Season 4 – Episode 12 – Pants on Fire

Synopsis:When Mayor Ann fires Sarah for moonlighting, Sarah is less worried about saving the friendship and more concerned about scheming to get her job back. Meanwhile, when director-wannabe Thorne learns Amaar is making a film to win a contest for Mercy, Thorne takes over the project. But when the town rejects his film, the two men are forced to work together.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

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What did you think of this episode? How does it compare to the previous episode? Are there any topics from the episode that you want to discuss?



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  1. AC

    Does anyone know how many episodes are left in this season? I know that there were supposed to be fewer episodes than last season (which had 20), but I can’t find an actual number anywhere. Shortened seasons are usually 13 episodes, but I can’t see this being the second-last episode of the season… we’ve had almost no long-term story development so far!

  2. Abbas Karimjee

    18 episodes.

  3. Abbas Karimjee

    18 episodes are in the season in total so there are 6 more left.

  4. Adara

    They finally had Amaar “win” at something!!!

  5. Episode 13 has been uploaded

  6. Argusray

    I saw the first season and part of the second. I was taken with the unique themes and perceptions the show offered. Now it has become a middle of the road, predictable, standard-issue silly TV product. The shows seem to go from silly to sillier. What happened to the writers and producers who created something special? Did the sell out for the movie rights?

  7. kelsshels

    ok im moving here because the other one wont load.

    dude the left is why there’s no slavery and women can VOTE. how can you hate it in all its forms? and how do you decide what is or isnt left, since according to Nahida you were convinced that at one point she wasnt a liberal, despite what she called herself?

    • Steve

      It was more of a case that I was HOPING she wasn’t a liberal (or at least there was still hope for her to change), I believe I was saying that if you really, really understood what liberals were about then, in your heart you couldn’t be one.

      And this occupy movement kind of shows what I was talking about. Where are you hearing the most racist, sexist language ever? – occupy. Where are you seeing violence being promoted? – occupy,

      You say you don’t want our society to tolerate pornography (I believe she was talking about that she wanted to write a law strengthening pornography laws when this particular discussion took place)? Well who is out there promoting pornography – THE LEFT!

      Do you believe all sex is rape Nahida? They do! Do you want to see the violent overthrow of our way of life, Nahida? They do!

      So I believe that’s where the whole “you aren’t really a liberal” discussion came into play. I certainly realized she was coming from a Leftist position, but I was pleading with her reconsider. You don’t know the people you are standing with Nahida. You don’t know what they are capable of. Please, you can’t be one of them. You are better than that!

      So, no, I have no problem “Identifying the Left”. But you sure do. The Left ended Slavery? WTF? For the first part of the 20th century many of them wanted to remove Blacks from the human race (gradually through eugenics). You obviously haven’t studied Progressive history like I have. You just attribute anything you don’t like as coming from the Right. You just buy the LIES the Left throws out.

    • Steve

      Who do you think designed this costume?

      • kelsshels

        well you havent exactly been raging against it either. you just talked about how we were destroying your culture and attacking halloween.

      • Nahida

        Because technically, we are.

        White people, or specifically middle-class socially normative white people, have a high influence over what is or isn’t mainstream culture, in which we all participate. Every other culture is a “subculture.” So when White people borrow from other cultures, or other subcultures, they have the power to define them, to change them, to alienate them from their origin, and even to erase them. When White people borrowing from other cultures it’s “edgy” and “worldly” and “fashionable”–which leads to the fetishization of white-approved characteristics of people of color, whom they keep around as friends for “exotic experiences” in a society that simultaneously values multiculturalism and is not past racism. When White people borrow from other cultures, what they borrow becomes mainstream and “acceptable” whereas when a person of color borrows something from White culture, we are viewed as participating in Whiteness, which is why people of color are told they are “acting white.” I’ve been told myself, even when I’m reclaiming something that was always Islamic (such as the active participation of women.)

        But when you make it Not Okay for white people to appropriate other cultures, it is inevitably an attack on White Culture, because White Culture functions so that in order to exist there needs to be an Other. Because it isn’t defined. In other words, in America there isn’t a strong sense of diversity within White Culture itself based on where practices come from… it’s all kinda just White. It’s not Irish or Italian or German. It’s Normal. And that normalcy depends on things outside being not normal. When you make things outside Normal on your own accord, and not by the approval of White Culture, by making it Not Okay to appropriate it, it’s an attack on how White Culture works.

      • kelsshels

        i always feel bad when you’re smart. which is like, all the time.

      • kelsshels

        in order to be accepted we have to join the mockery of other cultures with offensive, inaccurate portrayals of them.

  8. Steve

    By the way, I certainly understood why you moved the discussion as it was becoming too over loaded for me two.

    But did you see this video? Please answer the questions Beck asks below. By the way, no doubt Beck would not like the way I would answer some of these questions. He would find it quite harsh. But all and all the questions he asks are pretty good.

  9. Steve

    By the way, I certainly understood why you moved the discussion as it was becoming too over loaded for me to.

    I know the video is long but I watched it and I believe that 97 percent of those questions were Spot On!

    So, answer these questions for yourself!

  10. Steve

    One of my political science teachers once said that the definition of a Totalitarian State is:

    Everything For the State.

    Nothing Against the State.

    Nothing Apart from the State.

    In other words – OCCUPY EVERYTHING !

    (did you see that one sign at that video above?)

    Oh, I know who these “occupy” people are!

  11. kelsshels

    they did end slavery. they also wanted to wipe blacks out from the human race. and disabled people. and poor people. anyone who THEY believed would be “unfit.” but before that they also ended slavery. my point is you cant dismsiss them entirely.

    i cant watch the video atm, Nahida just got back and she’s asleep and i can’t find headphones

    and chill out. both Nahida and i stopped supporting it shortly after they abandoned their original agenda. in fact, did you ever see a post supporting it on Nahida’s blog? she’s always a little late to write about current events and by the time she had time she was just disgusted.

    • kelsshels

      You just attribute anything you don’t like as coming from the Right.

      oh the irony. (good thing she’s asleep she’d lecture me about how im misusing irony.)

      Nahida also thinks outsourcing businesses should be taxed. that global warming is real, that abortion is the womans business, and that corporations aren’t people. that makes her a leftist.

      and because of animal rights activists (on the left) bestiality is for the most part illegal. thanks to them, chickens arent tortured anymore in our state before theyre killed.

      did you know that in California, the most Leftist State Ever, we don’t have affirmative action in our university systems?

      • Nahida

        Figures I leave for a day and your grammar goes to hell. What is this, some kind of New Age-y play on e. e. cummings?

      • kelsshels

        my grammar went to hell before you left. i asked a guy to the movies, before it gets awkward at the tickets do i pay or him?

      • Nahida

        You pay. If you invited him, you pay. If he asks, he pays.

      • Steve

        I said Nahida was a Leftist. That’s why I was so concerned about her possible support and involvement in Occupy.

        And please stop the lies about the left. They had nothing to do with ending slavery. That was basically a religious movement. It all had to do with the “Second Great Awakening”.

        She’s up now. Watch this video: With her if possible.

      • Steve

        and because of animal rights activists (on the left) bestiality is for the most part illegal.

        Because you know that Religious Right with all their pro-bestiality literature.

        did you know that in California, the most Leftist State Ever, we don’t have affirmative action in our university systems?

        See Regents of the University of California v. Bakke (It’s a law case)

        They would if they could. They would if they could.

      • kelsshels

        I said Nahida was a Leftist. That’s why I was so concerned about her possible support and involvement in Occupy.

        specifically her? why do you care? she’s just an evil leftist.

        are you saying that you disagree with all her positions then? Global warming being real, corporations not being people, taxing of outsourcing companies, trees are awesome etc.? because i can’t figure out what the Right is if she’s on the left and you DON’T disagree with her yet you’re on the Right.

        so I’m assuming you do disagree with her?

  12. kelsshels

    and they’res plenty of that racist shit on the right, they just dont have a movement where its all displayed. we’re not at a point where ppl are past their prejudices.

    • Steve

      You know that because the Left tells you so?

    • Steve

      I actually never got the term “Right” anyway.

      I mean “Left”, yeah you have a pretty clear ideological line there. Socialism and all of that. You can pretty well trace that back to the French Revolution, heck before that even to Plato.

      But “Right”? I know what it means here in America at this point of our history, but the Left loves to mis-attribute it to movements that have little to nothing in common with how it’s applied in the US.

      The terms “left” and “right” appeared during the French Revolution of 1789 when members of the National Assembly divided into supporters of the king to the president’s right and supporters of the revolution to his left.

