Season 4 – Episode 18 – A Lease Too Far

Synopsis:Thorne’s triumphant eviction of the Mosque turns disastrous when his Anglican superior visits and wants to meet the Muslims. Meanwhile, Sarah sabotages Thorne’s attempts to recruit new tenants. And Amaar and Rayyan work together to save the Mosque with unexpected results.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

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What did you think of this episode? How does it compare to the previous episode? Are there any topics from the episode that you want to discuss?



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  1. AC

    Adorable episode! The last two minutes were worth waiting for. 🙂

  2. Rhiannon

    I completely agree, this episode was brilliant. It really says something about the quality of this show that even being not in any way Muslim or Canadian (I’m Catholic, British, and living in Denmark at the moment), I still love it! Haha.

  3. Janelle

    I LOVE this episode!
    Been waiting for Amaar and Rayyan to get together forever!
    It was the best, funniest, and most romantic episode so far!
    Highlights: Amaar and Rayyan together, Baber shaking the green foam hand at rev. thorne, and sarah’s “bug” scene..
    The only thing that worries me is that the writers did leave some implications that the show was over…
    There has to be a season 5!!!!

    • Anum

      There better be a season 5 I am thinking Yasir comes home from Lebenon, Rayyan and Ammar get married, Rayyan has a baby, there are soo many posibilities cant wait till season 5

      • Hank

        I don’t know if the actor who plays Yasir wants to still be on the show or if he is seeking out other acting opportunities.

        Here’s a question, although I don’t want to write Yasir out of the show, say because of the actor he has to be. In that case what would the best way to write Yasir out of the show?

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  5. Abbas Karimjee

    Everyone is invited to visit my blog at to find out the currnt status of the program’s future.


  6. Hank


    Is there any question that if they were I don’t know say white Mormons that they would have been kicked out of that church a long time ago.

    Reverse racism is still racism.

  7. Steve

    Is racism in and of itself wrong?

    Or is it okay to discriminate against certain people based on race or gender?

    I have been thinking about this a lot recently. We live in a very racist society but it is “okay” because now we discriminate against those who were favored in the past.

    How long do they get to be discriminated against?

    • Nahida

      No one today has been “favored in the past.” They weren’t alive to have been favored.

      There was a man who posted a discussion on a Facebook group. “Whites,” (this is EXACTLY what it said, I kid you not) “when are you going to apologize for slavery?”

      He was receiving are you kidding me?! types of reactions, and rightly so. Why should these people apologize? And why should they be apologizing to HIM? He was never a slave, and they were never slaveholders! That’s something between the ancestors of these two races. White people TODAY can be sorry it happened, but they can’t apologize for it, because they didn’t do anything for which to apologize.

      I can’t remember exactly what I said but I responded to him saying something along the lines of:
      “If the color of your skin really doesn’t matter then why should they apologize to you—what, because they happened to be born White and you happened to be born Black? You could’ve been born Chinese! You’re not the same people. This is only reverse racism. Why should anyone be responsible for something that happened before he or she was born? We’re only responsible for our present and our future. These are not the same people who kept slaves. You’re not the same person who was a slave. These are different people. They have… different souls.”

      Of course, he responded by saying I was racist.

      I had a point… Oh yeah, people alive today weren’t alive back then.

      As an afterthought, maybe he just didn’t know how to say what he was really meaning to say, since the problem is much more complex. But God, I hate idiots…

  8. Mariyah

    I have been very disappointed with this season. It seems that the emphasis is more on the Anglican minister than the subject of Muslim life. I will not be surprised if this series is canceled after this season. It is no longer interesting or educational, it is a soap opera patterned after the likes of the American Dramas. The comedy has left the house. I am no longer watching this after this episode or recommending it as dawah, it is getting into the negative and We see enough of this as people in a non muslim world do.

  9. Ned

    Is Western society ALREADY having a corroding effect on Islam?

    Check this out. (sorry for it being a little racy).

    Muslim Sex Shop Opens, and hasn’t been bombed yet.

    Muslims are really falling down on the job on this one. Why hasn’t Abdelaziz Aouragh been killed yet?

    • Nahida

      Because unlike whatever (demented) mentality you must come from, sex inside of marriage is perfectly normal in Islam. It isn’t shameful and is even encouraged.


  10. Mo

    Muslims have more babies than Christians!

    Muslims love Sex!

  11. Todd

    Well I guess if this happens then we won’t be able to say that Muslims haven’t made positive contributions to our society.

    Yeah, do us all a favor and follow through.

  12. Steve

    Racism in action:

    But it is racism against whites so I guess it’s okay.

  13. Steve

    Since the meaner Little Mosque on the Prairie didn’t work this year, I hope the show returned to the type of show we saw in season two and try to have more episodes like Wheat Week, the one about the sign, and the one where Layla really tears into that Tree guy.

    I believe that this show could indeed become more successful if it did have the courage to become politically incorrect.

    Get rid of Throne. Make more fun of the shemayor. Show Fred in a more humane light. It could be a quite funny show if instead of supporting political correctness, it challenges it by making fun of liberal white people.

    like this web blog does.

    They have shown Yasir’s mother but I would love to have an episode with Sarah’s Mother. I have a feeling that she are a liberal racist who of course pretends not to be a racist but the harder she pretends not to be a racist the more obvious her true racism is revealed to be. She says things she thinks shows her to be open minded but indeed when she says them it shows how racist she is.

    And Sarah’s Father is probably a quiet man kind of like Abner Kravitz from Bewitched.

  14. Grant

    Oh My God, you threatened to Kill the South Park Creators.


  15. Grant

    By the way, does the mayor of South Park remind you of the mayor in Mercy?

  16. Steve

    I think I would have more sympathy with the Muslims on this if they would kill people who disrespected Jesus (pbuh) as well.

    I realize he isn’t the the central figure of their religion, but they do consider him a figure worthy of respect in their religion.

    But instead they Break Jesus statues!

    Well the show did.

  17. Steve

    Why don’t you go after these people too?

  18. Steve

    He’s your religious figure too! If Christians have been neutered YOU need to stand up for Him!

  19. Steve

    I envy you Muslims. You know that the only way for religions to get respect in the world is the threat of violence.

    Christians somewhere along the line forgot that. They have bought into the lie that religions are supposed to be about peace. They have been neutered.

    The truth is the exact opposite. Sure Jesus (phub) was big on peace but He also taught through example that when G-d was being disrespected, violence was indeed called for.

    Here’s a story that you Muslims might not know and most modern Christians would like to ignore.

    It comes from our Bible.

    John 2:14-15

    In the temple He found those who were selling oxen and sheep and pigeons, and the money-changers sitting there. And making a whip of cords, He drove them all out of the temple, with the sheep and oxen. And he poured out the coins of the money-changers and overturned their tables.

    In other words – He Kicked their Butts for disrespecting religion, for disrespecting G-d!

    Too many Christians over emphasize the whole peace thing with Jesus (phuh). Sure He is known as the “Prince of Peace” but also this came from His very mouth.

    “I come not to bring peace, but to bring a sword” (Gospel of Matthew 10:34)

    Matthew 10:34 (King James Version)

    34 Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.

    He is not the barefoot hippie that so many in the Christian church have reduced Him too. He could get bad ass when called for, like how He attacked the moneychangers.

    Well, regardless, Christians have bought the lie about the whole religion must be about peace thing. That is why we are so disrespected and you Muslims who realize that religion must have an aspect of violence in the world aren’t! It is no doubt that we should be defending Jesus (pbuh) but since we can’t He is a figure in Islam too so you have a stake in this too. So perhaps you could pick up our slack!

  20. Steve

    Sorry, somehow I missed part 4

  21. Grant

    The true Islamophobes in the world aren’t those who insult Islam but those non Muslims who don’t.

    After all those non Muslims who don’t insult Islam do so out of fear for their lives and “phobe” means fear.

    So, here’s the best way to prove I am NOT an Islamophobe!

  22. Grant

    Every other religion seems to be allowed to be disrespected in the Western World.

    So my message to Muslims!

    Deal with it BITCH.

  23. Grant

    If I was an Islamophobe would I post this!

  24. Grant

    Mohammed as a Bear. Hah, Hah, Hah!

  25. Steve

    Matt Stone and Trey Parker has disrespected Jesus (pbuh) and Moses (pbuh) too.

    So, I have to say, that I am with you Muslims here.

    Wishing you the best of luck.

    Too bad we don’t have the guts you do!

    Perhaps you could go after Family Guy next.

  26. Steve

    Below is what Matt Stone and Trey Parker had on one of their South Park episodes.

    I am sorry but I am rooting for the Muslims on this one.

  27. Grant

    Bad ass, Steve, hah hah.

    Matt Stone and Trey Parker

  28. Grant

    Matt Stone and Trey Parker, they Kick Ass!

  29. Steve

    Too bad that the Pope doesn’t issue Fatwas.

    Like I said, on this one I have to root for the Muslims.

  30. Steve

    By the way can we get a couple of things straight here. Mohammed (pbuh) is NOT the Prophet of Love. He was a Warrior Prophet. Not saying that there is anything necessarily wrong with that. So was Moses (pbuh). Mohammed was all about conquering other peoples.

    And Islam doesn’t mean “peace” but “submit” as in submitting to the will of G-d. Nothing wrong with that either. In fact submitting to the will of G-d is a good thing. But lets not let misimpressions go uncorrected.

  31. Nahida

    “I think I would have more sympathy with the Muslims on this if they would kill people who disrespected Jesus (pbuh) as well.”

    /facepalm They’re not supposed to kill ANYONE. Some Muslims need to calm down.

    About the South Park episode–it actually didn’t offend me in its depiction of Muhammad (probably because it wasn’t even a “depiction”) as much as it did in its depiction of Jesus. The part about Jesus watching Internet porn shocked me. And it’s very difficult to shock me. I was miffed for the rest of the episode.

    And Grant, you’re not proving you aren’t an Islamophobe–you’re just proving you’re an ass.

    • Nahida

      “They’re not supposed to kill ANYONE.”

      For that reason, I mean.

    • Steve

      I agree with you regarding the South Park Episode. It is too bad that Christians aren’t strong enough to do something about the show. They really should kick the creators’ butts.

      But if they can’t because they have been wimpified then Muslims should. After all Jesus (pbuh) is considered a prophet in their religion too.

  32. Sue

    Can Islam survive Western Decadence. Or will it be eventually worn down by it like Christianity has been.

    Well check out this article and the answer may surprise you.

  33. Steve

    Yeah, Sue, Muslims need to call Fatwas out on those artists. That one painting on the site, who I guess was done Makan Emadi is repulsive. That artist shouldn’t get a moment’s sleep and live in constant fear.

  34. Nahida

    All the characters on this show are suffering from a dull sameness in comparison to themselves. Idiosyncrasy can only get so far before ceases to be charming and becomes boring. It’s resulting in only one or two episodes in an entire season being meaningful. The writers need to either make the characters that are there stronger or introduce a new one that will whip the rest into shape.

    Her name should be something pretty but strong. Like Jane. Jane sounds like what Rayyan used to be. And she can be Christian. This show is showing the good and bad side of Muslims, but the representations of the other faiths are falling unrealistically flat, to be kind.

  35. Bert

    This is why I don’t trust immigrants and nationalized citizens.

    The Stranger within my gate,
    He may be true or kind,
    But he does not talk my talk–
    I cannot feel his mind.
    I see the face and the eyes and the mouth,
    But not the soul behind.

    The men of my own stock,
    They may do ill or well,
    But they tell the lies I am wanted to,
    They are used to the lies I tell;
    And we do not need interpreters
    When we go to buy or sell.

    The Stranger within my gates,
    He may be evil or good,
    But I cannot tell what powers control–
    What reasons sway his mood;
    Nor when the Gods of his far-off land
    Shall repossess his blood.

    The men of my own stock,
    Bitter bad they may be,
    But, at least, they hear the things I hear,
    And see the things I see;
    And whatever I think of them and their likes
    They think of the likes of me.

    This was my father’s belief
    And this is also mine:
    Let the corn be all one sheaf–
    And the grapes be all one vine,
    Ere our children’s teeth are set on edge
    By bitter bread and wine.

    —Rudyard Kipling

  36. Bert

    I don’t have a problem with Muslims. It’s immigrants, it’s nationalized citizens, it’s hyphened Americans that I have a problem with.

    You never know where their loyalties lie at any given moment.

  37. Nahida

    Funny, I always read that poem as satire.

  38. Greg

    Not satire.

    Look, a certain amount of Xenophobia is natural and indeed necessary. It goes back to the caveman days. It is most likely in our genes.

    Back in the caveman days, if you saw a stranger, that stranger was most likely a threat. That stranger most likely was there to take your food, territory, women, etc.

    I believe the key line of the poem that applies here to so called hyphenated Americans is this.

    The Stranger within my gates,
    He may be evil or good,
    But I cannot tell what powers control–
    What reasons sway his mood;
    Nor when the Gods of his far-off land
    Shall repossess his blood.

    Now you can take Gods as meaning his religion, but I see it more figurative. Sure, like in this case it could be religion that makes him turn disloyal, or it could be politics, etc.

    The Stranger within my gate,
    He may be true or kind,
    But he does not talk my talk–
    I cannot feel his mind.
    I see the face and the eyes and the mouth,
    But not the soul behind.

    It is hard for people of one culture to be able to understand people of another, to “read them” and I not talking about only verbal language but also body language and more subtle stuff as well.

    The men of my own stock,
    Bitter bad they may be,
    But, at least, they hear the things I hear,
    And see the things I see;
    And whatever I think of them and their likes
    They think of the likes of me.

    I understand Americans. I know which Americans to hate and I know why they hate me. But foreigners well their problems that they might have in their far off lands due to their religion, or historical tribal disputes, whatever, don’t have a clue.

    Now you have people who were born in say Somalia or Pakistan, but who grew up here, return back to these countries to train to be terrorists against us. This poem is as relevant today as when Kipling wrote it – if not only more so.

  39. Steve

    Nahida, wasn’t Jane the name of Layla’s blond friend?

    I think the best thing this show could do would be to start making fun of white liberals like they did with the Sign episode, the Wheat Week episode, and the hippie “Tree” episode. I think given how rare that is on television, people would start turning in.

  40. Greg

    That Ethiopian grocery store downtown, perhaps that’s all it is, a grocery store. Or perhaps it is also a meeting place for terrorists.

    I don’t know. It’s hard to tell.

    By the way, I did hear from a friend of mine that on 9-11 he happened to be walking by an Ethiopian Grocery store and they were all happy about it.

  41. Greg

    Like that Pakistani Child in the New York school that pointed to the World Trade Buildings and told his teacher that those buildings wouldn’t be there next week (a week before 9-11).

    Perhaps, perhaps that was a coincidence. And perhaps too it was a coincidence that a lot of Pakistani kids at the school “just happened” to have cameras on 9-11. I just don’t know.

    The Stranger within my gate,
    He may be true or kind,
    But he does not talk my talk–
    I cannot feel his mind.
    I see the face and the eyes and the mouth,
    But not the soul behind.

    • Greg

      Please understand that this part of the poem isn’t saying that the stranger doesn’t have a mind or soul. It is saying that with a stranger one can’t read the soul or mind like one is able to do with someone of the same cultural experience.

  42. Greg

    Quite frankly it is time that we stop giving citizenship or even VISTAS to people from certain Muslim countries, especially Pakistan, Ethiopia, Lebanon, Somalia.

    Look at how our immigration and nationalization system was abused here.

