That’s what I plan to do. Because seriously it is going to get very, very bad and it would just break my heart if something happened to you.

  12. Steve

    Nahida, have you seen “Once Upon a Time” on ABC? It’s a pretty good show.

  13. Chris

    Because woman will not submit to man,

    I would not have bowed to Adam, either. Nor to Eve. (They were both the same.) How could I when I submit only to God? For Satan it was pride; for me, love. (Or, if it is not, then make it so.) And if this Divine Love is a sin, my Lord, then damn me to Hell! And let me burn with love so ardent that the Fire itself dies in shame!

    And Eve says, “Never submit to anyone but God. I didn’t.” And Lilith says, “They will slander me. And they will slander you. But remember.”



  14. Casey

    And Nahida goes,er, Steve you know Sikhs aren’t Muslims don’t you and I go, uh, um he was a Muslim Sikh that’s it, he was not an average Sikh he was a Muslim Sikh

    When did Nahida say a white guy shot Trayvon Martin?

  15. Liberal I.

    Of course it was a white guy. White guys are killing blacks all over the place.

    And it is not only here where whites are attacking minorities. In Canada last Monday, this white racist Christian torched a Mosque burning it to the ground.

    The white Christian who did the attack works for the mayor where it happens so don’t expect her to be arrested unless we put international attention on this situation.

    We need to demand that the Premiere of Saskatchewan (they call their governors Premeires in Canada) call a special prosecutor so we can convict this white racist Christian for the hate crime she committed. This was basically and act of terror against all the Muslims in the community!

    • Liberal II

      Where’s Ottawa on this?

      I was very touched about Obama had to say to the Muslims of Mercy Canada about this. I know the hateful Republican were saying that it’s not appropriate for him to comment on this because it happened in Canada but I believe it was important for the President to let the world know where we stand on hate crimes regardless of where they occur! Today we all ALL CITIZENS OF MERCY. We must let the Muslims of Mercy know that they do not stand alone in the face of such hate and terror!

      For this is not only an attack of the Muslims of Mercy, but can be seen as an attack on all Muslims in the West.

      I heard that the White Racist Christian who torched the Mosque actually works for the mayor of the city there. Moreover I have heard Rumors that they are actually Friends. So you tell me what are the chances of Sarah Cunningham coming to justice giving all of that without sustained INTERNATIONAL attention on this whole racist predominately white community.

      It is pretty shameful that we have heard no statement from the Prime Minster of Canada regarding this especially since our own leader as made a point to support the Muslims of Mercy. Or should we call them the Muslims of NO MERCY because that is what they have received from that racist hick town who just stood by as this racist white Christian woman just torched their place of worship.

      • bill

        It is incredible the connected world we live in today.

        I heard that in retaliation of this attack on this Muslim Mosque in Canada, some Muslims in India attacked a Christian church killing ten people.

      • Canadian Progressive

        Where is Steven Harper? I mean he is over in Japan talking about the Earthquake Recovery operations, but he has NOTHING to say about this outrageous hate crime right in the heart of Canada! Meanwhile the President of the United States is saying the very thing that Steven Harper SHOULD BE SAYING!

        NO MERCY that’s my slogan as in we in Canada should show no mercy to this racist predominately white rural community.

        We need to use this incident to fund raise against Stephen Harper. It has been HIS POLICIES that has resulted in such hate growing in our rural communities. Forget Saskatchewan. This calls for FEDERAL ACTION. We Need a FEDERAL SPECIAL PROSECUTOR to ensure that this Sarah Cunningham be brought to justice for this outrageous hate crime. The Opposition Parties need to DEMAND THIS!

        And if Stephen Harper doesn’t yield to these demands then he will be shown for the Racist Islamphobe we all know him to be!

      • Liberal III

        There definitely needs to be more international attention to this Canadian hate crime.

        The international media needs to descend upon this hick town and not leave until justice is done. ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC BBC, reporters from all over the civilized world.

        And we need Islamic leaders from throughout Canada to descend upon this hick town. We must force Canada to be sure that justice is done and this white Christian racist be brought to justice.

        Anything less than a full conviction against Sarah Cunningham should be met with Nationwide, hell worldwide protests!

      • More Rational

        I wish the Press hadn’t blown what happened in Canada out of proportion.

        This hate crime was the work of one deranged woman, and the press shouldn’t have turned it into a larger issue of White Christians anti-Muslim violence.

        From what I heard she is was a known trouble maker getting into bar fights and stuff like that. Should be be arrested, Prosecuted and jailed? OF COURSE SHE SHOULD. But the people here who are putting a bounty on her head, calling for “street violence” , posting her address on Twitter and stuff has just fanned the flames as seen in those poor Christians in India who were killed in retribution.

        Yes, Canada needs to make this a Federal Case. They need to send a special prosecutor to convict her. But the press needs to cool down. Sending all those reporters down to that small town. And of course the larger Muslim community is exploiting this too with all those leaders coming to this Mercy place and creating a ruckus.

