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Episode 3 – The Open House

Synopsis: An open house held in Mercy that is meant to bridge gaps between the Muslim and non-Muslim communities has unexpected consequences.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

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Have you had any unexpected consequences? What did you think of Episode 3?



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Open House

Aamar has a brilliant idea to invite the town folk to the mosque for an open house. He believes that the muslim community is misunderstood and an open house gives them the opportunity to find out about what Islam really is.  

When we have an open house in our community, we are asked to invite our friends to share it with us, but other than the delicious food there doesn’t seem to be a good reason for them to attend. It is difficult to convince people to attend events that are religious in nature. I guess we have to get better at spinning it for people to see the benefit of attending.

How do you motivate people to attend an open house? What other methods can be used to explain what really goes on in Mosques and in muslim gatherings? 


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In the show, Rayyan tries to explain that dating in Islam is like window shopping where the woman may know that a guy is good for her just by observing him or asking a few questions.

But that’s what dating is isn’t it? Getting to know the other person via an interview over dinner. It just might be at the girl’s parents place over coffee with the parents answering the questions. Usually, the whole family is involved and they are called over for tea where they discuss the children’s potential as a couple. The children are also given the opportunity to talk to each other in private.

What’s your opinion on dating? Does culture have something to do with the definition of dating in Islam?

Do you have any stories from your ‘family’ dating experience?


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Rayyan talks to an attendee at the open house about her hair being part of her sexuality and she would only show it to other women or her husband. 

I believe that women should decide whether they choose to wear a hijab or not. Although, some women tend to flaunt their sexuality so I guess it depends on how modest each individual woman really is. In the Islamic way of life, women are brought up to be modest so they remain appealing to their future suitors.

What are your thoughts on wearing a Hijab? Is it optional?


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Episode 3 – Preview

You can watch clips from Episode 3 at

Vino at the Minbar: Baber helps clarify to the town-folk that it’s Minbar not ‘Mini-bar’.

Pasty White Friend: The gang discuss their choice of words for the open house.

Missionary Position: Fatima has stories from an African perspective.

Dating: Rayyan tries to explain that you don’t need to taste the cake to know it will be delicious.


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