      When the National Assembly was replaced in 1791 by a Legislative Assembly composed of entirely new members the divisions continued. “Innovators” sat on the left, “moderates” gathered in the center, while the “conscientious defenders of the constitution” found themselves sitting on the right, where the defenders of the ancient regime had previously gathered. When the succeeding National Convention met in 1792, the seating arrangement continued, but following the coup d’état of June 2, 1793, and the arrest of the Girondins, the right side of the assembly was deserted, and any remaining members who had sat there moved to the center.

      Anyway, point is use of the term “Right” seems to be pretty much arbitrary.

  13. Steve

    I also have a problem with the Term “Conservative”. Yeah I know how it is used , but the sad fact of it is that now we have very little left to “conserve”.

    We need a name change not so much for an “image makeover” like the Progressives, oh I mean the Liberals, oh I mean the Progressives frequently do it for. We need a name change to reflect that WE ARE NOW THE COUNTERCULTURE!

  14. Steve

    Again, watch this video. Answer these questions.

  15. Steve

    and chill out. both Nahida and i stopped supporting it shortly after they abandoned their original agenda

    They haven’t abandoned their original agenda.

    This has been their agenda all along. Just read “the Coming Insurrection”. They laid it all out there.

  16. Steve

    This is their agenda. They haven’t changed it since the 1960s.

    Heck they haven’t changed it since the French Revolution.

  17. Steve

    ….are you saying that you disagree with all her positions then?

    Most of them.

    Global warming being real,

    It’s not. Temperatures have varied widely in the past and even if you do see a significant upswing in the temperatures (which you haven’t) there is no evidence that it’s MAN MADE. And that’s the point.

    corporations not being people

    Don’t even know what that means.

    taxing of outsourcing companies

    Actually I like that idea but I understand I break with my brethren when I do. Though my side isn’t a monolith the way the Left likes to portray it.

    trees are awesome etc.

    We like trees. We just don’t worship trees as Gods (I thought Muslims didn’t either).

    So yeah I would say a 90 percent disgreement rate here.

    • kelsshels

      you haven’t heard of corporate personhood?

      come ON you think everything we do (excess smog, deforestation, oil pollution) ISNT destroying the earth?

      the Left isn’t monolithic either. that’s why you never fully decided nahida was on the left and just accused her of it when it was convenient like whenever you needed to associate her with extremists in order to dismiss her arguments

      Bush destroyed everything, but according to you he wasnt a conservative

      we cant do the same with liberal presidents can we?

      • Nahida

        “Corporations are people.” –Mitt Romney

        He doesn’t like that guy, remember Kels?

      • kelsshels

        yeah but i bet it’s cause romney wants to raise taxes…

        and why should we be gracious enough to remember? no matter how many times YOU say not all men are rapists i guarantee he’ll keep bringing it up…

      • Steve

        I would rather vote for Obama than Romney.

        But for different reasons than you, for that I am sure.

      • Steve

        “haven’t heard of corporate personhood?”

        I have heard of the LEGAL Concept. But the Left probably has warped it in some way.

      • Steve

        Damn it I have to defend Romney kind of here.

        He wasn’t even talking about the Legal “Personhood” definition when he was saying that Corporations are people. Like the jerk, like the idiot he is he said it wrong but he was saying the following.

        When you tax a business (lets use the word “business” here instead of a “corporation” since it applies to all businesses not just corporations) that tax is transferred as a business expense, into the cost of making the product which is transferred into the price of the product the corporation makes. So YOU PAY THE TAX. YOU PAY when you buy the product for a higher cost than you would have if the company wasn’t taxed.

        I think Romney is being a little simplistic here because surely supply and demand also comes into play but in essence he is right. The tax does get transferred down to the people through the cost of the product.

        If you tax an activity you get less of that activity. You tax Businesses, then yes, you would get less economic activity.

        Still I don’t like GE not having to pay any taxes. I think the key thing here is to eliminate tax breaks that give some a disproportional tax advantage to others.

        You study the Laffer curve and you will find out that up to a certain level DECREASING TAX LEVELS actually increases Revenue due to the increase in economic activity that generates That is something that Reagan proved in the 1980s which was one of the most successful times in US economic history,

  18. Steve

    It really bothers me that neither you nor Nahida would admit that Obama is evil.

  19. Nahida

    It doesn’t matter if you think it’s natural or manmade, the point is it’s bad for us.

    • Steve

      It’s nether bad or good for us. It’s something we need to adapt to. It is something WE HAVE Adapted to over the years.

      They used to grow grapes in England. There is even a street in London called “Vine Street”.

      If you saw this video you would know that.

  20. Steve

    First It isn’t happening. Temperatures have fluctuated throughout Human history. And of course if man isn’t response for it then man can’t really do much about it.

    But there’s one small, small, point of validity here. Not because of humans but indeed climate does change over time and humans need to learn how to adapt to these changes. Now perhaps these changes are indeed so gradual that such adaptation will just occur naturally but still it couldn’t hurt thinking about it once in a while.

    But the Left makes every issue so extreme we can’t even discuss such things rationally without the Left just taking it and using it for their own agenda. Which is of course to destroy capitalism.

  21. Steve

    One of my favorite bumper stickers.

    I believe in Climate Change. – IT’S CALLED THE WEATHER!

    • Steve

      Actually I think the Bumper sticker goes/

      I believe in Climate Change – IT’S CALLED THE SEASONS!

      Just to think just a few months ago it was near 80. Now look at the weather here. OH NO, THE END IS NEAR!

      • kelsshels

        both ridiculous, weather and the seasons are different than climate.

        If you own some Microsoft Stock either directly or though a pension or something like that should you be arrested if Microsoft committed a crime?

        um who said this? and if anyone did it wouldnt be evil, just bizarre and irrational.

        isnt Beck the same guy who said the reason Jefferson has a Quran is because America has been at war with Islamists since its foundation?

      • kelsshels

        Nahida, what do you know about stocks.

      • Nahida

        Nothing. Talking about money is boring. All my money is in a checking account. Of course, if my life depended on it I’d probably sharpen my pencil.

      • kelsshels

        that might be now.

      • Steve

        Look up the words, the Barbary Corsairs, sometimes called Ottoman Corsairs or Barbary Pirates.

        So yeah, Beck was right about that. That is why Jefferson owned that Quran.

        I wouldn’t say so much “the Muslims” were at war with us from the beginning. But indeed the whole Barbary Pirates thing happened near our beginning.

        Of course our oldest enemy is … THE FRENCH.

        Yeah we probably couldn’t have won the Revolutionary War without them but it wasn’t like they were doing it for our benefit, or like they liked our ideals – it was a way for them to hurt their enemy Great Britain. Twenty years or so previously they were killing the colonials in the French Indian Wars. Twenty years or so after helping us win the Revolutionary War they were at war with us (see Quasi-War).

        Oldest enemy? Perhaps it would be more appropriate to call them our oldest Frenemy (And Nahida Knows how I hate the French).

      • Steve

        The reason why a corporation is Legally considered a “person” is that so stock holders would not individually be held accountable for “its” actions.

      • Steve

        I believe the average temperature here is about 20 degrees colder than it was just a few months ago. If it keeps on dropping 20 degrees a month just think how cold it is going to be a year from now.

      • Steve

        I said a few months ago. But still if it keeps on dropping 10 degrees a month where will we be a year from now. This trend has gotten me scared.

  22. kelsshels

    Iva question

    if Nahida called herself a conservative from the very beginning and was exactly the same would you have ever known? or been like YOU’RE NOT A CONSERVATIVE I SEE THROUGH YOUR FACADE TO YOUR EVIL SELF?

    • Steve

      She never called herself conservative. Her ideology was developing and it was developing in a Leftist direction (a victim of our public schools).

      Tried to help her were I could but of course it wasn’t enough.

      And no, I often think that I have in “mentality” I have a “liberal mindset” in that I appreciate their “Tactics” and the need sometimes to “do evil”. I am Jeffersonian in that way (he was a real bastard when it came to how he dealt with his political opponents). It was tough, to near impossible (although perhaps that’s changing now) to get a conservative to even be “rude” to a Leftist. It;s why in my political life I have seen conservative after conservative being taken down sometimes in the most evil ways imaginable. They just don’t have it within them to fight back effectively and the Left gets that. But then again perhaps this is changing. The ones coming up ain’t your Daddy’s conservatives.

      Beck thinks this is somehow all going to be solved by us getting together and rake our neighbors lawn, or something like that. No I don’t agree with Beck on everything.