  16. KelsShels

    Steve, five hours ago, Nahida was reviewing the surveillance video. She was sitting there watching it, and then she called my name.

    Nahida: Kelly! Kelly, look at this.
    Me: What?
    Nahida: Watch, Zimmerman is getting out of the car and two officers are inspecting him, one of them is cut off frame. Watch the other officer, Kelly. He’s inspecting Zimmerman’s jacket, looking around him, they take a while, then he looks past him to the other officer, and look… he stops and stares at the back of Zimmerman’s head.
    Me: Yeah…
    Nahida: Why would he look there for so long? With his posture as though he’s looking at scenery? It’s a deliberate observation.
    Me: When he turns there’s nothing there.
    Nahida: The quality of the video is shit. I think the officer is looking at something. He kind of almost leaned back to do it, too.

    Then she went to the library. Fifteen minutes ago she returned (“Do you think Steve would mind if I told him I think it’s weird that the officer did that? He said it’s best we don’t talk about this. He was so angry I didn’t feel I could even explain what I was thinking… and he kept saying I said things I didn’t anyway, and assuming my point. I won’t bring it up again.”) Here she flips open her laptop, (“Has he said anything else?”)… and she sees that you wrote you’re glad she’s not posting here anymore. Because what a Leftist.

    She stared at the screen for eight seconds, slowly closed the laptop, swallowed, and started reading a book.

    • Liberal II

      What does Nahida think of that hate crime up in Canada where that white Christian woman burned down a Mosque and Obama’s response to it?

      I know many are saying that Obama shouldn’t have said what he said because it happened in Canada but I think it was important that he let those Muslims who are facing this hate and terror know that the American people stand with those who are victims of hate wherever in the world it happens. WE ARE ALL CITIZENS OF MERCY TODAY.

      I have been disappointed in the slow response we have seen from Canadian Authorities regarding what you can clearly call an act of terror committed against the Muslim population of this small town. I hear that the community there is predominately white and that the perpetrator actually works within the local government there. This is despite the fact that she is known to have violent tendencies. Just a few months ago she was involved in a bar fight. That should have been a red flag indicating that she could be a threat to the community.

      • Liberal III

        It’s been a week since this hate crime but still no charges.

        This is an international disgrace!

  17. Steve I

    It is most likely best for both of us that she did it.

    By the way did you see the video I posted that explained how ABC distorted that footage?

  18. Steve I

    It is probably best for both of us that she has left here right now.

    Yeah, I am still pretty angry.

  19. KelsShels

    At who? Her?

    I don’t know what to say to you, Steve. She made it clear from the beginning her problem was that fake photos of Trayvon were being passed around and that Zimmerman wasn’t arrested. That’s still what her problem is, that a guy who’s dead was attacked, and the confessed shooter wasn’t arrested. She didn’t even mention Zimmerman’s race. You don’t know this, but when she heard the surveillance video was released she said, “WTF, why would they release that to the public?”

    Trayvon was smeared, that’s why she was so pissed. And when she was watching the video and wondering what the officer was looking at she sounded suspicious, betrayed, hurt, offended, and on the verge of being equally pissed.

    She never even said anything went you went off about hate crimes, but you told her she doesn’t understand you anyway. And just now you said she shouldn’t have been angry with Limbaugh, when you know how she feels about that word coming from a man. and what that word can DO to a woman. Limbaugh didn’t even listen to that woman’s argument or he would have known she was talking about ovarian cysts. and Limbaugh’s the guy who said he supports the women’s movement especially… when he’s standing behind it. He judged a pageant. He hasn’t exactly been stellar to women. After that you don’t feel she has a reason to be angry, and you’re saying you understand her? there is nothing a woman could say to you that would be the equivalent of whore. you DON’T understand.

    She wasn’t going to say anything about this. That’s the decision she made even after wondering if you’d mind, because you said you didnt want to. Because she doesn’t like people being uncomfortable, and she hates drama. And you commenting around as other people is drama. You know she can’t fight that. She’s just not the type. I just don’t know what to say to you.

    • Gabby

      Where is she now?

      • KelsShels

        Not here. You kidding me? She’s way too classy for this shit. She only swopped in last time to save Lily.

        And the last episode is tomorrow, so there’s no reason for her to come back. That was her last comment. So you all got what you wanted, including Steve.

      • Steve

        You know I do think she should come back for her final comments on the series. She has been such an important part of this board and I feel we all need to give our final thoughts on whether or not the show accomplished what it set out to do.

      • KelsShels

        She won’t, pretty much. She wasn’t crazy about the show. She would’ve left a long time ago if people didn’t keep asking her questions related to Islam.