    Shahzad’s path to American citizenship — he reportedly married an American woman, Huma Mian, in 2008 after spending a decade in the country on foreign student and employment visas — is a tried-and-true terror formula. Jihadists have been gaming the sham marriage racket with impunity for years. And immigration benefit fraud has provided invaluable cover and aid for U.S.-based Islamic plotters, including many other operatives planning attacks on New York City. As I’ve reported previously:

    – El Sayyid A. Nosair wed Karen Ann Mills Sweeney to avoid deportation for overstaying his visa. He acquired U.S. citizenship, allowing him to remain in the country, and was later convicted for conspiracy in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing that claimed six lives.

    – Ali Mohamed became an American citizen after marrying a woman he met on a plane trip from Egypt to New York. Recently divorced, Linda Lee Sanchez wed Mohamed in Reno, Nev., after a six-week “courtship.” Mohamed became a top aide to Osama bin Laden and was later convicted for his role in the 1998 United States embassy bombings in Africa that killed 12 Americans and more than 200 others.

    – Embassy bombing plotter Khalid Abu al Dahab obtained citizenship after marrying three different American women.

    – Embassy bombing plotter Wadih el Hage, Osama bin Laden’s personal secretary, married April Ray in 1985 and became a naturalized citizen in 1989. Ray knew of her husband’s employment with bin Laden, but like many of these women in bogus marriages, she pleaded ignorance about the nature of her husband’s work. El Hage, she says, was a sweet man, and bin Laden “was a great boss.”

    – Lebanon-born Chawki Youssef Hammoud, convicted in a Hezbollah cigarette-smuggling operation based out of Charlotte, N.C., married American citizen Jessica Fortune for a green card to remain in the country.

    – Hammoud’s brother, Mohammed Hammoud, married three different American women. After arriving in the United States on a counterfeit visa, being ordered deported and filing an appeal, he wed Sabina Edwards to gain a green card. Federal immigration officials refused to award him legal status after this first marriage was deemed bogus in 1994. Undaunted, he married Jessica Wedel in May 1997 and, while still wed to her, paid Angela Tsioumas (already married to someone else, too) to marry him in Detroit. The Tsioumas union netted Mohammed Hammoud temporary legal residence to operate the terror cash scam. He was later convicted on 16 counts that included providing material support to Hezbollah.

    – A total of eight Middle Eastern men who plotted to bomb New York landmarks in 1993 — Fadil Abdelgani, Amir Abdelgani, Siddig Ibrahim Siddig Ali, Tarig Elhassan, Abdo Mohammed Haggag, Fares Khallafalla, Mohammed Saleh, and Matarawy Mohammed Said Saleh — all obtained legal permanent residence by marrying American citizens.

    A year after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, homeland security officials cracked a massive illegal alien Middle Eastern marriage fraud ring in a sting dubbed “Operation Broken Vows.” Authorities were stunned by the scope of the operations, which stretched from Boston to South Carolina to California. But marriage fraud remains a treacherous path of least resistance. The waiting period for U.S. citizenship is cut by more than half for marriage visa beneficiaries. Sham marriage monitoring by backlogged homeland security investigators is practically nonexistent.

    As former federal immigration official Michael Cutler warned years ago: “Immigration benefit fraud is certainly one of the major ‘dots’ that was not connected prior to the attacks of September 11, 2001, and remains a ‘dot’ that is not really being addressed the way it needs to be in order to secure our nation against criminals and terrorists who understand how important it is for them to ‘game’ the system as a part of the embedding process.”

  43. Greg

    My Favorite line here is “sometimes you want to close your eyes”. “Sometimes you have to close your eyes when you don’t like what you are seeing.”

    That’s what political correctness is doing. It is making us blind to the obvious.

    Oh, this is satire, but with an important point.

  44. Greg

    I speak peace when peace is spoken, But I speak war when your hate is provoking, The season is open 24-7-365, Man up yo time to ride, No need to hide behind slogans of deceit, Claiming that you’re a religion of peace, We just don’t believe you, We can clearly see through, The madness that you’re feeding your people, Jihad the cry of your unholy war, Using the willing, the weak and poor, From birth drowning in propaganda, rhetoric and slander, All we can say is damn ya

    My forefathers fought and died for this here
    I’m stronger than your war of fear
    Are we clear?
    If you step in my hood
    It’s understood
    It’s open season

    I don’t need a faith that’s blind, Where death and hate bring me peace of mind, With views that are stuck deep in the seventh century, So much sand in your eyes to blind to see, The venom that you leaders preach, Is the path to your own destruction, Your own demise, You might say that I don’t understand but your disgust for me is what I realize, Surprise!
    Your homicidal ways has got the whole world watching, Whole world scoping, So if you bring it to my home base, Best believe it, The season’s open

    I see you, Hell yeah I see you, Motherfucker naw, I don’t wanna be you, If you come to my place, I’ll drop more than just some bass, Yo you’ll get a taste of a, Sick motherfucker from the Dirty, I ain’t worrying not a fucking bit, I’m telescoping like Hubble, Yo you in trouble, Yo on the double, I’m wild with mine, Bring that style with mine, Fuck with my family I’ll end your life, Just the way it is, Just the way it be, Do you understand? No matter if you’re woman or man, or child, My profile is crazy, That shit you do doesn’t amaze me, I’m ready to blaze thee

    I don’t give a damn what god you claim, I’ve seen the innocent that you’ve slain, On my streets you’re just fair game, Like a pig walk to your slaughter, The heat here is so much hotter, And my views won’t teeter totter or fluctuate, Step to me you just met your fate, And I’ll annihilate, With the skill of a Shogun assassin, Slicing and dicing precise with a passion, In any shape form or fashion, Bring it to my home, Welcome to the danger zone, Cause your attitude’s the reason, The triggers keep squeezing, The hunt is on and it’s open season

    It’s Open Season

  45. Everyone is invited to visit my blog at for an update for the word on the fifth season.

  46. Nahida

    Yay McGee is coming back.

  47. Steve

    Maybe the show could get off it’s anti Christian theme of last season and start making fun of liberals.

    If they did that they would be wildly successful. They should have more shows like the one about the hippie natural foods kid, the Wheat Week show, and the show about the town sign.

  48. Steve

    I was sad to hear that they were bringing back Rev Thorne for the first part of the season. I was kind of hoping they would go “Bobby in the Shower” with that one.

    (The reference “Bobby in the Shower” is a reference to the US television show “Dallas” in the 1980s where they killed off one of the main characters, Bobby Ewing, only to bring him back after a season because the entire previous season “was all a dream”.)

    I would have loved it if Rev Thorne never existed. It was just a bad dream on Amaar’s part.

  49. Steve

    I believe they should bring in Sarah’s mother. A racist liberal who the more she tries to prove that she isn’t a racist the more her true racism is revealed.

    I wonder how she treats Rayyan. Does she treat her like bric a brak?

    “I am so proud of my brown granddaughter. I tell all my friends how despite being a Muslim she still became a doctor.”

    -Sarah’s mother.

  50. Sue

    Sarah’s mother, although trying to be open minded about things (because she doesn’t want to be perceived as one of “those people who judge every Muslim to be a terrorist”), eventually thinks the reason Yasir is gone so much is that he is training to be a terrorist.

    Sarah’s mother ease dropping.

    Amaar on the phone to Yasir “Yes, all the plans are set on this side. It’s going to be a big blast. Yeah, it’s still secret. They won’t be expecting it.” (they are talking about a birthday party for Rayyan where Yasir is going to surprise her by being home but of course Sarah’s mom thinks they are talking about something else.)

    “Abner, Yasir is planning to bomb something”

  51. Steve

    Good idea.

    I still wish they would have an episode about a Gay parade coming to town.

    The mayor is all for it because it will bring money into town.

    But of course Thorne (since he is still going to be in the show for the first part) and Amaar are against it because they certainly don’t want to see a bunch of fags beating off on the main Mercy street, whipping each other, having sex on the street, etc. (think Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco and I guess they had a similar event in Toronto).

    Thorne and Amaar work together to defeat the major and stop the event. That shows that Muslims and Christians shouldn’t be enemies but allies in the culture war that the West is facing.

  52. Steve

    I mean defeat the mayor.

    And of course I still want Fatima to run for mayor and win because she is a black female Muslim (the hat trick of modern politics). Fred should support her because she is a small businesswoman.

    The mayor who only got elected because she was a woman (this was in the 1990s) loses her traditional support because all the people who voted for her because she was a woman now feel that they have to vote for Fatima (because she is also Black and Muslim). So she tries to “as she calls it “get the Hick vote” but she misunderstands them and what they are about so badly that she merely ends up insulting them. They vote for Fatima too since they hate the mayor so much.

  53. Steve

    Nahida, while I am certainly no fan of Thorne, I don’t really like McGee either.

    Giving the devil it’s due Thorne has been able to breathe new life into what was a dying congregation. He has been successful in that while McGee on the other hand seemed to be a total failure in that regard.

    McGee seemed to be burned out. Quite honestly I don’t even think he believed in God anymore but since his career was being a Reverend he felt he had nowhere else to go.

    When he does come back I hope he brings a wife with him. I have always wondered if McGee was really gay. Perhaps not a practicing gay but someone with gay tendencies that he has always repressed.

  54. Steve

    Tree comes in with fliers to post regarding the “Mercy Street Parade”.

    Fatima goes “These posters are filthy” I will not post them.”.

    Tree “Are you a racist”? (of course racism is supposed to be prejudice against someone’s race but now the term seems to be used for religion, homosexuals, etc.”)

    Amaar is reluctant but he unites with Thorne and stops the parade. In the episode it reveals the hypocrisy of the mayor and how really Muslims and Christians should unite together to fight their common foe – people like Tree!

  55. Steve

    Perhaps this could be the first episode with McGee who is part of the parade.

    Shows sometimes have it where friend becomes foe and foe becomes friend. The show could start portraying Thorne in a more positive light getting the audience to start rooting for him and start hating McGee.

  56. Alex

    Here’s a good storyline.

    Tree’s store starts selling medical marijuana.

    (Is that legal in Canada?)

  57. Nahida

    Steve, that’s not a political standing, it’s a *personality type.*

    Why do so many Conservative believe that all Liberals are closet racists? I just got back here from Debbie Schlussel insisting that the Miss USA winner only won the pageant because the it was rigged by the Left so that a terrorist would win. I’m not even kidding. Schlussel actually accused this girl of being a terrorist. Because she’s Lebanese. Half her family is Christian!

    And it’s a beauty pageant. I’m sure terrorists have better things to take over.

    I’m sure there are closet racists in the Left, but there are definitely open ones on the Right.

  58. Alex

    “Why do so many Conservative believe that all Liberals are closet racists?”

    Because they are.

    • Lily

      Just thought I’d put some balance to Steve’s humor:

      Last night my sons and I broke into tears when we the saw the winner of the Miss USA pageant. My precious boy Hunter, with tears streaming down his face, said, “Why are we letting Muslim freedom haters take over good Christian TV?” I had to explain in America that you are free to be whatever religion you want to, even if it is wrong and you go to hell for it.

      It looks like the Muslims are taking over Hollywood and television in their attempt to infiltrate our great nation. I try to watch the Miss USA pageant every year so that my boys can learn what to look for in a good American woman. Boy, were we surprised. The pageant has been going downhill over the years, with all the different colors mixing together. Now, I’m not racist, but what happened to all the blond haired blue eyed respectable Christian ladies in bikinis? As my other son Scout pointed out, “I bet they don’t even check the other people’s paperwork to make sure they are legals. Border jumpers are probably trying to steal away Miss America just like they are doing with our jobs. Who would ever want to be Miss Mexican?” He is very bright for his age. But it wasn’t the illegal Mexicans that we had to worry about this year. It was the Muslims, and they aren’t even being subtle about it!

      The winner of the pageant was named Rima Fakih. What!? Have we all gone crazy? That’s not even an American name! That’s not even a black person’s name. It is obviously a Muslim name. Now they are trying to play up her back story like she is an American (like we can’t see what she looks like). So what if she was born here, just look at her name. She obviously hates America, if she didn’t she would have changed her name to Jane or Sarah. They are claiming that she grew up in Michigan and sold her Ford to enter the pageant. Right, someone from Michigan selling a Ford! No true American from Michigan would ever sell their Ford. What did she do, go buy a Honda, or some dang hybrid? Oh, and they claimed because she wanted to go out for pizza after the pageant, that makes her American. Hello! Pizza is Italian! Italy is part of the socialist European union, how is that at all American? Who are these people writing this stuff!

      Now the plot only gets more sinister. She is Lebanese. And as far as I understand, that’s the liberal “politically correct” way of saying lesbian. So the gay agenda has teamed up with the Muslim agenda. This is a scary time for America, as the people who hate our Christian American freedom are teaming up to destroy us. When they are done, we will all be gay and brown.

      What is scarier than a gay Muslim Miss America? The fact that during the pageant they played advertisements for the new movie “Prince of Persia”. My son Hunter turned to me during that commercial and asked, “Where is Persia?” I promptly told him it was made up place, or somewhere near Las Vegas, because of all the sand in the movie ad. Boy, was I wrong. My son fired up America Online and found the real answer. Apparently, Persia is Iran! Those sneaky Muslims. They are trying to get young people to watch a movie about a Muslim hero. And a gay one at that. Why else would he be called Prince? Prince in American means gay. Just listen to Purple Rain. The movie has hunky Jake Gyllenhaal parading around showing off his sexy chest, but there is no beautiful blond-haired ample breasted leading woman. It’s just some Persian woman. What are my kids supposed to do, stare at sexy Jake Gyllenhaal during the whole movie? The Muslims are trying to turn my children gay!

      The gays and Muslims have teamed up and are now controlling Hollywood and good Christian television. We need to stand up and fight against the people who hate freedom and straight people!

      • Steve

        They tried to go that route. Their Christmas episode was Amaar literally knocking out Thorne. They took a Jesus statue and broke it into pieces.

        So, now they have been very aggressive against Christians in their humor and yet it has done nothing for their ratings.

        There’s a real lack of humor directed against Liberals. A real pent up demand. The show has tried everything else. It’s time they try something that works!

      • Debora

        Lily, you think you’re joking? Cute.

        They actually say things like that. Steve’s malicious attack on Nahida was a riot. They should put something like THAT on the show. After Raayan speaks out against private insurance seeing how it treats her patients, some right-wing nutjob tells her she should be raped–then she’ll understand how ungrateful she’s been!

        Good satire, though, thanks for the article.

      • Fatima

        You’re right, it’s too true to be funny. That’s why people laugh when you make fun of Liberals. They know it’s an exaggeration. When you make fun of Conservatives they’re scared shitless. The actor reminds them of the guy on the news who actually does believe Obama’s a terrorist because he has a Muslim sounding name.

      • Steve

        The way I would do humor wouldn’t be anti Islam or anti Minority. It would in fact be making fun of mostly white people. Like why do white people seem to have this fetish over Sea Salt? I mean what’s up with that!

        It’s not like they even actually use the sea salt on their food. They just buy it and it sits on the shelf for years. But don’t try to get them to throw away the sea salt.

      • Lily

        @Debora, No probs. I had a question for Nahida, but it occurred to me she’s probably still gone and just came to comment once, so I’m sending it to her (and the article too). Peace out.

      • Steve

        The few funny shows that this show has had was when they went after liberals.

        I will never forget that whole Mercy Sign episode. It was humor at it’s best. IF they could have had more shows like that they could have done much, much better in the ratings.

        As it is, next year will probably be its last season.