      • kelsshels

        i know she didnt, it was hypothetical. i was wondering if you’d be able to tell. if you would think she was evil then, if she called herself a conservative, even if she was exactly the same. because i dont understand your defs of these labels.

        come on even YOU have said she’s intelligent. do you really think she’s “brainwashed” instead of genuinely not being right or left? she’s found things wrong with both. and when she criticizes the left she is usually much more disgusted. at least the right doesnt *claim* to care about women. when the left goes back on it it’s extra revolting. like when the right has sex scandals, it’s extra revolting because of the hypocrisy.

        what tactics of the left are you talking about? i cant imagine her employing anything evil. or even admiring it.

      • Steve

        Trust me I can tell a Leftist. It’s why I hate the Republican party so much. It’s why I probably won’t be voting next year.

      • kelsshels

        ok ok let me get this straight Steve

        you actually think Nahida is evil?

        that doesnt make any sense, why would you bother talking to her??

        you know, i had this crazy impression/idea for a minute that the reason you didnt email her was to protect her or something because you knew how destructive you were. but i guess you were telling the truth!

      • Steve

        I find war evil.

        No I am not a pacifist. Sometimes war is necessary. There are things worse than war.

        But killing people is evil. Some times it’s the “lesser of two evils” but it is evil nonetheless.

        And I believe that good people can be forced into doing evil things any and that doesn’t make them evil, they are still good. But that doesn’t mean they still don’t have nightmares at night. In fact it’s the evil that sleeps well at night.

        There is a difference between “doing evil” and “being evil”

        As for me admiring evil, well yeah, perhaps yeah that perhaps isn’t a good trait. I would love to see Roseane’s head on a spike. Yeah I literally mean it but I don’t have the guts to ever make that happen myself (also I don’t think politically that would be a good tactic). Also, yeah if the Left beheads some of these rich people, depending on who they are, I could like seeing that. Especially the rich people who have been playing footsie with this Occupy movement. Yeah, it would be their just desserts and perhaps wake people up to what the Left was before it was two late.

        Perhaps that is what I mean about me having a “Liberal Mentality” while having a conservative ideology.

      • kelsshels

        so which is it

        is she evil, or does she do it when necessary?

      • Steve

        Oh, Nahida, no I don’t think she could ever employ evil herself. At least not intentionally.

        But she could certainly be destroyed by other Leftists who are more than willing to. Remember a lot of the people who got the blade in the French Revolution was those who were the Revolution’s first supporters.

        Or to bring it up to modern day.. My favorite video.

        “You’re better than this”, “You’re better than this”. No, they really aren’t.

      • Steve

        By the way, whatever happened to Carob?

        I was in one of these so called “health food stores” the other day (opposition research) and I didn’t see a Carob to be found.

        It used to be the rage within Granola circles. They used it everywhere normal people use Chocolate.

      • kelsshels

        no idea what Carob is. i’ve never stepped foot in any of those places, way too expensive. even albertson’s (or is it luckys now) is kinda really expensive

      • Steve

        “”The capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them.”
        -Vladimir Lenin

        Yep, Ole Vlad sure got us there. He sure understood us. That’s another place I have to give the Devil his Due, They get us.

        We on the other hand (well most of us) still don’t get “the nature of their game”. Funny since they have played it on us so often.

      • kelsshels

        Oh, Nahida, no I don’t think she could ever employ evil herself. At least not intentionally.

        hold on hold on, if you hate leftism in ALL IT’S FORMS (as you said) and it’s always evil, and you’ve admitted that Nahida is some kind of a leftist… how can she not be evil?

        As long as it’s not Nahida.

        are you admitting there are exceptions and the left is not always evil?

      • Nahida

        BECAUSE. I’m specialer than you. Obviously.

      • kelsshels

        wait, you’ve also said you hate her. you can’t hate her and care about her at the same time!

        *brain explodes*

      • Steve

        Help I am a Leftist stuck in the body of a Rightist.

        Hah, hah, hah.

        But yeah, that is often how I feel. I could never agree with their ideology but I sure appreciate their tactics. They do what it takes to get their policies through. Got to give them that. And they never back down never back down. Can’t say that for even myself.

        They are ruthless. I so wish we were.

    • Steve

      Well I have definitely caved in to the Left enough in my life to be considered evil.

      But it has also given me an inside perspective that others lack.

      I certainly believe I understand them better than others. That whole Boehner/Obama golf thing I think I could appreciate that more than others and understand how evil Boehner was for that.

      I so hope to see Boehner destroyed next year.

  23. Steve

    Giving the devil its due the one thing I have always appreciated about the Left is their determination. They are so committed to their cause they will do whatever it takes, whatever it takes to win. I hate that about them but at the same time I respect that about them.

  24. Steve

    Now this is an interesting video. This kid said that Glenn Beck could stop the Occupy Movement and save America if he would go down to occupy Wall Street movement and talk to the people there. They would kill him of course, drag his body through the streets or perhaps hang it from somewhere, but that would repulse Americans so much that they would turn against occupy.

    Now I kind of liked this idea, except the Left over the centuries have KILLED MILLIONS, yet people still don’t realize what they are all about. So would his death really bring that about?

    I guess this is something to think about.

  25. Steve

    See I actually enjoy this video. It makes me laugh.

    I guess that doesn’t speak well for me.

    But I have seen so many good people destroyed. Not only out there in society but in my personal life that seeing them turn on their own is a nice change of things. As long as it’s not Nahida.

  26. Steve

    I don’t have a Whole Food where I live.

    But there is a local health foods store I check into from time to time as it is near the local theater and when I get there too early it gives me something to do.

    I never end up buying anything there. Part of the reason is the food is so strange, but also, the prices WOW!

    Just more Leftist hypocrisy.

  27. kelsshels

    they cant help the prices, it’s expensive to treat animals right

    the hypocrisy only comes in when they fail to understand that and try to guilt you, instead of realizing that they’re being classist by expecting it.

  28. Steve

    I wouldn’t call myself a “fan” of South Park, but they do have their moments.

    I remember when the citizens of South Park burned down Wal Mart.

    Then they shopped at this small local grocery, And as he got more popular and continued to give good products at quality prices his store got bigger and bigger and bigger until…

    They had to burn down his store.

    I wouldn’t call South Park “conservative”. Overall it’s disgusting and just tries to be offensive just to be offensive. But every once in a while they will throw us a bone (perhaps because they just like pissing off everyone and they know how much that pisses off the Left to give us anything, even the smallest crumb), And for a hungry dog to get even a bone it is well appreciated. At least it is until we see the next episode where they throw shit on Jesus or whatever.

    By the way, if I could have one wish for Occupy it would be for them to burn down REI. RIght now of course REI is supporting them with blankets and stuff. So yeah for them to turn on REI would be great indeed. Just like above with Whole Foods and just like with the French Revolution cutting off the heads of its first supporters.

  29. Steve

    Have you seen “the Tudors” yet? Fast forward the sex scenes of course but the politics of the time and stuff. I believe I loosely knew about it before but I found the dramatic portrayal of it all incredible.

    They ended the series now and I so wish they would have just one or two more seasons. Yeah, they would say well the King is Dead. But I think (the show is called the “Tudors” of course) that they could have continued on through the reign of his son, onto Mary’s reign and ended the series with Elizabeth becoming Queen.

    Mary was portrayed so sympathetically in the series, and I am not saying it was inappropriate for them to do so, I think it was quite accurate given the time frame they were covering, And I though the Actress who portrayed Lady Mary did so very well. I would have liked to see he take that character unto her reign. There was one chilling scene in the last season that kind of reminded us how in the end history remembers her . I think to see the transformation would have been incredible.

    Yes, there is evil in this world.

  30. Steve

    Oh, and did you see Animal farm?

    I posted two versions of it.

    One an animated one done in the 1950s and the other done by TNT in 2002 I think.

    Both about an hour and a half long. Heck the actual book itself you could read in a few hours.

    My favorite quote “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others”.

    Somehow that kind of reminded me of the whole gourmet cooking thing at OWS. We should all eat gourmet just that some of us should eat more gourmet than others.

    That whole gourmet thing I will never forget. just too classic!

  31. Steve

    First the dot.coms popped, then mortgages. Are student loans and higher education the next bubble, the latest investment craze inflating on borrowed money and misplaced faith it can never go bad?

  32. Steve

    Oh, here’s an interesting video from that radical Rightwing Television network PBS (that would be called sarcasm) about why Thomas Jefferson owned a Quoran.

