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Episode 6 – The Archdeacon Cometh

Synopsis: The Muslim community steps in to help when Mercy Anglican Church faces financial ruin. 

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Video courtesty of mydien

Note: The Mother-In-Law Episode has been pushed to next week.

What did you think of this episode? How does it compare to the previous episodes?

Are there any other topics from the episode that you want to discuss? Ask a Question.



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Misconceptions in Religion

Yassir turns the table around by offering a few misconceptions he has on the Anglicans. He asks the Arch-Deacon how the Vatican is, he asks Sarah if  Easter is when Jesus looks for his shadow.

Normally, the misconceptions are for Islam and Muslims; it was refreshing to observe misconceptions on a religion other than Islam. It also shows the ignorance of Yassir and how absurd he looks. 

Are there other common misconceptions in the Christian religion?


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Witch-Doctor Medicine

Fatima offers folk medicine to Fred Tupper to cure his ailing back. The body rub given to him turns his back green and the oral medication gives him nasty hives. Rayyan isn’t thrilled with the whole idea and Fred wonders if Fatima is in fact trying to kill him.

Grandmothers usually have such medicines and practices up their sleeves. To avoid going to the doctor, the children will try anything and psychologically they make themselves feel better, sometimes.

Do you use medicine given to you by a witch-doctor type figure? What are some of the folk medicines that your family relies on?


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Pretending to be Anglican

The Muslims of Mercy have to pretend to be Anglican in order to fill the church when the Arch-Deacon arrives. They have to do this so that they can keep the Mosque running. They get lessons on singing hymns and are guided through the goings on in the church.

Some of the Muslims in my community would never do this. Much like Baber, they would find even the thought offensive. They would find other ways to save the Mosque. Then again, they would never have a Mosque in a church either.  

How would your community react if they were asked to “pretend” to be part of another religion?


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