      • Steve

        I think a great episode would be if the Mayor made it a regulation that all businesses, schools, etc had to provide Asian Toilets. She does so in an attempt to win over the Muslim population but of course the Muslims didn’t ask it, didn’t want it. They are as Canadian as anyone else and as everyone else in the town are just as offended, especially Fatima who as a Small Business owner has to undertake this costly requirement from her own pocket or face closure. Every Business in Mercy has that problem but of course it really hurts small business owners like Fatima who has been struggling due to the recession already.

      • Fatima

        I want to show any Muslims here Steve’s latest comment!

        I feel the same way about Muslims that you feel about men.

        To which I responded:

        Are you fucking serious? This guy is comparing Islamophobia to the historical rape as means of ethnic cleansing, second-class citizen treatment, Bosnia/Rwanda/Holocaust and general slaughtering women’s bodies after raping and EXPERIMENTING on them?

        I will not be asking Nahida to ban him, since she can ban whoever she wants, but Steve (and this is why I brought this here, I don’t want a fight to break out on her productive site) did you read the side panel of her blog? It says

        This is FEMINIST territory.

        No nice guys allowed. No MRAs or PDDs either.

        And you are a PDD (Privilege Denying Dude). You are not welcome. You have no motive to keep coming back .

      • Fatima,

        Thank you for not derailing in my comments section. I am sorry he has caused you distress. I haven’t forgiven him for anything he’s said to me–mostly because he isn’t sorry–and consequently haven’t personally replied to any of his comments, but I should have recognized that his behavior is problematic to others on the site.

        Steve, until you drastically change your prissy and patronizing crap, you are banned from the site. You are free to view the site, but none of your comments will be published, including those that are otherwise acceptable in regards to the comments policy.

        One month.

      • Jasmine

        And for anyone who thinks Fatima’s reply is outdated, I want to show you a comment Nahida got in the moderation queue!

        If they didn’t dress like that they would’nt get raped! God women are retarded . They cannot work as well as a man, and if we could have offspring we would STILL DO IT BETTER. You feminazis are all worthless bitches. Go find yourselves a good man. Nahida, I don’t see why you don’t just do that and let him teach you a thing or two, since you are surprisingly attractive for a feminazi. Wouldn’t mind seeing your hot self on the slutwalk. Why dont you stop worrying your pretty self about these things? A woman like you can live the feminazi dream and have a man do everything for you you worthless bitch. of course your womb makes you too stupid to realize this.

        Fear of Muslims? Not. Even. Comparable.

      • Debora

        LOL@ “Nahida’s womb”

        I think that was a very interesting comment, Jasmine. It reveals something very amusing about sexist men: that they believe a “feminist” is someone who “won’t have sex with me.” They used to have power when the world believed that the majority of feminists were conventionally unattractive. And then there was lipstick feminism, stiletto feminism, sex-postive feminine feminism that gave rise to or inspired a generation of pretty feminists. And it made them angry. They’ve been known to troll feminist sites that share positive female sexual experiences with men who are not them–men who are not misogynists and sometimes men who are even feminists, bitterly calling the writers whores and sluts.

        They’re obsessed with the novel idea of the beautiful, unobtainable feminist. It was so much easier before, when you could make jokes about how feminists are bitter old hags who can’t get laid.

        Perhaps lipstick feminism isn’t an entire failure after all. I don’t know if this is worth the backfiring that caused women to become brainwashed into believing they can only find empowerment in sex, but it certainly is interesting.

  59. Steve

    Rima Fakih’s Cousin, Mahmoud Fakih Was “Martyr” for Amal/Hezbollah.

    So, Debbie seems to be correct here.

  60. Steve

    Well, here’s the list of some of Miss Michigan USA’s close relatives and cousins and who they are:

    * Ali Fakih, top official of Hezbollah;

    * Haidar Fakih, top official of Hezbollah;

    * Alhaj Mahmoud Fakih (pictured above), a high profile military leader/commander with Amal, who was killed by the Israeli Defense Forces when he tried to foment numerous terrorist attacks on them.

    * Osman Abd Alnabi Fakih from Maidoun in the Bakaa Valley, Lebanon–Hezbollah/Amal terrorist killed by Israel, after he tried to attack it.

    * Ibrahim Mohamed Fakih from Altairy, Lebanon–Hezbollah/Amal terrorist killed by Israel, after he tried to attack it.

    * Ali Said Fakih from Kafra, Lebanon–Hezbollah/Amal terrorist killed by Israel, after he tried to attack it.

    * Yousef Ali Fakih from Barish, Lebanon–Hezbollah/Amal terrorist killed by Israel, after he tried to attack it.

  61. Nick

    Oh, great, the new Miss USA is a naturalized citizen who is related to terrorists!

  62. Nahida

    Steve, can you please explain to me what her cousin has to do with whether or not she supports terrorism?

    Come to think of it… isn’t Schlussel German? She sounds like she’d be German.


    I wonder if Schlussel knows about the cousins of all the previous winners.

    On top of that, what you gave me was a list of people who have the same last name. For all I’m concerned, that could just be a list of people with the same last name.

    She’s jealous because Rima Fakih looks like Kim Kardashian (whom I actually think isn’t the prettiest woman on earth), and she looks like she was dropped down a well. Why else would she also have talked about how fat people shouldn’t be considered beautiful? She’s got like 5 double chins. (I totally have the right to do this based on the stuff she’s said about other people’s appearances. SHE wants to play this game.)

    • Steve

      Miss Michigan USA, Rimah Fakih is a Muslim activist and propagandist extraordinaire. She recently participated, using the Miss Michigan USA name to promote Islamic subjugation of women, in a Henry Ford Community College’s tax-funded forum promoting Islam, featuring many Shi’ite extremists. One of the prominent participants on-stage with Fakih was Najah Bazzy, the Islamic Nurse Ratched who was apparently involved in Medicaid fraud at Oakwood Hospital, helping thousands of pregnant Muslim alien women use fake social security numbers to pay for the delivery of their babies, and enabling instant anchorbabyhood.

  63. Nahida

    Schlussel’s claimed there’s affirmative action involving Muslim women in beauty pageants.

    That must be why we win them all the time.

    You know, I’d always wondered.

    • Steve

      She claimed that Rima Fakih won THIS beauty pageant as a nod to political correctness.

      I believe that analysis is correct.

      Lately it’s been “cool” to be Muslim.

      Here’s what Michelle Malkin has to say about this.

      Unfortunately the Miss USA pageant is very political on the left side. Of course I also think that beautify pageants in general are a dying remnant of a previous time and at for at least this tradition I say the sooner it fades away the better (I am usually in favor of preserving traditions).

  64. Nahida

    If half her family is Christian and the other half is terrorists, I wonder if that makes her a half-terrorist.

  65. Nahida

    Birth control….Why was she even ASKED about birth control?

    “Imagine if those words came out of the mouth of Carrie Prejean…”

    I wouldn’t care if they came out of the mouth of Carrie Prejean. Why do they ask these women these questions as if they have anything to do with the competition? I’m sure plenty of them are smart, but can we stop pretending that that’s why they’re there?

    This is why Schlussel has such ample opportunity to further express her craziness. Since when was it “cool” to be Muslim? Some of my friends who are hijabis still get dirty looks when they walk to Walgreens. In *California*!

    If pageants weren’t political, there would be a million other ways they would be inaccurate, and a million other ways they can be twisted to be made political or whatever they need to be.

  66. Craig

    Here is why we in America do not like nor trust Imams!

  67. Nahida

    Awwwe, look at you Craig, speaking for all of America. How adorable!

  68. Steve

    It is also the reason why people don’t like immigrants (though I guess in his case he was born in America).

    Like that poem says…

    The Stranger within my gates,
    He may be evil or good,
    But I cannot tell what powers control–
    What reasons sway his mood;
    Nor when the Gods of his far-off land
    Shall repossess his blood.

  69. Jake

    Don’t Muslims have any respect for decency?

  70. Jake

    This is beyond offensive!

  71. Steve

    Here’s a good episode of LMOTP to have.

    After a member of Thorne’s church accidentally kills a Muslim in a traffic accident, Thorne decides that the location of the accident would be a good place for a Christian shrine.

  72. Nahida

    After a member of Thorne’s church accidentally kills a Muslim in a traffic accident, Thorne decides that the location of the accident would be a good place for a Christian shrine.

    They would probably be outraged, and they would be WRONG to be outraged, just like everyone is WRONG to be outraged about building the mosque. Religion is COMPLETELY irrelevant. 9/11 didn’t happen because there were Muslims, it happened because there were terrorists.

    Am I the only one who understands this? If it happened the other way around I wouldn’t be offended either, unless the Christians gave me a reason to be offended–like if they were blatantly hostile about it or something.

    But no one’s offended because Muslims that will be going to the mosque have a superiority complex–they’re only offended as soon as they hear about it.

    What would be offensive is if terrorists decided to open a fast food restaurant at the site. Or any building at all. It’s who, and not what.

  73. Steve

    So, what do you think about this…–mother-stabbed-daughter-in-honour-crime-police?bn=1

    It seems like a very common happening in Canada these days, yet this show doesn’t even talk about it.

  74. Nahida

    … I fail to see how this is relevant.

    “They are an “ancient practice” in a number of countries tied more so to culture than religion.”

    Look, the article agrees with me.

  75. Steve

    So yeah, I don’t hate Islam. I hate people who come from Muslim Countries.

  76. Nahida

    Hey, my mom comes from a Muslim country. That’s still too general.

    And I must add something! I kept meaning to do this ages ago and kept forgetting.

    This is about adultery in which the woman is accused and found guilty, which came up in a previous episode.

    I said before that she was to be put to death. I never specified where it says this and I should have, (I’m very annoyed at myself for not doing it) because it’s not in the Qur’an–it’s in a Hadith, which is important; that makes it highly debatable as to whether or not the Hadith is valid, though most people have accepted it as a valid Hadith. The Qur’an actually gives this punishment:

    “And as for those who are guilty of an indecency from among your women, call to witnesses against them four (witnesses) from among you; then if they bear witness confine them to the houses until death takes them away or Allah opens someway for them.” (4:15, Quran)

    She isn’t put to death. She’s imprisoned for life.

    And if anyone dare accuse her wrongly–

    “And those who accuse chaste women then do not bring four witnesses, flog them, (giving) eighty stripes, and do not admit any evidence from them ever; and these it is that are the transgressors” (24:4. Quran)”

    he is punished with 80 stripes for his perjury, and never trusted for his witness again.

  77. Nahida

    Also, notice that it says YOUR women. This punishment for adultery does not apply to non-Muslim women who are living in a Muslim state, because they have not agreed to an Islamic social contract until conversion, if they choose to convert.

    Nothing is more annoying than when Muslims try to force the Shariah on people who aren’t even Muslim.

  78. Steve

    What do you think of this article, Nahida?

    Hardly pro-American sentiment coming from the Muslim community here, is it?

  79. Nahida

    Would pro-American sentiment be reported? I don’t see any value at all in whatever it may be you’re trying to prove.

    But I’ll tell you what I think anyway.

    That man, assuming he told the truth, did the right thing. The enemies are not outlined by religion or countries but by lies and violence.

    “Muslim people don’t believe these kids did anything,” he said. “And they are never going to believe it. They don’t want to believe it.”

    Well, get over it. (Again, assuming he was telling the truth.) You can’t just pretend things didn’t happen. It’s so frustrating when parents remain convinced that their children are angels. The soldiers who would have died were someone’s sons too. They were someone’s sons who were protecting us. All of us.

    Who can blame non-Muslim Americans for having an “us versus them” mentality when Muslim Americans have them too? I have no idea which is the mirror and which is the reflection but it has to stop somewhere, and I’m glad this man has told the truth (again, assuming he did tell it–I can’t randomly conclude things without details and I’m certainly no qualified judge.) American soldiers fight for Muslim Americans as much as any other Americans.

    The article mentioned that Muslim Americans don’t feel that this is true. I can understand this as well. But there’s no need to go out and ask for it. Especially with violence. What are you left with then? How are you right? You’ve only earned the hostility you felt before that you didn’t deserve. Are you “even” now? We’ll never be “even” because we’ll all just keep adding to each other’s confirmation biases.

  80. Steve

    Thank you Nahida.

    Whenever I think that the whole Muslim community in America is bad, I turn to you and find out that there are still some good patriotic Muslims out there in America.

  81. Nahida

    There are quite a few who would have taken his side–there’s just no reason for them to be news.

    Besides, it’s not just patriotism for the country.

    Any Muslim who would encourage a man to commit perjury, or to remain silent when someone is wrongfully in danger or distress, is committing a treason to his or her own religion.

    He or she is actively consenting to the sentence of innocent persons.

    He or she is contributing to the corruption of a fair system of justice.

    He or she is committing a crime against humanity.

    Truth is a universal standard. And any culture who in any action does not recognize truth as a universal standard–whether it be an action of a foreign culture or one of American culture–is wrong. To have lied would be unIslamic and unAmerican.

    When non-Muslim Americans do it they are wrong, and when Muslim Americans do it they are wrong. Both are betraying the standards set by their countries and the standards set by their morals.

  82. Steve

    Many of us are concern about how deeply the Muslim community in the US might be helping the terrorists, if not directly than indirectly.

    If you think that it’s unfair for us to be concerned well, I remember 9-11 and the story about how at least a certain group of Muslims knew it was going to happen beforehand.

    Actually we need to be more specific. Usually the offending group comes from not only a Muslim background but are recent immigrants as well. So our real concern needs to be not with all American Muslims but only the immigrant Muslims to America.

    I can’t ever forget this story:

  83. Steve

    And now you have Arab-American students mocking 9-11. And you wonder why we might question loyalties?

  84. Nahida

    I’ve seen that story. The article is poorly written.

    Here’s the thing Steve, while I recognize the possibility, I don’t think they’re mocking it.

    First of all, it’s clearly an EAGLE flying into the buildings. Why would it be an eagle if they really meant it the way everyone is interpreting it? That’s a symbol of the United States.

    The towers are still up on the shirt. And it clearly says “You can’t bring us down.”

    If this shirt was worn by students of any other ethnicity, wouldn’t you question the meaning itself?

    • Nahida

      And because of that possibility, if it were worn by a student of any other ethnicity, people would immediately take the interpretation I’m offering, and it would be deemed politically incorrect.

      I genuinely wonder if these Arab American students were using their own “immunity card” (you can’t be as quick to accuse someone of being racist against their own race) to make a pro-American statement.

      • Nahida

        Hold on…I forgot that that was their mascot. But it still doesn’t change the message with the towers that are still up and the writing says “You can’t bring us DOWN.”

        Geez if you’re going to make a controversial shirt at least don’t contradict yourself.

  85. Steve

    Here they call her a witch.

    Yes, I know that’s what she was in the movie (or was she a wizard or a sorcerer?) but don’t you bet they loved it when they could use such a quote. Proving how anti female the culture is.

  86. Nahida

    Awwwe, I love Harry Potter.

    I don’t see why you feel the need to “prove” anything. No one’s going to claim these people aren’t messed up.

    And good for her! They belong in jail!

  87. Nahida

    I’d also like to add, that this culture is anti female as well.

    There may be huge differences, but anti female is anti female.

    I am unforgiving after how the media delivered on Hilary Clinton.