  33. Steve

    The Revolutionary Tribunal summarily condemned thousands of people to death by the guillotine, while mobs beat other victims to death. Sometimes people died for their political opinions or actions, but many for little reason beyond mere suspicion, or because some others had a stake in getting rid of them. Among people who were condemned by the revolutionary tribunals, about 8 percent were aristocrats, 6 percent clergy, 14 percent middle class, and 72 percent were workers or peasants accused of hoarding, evading the draft, desertion, rebellion, and other purported minimal crime.

    Well of course you got to break a few eggs, right?

  34. Steve

    Obama is Evil.

  35. Nahida

    Evil people don’t exist?

    You are so wrong about that.

    Evil people don’t exist. Nothing exists which God did not create, and as God is Complete Good (represented by light), all must contain good. If anything entirely evil existed, it must exist outside the sphere of God (in a place of utter darkness, where light does not reach)–which is nothing, not even the devil. God has no opposite, and neither does goodness as evil will always be much weaker.

    • kelsshels

      hes catholic, remember?

    • Steve

      Evil will always win because good is dumb! (Spaceballs, it was a satire of the Star Wars Movies and that is my favorite quote from the movie).

      Actually evil wins when good people sit back and do nothing. And why do good people sit back and do nothing? Well two reasons. One is actually a failure to recognize evil in its midst. But two is a realization of what it takes to defeat evil. You can’t defeat evil with clean hands.

    • Steve

      I think it is important to recognize good in Evil people.

      Hitler actually was very respectful to his secretary and bodyguard. He also like talking with the children of his senior officials and I don’t mean in a creepy way. Also he treated his dog very well.

      But the importance of recognizing good in evil people is in order to not become confused. Just because you see some good attribute displayed it doesn’t make that person any less evil. That person still needs to be destroyed.

      • Steve

        Actually a lot of the key Nazis were very pro animal rights.

        That’s a sick irony isn’t it! I believe I am using the term irony correct here.

  36. kelsshels

    when are you coming come? i want to talk to you about a weird (inappropriate) article i found on Jezebel.

    i think people become more climatic with the depravity of the scene (not that finding older people or fat people is depraved, but perceived as depraved because of social stigma associated with them) because they get bored. its incredibly disrespectful and demeaning and ruining our society. its become mainstream. i cant believe everyone KNOWS this but it still isnt illegal.

    you need to do something soon. but its so hopeless.

    • Steve

      Gosh, I thought you were going to attack me on the related article about Catholics and porn (I don’t go to church anymore).

      But honestly what do you want ME to do about it. I do know there are some Christian groups out there trying to fight Internet porn. There has been movements against local libraries to get them to put some kind of program on their publicly accessed computers to ban the viewing of pornography on the internet.

      These efforts were fought by.. THE ACLU!

    • Nahida

      No, Steve, she meant for ME to do something about it (as a feminist) not you.

      And private messaging, Kelly. Jesus, there might still be under 18 moving through. I won’t be back until six.

      Pornography is a haven for the exploitation of the last remaining prejudices, even ones that disgust the viewer. I haven’t much considered the psychology for why something can be simultaneously pleasurable and unpleasurable; the idea presents only a superficial dynamic of complexity: what’s likely a biological crude fascination with obscenity. Were this a result of social conditioning it would be easy to eliminate. Thankfully, I’m sure a good portion of it is; surely people who have racist fetishes been influenced by imperialism and colonialism. But as long as pornography exists to reinforce these mentalities, and seeps into our mainstream culture, I wonder if we will ever be without detrimental inequalities.

      I believe it is incredibly naive for the authors of Jezebel to conclude these search results reflect attributes to which men are attracted; considering there is a positive correlation between disturbing imagery and climax for those who have become addicted, it’s uncertain whether an element of disgust contributes. Jezebel has long left feminism, but I suppose there is an appeal in drawing uplifting conclusions (like men are attracted to these women) from something you can’t fight that prays on you.

      The only comforting possibility is that a purpose of fantasy is to experience what you would not, or could not, carry out in reality, even if it is embedded in your biology, which is explains why young women fantasize about socially awkward, highly intelligent older men. But I doubt it’s as safe to say that fetishes that are not biological, racist fetishes (and other much more detrimental fetishes) don’t seep out to infect society.

      • kelsshels

        im on campus now where are you?

        and i dont think anyone comes here anymore…. unless this topic makes steve uncomfortable. ill email you.

      • Debora

        Wait, Nahida’s comment was really interesting. Forward me the email exchange.

        How can you know which attractions are biological? Maybe young women have been conditioned to find much older men attractive. And socially conditioned fetishes like racist fetishes are no easier to eliminate… harder, in fact.

      • Nahida

        Yes, I suppose it is unjust and biased for me to say it isn’t a destructive attraction, especially considering factors like power dynamics present and consequential manipulation. But I genuinely am under the impression that it is at least less destructive; a racist fetish affects everyone of that race and reinstates demeaning stereotypes. It seems, in comparison, the other doesn’t inflict nearly as much damage and is contained within the couple involved.

      • kelsshels

        its the ages… 16 and 30 is WAY MORE DESTRUCTIVE than 21 and 40. because power dynamics; the younger of the latter is more developed.

        i do think youre biased, you’re viewing it from the pov of the woman. i think society would see the man as more dangerous or perverse were the attraction returned/reversed

      • Nahida

        Well, yes, we all know that. I was going to say something quite revealing: that I don’t think it’s wrong for older men to find much younger women attractive as long as they don’t act on their desires against the will of the woman. But shouldn’t I feel that way about racist fetishes? And yet I feel they should be eliminated entirely.

        That the subject can’t be approached without indulging in bigotry is why we still have a problem.

      • Steve

        I happened to be in the courthouse the day Mary Kay Letourneau was arraigned the first time (Jury duty not her case but her case was going on that day). What a circus. Some guy yelled out to her as she walked by WHO IS GOING TO SAVE YOUR SOUL Mary Kay!

        Well she went to Jail and all but in the end made out pretty well. Our society is so going down the toilet.

        Yeah, who is going to save us all???

        All my life except for that brief time with Reagan things have been getting worse. Even then things were getting worse domestically whereas things temporarily got good financially and internationally.

        But it does show how one person, one person could make all the difference. Do I see it this year? Absolutely not from the likely candidates. Possibly Bachmann. But it looks like it is going to be Romney, and if it is a choice between seeing Romney destroy America and Obama destroy America I rather see Obama destroy America.

      • Nahida

        Oh yeah. Steve just reminded me of the other way around.

        But that’s CHILD sexual abuse–always reprehensible regardless of the sex of the attacker and the sex of the victim. In pornography it’s already illegal. Guess we can’t blame porn for that one.

      • kelsshels

        that I don’t think it’s wrong for older men to find much younger women attractive as long as they don’t act on their desires against the will of the woman

        and as long as she’s over 18. or it’s PEDOPHILIA.

      • Nahida

        I was assuming she would be. Stupidly, it hadn’t crossed my mind that it could be otherwise. I guess I was thinking of whether something that isn’t considered detrimental should be considered detrimental, not the things that already are illegal.

      • kelsshels

        i don’t think its biological for young women to be attracted to much older men. if the reverse can happen, it’s definitely some sort of conditioning. i mean, sure older men have biological reasons to find younger women attractive, i guess, but if it’s a sense of security that appeals to the woman for her to find HIM attractive that’s social conditioning.

      • Nahida

        I don’t think it’s security. Ugh, I don’t know. But I think it’s more that young women view it as a challenge; if she can get him to act on his desires it means she’s alluring enough to get him to lose control / risk everything, which older men are supposed to have down solid. Likely it has the same appeal for men who pursue avowed virgins. Hell, the deadly power dynamics themselves are appealing, if you can get someone in a stable position (especially if he’s intelligent, which makes him both attractive and more unattainable) to go mad for you. Theoretically. In reality she loses control of what she’s gotten herself into.

        Actually, in that perspective, it could be conditioning, since that kind of thing is always happening in the movies.

        Anyway, we’re diverting from the purpose at this point.

      • kelsshels

        generalizations, thats all we have

      • kelsshels

        makes everything impossible

  37. Steve

    Lyrics for Sympathy for the Devil (with one slight but accurate revision).

    Please allow me to introduce myself
    I’m a man of wealth and taste
    I’ve been around for a long, long years
    Stolen many man’s soul and faith

    Pleased to meet you
    Hope you guess my name, oh yeah
    But what’s puzzling you
    Is the nature of my game

    I stuck around St.Petersburg
    When I saw it was a time for a change
    I killed the czar and his ministers
    Anastasia screamed in vain

    I rode a tank
    Held a general’s rank
    When the Blitzkrieg raged
    And the bodies stank

    Pleased to meet you
    Hope you guess my name, oh yeah
    Oh, what’s puzzling you
    Is the nature of my game

    Just as every cop is a criminal
    And all the sinners, saints
    As heads is tails, just call me Liberal
    ‘Cause I’m in need of some restraint

    So if you meet me, have some courtesy
    Have some sympathy and some taste
    Use all your well-learned politics
    Or I’ll lay your soul to waste

    • kelsshels

      um. is the fall of the czars supposed to be a bad thing?

      i thought czars were what conservatives feared

      • Steve

        It’s how it was done, but yeah I don’t have much sympathy for the Czar himself.