        I don’t know why you assumed that if she did comment further on the case she’d just piss you off. From the beginning you argued an angle she was never against. And it was still getting better before you said you were glad she left and didn’t want to hear it. You sure got your word in though. And you assumed she didn’t understand you before she could say anything or respond. How do you know what she was going to say? When has she ever not comforted you when you appealed to her?

        Well anyway, she’s going to respect your preference not to talk about it, and she wasn’t going to come back for the last episode anyway even before all this, because like I said she would have left a long time ago.

      • Steve

        Well like I said I would be very disappointed if she didn’t come back and give her final thoughts about the series. She has an important perspective to add to that discussion.

  20. Casey

    Steve, you’re out of your mind.

    In her comment section, she’s said before that Muslim men commit crimes against Muslim women, and then resort to saying it’s the media perpetuating Islamophobia when she confronts them about it, so that they don’t have to take any responsibility. She said it’s understandable in public when Islamophobia is real, but the fact that they deny it even in private to her (a Muslim woman) is proof that they just want an excuse. I’m pretty much guessing that this is one of those things she was talking about. That no one will know because she can’t tell non-Muslim audiences due to Islamophobia. So she has to do it all by herself. And everyone will think she’s a hypocrite. But she doesn’t CARE, Steve. She lets people think she’s a hypocrite or that it doesn’t matter to her while she’s working this hard.

    I can predict that she’d work the same way with other minority men who have assaulted women. Or other acts of random violence. That when they shout that it’s racism they’re using it as an excuse, because she knows the way men are. She’s seen them in her religious community.

    I, for one, am done, because I’m completely disgusted by your behavior. You don’t talk to her, you use her to complain. No matter what she’s actually saying.

  21. Glenda

    Craig Monteilh says he did not balk when his FBI handlers gave him the OK to have sex with the Muslim women his undercover operation was targeting. Nor, at the time, did he shy away from recording their pillow talk.

    “They said, if it would enhance the intelligence, go ahead and have sex. So I did,” Monteilh told the Guardian as he described his year as a confidential FBI informant sent on a secret mission to infiltrate southern Californian mosques.

    It is an astonishing admission that goes to the heart of the intelligence surveillance of Muslim communities in America in the years after 9/11. While police and FBI leaders have insisted they are acting to defend America from a terrorist attack, civil liberties groups have insisted they have repeatedly gone too far and treated an entire religious group as suspicious.

    • Glenda

      When the FBI hires women to seduce Steve for information, he can say he has it as hard as Nahida.

      What people had a problem with that YOU wouldn’t acknowledge is not that Zimmerman “was white.” It’s that a black kid was shot and the police did nothing. You’re all going on about how there’s black on black violence and black kids die all the time and no one gives a damn then. That’s exactly the point. Black kids die, regardless of who kills them, and no one gives a damn. This black family happened to have the resources to call it to attention. Who’s making it about race now?

      If you can find ONE incident where a white kid is killed and the police KNEW the killer by CONFESSION, and did not make an arrest, you will convince all of us that it sucks to be a white man more than it does to be a black one. It can be an incident with any perpetrator, black white hispanic asian, whatever, that should make it easier for you and widen your range. As long as the kid is killed, the killer confesses, and the police makes no arrest.

  22. Glenda

    In his letter Tuesday to Mueller, Durbin said another PowerPoint slide used by instructors and entitled “Control and Temper” stated that the “Western Mind” is “even keel” while in the Arab world, outbursts and loss of control are expected, adding, “What’s wrong with frequent Jekyll and Hyde temper tantrums?”

  23. Laura

    I am remembering something Nahida wrote to me. I mentioned that it always makes me anxious when people stop me and ask me for directions, because I’m bad at giving them. So it makes me annoyed when they ask, because I don’t look at street signs so I feel bad I can’t give them directions. Nahida replied that she always wants to cry when a stranger stops her to ask for directions, because it means they’re not racist enough to assume she doesn’t speak English.

  24. KelsShels

    Me: He sounded like he was just being bitter. I think he wanted you to say something about it anyway, even if he didn’t want to hear from you.
    Nahida: He talks at me without wanting a response all the time. That’s why he leaves fake addresses.
    Me: You can at least say goodbye.
    Nahida: No. Dry these dishes.
    Me: Why?
    Nahida: Because they’re wet.
    Me: No, why don–
    Nahida: Unless they’re temporary I don’t say goodbyes. They’re ultimatums.
    Me: You know that drives people crazy, right? Not knowing if you’re gone forever or not?
    Nahida: It won’t. He doesn’t know me in person. That would have been better. We would have just passed each other on the sidewalk. He would have preferred it. Close that cabinet.

  25. Steve

    I was just thinking about how they all call McVeigh a “Christian” terrorist but I read in TIME magazine that he was actually agnostic. But see the truth doesn’t matter to them when it conflicts with the narrative they want to put out.

  26. Nice blog here! Also your website loads up very fast!
    What host are you using? Can I get your affiliate link to your host?
    I wish my website loaded up as quickly as yours lol

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