  88. I’m going to copy and paste something on here that I’ve written in my own journal:

    Women’s tongues are like lambs’ tails–they are never still. –English

    The North Sea will sooner be found wanting in water than a woman at a loss for words. –Jutlandic

    The woman with active hands and feet, marry her, but the woman with overactive mouth, leave well alone. –Moari

    When both husband and wife wear pants it is not difficult to tell them apart–he is the one who is listening. –American

    Nothing is so unnatural as a talkative man or a quiet woman. –Scottish

    When there are women and geese there’s noise. –Japanese

    The tongue is the sword of a woman and she never lets it become rusty. –Chinese

    From a chapter in a book:

    “Despite the widespread belief that women talk more than men, most of the available evidence suggests just the opposite. When women and men are together, it is the men who talk most. Two Canadian researchers, Deborah James and Janice Drakich, reviewed sixty-three studies which examined the amount of talk used by American women and men in different contexts. Women talked more than men in only two studies.”

    I’m going to skip some paragraphs (out of the book) here to get to my point:

    “Even when they hold influential positions, women sometimes find it hard to contribute as much as men to a discussion. A British company appointed four women and four men to the eight most highly paid management positions. The managing director commented that the men often patronized the women and tended to dominate meetings:

    “I had a meeting with a [female] sales manager and three of my [male] directors once… it took about two hours. She only spoke once and one of my fellow directors cut across her and said ‘What Anne is trying to say Roger is…’ and I think that about sums it up. He knew better than Anne what she was trying to say, and she never got anything said.

    “There is abundant evidence that this pattern starts early. Many researchers have compared the relative amounts that girls and boys contribute to classroom talk. In a wide range of communities, from kindergarten through primary, secondary and tertiary education, the same pattern recurs–males dominate the classroom talk. So on this evidence we must conclude that the stereotype of the garrulous woman reflects sexist prejudice rather than objective reality.”

    The chapter is “Myth 6: Women Talk Too Much” by Janet Holmes in the book Language Myths” edited by Laurie Bauer and Peter Trudgill. (I recommend everyone read it. Every chapter is fascinating.)

    I’m sure you’ve gotten most of my point here. Firstly, a large portion of me genuinely believes that a woman never ceasing to win arguments when she is in a relationship with man is greatly exaggerated. There are times when the media controls its viewers, times when viewers control the media, and times (most often) when it is a sick combination or a never-ending cycle (that which-came-first-the-chicken-or-the-egg dilemma.) I feel that this is one of those things. Men feel they don’t win enough arguments because we still live in a very sexist world and even if a woman won less than half the arguments it may be seen as too much, and so the media (oftentimes in sitcoms) written by men displays an exaggerated version of women always winning arguments. Or, men see on television that men never win arguments, and then they begin to believe that it is true in their own personal lives. Until there’s research on this as well–and even then!–we can’t possibly be sure.

    When I was in elementary school I was speaking to a classmate. I raised my voice a degree so that she could hear me, because the boys next to me were much louder. The teacher motioned for me to speak more softly, even though the boys nearby were nearly shouting at each other as though they were outside on a field.

    I began noticing in higher grades that there weren’t nearly as many boys in the classes I took which were advanced than there were girls. Around the end of high school I was officially informed that there were less boys in college than girls. It felt, for a split second, like a small victory. And then I began to find it disturbing. I was sympathizing with the boys. I still find it disturbing, but I no longer have any sympathy. The truth is that both sexes have their disadvantages, and whatever excuse can be found for why boys aren’t in college is not good enough.

    Especially since despite the fact that there are less of them in college compared to girls, they still make more money in the workplace doing the same jobs less efficiently.

    The most commonly given explanation for why women make less is that they have the possibility of becoming pregnant and therefore needing to take time off. This is ridiculous on it’s own, because a man has the possibility of having his arm ripped off and therefore needing to take time off. They say it’s less likely–but is it? A woman can prevent pregnancy, a man can work in dangerous situations. When comparing the individual likeliness of millions is so improbable, making a complete generalization is nothing less than irrational. Out of the thousands of possibilities that could prevent a person from working, women seem to have one more, and that’s enough for considerably lower wages.

    Besides, a study has found that the possibility of pregnancy is only an excuse and not even the true reason women make less money. It’s an interesting study, because for the first time gender is not a constant of the study, and that takes out a lot of factors that could interfere with the results. The study deals with transgendered people, who one day unexpectedly change sexes before the work day. Men who became women made 32% less after the sex change while still keeping either the same jobs or a different job with the same requirements and position. In one case, a woman in a law firm who became a man was warmly welcomed by another lawyer who mistakenly believed Susan had been fired and replaced. He said Susan had been incompetent, and the new guy (now she was Thomas) was “just delightful.”

    They’re the same person.

    Something needs to be done about there being less boys in college, but I’m not enthusiastic about it.

  89. Steve

    Nahida what do you think the mission of NASA should be?

  90. NASA is funded by the government. Were they privatized, there would be reason to be outraged.

    • Steve

      It is because NASA is funded by the government there’s a reason to be outraged.

      It it was some private company then the market would punish them from changing their focus. And tax payers would not be.

      This is our tax money being abused here.

  91. To be honest, I really do believe that their goal should be first and foremost scientific advancements (while remaining on ethical grounds of course, or else said advancements would be counterproductive) and involve no social purposes.

    But objectively, there’s no reason to complain if it’s government funded, and besides that, it’s happened before. I wasn’t alive to see if people had problems when we were racing the Russians–but I bet they didn’t.

  92. Steve

    Actually it’s quite the opposite. If they were a private group who originally were about scientific advancements in space and over the years turned into this left-wing social group then while of course I should acknowledge that hey NASA isn’t really about exploring space anymore, in the end how the group is spending the money it has earned from donors or past patents or whatever is their business.

    But since it is government money being used on this social crap instead of the pure space science that NASA was developed to engage in then all of America should be outraged.

    I am particularity disappointed because I have to admit when Charles F. Bolden, Jr. was appointed NASA Administrator in the back of my mind I thought “Affirmative Action Hire” but then I read some good comments about him so I hoped he was qualified.

    But now my fears have been confirmed. He is just a political hack who isn’t qualified to push forward NASA’s mission.

    NASA was one of the few things left that Americans could take pride in. I guess that’s why Obama felt the need to destroy it. If this is what NASA has become then it does need to be shut down to save money.

  93. Steve

    …yet another signal that our nation is finished as a great power.

  94. Steve



  95. I was speaking from the point of view of the members of NASA themselves who are outraged by this. They’re funded by the government. What were they expecting? Unless you’re a private group that the government is trying to control against your will–which would be INFURIATING–there’s no reason to complain.

    It’s true that if Obama wants to inspire people, he really shouldn’t put the whole load on NASA; as inspiring as NASA can be, that’s not the real point. But I also don’t see how anyone could pin him on it with a solid, legal argument. Organizations bend the way they’re being paid to bend. I would think Conservatives knew this better than anyone.

    If they were a private group who originally were about scientific advancements in space and over the years turned into this left-wing social group then while of course I should acknowledge that hey NASA isn’t really about exploring space anymore…

    There are plenty of private groups that go beyond fulfilling their purpose and still fulfill their actual purpose just fine. The issue is that Obama is making the social stuff a priority.

    NASA was one of the few things left that Americans could take pride in.

    I disagree it’s one of the few things left. When I get up in the morning and leave for breakfast I’m practically guaranteed reliable and safe transportation. I can drink water straight from the faucet and it will be clean, pretty much anywhere. I paid my tuition today for next semester. It was unreasonably high and I’m certainly overpaying–but it didn’t feel as bad as it would if I weren’t receiving financial aid. When I go to class I’m allowed to sit wherever I want, speak to whomever I want, wear whatever I want, and go wherever I want without my motives–or my existence–being questioned.

    And, most importantly, I can say and write whatever I want.

    After classes I can walk down the street again to the library–alone if I like–and no one will ask where I’m going or why I’m alone. I can read about witchcraft and no one will care. I can read about genetic engineering and no one will care. I can walk straight up to the counter and ask for specific books, and I won’t be arrested if the topics are controversial or unpatriotic. On my way back a passing male classmate can stop to speak to me, and although the hour may be late, neither of us will be cross-examined. In the evening I can flick on a light switch and be instantly gratified with working electricity. I can turn on the shower and the water will be as warm or as cool as I demand. And safe. If I decide to go out, I can be sure that the police are there to actually help me, and not just toss me in jail for wearing makeup and five inch heels. I can walk into a restaurant and be confident that the place is clean and the food is harmless.

    If I’d decided to take the light-rail rather than driving (yay for greenness!) the men will rise if there aren’t enough seats, until I tell them I actually prefer to stand. Because while I may still be making less than 80 percent of what they make in this country doing the exact same work, there are countries in which I would be making even less–there are countries in which I would be making even less without even this significant social courtesy, without even this polite acknowledgment of my presence. There are countries in which my presence would be overlooked entirely.

    I’ve got plenty.

  96. Steve

    Get ready to lose much of that.

    Obama has nothing but hatred in his heart towards America. That is why he is purposely wrecking our economy. That is why he wants to destroy NASA.

  97. Steve

    By the way, Nahida because of the time I grew up in, I would not offer my seat to you. I will not hold the door for you either.

  98. I’m pretty sure that by the end of his term I’ll still have running water and electricity.

    • Steve

      We will see. Right now I wouldn’t even be so sure of that.

      • According to the Right it seems everything he’s done has been wrong. What do you want him to do? No one who’s ever criticized him has been constructive. I only hear things like this (taken from an ACTUAL COMMENT):

        I know that you are against the Constitution, EQUALITY and the basic human rights of Fathers but please forget that your father was a bum. Please try and put the hate that has been instilled in you by not having a father in your life behind you. What you are experiencing is Parental Alienation, it is a cancer of your emotions and this cancer is evolving into society as whole.

        How DARE he?! If this was said about ANY REPUBLICAN PRESIDENT the Right would be OUTRAGED. I was equally pissed off when the Left attacked Sarah Palin’s children (as much as I disagree with that woman the speculations people were making on her children were COMPLETELY INAPPROPRIATE.) The Right went nuts over it but here they are doing the SAME THING.

        But fine, let’s say that’s what’s going on! Maybe this cancer SHOULD evolve into society! Maybe then we wouldn’t have so many men who are COWARDLY CHEATING BABIES running away from their OWN CHILDREN!

        They’re asking for all the hate they get! I would say it for any woman who does the same–but I doubt the female version of Tiger Woods would get off as easy anyway! You wouldn’t hear anyone hesitating to call her a whore.

      • Steve

        Nahida, our President is a sick, sick man. What was said below about him is true.

        Clinton was also sick but it manifested itself in a different way.

      • Steve

        I meant what you quoted above I see no problem with. That is what our President is suffering from.

      • Steve

        Well I can’t say anything negative (truthful) about Tiger Woods after all then I would be called…

  99. And he’s not wrecking our enconomy. It was wrecked when he go there.

  100. It just occurred to me that I’m a minority. I wonder if I’ll ever be hired for a job without people wondering if it was an Affirmative Action hire and questioning my qualifications.

    • Steve

      Unfortunately No.

      We don’t live in a post-racial society.

      In fact Obama has set back race relations at least forty years.

      I am deeply sorry for the racism you will experience as a result.

    • Kylie

      Yeah but you’ll probably end up marrying someone whose white.

      • Astagfirullah!

        It’s who’s. Who is white. I know I’ve made my share of typos but that’s more than just a typo, Kylie. That’s atrocious. X_x

        Besides, as likely as that is, (and I never thought about it but it is actually likely) it’s totally irrelevant. That wouldn’t affect my career.

  101. Carina

    are u getting softer nahida =/

  102. No. It’s summer. So I’m unwillingly “nicer.”

  103. Steve

    Look, I tried to give the guy the benefit of the doubt and look at what he did with it.

    But still I am hearing good things about Charles F. Bolden, Jr. They say that he’s not the problem.

    It’s the other affirmative action hire that’s the problem.

    But I still think that Charles F. Bolden, Jr. could resign from NASA if he felt because of pressure from the higher ups he couldn’t protect, defend and promote his agency to the best of his ability.

    When you get to that high of a level, it really isn’t about “doing what the boss says” anymore. It is about your legacy as well, and if what the boss says hurts the agency you were put in charge of then you have an ethical duty to resign.

    So, yeah, I have never met Charles F. Bolden, Jr. personally but I just look at the budget he was charged with putting forward and these recent incidents. A good man could resign and still get a good job somewhere else. When you get to that level only someone who fears that he could never get another good job in his life hangs on this hard to something like this.

  104. It is about your legacy as well, and if what the boss says hurts the agency you were put in charge of then you have an ethical duty to resign.

    Sure, it sounds like the right thing to do. How can you be sure of the outcome? If the boss is all wrong, resigning would do nothing but leave open space for the next unqualified person. Who may also not even be as “good” of a guy as you.

  105. Steve

    So what you just do the bad job your boss tells you to and become known as the worst NASA administrator in the history of the agency?

  106. Steve

    Here would be a good episode for the next season.

  107. Steve

    You know what I like about the Amish.

    I mean besides them not going around killing people and bombing things.

    Yeah, they travel by horse and buggy. But they don’t say YOU HAVE TO GO AROUND BY HORSE AND BUGGY.

    Nor do they go around saying that we need to have special places in parking lots for horse and buggies.

  108. Steve

    After classes I can walk down the street again to the library–alone if I like–and no one will ask where I’m going or why I’m alone.

    Wait until Sharia Law hits the United States, Nahida

  109. Steve

    The UK is now lost isn’t it? It’s gone down the toilet.

    Either that or they need to massively deport people (which would illicit calls of “racism” and be very messy indeed).

    Say good bye to Western Civilization. Now that Britain has fallen can America be far behind (actually I think if this was ever tried in America it would be the straw that breaks the camel’s back)?

    Immigration shouldn’t be considered a right. And in this day and age for several reasons we should actually stop most all immigration (with sure a few unique exceptions). I am sick of how people keep saying “we are all immigrants”. Well that might be right but that doesn’t mean it has to be that way forever. Immigration once was beneficial but now it’s harmful. Got to change with the times and just be grateful that you got in before the doors slammed shut.

  110. “With one in ten of Rochdale’s population of Pakistani or Bangladeshi origin, centre managers say they have been told some members of the local Asian community prefer them for cultural reasons.”

    Funny, it doesn’t seem to say that they actually ASKED for them. Again Conservatives fail to understand what they recognize only in their speeches: people will bend the way of their own customers. It’s the great thing about capitalism isn’t it? We need more CAPITALISM. We need COMPLETE capitalism! Let’s separate ourselves from the commies by deregulating to the point of irrationality! Businessmen are angels! They’ll NEVER mistreat us! Only commies think so! Cut the nonsense about this being the destruction of Western culture. That reminds me of those people who believe feminism is a sexist movement because feminists have done nothing for men and men are now confused about their roles. After centuries of women being oppressed, women finally stood up to their oppressors, and it hasn’t even been a quarter of that time for men, and they’re already crying. Really, you’re whining already? Men are such babies… And they say WE’RE the overemotional ones. It’s so easy to hurt their feelings. Oh, the irony!

    I’m gone for a couple of days and this place turns into an asylum. Jo, get your own material. Do you actually have a functioning brain or are you only good for hoarding links and copying and pasting onto a forum where no one will watch them?

    Of course the Amish don’t ask for customized parking spaces. They don’t use our parking lots. I guess that’s what I’d have to do to get people to stop whining about how I’m making them change everything. Cease to exist. Of course, none of them will come right out and tell me, because that would be racist. Racist, just as they really are. But they don’t want come off as racist, so instead they accuse people who call them racist of being closet racists. Because that makes it even.