        I still weep over Anastasia though but I understand why she had to die.

        The English were able to remove it’s monarchy (from real power as yeah I know they still exist) without cutting off their head or shooting them and their kids. We Americans were able to remove ourselves from the power of the King as well without killing him.

        But yeah, Czars, bad bad things to have. But what came after was even worse.

        That’s my point, with the Left it’s always the case that what comes after IS ALWAYS WORSE!

        Read Animal Farm and it kind of makes that point as well.

        If I was going to write a song about the “Devil” I would have to have a line in it about Lenin, Stalin (and the New York Times), Hitler of course, Mao, Che, Po Pot (to be fair this song was written before that), 9-11 (actually did you see that one photo of the smoke) and then how “I” was celebrating with my Soviet Flag outside the White House when Obama won. (did you see that video). And of course in the song I am talking while protesting at Occupy Wall Street in New York.

        Please to meet you, have you guessed my name? But what is puzzling you is the nature of your game? Nope I guessed your name (I am able to recognize evil when I see it) and no I pretty well understand the nature of your game (create chaos to undermine society).

        The one line that really I didn’t get (or perhaps I don’t agree with) is:

        “I shouted out,
        Who killed the kennedys?
        When after all
        It was you and me”

        Does the devil mean that society in general created the environment for the killings of Robert Kennedy the year that song was written, and six years earlier Jack Kennedy? Because we know that Jack Kennedy was killed by a pro-Castro Leftist though Conspiracy theories surrounded that for decades so I could see the devil saying he was part of spreading those ugly conspiracies but it was pretty clear and of no doubt who killed Bobby Kennedy. It was Sirhan Sirhan because he heard him say something pro-Israel. And also to be fair he was nuts.

        Why was the killings of the Kennedy’s “you and me” whereas all “his” other involvements didn’t cite such an partnership?

        Well no matter all and all a good creepy song. I don’t actually believe much in a devil, but it is kind of a cool creepy thought that there was such a being out there fanning the flames throughout human history. And you know he would be helping the Organize movement if he did exist.

        Oh, the closest I ever got to believing in a Devil was 2001 because if he did exist that was his year indeed. I have never experienced such an evil year in my life (it must have been just like how people felt about 1968 but for me there were personal disasters as well as the national ones). I am kind of getting to fear 2012 wondering if it is going to be another such year (not because of the Mayan prophecies directly).

  38. Steve

    “As punk rock band DOA played before a crowd at Occupy Vancouver, police roped off a tent nearby where a young woman was found unresponsive.”

    You just couldn’t write this could you. Wow, truth is stranger than fiction.

    (from the South Park Movie).

    Blame Canada
    Blame Canada
    With all their beady little eyes
    And flappin heads so full of lies
    Blame Canada
    Blame Canada

    Blame Canada
    Blame Canada
    With all their hockey hubbabaloo
    And that Anne Murray too
    Blame Canada
    Shame on Canada

    Blame Canada
    Blame Canada
    It seems that everything has gone wrong
    Since Canada came along
    Blame Canada
    Blame Canada
    They are not even a real country anyway

  39. Steve

    So come on: jack be nimble, jack be quick!
    Jack flash sat on a candlestick
    Cause fire is the devil’s only friend.

    Oh, and as I watched him on the stage
    My hands were clenched in fists of rage.

    No angel born in hell
    Could break that satan’s spell.
    And as the flames climbed high into the night
    To light the sacrificial rite,
    I saw satan laughing with delight
    The day the music died


    If the 1960s are any indication, they are just getting warmed up.

    Next Summer Welcome to the Summer of HELL!

  40. Steve

    And Beck saw this coming over two years ago.

  41. Steve

    This is what these monsters are!

  42. kelsshels

    During that trip, she said Mr. Cain had secretly upgraded her hotel room before drinks and dinner that the two had to discuss possible future employment. She said that after dinner, he put his hand on her leg and ran it under her skirt and pulled her head toward his crotch.

    So what the Hell, Steve?

    • kelsshels

      Man I KNEW there was more to it! EXACTLY like despicable rape culture to assume what the man was saying was true and of course the woman is just a TOTAL BITCH trying to get him in trouble!

      • Steve

        We had every reason to feel that way. We felt that way because it HAPPENED BEFORE!

        You are too young to remember.

        But one thing you SHOULD REMEMBER is the DUKE RAPE TRIAL. Proving that some women DO LIE!

    • Steve

      I was extremely angry about the allegations at the beginning for reasons you are too young to understand (you had to be there). And no specifics were coming out . The biggest complaint I heard at first was that he told a woman that “she was the height of his wife” so what the hell? Other than that it was all the same Leftist attack dogs bringing up the allegations who always bring out false allegations against us. So, yeah I was extremely, extremely PISSED.

      But then someone I trusted brought out some allegations and I thought DAMN – HE DID IT. DAMN.

      Don’t worry, we will now bury him. And when we do you on the Left will say we did because… WE ARE RACIST.

      And after we bury him, Bill Clinton will still be walking around respectfully in polite society instead of being in the jail cell he should be in.

      SO, WHAT THE HELL, Kelsshels? WHAT THE HELL, Kelsshels?

      • Steve

        You are really trying to get me to blow up again, aren’t you? kelsshels you are a real evil person. I wish Nahida didn’t have you as a roommate.

      • Steve

        Ever heard of Chappaquiddick?

        Of course not, it was a little before my time too.


    • Steve

      How should we have known?

      Oh, because he is a Black Male, Right, kelsshels.

      Go to hell, Kelsshels.

      Now watch the Left call us racists as we bury the guy!

      • kelsshels

        um. because women are ACTUALLY ASSAULTED. I didn’t assume he was guilty but YOU ASSUMED THE WOMAN WAS.

      • Nahida

        STOP YELLING. Good God you’re both intolerable!

      • Nahida

        And Kels we still don’t know if he’s guilty–they’re allegations.

      • Steve

        Kelshels I remember 1990. Were you even alive?

        We had EVERY RIGHT to think that this was another case of that.

        You know I was young once too but when I was I listened to my elders. I didn’t always agree with them, I am not saying that but I listened to what came before, what they experienced. Then I made my own conclusions, but I listened so I could learn from their mistakes. I found out what occurred before I happened to get involved in what was going on.

        What to you might be history (even if you knew what I was talking about which you don’t) isn’t history to me. I remember it like it was yesterday. A hi-tech lynching of an upperty Black. I will never forget those words because that is what it was!

        What might be history to you isn’t history to me just like what might be history to me might not be history to my parents and grandparents!

      • Steve

        Nahida, he is guilty.

        There was another person who made a charge against him who I had been following for like four years and who had gained my trust by me following him.

        But before him, yeah, it was the usual anti-conservative people leading the charges and yeah, call it a story of the Boy who called wolf. (Well Left Wing Movement that called wolf)

        Here is why Nahida isn’t evil like you are Kelsshels. She is still willing to look at both sides until the person is CONCLUSIVELY proven guilty. If I am a conservative with a liberal mentality, Nahida is a Liberal with a conservative mentality. Both rare creatures indeed.

        Now go to hell, Kelsshels.

      • Steve

        Sorry for the bad confusing grammar.

        I haven’t gained his trust. He doesn’t know who I am. But because I have followed him for four years or so and have seen him act always with integrity I believe him now when he makes such charges. In fact he would be almost the only one I would have believed (until there was more specifics). Well I would believe you too Nahida. So, I guess that makes two people I would have believed (apart from family of course).

        Because otherwise, falsifying such charges against a Black Conservative comes right out of the Leftist playbook.

  43. Steve

    At first known as “Jane Doe No. 5” in Kenneth Starr’s impeachment report to Congress, she had filed an affidavit in the Paula Jones case, at first denying Clinton had made any unwelcome sexual advances to her. But Broaddrick later claimed to investigators for independent counsel Starr that she was raped.

    A Clinton campaign worker at the time, she described a meeting in her hotel room in which Clinton held her down forcibly on a bed and bit her lips while engaging in sexual intercourse. After the encounter, Clinton allegedly told her not to worry because he was sterile.