    “This country would be better if there were no Asians or Blacks.”
    “That’s raci–”
    “YOU’RE A CLOSET RACIST! You’re racist against White people!”
    “No… I would want White people here too…”

    How else would Hannity get away with comparing the Qur’an to Mein Kampf? (Interesting, he then must have surely read both. I wonder how that came about?) Accuse Muslims of not praising the US enough of course! That way we’re the racist ones, and he can get away with all HIS HATE SPEECH FILLED PROPAGANDA. And it is hate speech, because there’s no real connection. He’s just spewing out whatever crap he can.

    What’s also useful is to say beforehand that people who accuse you of being a racist for pushing Tiger Woods off a verbal cliff, so you don’t have to actually do it.

    I used to think that it was an accident that Conservatives don’t seem to notice that if they keep it real about Tiger Woods they aren’t called racists and if they say something untrue about Obama they are, but it seems purposeful now. You are picking and choosing what others perceive as racist and not noticing the fundamental differences in the reasons in why they are outraged or not outraged for each individual. Something can be said about that.

    The Amish live their lives and don’t bother the rest of us, and it’s admirable is it? Hold on Steve, didn’t you once accuse me of being in the wrong somehow because I don’t participate in “decadent Western behavior” and yet I tolerate it from Leftists (and then completely ignored what I said about meeting women who claimed to be Conservatives and were even worse)? Oh no, that’s different. Those are disgusting Liberals!

    Obama isn’t sick, except for one thing: he still believes he can compromises with Republicans who will never be satisfied with him, no matter what he does. I have yet to hear any Republican contribute actual substance. All we heard from them during health care was pulling the plug on grandma… which they actually just pulled out of their …. butts. And then you’ve got Palin pretending to be a feminist and care about women’s rights and acting like the children are in danger under Obama’s leadership. Because he attempted to take some power away from insurance companies. And you had that crazy doctor who wouldn’t treat anyone who voted for Obama, and then when asked what part of the bill he disagreed with, he actually admitted that he HADN’T READ IT. He had to change his stance anyway, because he realized he lost a lot of patients, and he forgot he was a Republican and loved money.


    I have to admit Steve, it’s surprising you want to “change with the times.” I would think that went against everything you belie–oh wait, you were talking about immigration. Gotcha.

    So what you just do the bad job your boss tells you to and become known as the worst NASA administrator in the history of the agency?

    No, you don’t do what he says for as long as you can and fix everything up as well as you can until you get fired. But I guess then we wouldn’t get unemployment benefits. Unless of course, we really mean what we say, and wouldn’t dare take tax payer money like those disgusting POOR PEOPLE. Let’s keep filibustering the unemployment extension. (You’d think that was because they were worried about the deficit because it’s really because they [particularly Orrin Hatch] believe people who are unemployed are lazy drug addicts.)

    I’m not entirely serious about a lot of the things I’ve said on here (like Republicans only loving money and OF COURSE there ARE such things as closet racists), but I’ll apologize for none of it. I’ve been making the same mistake as Obama in believing I can reason with people on the extreme sides of the spectrum. You’ll see what you want to see no matter what I do. I’m not nearly as Liberal as I come off on these comments, but you’re so far to the Right that you push me further to the Left to attempt to balance things out–

    And I’m not going to try to reason with you anymore on the moderate grounds on which I really stand. I’m getting satirical–and it’s well called for.

  111. Oh oh! I forgot to mention how delightful it when people decide to talk about things they don’t understand.

    Like Shariah Law. Adorable how no one who whines about it really knows what it actually is.

  112. Jay

    Mom strangles daughter. But it’s okay. She’s a Muslim so no jail time for her.

      • Two can play at THAT game you disgusting biased let-me-base-my-entire-perception-of-one-people-by-the-crimes-of-one-person piece of drone.

      • Steve

        They have no proof. This is just a bunch of lies by anti-Americans.

        Come on Nahida, you are a better American than this.

      • Steve

        I believe what upsets me about that lady in Canada isn’t the Muslims but how the Left excuses the heinous actions of people just for being Muslims. And I know most Muslims would feel the same way.

        I don’t know why you aren’t angered that the life of a Muslim girl was of such low value to the Canadian justice system that they didn’t give her mother the appropriate punishment for killing her.

        Again, another case of not so much the Muslims but how the Left interacts with Muslims (often against the wishes of most Muslims).

  113. Steve

    Muslims attacked a Christian village in central Nigeria on Saturday, axing eight people to death and burning seven houses and a church in fresh religious violence, an army spokesman said.

    “It’s true eight people were killed,” Lieutenant Colonel Kingsley Umoh said.

    An AFP correspondent saw the bodies, as well as the burnt houses and church in Mazzah village, near the city of Jos, where deadly religious clashes have occurred a number of times in recent months.

    Umoh said Fulani Muslims entered Mazzah between 1.30am and 5.00am local time, shooting sporadically in the air to lure sleeping residents outside their homes.

    “Seven people were killed instantly with machetes while three others were seriously injured. One of them died on the way to the hospital,” he said.

    He said troop reinforcements had been deployed to Mazzah, about 14km from Jos, the capital of central Plateau State, to prevent the violence from escalating. The village was calm on Saturday afternoon.

    A senior state official, Gyang Pwajok, described the overnight attack on the mainly Christian village as an “act of terrorism”.

    Plateau State lies in the so-called middle belt between the predominantly Muslim north and the mainly Christian south.

    Jos has long been the centre of ethnic and religious violence in a country whose 150 million population is divided almost equally between Christians and Muslims.

    In March, Muslim herdsmen from the Fulani and Hausa ethnic groups launched attacks on five Christian Berom villages near the city, killing more than 500 people, state officials say.

    Local rights groups say 1500 people have died in inter-communal violence in the Jos region since the start of this year alone.

    Some observers say the violence results from religion being exploited in the struggle for local power. There have been warnings that the violence could increase in the run up to elections expected early in 2011.

  114. Steve

    Nahida I haven’t gotten back to you on that big post of yours because there was lots to it, and believe it or not, some that I even agree with. I know this is going to be a long post so let me start.

    Funny, it doesn’t seem to say that they actually ASKED for them.

    True the Left often accommodates in ways that even those who they claim they are accommodating didn’t ask for and don’t want.

    That would be a great episode for this show. The Mayor installs these toilets for the “benefit of Muslims (or perhaps Thorne as now he is probably going to want to bend over backwards to get the Muslims support). Of course the Muslims (many of who grew up in Canada) are as sickened as everyone else about them.

    I used to think that it was an accident that Conservatives don’t seem to notice that if they keep it real about Tiger Woods they aren’t called racists and if they say something untrue about Obama they are…

    Not true. First what we say about Obama is true. And yeah, criticism coming from white people against Tiger Woods is met with charges of Racism just like Michael Jackson.

    How else would Hannity get away with comparing the Qur’an to Mein Kampf?

    Did Hannity say that? I know some conservatives feel that way. And you have to admit a lot of what is in the Qur’an is violent. Mohammed (pbuh) was a political leader, a military leader as well as a spiritual leader. But I guess you could say the same about the Old Testament.

    It is a wrong position to take. Savage on the other hand has often said that there are good Muslims out there.

    Interesting, he then must have surely read both. I wonder how that came about?

    I believe everyone (except Germans) should read Mein Kampf. Not to agree with it of course. But it was a book that captured the thought of a nation and we should read it to see what it’s appeal was and to understand the dangerous type of thinking it promoted. You must understand your enemy in order to recognize your enemy and ultimately to defeat your enemy.

    Obama isn’t sick

    Oh yes he is. He is sick and evil just like Clinton though it manifests itself in some different ways (they both had daddy issues though). He totally is against Christian values and since Muslims and Christians have similar values he is against Muslim values as well.

    All we heard from them during health care was pulling the plug on grandma…

    Which is absolutely true. That was part of the “cost saving” measures of this socialized medicine of Obama (and Romney).

    Hold on Steve, didn’t you once accuse me of being in the wrong somehow because I don’t participate in “decadent Western behavior” and yet I tolerate it from Leftists…

    What I said that I welcome the injection of morality that Muslims could offer Americans. And yeah you personally as a member of our society should not only promote morality in your own life but should try in your own little way to promote morality in our society at large. Which includes not voting for immoral candidates like the Democrats produce.

    No, you don’t do what he says for as long as you can and fix everything up as well as you can until you get fired.

    Which includes promoting NASA as an agency of scientific research and exploration instead of some social vehicle. But that’s not what he did is it.

    Let’s keep filibustering the unemployment extension. (You’d think that was because they were worried about the deficit because it’s really because they [particularly Orrin Hatch] believe people who are unemployed are lazy drug addicts.)

    This move made me angry too. The Republicans don’t get the name “the Stupid Party” for nothing.

    Even if one was against Unemployment insurance on principle, it was a promise that the government made and people have paid into it. The Republicans have violated principles before like voting for Bush’s bailout. Why get all principled here?

    Republicans say that the economy is bad yet for those who have lost their jobs they offer no options like they did for big companies. It would make sense that those people would vote Democrat even though in reality the Democrats support the rich class just as much if not more than the Republicans.

    Palin pretending to be a feminist and care about women’s rights and acting like the children are in danger under Obama’s leadership.

    Like I said Palin represents the values of Muslims far better than Obama ever will. By that I don’t mean you can expect Palin to wear a hijab any time soon, but since Muslims and true Christians share many of the same values she represents this values that Muslims should want to see enacted as well.

    It’s the great thing about capitalism isn’t it? We need more CAPITALISM. We need COMPLETE capitalism! Let’s separate ourselves from the commies by deregulating to the point of irrationality! Businessmen are angels! They’ll NEVER mistreat us! Only commies think so!

    This frustrates me when Republicans have that position as well for I don’t think it does represent the position of capitalism, or at least not modern capitalism. Government is needed to protect against negative externalities. They need to be there to set the rules of play but not to pick winners or loses. Businessmen will do what they believe will maximize profits, in fact they have to in order to continue to survive. That is why government sometimes need to come in to protect harmful expressions of this competition.

    But then again, the Democrats go absurdly in the other direction. I don’t know if it’s a state law or if it is national, but there was a law passed that fast food places must put up the calories of their food just like they post the prices. At least that is how it is where I live.

    Guide posts are necessary but micromanagement hurts the economy as a whole. And remember government isn’t the only restraint on run away industries. If a company really messes up it can be sued.

    In the end I guess I can sum it up by saying that Progressivism which the Democrats (and all too many Republicans) promote is evil and destructive and in the end will ruin everything that you value about our society.

  115. Steve, do those who’re called racists for criticizing Tiger Woods say something along the lines of “Typical black man, sleeping around with 10 other women” by any chance?

    Why shouldn’t Germans read it, then? I would think they would need to know more than anyway the enormity of their own history. Especially to (attempt) to learn. History will inevitably repeat itself, but at least the repetitive process can be slowed…

    The Qur’an is nothing like it. If Hannity read it, it was the English translation (unless he can read classic Arabic, the possibility to which I am, of course, open) which means it’s not the real Qur’an. There is no one to make sure there are no errors. I own a couple of copies of the English translation and there are HUGE MISTAKES in translation that make HUGE DIFFERENCES. And he probably didn’t even understand the context of the chapters. Any line you find in there that advocates violence is always going to be during a time of war in which the enemy does not wish to negotiate, and there are also lines commanding Muslims to excuse and even protect those who repent for breaking peace treaties.

    Sarah Palin does not represent my values. She insults them. She can’t answer simple questions and she has no idea what she’s doing! I find it hypocritical that Republicans accused Obama of having no experience, and then they go pull out Sarah Palin, who has more than just no experience. And I am speaking kindly. If she actually runs (groans) for president, I hope she’s up against Hillary Clinton. She’ll be blown out of the water. Though that would be insulting to Hillary Clinton. I think she deserves a better race.

  116. Oh and btw, the things Michael Savage has said are delirious, enraging, and unforgivable.

  117. Steve

    You have been listening too much to the mainstream media. I dare you to listen to him for a week, one week, and I bet your opinion about him will change.

    As for Sarah Palin she represents the values that Muslims have – or at least claim to have.

    • For the love of God, we’ve been through this before. I’ve listened to PLENTY of him.

      And dishonest, unintelligent, and misleading women who flaunt their “virtue” and twist the values in which I believe to be used as traps for fools will never be anyone who represents me, even in politics.

      There’s enough men doing that already.

    • “…because the vermin in the media were dying to see blood flow and see buildings burn…” Oh, how ironic! I bet he wouldn’t mind some of that himself–as long as it’s toward Mexicans or Muslims or homosexuals.

  118. “What will it take to wake you up to the fact that you are being erased from the future of America? And why are you being erased? If you’re a person of European descent, why do they want your child to be a minority in America? And when your little girl is a minority in America, what will happen to her? Tell me what will happen to her? Do you think that the minorities, when they take over the country, will be quite as benevolent and as enlightened as the European-Americans are today?” –Michael Savage

    ” By 2025 – given only CURRENT population trends, coupled with this “amnesty” – WHITE AMERICA will be a total MINORITY in a nation that WAS ONCE THEIR BIRTHRIGHT! Does this please you? “HOW” do you think a White MINORITY will be TREATED – once it’s an established fact? Do you think that life for your children, and their children will be “business as usual”? ” –American Nazi Party

    Say what you want Steve–if you’re as blind about him as you are about Sarah Palin there’s no talking sense into you. The man is insane. He’s fearful and hate-filled and can’t see is own bigotry. It pissed me off that he uses the same “your little girl is in danger” tactic that Palin does. Why a little girl? HE HATES WOMEN. (Don’t even try to deny this. I’ve heard enough from him, and I can refute every single sexist scumbag claim he makes.) Why a little girl? Because he’ll use that if he has to. It means nothing to him. It’s only a tool to stir the emotions of his blinded hate-filled drones. No rational person would take this man seriously. He spews out one-sided hate to a degree even more extreme than the side he accuses of doing the same.

    I’m not going to be here for a while. Good timing, because this is pointless.

  119. Greg

    So Nahida do you oppose the Ground Zero Mosque?

  120. No.

    Greg, I’ve already addressed this, and will copy and paste what I said (because I’m not typing it up again and I am, quite frankly, sick of this non-issue.)

    “…just like everyone is WRONG to be outraged about building the mosque. Religion is COMPLETELY irrelevant. 9/11 didn’t happen because there were Muslims, it happened because there were terrorists.

    Am I the only one who understands this? If it happened the other way around I wouldn’t be offended either, unless the Christians gave me a reason to be offended–like if they were blatantly hostile about it or something.

    But no one’s offended because Muslims that will be going to the mosque have a superiority complex–they’re only offended as soon as they hear about it.

    What would be offensive is if terrorists decided to open a fast food restaurant at the site. Or any building at all. It’s who, and not what.”

    And here’s a link to one of Jill’s articles on the matter:

    • Greg

      It’s who, and not what.

      And who is this Imam? He won’t even speak against Hamas.

      Who are the financial backers of this Imam?

      Yeah, it certainly is who as much as it is what.

      Do you know that New York City won’t allow a church that was destroyed on 9-11 rebuild there? Even though that church was there for a long time before it was destroyed on 9-11.

      This is as much about the double standard regarding how government treats Christianity as opposed to Islam these days. It’s about how the leftists are using this situation.

    • Greg

      I just read that hate ridden article about the ground zero mosque. By the way if it was so far away from Ground Zero why did the landing gear for one of the planes crash into the building in question?

      So it’s actually more like a YMCA — or, as its name would indicate, a community center — and will be open to all stripes of people.

      I hope include in the “all stripes of people” that the place would be open to would be FBI agents!

      • Alex

        Even if it was a like a YMCA, all stripes of people will not be comfortable there. Perhaps this is indeed a racial statement but if I went into a building full of foreign people, I would feel very uncomfortable.

        I guess this doesn’t have even to do with race. I have in the past gone into ethnic stores such as ones for Hispanics, Koreans, and (here is where it’s not racial) Russians. Although I did it to have an “cosmopolitan experience” it has always been an uncomfortable experience because I knew that I “didn’t belong” there.

        So, yeah they can say that this will be open to all stripes of people, but really only their people will feel comfortable being there.

        And I hardly think that a Jew could walk in there without getting the message to get out.

        Have you ever been in a Biker Bar? I am sure you haven’t because you don’t drink alcohol so yeah, that’s a stupid question. But my point is unless you are a regular at the bar they make it very clear that you don’t belong there and you need to quickly leave.

      • …has always been an uncomfortable experience because I knew that I “didn’t belong” there.

        …unless you are a regular at the bar they make it very clear that you don’t belong there and you need to quickly leave.

        So is it you, or them?

        If it’s them, who cares? Do what you’re there to do. [In pretty much all cases, including the mosque] you have a right to be there as much as they do. And make sure they know it. I don’t care if you have to act entitled; if they’re giving you negativity because you “don’t belong there” or some nonsense they completely deserve to put up with it.

        If it’s you, get over it. No one is really judging–it’s in your head.

        It sounds too simple, and that’s because it is. It’s much simpler than people think. And I’m told I’m wrong all the time because I’m supposedly too young to understand how the world works. But people who tell me I’m wrong about this forget that I did survive high school. (They lied to me. It never ends.) And if there’s a better example in the entire universe of not belonging, I have yet to encounter it.

        I’ve gone to plenty of ethnic stores that have nothing to do with my ethnicity (haven’t been to a bar though, and that sounds much more personal, which this mosque shouldn’t be) and I think out of all of them, I’ve been looked at like I didn’t belong at… two. If you know what you’re doing, they back off. I have enough experience of this to last me a lifetime from merely one incident of going to get my car fixed while being a woman (which I am still very angry about, so I will not sully my mood thinking of it any further. [I thought this only happened in movies and books and on the news! I was entirely shocked and outraged. You NEVER think you yourself would ever be faced with it.]) Video game stores are even less welcoming, if that’s possible! I don’t even like video games (horrible waste of time) but some of my friends play them (also female so they know of the hostile atmosphere), and I forced myself to learn about them (video games, not my own friends) because every time, people try to sell me things I don’t want/don’t need and attempt to convince me that I want/need them. (Men my age don’t have the same type of encounter when walking into GameStop, I have tested this, specifically for a linguistics class.)

        Comfort level is adjustable. If people aren’t comfortable being in the mosque, they need to either get over it or the people who are deliberately making them uncomfortable need to change.

      • Nahida

        Sorry about the excessive italics. I was writing five emails. (I just made this account; it’s really creepy that they know to replace every previous icon with my picture…)

      • Steve

        Nahida, despite the the discomfort I do occasionally go to ethnic stores just to explore what they have and sometimes they have things that I want to buy.

        There’s a candy that I can’t usually get in the US (Bounty) that is available well practically everywhere else and sometimes I can get it in ethnic stores.

        But my point is that if the ground zero mosque says that their facilities is going to be a YMCA that is really not going to happen. It’s only going to be for Muslims even though they might technically might say it’s for everyone (except Jews of course).

      • Nahida

        even though they might technically might say it’s for everyone (except Jews of course).

        Please tell me you were kidding. I laughed at first, and then it struck me that you might be serious.

  121. Greg

    How about the historical fact that whenever Muslims conquer a place they put up Mosques at the sacred places of the societies they conquered. They did it to places where there were churches and Hindu shrines.

    So since ground zero has become a sacred site, as a result of all be it not people acting for all Muslims, but people acting in the name of Islam, wouldn’t this be doing the same thing? Obviously this Imam wants a “trophy Mosque” to “celebrate the Islamic Victory” (as he sees it) of that day.

    The mosque could be placed anywhere. Government officials found other places to put it, but no the Imam wants it there. Also we don’t know where the money is coming from. Indeed is the money coming from groups with agendas hostile to America such as radical extremist Saudi Arabians, or perhaps even Iran.

    This would indeed be like building a Shinto Shrine at Pearl Harbor. It is just a provocative act.

  122. And I’ll repeat this here, in case you didn’t see my first reply (since you seem to be incapable of gathering all relevant information before turning into an over-emotional wreck.)

    Go look up who the imam is, and what he’s done for the Bush administration.

  123. Steve

    What makes the Bush Administration so good?

    I hated both Bush and his father. We really haven’t had a good President since Reagan.

  124. Nothing. I’m pointing out the same people whom this imam helped are the ones throwing him under the bus.

  125. Gimme a break Steve, you weren’t a fan of Amaar either.

    • Thank goodness he’s not like Amaar. Nothing would get done.

    • Steve

      Agreed. I thought he should have taken a more active role in community affairs. I am not against Muslims playing a role in society. But they should not do so in an “in your face” “pour salt on your wounds (even sea salt) way.

      I would hope that Amaar would be more politically astute.

      But then again this Imam is being politically astute in that he WANTS TO HURT US. He wants this Mosque to make a statement.

      You know, not even the day of 9-11 has there been so anti-Muslim sentiment. Back then most of our people did see it an attack from abroad but what this Imam is doing is an attack from within with indeed the support of many Muslims living in the US.

  126. Steve

    Lots of Conservatives had problems with Bush.

    And this is what the Ground Zero Imam had to say below. If Bush got involved with this guy that’s just another of the numerous reasons conservatives have to hate Bush.

  127. Steve, WHAT DO YOU WANT?

      • Steve

        Actually reading through that article while the article itself was biased, some of the comments afterward were pretty good.

        Here’s one of them I really liked.

        WAKE UP! You’ve been slumbering for too long! Have you wondered why the Greek Orthodox Church, which has been standing since 1922, has not been permitted to rebuild their Church, but now this “Islamic Cultural Center” gets a clear path, paved wide and straight, by local and national officials? What happened to equality of religion? Why is Islam being espoused from the rooftop of the White House? Political correctness has run amuck and its furthering their cause.

        So much for separation of Church and State….

        Oh and here’s another one.

        It is very clear what his is about. If it was about mutual understanding and respect this group would not even consider putting this near ground zero. This is clearly intended to poke a stick right in the eye of this country. The Ney York governor attempted to offer land in another location and this group refused to even meet with him. The fact that they are not even remotely concerned about the sensitivities of the victims shows makes it difficult to believe this about understanding and makes it look as if it has everything to do with celebrating the fall of the towers and killing of thousands of innocent people.

        So, yeah, thank you for referring me to this article. There’s some great comments there.

      • That comment sounds like it’s taking out frustration about no separation between church and state on a mosque built on private property.

        Desperate and childish.

    • Steve

      How about denouncing this Mosque!

  128. Steve

    This is obviously a trophy Mosque. It’s just like what the Muslims did whenever they conquered a society. They convert all the holy places there to Mosques.

    • The bought it. Don’t tell me you don’t believe in private property ownership Steve.

      Conservatives only care about their own principles when it’s in their favor.

      • Steve

        I don’t believe in our enemy buying themselves a trophy gloating over what happened there.

        And there is also something called “a national treasure”. The government can designate certain things as something of value to us all and therefore can not be sold outside the country.

        I don’t believe a foreigner could buy an original copy (meaning a copy made at the same time as the original) of the US constitution for the purpose of burning.

        Surely with this hallowed ground something similar applies.

      • Except they’re not foreigners.

      • Steve

        They are acting on the behalf of foreigners.

      • YOU don’t get to decide who anyone is acting on behalf of.

      • Steve

        Okay, then they should open their books.

        Let us know where the money is coming from.

        My guess is mostly Saudi Arabia.

      • If I go to buy books or music or clothes or a house and someone has the audacity to ask WHERE I GET MY MONEY I’m not sure I wouldn’t tear his eyes out.

        And even if it did have a foreign origin, it’s money that goes to the American government.

      • Steve

        If this Mosque is being funded by money from Saudi Arabian extremists then the American people have a right to know.

        This is all about Wahhabism.

        Since 1973, the Saudi government has spent an unbelievable $87B to promote Wahhabism in the United States, Africa, Southeast Asia and Europe. According to official Saudi information, Saudi funds have been used to build and maintain over 1,500 mosques, 202 colleges, 210 Islamic Centers wholly or partly financed by Saudi Arabia, and almost 2,000 schools for educating Muslim children in non-Islamic countries in Europe, North and South America, Australia and Asia.

        The Kingdom has fully or partially financed Islamic Centers in Los Angeles; San Francisco; Fresno; Chicago; New York; Washington; Tucson; Raleigh, N.C. and Toledo, Ohio as well as in Austria, Great Britain, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Russia, Turkey, and even in some Muslim countries such as Morocco, Indonesia, Malaysia and Djibuti.

        Saudi aid to Muslims abroad, however, comes with strings attached, and most of the recipient institutions end up promoting the Wahhabi version of Islam.

      • Steve

        Don’t forget all the extremist madrassas that the Saudis have been funding in the United States and elsewhere.

    • The same Arab guy funding the mosque is the second largest shareholder of Fox News.

  129. Steve

    What, it’s not enough for this Mosque to get money from Saudi Arabia and probably Iran?

    They might get money from our own country as well?

    And at the same time they will not allow a church that was actually destroyed by 9/11 even rebuild!

    Surely you can see the hypocrisy in that Nahida.

  130. Steve

    What a leftist biased report from TIME Magazine.

    They didn’t even explain why they called it “the Cordoba Initiative”?

    What happened in Cordoba?

  131. Steve

    It was the furthest into Christian Europe that the Muslims conquered.

    During the medieval conquest of Spain the Muslims charged into Cordoba and declared it the capital of a new Muslim empire, and in order to add insult to injury seized control of a Christian church and built the biggest mosque they could, right there in front of the Christians they’d just conquered, a big Muslim middle finger in the heart of medieval Christendom.

    And now they they are essentially behaving the same way with the ground zero mosque.

    • I know my history, thanks.

      And, it seems, better than you. They did not “seize control” of the church. They bought it.

      The US hasn’t been conquered.

      You remind me of people who believe Spanish is a danger to the English language and fail to see Spanish-speaking children lose their own language when they learn English, and that it is Spanish that is in danger.

      • Steve

        When I am at the store I often can’t understand what people are saying because they are using foreign languages. Right now it seems that there’s lots of Russians.

        They need to adapt to us, not us to them. There should be no “push one for English” as it should be in America English Only when doing business.

  132. Steve

    Listen to this interview!

    • “…Two blocks from Ground Zero, in other words, IN Ground Zero.”

      Guy’s already an idiot.

      • Steve

        The landing gear from one of the planes crashed into the building. And you can still find body parts.

        Yes, In Ground ZERO!

      • Steve

        Look, since part of one of the planes crashed into the building, I think it is fair to say that it is IN Ground Zero.

      • There’s a mosque THREE blocks away instead of two. So I assume you think that has to go also?

      • Steve, if you want to turn the place into a memorial where NOTHING can be built I’m cool with that.

        But it isn’t.

      • Steve

        Was it there on 9-11?

        Look that Mosque is at least being discreet and isn’t going out of it’s way to rub salt in our wounds.

        And if there’s a Mosque three blocks away, then great, if the Muslims want to worship they can worship there.

      • Yes, it was. It was there long before 9/11.

        You can’t say this mosque isn’t trying to be discreet and going out of its way to rub salt in the wound! I’m sure they’d like to be if it weren’t for all this ATTENTION!

        It doesn’t MATTER that it’s a mosque! Muslims died on 9/11. Workers! Firefighters! People who happened to be WALKING BY.

      • Steve

        Either the towers should be built higher than ever (the highest of any building ever) to show that if you attack us we will come back even stronger or indeed nothing should be built there except a memorial like a statue or something like that.

      • Steve

        If the mosque was there beforehand then of course it should remain. No one is making a point by having it continue to operate. And like I said since it’s there then there is no need to have another one a block away (three blocks – two blocks) from it.

      • First you say nothing should be built (other than usual memorial stuff or rebuilding the towers.)

        Then you say there’s no need for a mosque (as if that’s all it is.) In particular.

        Make up your mind.

      • Steve

        Either rebuild the towers or a memorial. But no Trophy Mosque.

      • If the Towers are rebuilt, the mosque stays. There is NO reason it shouldn’t.

        If it’s a memorial, there better be NOTHING within a three mile radius.

  133. Steve

    Second Part!!!

  134. Steve

    Third Part!!!

    • Specific clips on specific things to add a new context that never existed.

      This imam has said that Muslims can practice Islam better in America than in any supposedly “Islamic” country.

  135. Steve

    What do you think of this Nahida?

    • Poor George Washington. =( I would hate it if people used me after I died for things I would have never done, like insulting some of the “3,000 innocent human beings” who were American Muslims by not letting American Muslims build a mosque.

      How very disrespectful to one of our Founding Fathers.

  136. Steve

    Why must it be there? Why must they build their mega Mosque there?

    They could build it anywhere else. The governor even said he would help them find another place, but they refuse.

    Surely you can see how people could see this as a trophy Mosque.

    Look, we have tried to be all understanding and tolerant and all, but sensitivity is a two way street. In the end we are only human. You need to meet us half way here.

    • Ugh, no you haven’t. If this was some random bakery or florist place you’d have no problem with it.

      But it’s a mosque. And you’re telling me I’m not American.

      • Steve

        It’s a Mosque being built on Ground Zero.

        Look even if we “shouldn’t” feel offended, we are offended, so in the spirit of understanding shouldn’t they built the Mosque elsewhere.

        Unless THEY WANT to offend us.

        And that kind of attitude doesn’t bring about much understanding does it!

      • Steve, things can’t simply stop happening because people are offended.

        SOMEONE is always going to be offended.

        And it only seems to be a few people. Most people I’ve met aren’t bothered with this. Even some people who are on the Right.

      • Look even if we “shouldn’t” feel offended, we are offended, so in the spirit of understanding shouldn’t they built the Mosque elsewhere.

        Things don’t work that way. That’s like saying, “I shouldn’t be jealous, but I am jealous, and so in the spirit of understanding–he should dump his new girlfriend.”

      • Greg


        This guy was just recently arrested for plotting a terrorist attack.

      • Greg

        OTTAWA – A fourth member of an alleged Ottawa terror cell was taken into custody Friday as authorities continued to dismantle what they say is a plot that reached from the nation’s capital to the battlefields of Afghanistan and beyond.

        But the person has not yet been charged and the RCMP will not release a name.

        “Earlier today in Ottawa, the (Integrated National Security Enforcement Team) executed one search warrant and took one person in custody as part of our standard operating procedures in the course of a search,” RCMP Sgt. Marc Menard said.

        “No charges against this individual have been laid.”

        The Mounties confirmed this latest arrest is part of an investigation that began last September known as ”Project Samossa.” So far, three other men have been arrested on terrorism-related charges as part of the probe.

        Menard wouldn’t say if or when charges might be laid in the latest arrest or when the person would appear in court.

        Rumours of this arrest began swirling Friday morning as the third suspect to face terror charges appeared in court.

        Khurram Syed Sher, 28, of London, Ont., is charged with conspiracy to facilitate terrorist activity after a year-long investigation and a search which police say uncovered more than 50 circuit boards designed to remotely detonate bombs.