    She first told her story to the Wall Street Journal in 1999.

    Clinton, through his attorneys shortly after the Journal report appeared, claimed the allegations were false. But Broaddrick, in her interview, said the former two-term president assaulted her, then “casually” asked her to put ice on her swollen bottom lip he had bitten during the alleged attack.

    “Then he … put on his sun glasses and walked out the door,” Broaddrick said.

    SO, WHAT THE HELL, Kelsshels? WHAT THE HELL, Kelsshels?

  44. Steve

    When will someone come out with something about Rick Perry being Gay?

    True or false I don’t care. I just want the creep gone!

  45. Nahida

    No one on the Left will accuse you of burying him; they don’t care about him. When feminists were enraged over Julian Assange, the Left didn’t hesitate to paint us as evil psychotic bitches plotting to destroy a Progressive hero. Because he was a Progressive hero.

    And she was rightly angry. You can think false accusations of rape (it seems you only rely on one) but there will always be more women–real women, women we know–who were assaulted and never went to the police, who were never believed, and whose lives were destroyed. She did not make you blow up the first time. You misread on your own. Don’t blame her for what you said.

    • kelsshels

      The Left made him do it.

      • Nahida

        Kelly, quit smart mouthing, that’s how he exploded the first time: you brought up a comment he left on the site for ME. He should have read properly before going off, but you had no business repeating what he said to ME and using it to prove a point.

      • kelsshels

        but he said it in a public space!

        ugh, fine then, privacy preference noted

      • Nahida

        I’m aware it was public space. I’m not saying it’s illegal, I’m saying it’s immature. He said the banner was sensual, and there was no reason for you to bring it up if I’m in the banner. if I wanted to make a point about how I didn’t make his comment into something it wasn’t and understood that it was purely aesthetic, to disprove what he says about feminists, I’m perfectly capable of doing it myself. In fact, even if the comment were sexual (which is I understand is plausible since in context the question was whether I was objectifying myself) it’s even more reason for you–a THIRD PARTY–to STAY OUT OF IT.

      • kelsshels

        all right =/ i get that. he said it to you, not to me, in public space but the nature of the comment was private. socially weird thing for me to do to bring it up. when you say it like that it sounds shitty.

      • Nahida

        Indeed! Don’t make political points out of private things that haven’t concerned you.

    • Steve

      Oh, if we don’t get rid of Cain now we will be sexists.

      If we do get rid of Cain now we will be racists.

      We will get rid of Cain. We aren’t like the Left is with people like Julian Assange, Bill Clinton, and the many, many others the Left has come to the defense to over the years. If someone is truly revealed (not falsely accused) as sleazy as Cain seems to be we don’t want anything to do with him.

      And we really don’t care about being called racist either. The Left has called us that so much no one takes it as credible anymore. We are immune from that.

      So now as more specifics come out Cain is as good as gone. Clinton could (well actually did) survive something like this but not one of ours.

  46. Reruns!

    The best episode:

  47. Reruns!

    old episode:

  48. Steve

    Very important video.

  49. Steve

    I was listening to the end of Beck’s talk show today and he was talking about an experience he had with a friend of his. He described her as as a “tree hugger” type. Now why a tree hugger type would live in New York City I don’t know but he was describing her mentality rather than how much time she spends in the woods, so I think I kind of get the type he means though I don’t know if I would describe it quite like that. But yeah, I think I have an image of what she is like. He also said she was a Jew.

    Anyway, she was telling him that she loves New York but in recent weeks things are changing here Glenn.

    Yes, yes they are he replied.

    She asked him if he heard about the swastikas in the libraries there, he said he did. He then said, come move to Texas with me (me meaning same area not same House kelsshels, he wasn’t asking her to move in with him). Now you don’t wait and stay here too long.

    She started crying. He said, I am sorry. Her response, no, you are right Glenn.

    I am kind of getting a sense that things are changing too, Nahida. I am really getting to fear 2012. Not because of some Mayan prophecy or Nostradamus or whatever but just out of a sense that things are changing. I really fear that 2012 is going to be shaping out to be one evil year.

    Be careful Nahida. I see some real bad times ahead for all of us…

  50. Steve

    Glenn’s friend needs to get out of New York city now, but I don’t know if going to Texas will save her. I don’t know if anywhere is safe.

  51. Steve

    “The source of sexual inequality is the incorrect view that differences that are socially shaped are biologically dictated.”

    But they are. Sorry, the baby boom generation didn’t think so either. So they spent like a generation or so pretending it wasn’t true.

    Finally in the early 1990s TIME Magazine came out with a cover article saying Males and Females are born different. Now perhaps you would think the best response to that would be DUH, but after a whole generation or so of these people trying to prove otherwise, stating the obvious was quite a relief.

  52. kelsshels

    i think steve seriously needs to learn to read. his own reactionary biases blind him into thinking that even THAT sentence is denying biological differences.

    what do you expect from someone who reads conspiracies everywhere?

  53. kelsshels

    …dude, the sentence right before that one she says that the “individual is [not] subordinate to the natural” -___________-

    k done with steve here.

  54. Steve

    Don’t worry. In a hundred years or so “the Male” won’t even exist.

    Well I guess they are going to need to keep a few around for breeding purposes, but with cloning technology maybe not.

    A whole world with no males. Utopia accomplished.

  55. kelsshels

    You’re pathetic.

  56. Nahida

    That was pathetic. Why is it we can never say anything without some guy whining about how the male sex is (supposedly) in danger? I wonder how long that’s been happening.

    “Give us the vote.”

    Steve, you don’t believe in global warming, but you believe that men (who have always died in wars and of genetic diseases) are suddenly about to be wiped off the face of the earth?

    I don’t care if it’s true or not (well, if it were true, I would care) but stop using it to derail arguments.

    • Steve

      I am just just leaving it to an unfortunate coincidence that things started getting worse in the US when women got the vote.

      • Nahida

        Oh it did get worse.

        Damn it, now men are “divorced and ostracized.”

        Remember back in the good ole days when you could punch your wife in the face and remain a respectable gentleman?

      • Steve

        No, but I remember the days when you could rape a woman and still remain a respectable ex President.

      • kelsshels

        is that supposed to be WORSE?

      • Steve

        Nothing the Left does against women is wrong, don’t you know that. Rape them, leave them in a car to drown, whatever.

        Kelsshels, you are just plan Evil.

      • Nahida

        Of course it’s worse. When a man tells you it’s worse being a woman now than it was back then you’d better believe him.

      • Nahida

        OF COURSE it was wrong Steve! Feminists FUCKED UP. Neither of us are denying it, what’s your problem?

      • kelsshels

        mainstream feminism is shit.

        birth control was a cover for eugenics.

        maybe since assange, it’s a sign we’re getting a clue.

      • Nahida

        No, there will always be rape apologists in the movement like Naomi Wolf.

        We have to pluck them out.

        Although, the fact that even mainstream feminism attacked her is a good sign.

  57. Nahida

    I read that article from The Atlantic ages ago. All it does is bitch about how women have too much freedom now, and if they can go back to the way things used to be that would be great, please. I began reading it with such interest seeing the title and thought it would be a genuine work concerning men’s rights and the problems faced that are unique to men, but it was just a whinefest.

    • Steve

      The Atlantic is a Leftist news source, So when even the Left start reporting this stuff…

      • Nahida

        The Left can’t go two seconds without sucking up. The dumbasses think that the middle road is always the answer, even between moderate and extreme. They’re so open-minded their brains have become mush.

  58. Nahida

    How Men Want Me to Write

    This guy’s a rapist. But that doesn’t mean that ALL men are rapists. Let’s give all the good Not Rapists out there a cookie. Men have oppressed women since the beginning of time, but hey, they do good things too. Like build bridges and governments and stuff. Granted, we haven’t been allowed to use them… but I think a man also invented the heater or something, which keeps us warm while we’re trapped in their houses raising their children. Gosh, men are so good at inventing things! I guess women would be too, if we had their permission to go to college, but still. Let us take a moment to hymn their praises. I mean, even if we weren’t allowed to work or vote or have our own credit cards, that’s not ALL men, you know? Let’s not forget. And what about the men who go to war for us, and then accuse us of not deserving to vote because they didn’t let us into the army? I mean, at least they still FOUGHT for us, right?

    You can’t get anything done without some kind of painfully pathetic display of literary fluff.

  59. kelsshels

    insecurity. i’d say that it’s due to a mistrust of women, but someone’ll come along and be all like NO IT’S REALLY ABOUT THE RIGIDITY OF MASCULINITY. and he’d be all hurt the focus was only one women for once, and take it to mean you forgot about men.

    because hell, they forgot about us.