        He is a McGill University graduate and an anatomical pathologist at St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital in St. Thomas, Ont., just south of London.

        The bearded father of three and avid hockey player appeared nervous during the brief court appearance, where a justice of the peace ordered him to return Sept. 1 via video feed.

        Sher wore a striped dress shirt and dark trousers. He has dark hair and his thick, black beard is neatly trimmed to a point at his jawline. Sher clasped his hands in front of him as his eyes darted across the courtroom. At one point he spoke quietly with his lawyer, Anser Farooq.

        Farooq later told reporters his client had just been flown to Ottawa on an RCMP aircraft and was anxious to return to his family.

        “He’s okay. I mean, he’s just been brought over, separated from his family,” Farooq said.

        “We’re hoping to address the main concern, which is getting into the court and hear the concerns the Crown has, and get him back to his family as soon as possible.”

        Sher is shown in an online video auditioning for TV’s “Canadian Idol” in Montreal two years ago, moonwalking, doing the robot dance and singing a deliberately woeful version of Avril Lavigne’s “Complicated.”

        Farooq said he had seen the video, quipping “I don’t know if he wants to try again.”

        The others charged are Hiva Mohammad Alizadeh, 30, and Misbahuddin Ahmed, 26, both of Ottawa. They appeared in court on Thursday. They, like Sher, are Canadian citizens.

        Police say a terror attack was likely still months away when they pounced on the plot, but they moved because they feared the men were about to start sending money to other terrorists in Afghanistan.

        A former agent with Canada’s spy service said sources have told him the Parliament Buildings were among the group’s targets. Michel Juneau-Katsuya, now an Ottawa-based security consultant, added that he has been told the alleged plotters were also targeting Montreal’s public-transit system.

        “It was in line with al-Qaida trademarks, which is to try to hit icons and symbols that will strike greater fear or greater effect on the general population,” Juneau-Katsuya said.

        “If you look at what al-Qaida usually hits, it’s always something of great symbol.”

        The ex-spy said the alleged plotters apparently used public computers in Ottawa libraries to share information — which police intercepted, prompting the arrests.

        Alizadeh is charged with conspiracy, committing an act for terrorism purposes and providing or making available property for terrorism purposes.

        He is also charged with making or having “an explosive substance” with the intent to endanger life or cause serious damage to property. Police said the circuit boards are considered an explosive substance under the Criminal Code.

        Ahmed faces the same charge as Sher — conspiracy to facilitate terrorist activity.

        The Mounties described the three as members of a home-grown terrorist group, although they said Alizadeh is a member of another terror group with links to the Afghan war.

      • If he’s really a terrorist, that’s too bad. The audition was hilarious. Good thing he was caught before he did anything.

  137. Steve

    The Stranger within my gates,
    He may be evil or good,
    But I cannot tell what powers control–
    What reasons sway his mood;
    Nor when the Gods of his far-off land
    Shall repossess his blood.

  138. Steve

    Yeah, I am glad they caught Khurram Syed Sher, Hiva Mohammad Alizadeh, and Misbahuddin Ahmed before they could carry out the attack.

    Now the Canadian authorities have to find out what exactly is that links these individuals.

    That’s going to be tough indeed.

  139. Disclaimer: This is a TYT video, and they often have a Liberal basis. (They have even admitted to this.) There are times I don’t agree with them. But there is no bias in this video: they address every aspect of the argument on the other side, and quite frankly, I agree with it entirely.

    • Greg

      Harry Reid, the DEMOCRAT Senate Majority Leader is against the Ground Zero Mosque!

    • Greg

      Many conservatives mistrust Foxnews precisely BECAUSE of the Prince’s financial interest in it.

      You need to understand that the conservative movement isn’t as single minded as you think it is.

      Listen to Michael Savage more. He often criticizes Foxnews.

      • Give yourself your own advice.

        God I hate hypocrites.

      • Steve

        You know what doesn’t make sense is first they say we should trust this prince because he has such a financial interest in News Corp (parent company of Foxnews) but then they say it’s all News Corp’s fault for “going on the warpath” against the Mosque.

        So which is it? Trust Foxnews or not?

      • Steve

        Fox and the Saudi bagman

        It’s official now – Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal has announced plans to launch a 24-hour Arabic-language TV news channel in partnership with Rupert Murdoch’s Fox.

        This deepens the relationship between the Saudi prince and the Fox News Channel that so many Americans rely on as the “fair and balanced” alternative to ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN. He was already a major, one might even say pivotal, stockholder in Fox’s parent company, News Corp.

        It is a relationship that compromises the integrity of Fox News now and into the future.

        Alwaleed is not just any Saudi prince. He’s, frankly, a notorious one.

        He’s the nephew of Saudi King Abdullah. You might remember Alwaleed for his moment of infamy in the landscape of American political culture: In October 2001, right after the World Trade Center destruction at the hands of primarily Saudi terrorists, New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani famously turned down his offer of a $10 million donation for disaster relief after Alwaleed suggested U.S. policies in the Middle East were actually to blame for the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

        Here’s your chance to participate in the restoration of America! Join Joseph Farah at WorldNetDaily’s Taking America Back national conference this fall

        A few years ago, Alwaleed, who then owned 5.5 percent of the Fox News Channel’s parent company, News Corp., boasted of his influence on the network’s principal owner, Rupert Murdoch, and explained how he persuaded him to alter on-air content about “Muslim riots” in France to make them more palatable to adherents of Islam.

        More recently, Alwaleed and Murdoch greatly expanded their business partnerships to give Murdoch a significant stake in Middle East television programming and advertising.

        Now it’s a partnership on a new Arab-language TV news channel.

        If Alwaleed was able to influence content on the Fox News Channel back in 2005 as a minority shareholder in News Corp., is it not likely he and his Saudi friends would have a much more significant influence on Fox News today as major partners of the principal owner?

        This development prompted the courageous syndicated columnist Diana West to ask the question: “Should Fox News register with the State Department as a foreign agent – an agent of Saudi Arabia?”

        “First off, is that a farfetched question?” she wrote in a column last February. “Not when a leading member of the ruling family of the Shariah-totalitarian ‘kingdom’ of Saudi Arabia, Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, has made himself the second-largest shareholder of Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp., Fox News’ parent company.”

        Alwaleed is also the Saudi prince who contributed $20 million to Harvard University when Elena Kagan was running the institution back in 2005. Since he objected to Fox News’ characterizations of Muslim riots in France, how will he feel about tough questions about possible compromise directed to a Supreme Court nominee? Have you seen that question asked on Fox News, or has the self-censorship already begun?

        Is it possible the reason Fox never covered the breathtaking investigative book “Muslim Mafia” – a groundbreaking exposé of the Council on American-Islamic Relations – is because Alwaleed donated $500,000 to the group? Is it possible this is why CAIR, a group the U.S. Justice Department and FBI both say unequivocally is tied to terrorism, still finds the welcome mat rolled out at Fox?

        Alwaleed has also donated $27 million to the families of Palestinian suicide bombers.

        If you’re already seeing Alwaleed’s influence on Fox exerting itself, just imagine how much worse it might get in the future. It seems the prince is very close with Rupert Murdoch’s favored son, James – a son who, suffice it to say, shares none of his father’s overly touted “conservative” leanings.

        Before entering into his Murdoch association, Alwaleed told an Arab News interviewer that “Arabs should focus more on penetrating U.S. public opinion as a means to influencing decision-making.”

        Does anyone doubt that is at least part of Alwaleed’s motivation for being a major investor in Media Corp.?

        For what it’s worth, there is one U.S. media enterprise at which Saudi money is not welcome – now or ever. That’s WND.

      • Steve

        Should Fox News register with the State Department as a foreign agent — an agent of Saudi Arabia?

        First off, is that a farfetched question? Not when a leading member of the ruling family of the Sharia-totalitarian “kingdom” of Saudi Arabia, Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, has made himself the second-largest shareholder of Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp., Fox News’ parent company.

        Just as Steven Emerson believes that American universities using Saudi mega-millions (many from Alwaleed) to set up Islamic studies departments should register as Saudi agents, I believe an American news channel part-owned and part-influenced by the Saudi prince should, too.

        Alwaleed’s long march through U.S. institutions is a mainly post-9/11 progression greased by his purchase of about a 5.5 percent stake in News Corp. in 2005, and his purchases, I mean, gifts, of $20 million apiece to Georgetown and Harvard Universities, also in 2005.

        There have been other eye-catching displays of Alwaleed’s largesse — $500,000 in 2002 to the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), a Hamas- and Muslim-Brotherhood-linked entity, and a whopping $27 million, also in 2002, to the families of Palestinian “martyrs,” aka suicide bombers. These, along with Alwaleed’s self-described “very close relationship” with Murdoch son and apparent heir-apparent James, a left-wing global-warmist with virulently anti-Israel views, should only deepen Americans’ concerns about Fox’s ties to “the prince.” Recently, Murdoch and Alwaleed have discussed expanding their business relationship through the Murdoch purchase of a substantial stake in Rotana, Alwaleed’s huge Arab media company.

        Before entering his Murdoch association, Alwaleed gave a remarkably candid interview in 2002 about what Arab News described as his belief that “Arabs should focus more on penetrating U.S. public opinion as a means to influencing decision-making” rather than boycotting U.S. products, an idea of the moment.

        The Arab News reported: “Arab countries can influence U.S. decision-making ‘if they unite through economic interests, not political,’ (Alwaleed) stressed. ‘We have to be logical and understand that the U.S. administration is subject to U.S. public opinion. We (Arabs) are not so active in this sphere (public opinion). And to bring the decision-maker on your side, you not only have to be active inside the U.S. Congress or the administration but also inside U.S. society.'”

        And active inside U.S. society living rooms — even better. Alwaleed would seem to have hit on a Fox strategy some time after Rudy Giuliani refused to accept, on behalf of a 9/11-shattered New York City, his $10 million check-cum-lecture that essentially justified the al-Qaida attacks as having been a response to U.S. foreign policy. This was “such an egregious, outrageous, unfair offense that I would have nothing to do with his money either,” Sean Hannity said at the time on Fox News’ “Hannity & Colmes,” his remarks (and those of other Fox personalities) recently re-examined by the left-wing group Media Matters. “This is a bad guy,” Hannity said. “Rudy was right to decline the money.” Bill Sammon called Alwaleed’s check “blood money,” adding, “we’re better off without it.”

        How terribly ironic that this same “bad guy” is now a News Corp. blood-money bags, a boss who must be handled with care as, for example, Fox host Neil Cavuto did in a deferential interview with Alwaleed last month.

        How does this influence Fox News coverage? It’s impossible to say. Alwaleed has bragged that it only took a phone call to ensure that Fox coverage of Muslim rioting in France not be described as “Muslim” rioting in France, a boast News Corp. has never denied. This week, security analyst Joseph Trento, in light of recent negotiations between Alwaleed and Murdoch, mused online whether his own recent interview on “Fox & Friends” didn’t appear in Fox’s online video cache because he had told host Steve Ducey that “Saudi Arabian money was still financing al-Qaida.” The doubt itself is damaging.

        Meanwhile, spokesmen for terrorism-linked and Alwaleed-endowed CAIR still appear on Fox shows, for example, while Dave Gaubatz and Paul Sperry, likely Fox guests as conservative authors of the sleeper-hit book “Muslim Mafia” (an expose of CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood), get zero airtime. The more important question becomes: How does Alwaleed’s stake in News Corp. affect what Fox News doesn’t cover?

        If they don’t report, we can’t decide. This, for a Sharia prince, could be worth millions.

      • Greg

        Yeah, it is odd of them. We are supposed to trust this Imam because the SAUDI prince (the terrorists on 9-11 were Saudis right) who is at least funding part of this has a 5.5 percent stake into news corp.

        But then they say we shouldn’t trust News corp.

        Then why should we trust this prince?

        Most all the names they tossed out were discredited Republicans who conservatives hate precisely because they don’t stand up for conservative issues. The only one possible exception is Beck but I would have to know if they were lying about him or not.

        If they weren’t then it would be not okay I guess the Mosque must be a good idea if Beck is for it, but instead it would be, well I guess Beck isn’t the person I though he was.

        The nerve of them using these names is just incredible.

  140. Greg

    For Centuries Muslims have built Mosques where they have won military victories. That’s a fact. They usually take a church or some other holy site of the people they won their victory over and convert it into a Mosque.

  141. Greg

    John McCain? Conservatives hate him.

    It is ironic that the “justifications” given are not on the merits of the ad but that some conservative (or in the case of John McCain perceived conservative) said the same thing. Like now these people who they otherwise reject straight out are now authorities. By the way I have not heard Glenn Beck say that we were responsible for 9-11.

    • Greg

      Perhaps this is a big difference between Conservatives and Liberals. If all these conservatives DID say such things it would be THEY who would be rejected by conservatives. We aren’t knee jerk followers of personalities. We believe in ideas and if the people who were previously promoting our ideas stop doing so, we stop following them.

      So, saying other people (people he thinks conservatives respect) said the same thing is no excuse.

      • Eat your words Greg. Don’t give me bullshit when you’ve made the same accusation about Liberals.

        I’m done here.

      • Steve


        Thank you for the video.

        While I disagree with most all of it, I found it informative that the Saudi Prince is funding part of it.

        As you know the 9-11 hijackers were Saudis.

        SO, this is a good reason to oppose the mosque.

  142. Steve


    I thought Muslims were forbidden from using curse words.

  143. Steve

    Do you know Nahida that even after 9-11 there wasn’t so much hostility as there is now over the Ground Zero Mosque.

    So this Mosque is being very divisive. Anyone who wanted to build bridges between Muslims and other religions would see this and move the mosque.

  144. Steve

    Years before his latest real-estate project ignited an uproar, Sharif El-Gamal racked up at least seven run-ins with the law, including a bust for patronizing a prostitute.

    “I regret many things that I did in my youth. I have not always led a perfect life,” El-Gamal, 37, said in a statement to the Daily News.

    His most recent arrest was for a Sept. 10, 2005, assault on a barber who sublet a Manhattan apartment from El-Gamal’s brother, Sammy.

    The brothers and another man went to the apartment that afternoon to retrieve back rent from Mark Vassiliev, criminal and civil court records show.

    El-Gamal allegedly cursed at Vassiliev, called him the Arabic curse word “sharmouta” and punched him in the face, breaking his nose and cheekbones.

  145. Steve

    Hey Nahida.

    These Muslims say that what is going on with the Ground Zero Mosque goes AGAINST Islam.

    Check it out here.

    Mischief in Manhattan

    We Muslims know the Ground Zero mosque is meant to be a deliberate provocation

    Last week, a journalist who writes for the North Country Times, a small newspaper in Southern California, sent us an e-mail titled “Help.” He couldn’t understand why an Islamic Centre in an area where Adam Gadahn, Osama bin Laden’s American spokesman came from, and that was home to three of the 911 terrorists, was looking to expand.

    The man has a very valid point, which leads to the ongoing debate about building a Mosque at Ground Zero in New York. When we try to understand the reasoning behind building a mosque at the epicentre of the worst-ever attack on the U.S., we wonder why its proponents don’t build a monument to those who died in the attack?

    New York currently boasts at least 30 mosques so it’s not as if there is pressing need to find space for worshippers. The fact we Muslims know the idea behind the Ground Zero mosque is meant to be a deliberate provocation to thumb our noses at the infidel. The proposal has been made in bad faith and in Islamic parlance, such an act is referred to as “Fitna,” meaning “mischief-making” that is clearly forbidden in the Koran.