  60. Nahida

    The guy on Gaddhafi’s post? Nah, it was fair criticism that time.

  61. kelsshels

    i thought it was fair too, since after all the victim, the most important part, was being erased the way you wrote the post. but after all the bullshit i cant help being a hardass.

  62. Steve

    Here’s an interesting question. Why is it when you have your Leftist “Arab Springs…” it always leads to Rape.

    First in Egypt… then in Libya. And over at occupy…

  63. Nahida

    You know what’s a real issue? Alimony. Or that a wealthy woman can become impregnated with an 18 year old’s kid and HE still has to pay her more than he can afford.

    But MRAs don’t care about that. They’re too busy telling feminist bloggers that we deserve to be raped with chainsaws.

  64. Steve

    I bet the guy was a Leftist.

    We need to somehow destroy the Left yet they keep on getting more and more powerful.

  65. kelsshels

    yo steve, thanks to that passive aggressive comment of yours about things being so much better before 1920 (because if things are better for MEN who gives a damn if women are drugged abused and raped in their own homes right? yup, no real improvements since then, only the male experience and how men start babbling in hysterical tears over losing power over what was never theirs counts) Nahida is finally furious enough to see you’re a monster

    she wont be back.

  66. kelsshels

    (notice how she just took off, without telling you you should be raped and betrayed, no matter how atrocious you are? she’s a helluva lot better person than you, so good riddance)

  67. Steve

    You are truly evil Kelsshels.

    But then again you already knew that.

  68. kelsshels

    become it to conquer it, right? LOL no, thank you. the girl was practically in love with you, but she’s smart. i knew you would eventually say something that would make everything else add up and send her off. she didn’t care when you attacked her personally, she doesn’t give a damn about what happens to her, but ALL WOMEN? it was gold.

  69. kelsshels

    well, glad that’s over.

    wont be seeing you around. have a nice life.

  70. Scott

    Gosh you can almost hear her maniacal laughter can’t you.

    She’s mine now, all mine.

    If I was Nahida I would worry about this woman. She has some type of fixation on her.

    She seems like a Female version of “The Talented Mr. Ripley”.

    Gosh, if I was Nahida I would be concerned indeed. Get away from this lady before it’s too late!

  71. Steve

    Wow, I saw that movie and it really creepy.

    Now, I am pretty afraid for Nahida, I feel so stupid. Here I was going “there’s evil out there”, “there’s evil out there” forgetting all the time that evil isn’t always “out there”.

    Nahida has known that in a way I never will.

    All of Kelsshel’s talk about how Nahida was so, so much smarter than her. Well I just took that as well an acknowledgment of fact. There are few out there who are smarter than Nahida.

    But looking back on it now, no it’s more than Kelsshel liking Nahida or being impressed by Nahida. Kelsshel wants to BE NAHIDA.

    And all that talk about Nahida being hot coming from Kelsshel, I missed the signs there too.

    Scott, I am very, very afraid for Nahida right now. I am going to go on her blog to try to warn her.

  72. Debora

    Calm down, I know both these girls. Kelly wasn’t “taking” her, she just wanted to get her away from you. Kelly’s a good person, that’s why she let you know you weren’t being ignored that time you blew up for no reason.

    You are not good for her health, Steve, and I think you know it. Your conspiracy theories grow out of hand and your patronizing sexist remarks distress her. It’s a good thing she’s fed up at last.

  73. Steve

    Debora, I couldn’t care less about what Nahida thinks of me right now.

    Frankly I am freaking out about Nahida’s safety.

    Debora, please somehow get to Nahida and warn her about Kelsshel. She is really. really a very disturbed individual. I should have seen it before now. I will never forgive myself if I became aware of it too late.

    Have you seen Nahida today? She hasn’t gone missing has she?

  74. Steve

    How would you know if Kelly is a good person?

    I have met people who had met Ted Bundy and they all said he “seemed” like a good person.

    If you don’t know who Ted Bundy is Google him quickly and then go to where Nahida lives to check and see if she is okay.

    I am getting worried.

  75. Debora

    Steve, I’m WITH Nahida. We’re at a cafe and she’s having a cinnamon raisin bagel with herbed cream cheese. Good God.

    I’m going now, this is ridiculous.

  76. Debora

    (By the way, they’ve known each other since the age of FIVE and you’re a horrible judge of character.)

  77. Steve

    Nahida is okay for now.

    Thank God.

    Unless Debora IS Kelly and she is lying.

    Have Nahida come on line and post something “Nahida like”.

    Damn that wouldn’t even work because she might be doing it in distress but hopefully I could tell.

    I am still going be worried for quite a while until I can be more sure that Nahida really is safe.

  78. Scott

    She has been fixated on Nahida since she was FIVE?

    Wow, that’s even creeper than the movie!

    It’s true. Truth is Stranger than Fiction.

  79. Steve

    I don’t think I will be confident that Nahida is safe until I view her blog for the next few weeks.

    If she doesn’t post there, or if her posts suddenly sees a decline in quality then I am going to be extremely worried.

  80. Steve

    We only have Debora’s word that they knew each other since the age of five.

    But yeah, if Kelly has had this attraction/resentment thing with Nahida going on that long, since her childhood, that makes her all the more dangerous.

    God, I pray that it’s not too late and Nahida is okay.

  81. Steve

    “i always feel bad when you’re smart. which is like, all the time.”
    -kelsshels November 6, 2011 at 12:06 pm

    There it is, in plain sight. I should have realized it!


    Nahida, I am sorry I didn’t realize what was going on. Oh, God please let Nahida be okay.

  82. Nahida

    Steve, your hilarity is remarkable. (And Debora, stop paying attention to him. I didn’t want to come back!) I have exactly 18 pages to write, and I am not going to entertain this absurd theory; as deeply as I care about you, Steve, you’re infuriating to a degree that can’t be good for my blood pressure (even at this age) and I would additionally advise you not to learn about real life from watching horror movies. Debora is here, Kelly is here, and she’s not a serial killer.

    She is, however, a theatre major. And laughing her ass off. I’m sure she’ll continue to think it’s funny until she’s wrongfully arrested. For someone who’s paranoid about serious accusations, it seems you’re not above making them yourself.

  83. Scott

    So, was that Nahida, or Kelly posting AS Nahida?

    Kelly “Remember when we were children”. “Your dolls were always prettier than mine”.

    Nahida: “That’s not true”.

    Kelly: (dream like as if she was actually somewhere else): And whenever we walked into class together the boys they always looked at you, always Nahida, never Kelly.”

    Nahida: “That’s Crazy, what are you talking about, they looked at you too…”

    Kelly: “And who could blame them. You have such pretty hair, such pretty hair, Nahida and her hair, such pretty hair…” (Grabs over to reach it).

    Nahida; “Don’t”!

    Kelly (Getting agitated) “You have never had a problem with me touching your hair before”.

    Nahida: “Just Don’t”.

    Kelly: “What your hair is too good for me now. Pretty Nahida, Intelligent Nahida, Always the the center of attraction Everything not Nahida, everyONE not Nahida, worthless, like nothing”

    Nahida: “Kelly, If I ever made you feel that way I am deeply, deeply sorry, I would never intentionally…

    Kelly: “Then let me touch your hair. Pretty Nahida, Pretty Hair..”

    Nahida: “Please, we are friends, let’s talk about it I never knew…

    Kelly: WHY DIDN’T YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU? PRETTY NAHIDA … INTELLIGENT NAHIDA. MY NAHIDA Always the smartest one in the room. Always the center of attention AND YOU DIDN’T KNOW! I always feel bad when you’re smart. which is like, all the time. But you didn’t know?

    • Scott

      What makes that scene really creepy is remember the flashback to like when they were children and Kelly was like combing Nahida’s hair in front of the mirror. That seemed (probably was at that point) ever so innocent. And now how Kelly is angrily demanding to touch her hair. And they are at the VERY SAME MIRROR. Kelly is one sick dangerous lady yet Nahida never saw it coming.

      • Steve

        Please STOP PROVOKING HER.

        Nahada is a real person who Kelshels might have hurt or worse right now.

        I think that was Nahida who posted here. It seemed like her. But I am not completely sure and yes, I am really worried that Kelshels has harmed her.

        I won’t be totally sure that Nahida is okay until I see how here blog behaves for the next few weeks. Like I said I think that was Nahida today but the doubt still has me worried.

        And even if Kelshels hasn’t hurt her YET! Nahida is still in danger from her.

      • Debora

        Stop talking to yourself, Steve.

      • Nahida

        …Steve? Really. Is this a joke to you? Telling yourself to “stop provoking” under a different name (regarding something you made up entirely) so you can pretend to care?

        Thanks for confirming my initial disgust. I’m so sick of you now; whatever the hell was left of our interaction just lost any remaining bit of dignity.

  84. kelsshels

    damn, we should actually use that script

  85. Nahida

    I’m deeply offended Steve thinks I was popular in high school.

  86. Scott

    Nahida (or Kelly, whoever did the last Nahida post) no, Kelly isn’t a serial killer. A serial killer kills many people, but for Kelly it has always been only Nahida. It as always been only Nahida for Kelly.

  87. kelsshels

    were you? we werent close in high school. oooh remember that girl who talked about you behind your back EVERY DAY? and she thought you’d never hear.

  88. Nahida

    What an idiot. She talked about me to my friends and thought they wouldn’t tell me.

    Anyway, let Steve have his fun. I can’t be distracted any more; I need to finish this story.

    • Steve

      Just as long as when you are done with your story you get on that blog of yours and write something Nahida.

      Kelsshels might think that she has known you so long that she can become you if only on your blog, but deep down she knows she can’t. People will be able to tell the difference.

      So failure to see anything new on that blog will worry me Nahida (Please God let it really be Nahida who has been posting here today instead of Kelsshels pretending to be Nahida).

  89. steve

    Scott, please stop. You might be provoking Kelly.

    The two recent “Nahida” posts well it might be her, but Kelly has known her a long time so might be able to mimic a paragraph or so. And she might have some how gotten her password so I don’t know if that imagine thing that Nahida has on her posts can give us comfort.

    And actually there has been cases where Serial Killers have not actually gone after the object of their obsession but as transferred all their stuff to people who remind them of their object of obsession and like kill them because they look similar.

    Nahida (if that was you) have there been people on campus that kind of look like you go missing lately? You may think “you can tell a serial killer when you meet one” but I am serious. I have met many people who had known Ted Bundy and they told me you just can’t tell. One of these people was a woman who actually was researching a book on the killings and knew Bundy because they worked at a suicide hotline center together. (Yeah truth is stranger than fiction). So here she was working on this book researching these cases, and all along the murderer was someone who even occasionally she would get a ride home from work from.

    Her name is Ann Rule and the Book she finally wrote on the case she titled “The Stranger Beside Me”

    Perhaps the book you might someday write you might title “The Stranger I Grew Up With” (That is if you are still okay and that wasn’t Kelly Pretending to be you).

  90. Steve

    Police in Portland, Oregon, are investigating who was responsible for setting off an improvised incendiary device outside of the city’s World Trade Center building. Authorities are looking into a potential connection to Occupy Portland, as protestors are camping out in parks located just one block away from the scene of the crime.

  91. Steve

    Scott. Cain is guilty.

    There’s this local conservative talk show host in Iowa who said he acted inappropriately with his staff. I have followed this guy from 2008 and he doesn’t make things up.

    Now, I am seriously freaked out about Nahida. There was a “Nahida” who just posted who sounded just like kelsshels. I really don’t know what I can do about it. but yeah, this is Scary.

    I really don’t know if Debora is real either.

    SO Scott, yeah I believe you were indeed right about kelsshels. I should have seen it myself with her saying it hurts her when Nahida is smart, but I didn’t see it. Now I really don’t know what happened to Nahida, and that has me worried.

  92. Scott

    And many of the protesters have become more aggressive overall in
    recent days.

    The most serious incident was reported in downtown Portland last night
    — cops responded to calls of a Molotov cocktail being set off near
    the city’s World Trade Center. Authorities had received unconfirmed
    information a week earlier that people within the Occupy Portland
    encampment were constructing the crudely made bomb, which is normally
    fashioned from a glass bottle filled with gas and a soaked rag or
    cloth sticking out of the opening as a wick.

    At the site of the Occupy San Diego camp, street cart vendors were
    forced to close up shop Monday when protesters, angry that they
    stopped receiving free food, ransacked and vandalized the carts.

    The angry mob not only scrawled graffiti on the carts, they reportedly
    splattered them with blood and urine as well.

  93. Steve

    Right now I am more worried about Nahida.

    That kelsshels person is one evil person that is for sure. Just the way she conducted herself here.

    Perhaps I could sense it better than Nahida because well I have dealt with such evil people in my past. However even Nahida was beginning to sense it within her.

    What both of us failed to recognize is the danger she specifically posed to Nahida. Nahida of course didn’t recognize it. She was just too close to the situation. I should have recognized it though.

  94. Steve

    No Nahida today. Wow, this is getting very concerning.

  95. Scott

    What does evil look like?


    Our canvas is freedom
    Your blood is our paint […]

    Like a pig you consumed
    And like a pig you will roast […]

    And what you won’t share
    Will be ripped from your hands
    Your body destroyed
    The way fire lands
    Burning your homes
    The privilege you snake
    The payback beyond
    Anything you could take
    Naked you’ll be
    And full of regret
    And the way they were treated
    You’ll long to forget

  96. Scott

    The mayor of Richmond, Calif. plans to skip her city’s Veterans Day memorial events to attend an Occupy rally,

  97. Scott

    And to think they haven’t even warmed up yet!

    2 Deaths at Occupy!

  98. Steve

    Is this Article Nahida’s?

    I am not sure. It’s not one of her better work (if it is hers) and it quotes someone else quite extensively.

    Yeah, I am getting worried. BIG TIME!

  99. Steve

    “everything always ends up fantastic,”

    While I am sure this is indeed true, I don’t think Nahida would ever say that. She is much too modest to do so.

    It sound all to similar to “It hurts me when you are smart which is like all the time”.

    Someone that an outsider would say. Someone who is looking into the situation. Everything that Nahida does in the end ALWAYS turns out fantastic. Why does Nahida worry so much when whatever Nahida touches always turns to Gold?

    I have a big lump in my throat right now. I think Nahida might be dead.

    Wow, this has been quite the experience. Despite our differences in politics I always thought of Nahida as being a very great person. She was so strong and would always stand up for herself and those around her. At the same time she had an unusual compassion. And indeed she was very intelligent.

    Perhaps she was just too good for this world. There’s a reason why the good dies young.

    I hope this Kelshels person is caught and convicted.

    The real incredible thing is I know Nahida would have forgiven her. Perhaps in honor of Nahida I should forgive Kelshels and pray for her healing because she is obviously one disturbed individual. That is what no doubt Nahida would have done.

    But I am not Nahida. I hope Kelshels rots in hell.

  100. Debora

    Steve, cut it out. Seriously? Nahida’s sick. Naturally, she sounds a little insane, and doesn’t want to write a real post. Anyway, I’m assuming that line was supposed to be tongue-in-cheek.

    If you’re that worried, just write to her:

    I can’t tell if you’re faking it, but in case you’re not, she’s FINE.

  101. Steve

    Debora. I hope you aren’t Kelshels.

    I so hope you aren’t lying.

    That Kelshels. She’s evil.

    I am sure that everything in the end does turn out fantastic (in regards to school projects and Nahida completing them). At least that is something I found out when I was in college. But that’s not how one talks about themselves. Especially Nahida. She wouldn’t see that within herself. Even though she is successful.

    It sounds more like what someone who is attracted/jealous would say.

  102. Steve

    Actually the worrying is part of the process. It’s WHY things turn out to be fantastic in the end. It can never be used as an excuse for procrastination but some worrying is why the work ends up the quality it is.

    I am sure for someone like Kelshel it could get annoying. Here Nahida is worrying yet everything she ever does turns out great so why is she worrying? So yeah, especially with her inferiority complex I can see why Nahida’s worrying would just eat at Kelshel.

    But within the worrying is found motivation and it’s this motivation that ensures that everything turns out fantastic.

    So, yeah, it sounded more like something someone would say ABOUT her than something she would ever say herself.

    Debora, you aren’t Kelshels are you? I hope Nahida is just sick and will recover shortly. I will be praying for her.

  103. Debora

    So, yeah, it sounded more like something someone would say ABOUT her than something she would ever say herself.

    Sarcasm, Steve. She uses it as a defense mechanism. That’s how I knew it was tongue-in-cheek. She also has a post tagged “I am smarter than you.” I think it was about Muslim men derailing arguments by talking about how Christian women are supposedly more oppressed. Anyway, she’s often facetious about her own work.

  104. Brian

    What Muslims REALLY THINK of Americans.

  105. Scott

    The protesters are terrorists!

    Is Kelshels a terrorist?

  106. Scott

    The Left is even attacking little kids now.

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