    The Koran commands Muslims to, “Be considerate when you debate with the People of the Book” — i.e., Jews and Christians. Building an exclusive place of worship for Muslims at the place where Muslims killed thousands of New Yorkers is not being considerate or sensitive, it is undoubtedly an act of “fitna”

    (Gallery: Remembering the tragedy of 9/11)

    So what gives Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf of the “Cordoba Initiative” and his cohorts the misplaced idea that they will increase tolerance for Muslims by brazenly displaying their own intolerance in this case?

    Do they not understand that building a mosque at Ground Zero is equivalent to permitting a Serbian Orthodox church near the killing fields of Srebrenica where 8,000 Muslim men and boys were slaughtered?

    There are many questions that we would like to ask. Questions about where the funding is coming from? If this mosque is being funded by Saudi sources, then it is an even bigger slap in the face of Americans, as nine of the jihadis in the Twin Tower calamity were Saudis.

    If Rauf is serious about building bridges, then he could have dedicated space in this so-called community centre to a church and synagogue, but he did not. We passed on this message to him through a mutual Saudi friend, but received no answer. He could have proposed a memorial to the 9/11 dead with a denouncement of the doctrine of armed jihad, but he chose not to.

    It’s a repugnant thought that $100 million would be brought into the United States rather than be directed at dying and needy Muslims in Darfur or Pakistan.

    Let’s not forget that a mosque is an exclusive place of worship for Muslims and not an inviting community centre. Most Americans are wary of mosques due to the hard core rhetoric that is used in pulpits. And rightly so. As Muslims we are dismayed that our co-religionists have such little consideration for their fellow citizens and wish to rub salt in their wounds and pretend they are applying a balm to sooth the pain.

    The Koran implores Muslims to speak the truth, even if it hurts the one who utters the truth. Today we speak the truth, knowing very well Muslims have forgotten this crucial injunction from Allah.

    If this mosque does get built, it will forever be a lightning rod for those who have little room for Muslims or Islam in the U.S. We simply cannot understand why on Earth the traditional leadership of America’s Muslims would not realize their folly and back out in an act of goodwill.

    As for those teary-eyed, bleeding-heart liberals such as New York mayor Michael Bloomberg and much of the media, who are blind to the Islamist agenda in North America, we understand their goodwill.

    Unfortunately for us, their stand is based on ignorance and guilt, and they will never in their lives have to face the tyranny of Islamism that targets, kills and maims Muslims worldwide, and is using liberalism itself to destroy liberal secular democratic societies from within.

    Raheel Raza is author of Their Jihad … Not my Jihad, and Tarek Fatah is author of The Jew is Not My Enemy (McClelland & Stewart), to be launched in October. Both sit on the board of the Muslim Canadian Congress.

    • You’re tugging at this with whatever you can get aren’t you?

      Let me make this very clear. This isn’t about Islam. This isn’t about being Muslim. This is about my rights as an American, to buy whatever property is up for sale and–unless I want to open a brothel–turn it into whatever I want. The only reason I should not be able to do this is if that property were made into a memorial, which isn’t happening. If everyone else can do it–if anyone else can do it–then I sure as hell can.

      (Also, this part Let’s not forget that a mosque is an exclusive place of worship for Muslims and not an inviting community centre. isn’t even true about this mosque.)

      The suicide bombers were “Muslim” and this is the one characteristic everyone is randomly taking up–you know what else they were? Men. It’s true. Every one of the suicide bombers were men. There were no women. WHY ARE WE ALLOWING MEN ON THE SITE?!

      That is how ridiculous this is.

  146. Steve

    Here’s another article, in a Pakistani News Web Site…

    Seems like some Muslims are being much more fair about this subject than you are.

    The limits of tolerance
    By Irfan Husain

    The ongoing furore over the so-called Ground Zero Mosque shows no sign of abating after weeks of noisy controversy. In a sense, it has become a litmus test of America’s cherished freedom of worship, as well as its tolerance of other people and other faiths.

    But to put things in perspective, I would like to invite readers to imagine that a group of Christians asked for approval to build a church close to the site of an iconic building in Pakistan some of their fellow-believers had destroyed, killing thousands. How would we have responded?

    Actually, this scenario is so implausible as to be practically meaningless. The sad reality is that non-Muslims in Pakistan live on sufferance, and it would be unthinkable for them to even dream of expanding their places of worship, let alone constructing new ones. A few years ago, I recall writing about the trials and tribulations of Christians trying to build a church in Islamabad despite having received official permission. They were bullied by a local mullah, and found no support from the city administration. Since then, things have got worse for the minorities.

    The ongoing dispute in New York is another reminder of how civilised societies treat those citizens who do not subscribe to the majority faith. Much to his credit, New York’s Mayor Bloomberg (a Jew, by the way) approved the project, despite opposition from right-wing groups. It is President Barack Obama who has been a disappointment to liberals with his equivocation over the issue: after appearing to endorse it at an iftar event for Muslim ambassadors, he backtracked swiftly in the face of shrill and expected criticism from the right.

    In a controversial article that appeared recently in the Ottawa Citizen (Mischief in Manhattan; 7 August), Raheel Raza and Tarek Fatah, two Muslims who live in Canada, argued that proceeding with the project is tantamount to mischief-making, an act prohibited in Islam. The authors have been attacked for their stance on the Internet, with readers accusing them of taking a reactionary line.

    The truth is that the issue has become highly divisive, with over 60 per cent of Americans opposing the project. Before readers think this reflects poorly on secular attitudes in the country, please recall that there are some 30 mosques in New York. What is really giving offence is the location of the proposed Muslim community centre as it is a couple of blocks from where the Twin Towers stood before 9/11.

    For weeks now, this controversy has been in the news with talking heads on TV from across the political spectrum reviling or defending the project, initially dubbed the Cordoba Initiative. Critics have attacked the name of the centre for serving as a reminder of Muslim conquests in Europe. In response, the developer has said the name has been changed to Park51.

    In such an emotionally charged debate, it’s hard to be rational. Logically, the location should be immaterial: after all, there is already a mosque in the area, not far from Ground Zero. So why should another make any difference? The truth is that the 9/11 attacks continue to resonate deeply in America, so what’s the point in insisting on a project that is like a red flag to a bull?

    The project is expected to cost around $100 million, and many think the bulk of the money will come from Saudi Arabia, even though the source of the funds has not been made public yet. If this is indeed so, Raza and Fatah consider this would be a slap in the face of Americans as “nine of the jihadis in the Twin Towers calamity were Saudis”. More to the point for me is that the Saudis have been funding mosques and madressahs around the world, in addition to paying for chairs for Islamic studies at major universities. Many of these have been used to project the country’s official Wahabi version of Islam that has fuelled the rising tide of extremism and jihadi fervour. Against this backdrop, the question to ask is whether we need yet one more such mosque.

    Raza and Fatah ask why the $100 million can’t be put to use to help people in Darfur and Pakistan instead? This is especially relevant in the context of the floods that are devastating much of Pakistan today. My own question is about reciprocity: if the Saudis can aggressively spread their ideology abroad, why can’t other beliefs build their places of worship in Saudi Arabia?

    Currently, it is illegal to build a church, synagogue or temple in the country. Even importing copies of the Bible or the Torah is forbidden. Granted, Saudi Arabia is not an example of tolerance and freedom of worship. In fact, it is one of the most benighted societies on the planet where the royal family rules with an iron hand in partnership with the clergy. Nevertheless, every time the government or individual members of the ruling House of Saud wish to fund a religious centre abroad, they should be asked to open up their country to other faiths.

    Liberal Americans will respond – to their everlasting credit – that their constitutional guarantee of freedom of worship should not be hostage to mediaeval attitudes in Saudi Arabia or elsewhere. Ironically, given the choice between living in a religiously ordered state or in a secular country like America, Muslims have voted with their feet in the hundreds of thousands. Most of them are happier in their adopted home, and are free to worship as they please.

    This is America’s major strength, and it would be a pity if the events of 9/11 were to erode it. Despite the strong religious strand in American society, it welcomes all faiths. All the more reason, then, for everybody in this melting pot to be respectful of others.

    If I am having a meal with a devout Hindu friend at a restaurant, I would not dream of ordering a steak because I am aware that for him or her, cows are sacred. While we all have certain rights, we often do not choose to exercise them so as not to cause offence. This is what living in a heterogeneous society like America entails, so if Muslims opt to live there out of their own free will, it seems to me that they would be wise not to test the limits of tolerance.

  147. Grant

    I was thinking about what if the show had an episode in which it kind of showed the whole quoran burning thing in reverse.

    Then I realized. THEY ALREADY HAVE!

    The Jesus statue breaking episode.

    You know at first I was really against the Pastor burning the Quoran but as things continued along I thought although it was wrong for him to do it at the beginning, it is also wrong for him to back down.

    Several other pastors did however burn the Quoran. Somehow they aren’t getting the Press. I wonder why?

  148. Steve

    Do you know Nahida that even in the days following 9-11 we in America were not as angry at Muslims in America as we are now.

  149. Grant

    This is true. I paid particular attention during that time. There was some mistrust but Americans by and large tried very hard to not make it about American Muslims back then.

    There were three deaths but they were crazies who took advantage of the situation to act out.

    But by and large the last thing we wanted to be seen as was racist against Muslims. I know for my part I saw it as a foreign attack. I blamed our lax laws regarding VISAs and political correctness in our government (which are mostly white guys). I didn’t blame the American Muslim community.

    But the Ground Zero Mosque IS our Muslims doing it to us. That is why we are getting so hostile against American Muslims. They need to send a clear message that they are AGAINST the ground zero Mosque, otherwise this anger is only going to increase.

    Tolerance only goes so far. Look, if violence is the way you get what you want, you need to understand that we perfected violence.

  150. Steve

    Here’s an interesting article.

    By the way, Nahida do you have enough food to last you a week without going to the grocery store?

    There may come a time and it might come sooner rather than later where you are going to need to stay at home for an extended period of time.

  151. Greg

    This is why we in America are getting to really hate Muslims.

  152. Greg

    Check out this video. Savage SAYS GOOD THINGS about Islam.

  153. Max

    The original “Burn the Quaran” Day was done by….


  154. Steve

    Okay here’s a Christian example!

    Carmelite nuns opened a convent near Auschwitz I in 1984. After some Jewish groups called for the removal of the convent, representatives of the Catholic Church agreed in 1987.

    You know while it was mostly Jews who died in those camps, anyone who disagreed with Hitler were also sent there.

    Hitler wanted not only to conquer all of Europe, but he also wanted to create a new religion and to replace Jesus Christ as a person to be worshipped. Hitler expected his followers to worship the Nazi ideology. Since Catholic priests and Christian pastors were often influential leaders in their community, they were targeted by the Nazis. Thousands of priests and pastors were forced into concentration camps. A special barracks was set up at Dachau, the camp near Munich, Germany, for clergymen. A few survived; some were executed, but most were allowed to die slowly of starvation or disease.

    But DESPITE that, given the sensitivities of the Jews, the Pope decided to move the convent.

  155. Steve

    Read about her, and tell me that Catholics didn’t have a RIGHT to have their convent there!

    But no, the Pope, being the REAL religious figure he was, choose the path of bridge building.

    This Imam wants to build a trophy mosque and yes, our tolerance is running thin.

  156. Steve

    So Nahida have you felt any persecution from the fallout over the Ground Zero Trophy Mosque?

    I am sorry that you probably have but that is why it is so important for Muslims to speak out against this outrage.

  157. Steve

    Something that sounds good could still be WRONG!

  158. I know I need a break from the Internet when I find myself siding with Mo. *rolls eyes*

    I came to post that link for the amusement of any rational person still hanging out here.

    That is all. Goodbye.

  159. P.S. Greg, Pakistani Muslims have also burned and raped Muslims. It’s a fucked up country with fucked up people, and YOU have a fucked up perspective.

    And Max, you can go screw yourself.

  160. Okay, I’ve calmed down.

    Steve, I’m posting a response that isn’t mine. I actually brought up that example and linked to THIS before, but since you’re so thick you didn’t bother, I’ll copy and paste it:

    I think a major difference is that “Ground Zero” is an enormous, 16-acre space in downtown Manhattan, and is surrounded by all kinds of businesses and storefronts and houses of worship and whatever else you find in an urban area. There’s a gigantic department store across the street; there are hotdog and t-shirt vendors outside. Concentration camps, by contrast, are typically not smack in the middle of urban areas where space is scare and incredibly valuable. Also, New York City is intentionally developing the area around “Ground Zero” — they’re promoting new businesses, office buildings, etc. The New Yorker is moving its offices there. Again, by contrast, German and Polish cities aren’t trying to develop the areas immediately surrounding concentration camps; the camps are generally memorials, and that’s that. Not the case with Ground Zero. That’s why it’s extra offensive when a Christian religious group tries to erect a religious, Christian monument right outside of a concentration camp — it takes away from the purpose of that space, which is a memorial for groups killed in the Holocaust. I think we’d all be equally offended if a strip club of a hotdog vendor or a sex shop or a discount store that draws hordes opened up across the street from a concentration camp; I think we’d at least find it tacky if someone built high-rise apartment or office buildings on top of a concentration camp, or right next door. But those things all exist right around Ground Zero. It’s a different space, and it serves a different purpose than a concentration camp site. –Jill

    If that place wasn’t a memorial, I’d have disagreed with them not doing it.

    • Steve

      The LANDING GEAR of one of the two planes crashed into the building!

      You know how Tina Fey (not Sarah Palin) said ” I can see Russia from my house”?

      That Proposed Mosque can see where the World Trade Buildings were from that Mosque.

      Look, you have to take things in their historical context. You don’t call a black man “boy” because how that was used in the south at one time. You might mean nothing by it. You might even call white guys “boy”. But still because of the historical context you don’t use that term.

      Similarly we just can’t ignore the historical context in this situation. Muslims have always built mosques in places they consider “victories”.

      The state of New York said they would help them find another site for the Mosque. They refused. That revealed them for what they really are doing. They are building a trophy Mosque.

      We are pretty tolerant. But we can’t be that tolerant. It sends the wrong message to the world and indeed it is just plain offensive.

      We have a right to be offended too!

    • Steve

      A quiet convent would hardly be inappropriate near a concentration camp. As was posted here a beloved Carmelite Nun even died in the Holocaust so surely they own the Holocaust as much as the Jews do.

      But because it created a controversy, the Pope decided not to push the issue. He didn’t want the convent to becomes a symbol of controversy as it has become.

      And this is about who “owns” 9-11. And the answer to that is Americans!

      It’s not for people who want to mark it as a victory!

      If the developers of the Mosque means it to be a symbol of what they say they mean it to symbolize they would realize it has become the exact opposite and would move it elsewhere.

      But then again they have shown THEY WANT IT to be a VICTORY MOSQUE.

      • The people attending the mosque are Americans!

        That’s the message.

        A quiet convent would hardly be inappropriate near a concentration camp. Anything would be inappropriate near a memorial.

        I would be against the mosque if no other building was allowed there either. But the area is packed with commerce!

        Way to miss the point. =/

  161. Also, I apologize for cursing. =/

  162. Steve

    Thought you might be interested in this video that was posted recently on youtube. This was in the UK.

    ‘Father of the Revolution’ – The Personality of Imam Khomeini – Sheikh Hamid Waqar

    The AhlulBayt Islamic Mission and the Islamic Centre of England held a conference marking the demise of the late Imam Ruhullah Khomeini. The conference was entitled ‘Father of the Revolution’ with guest speakers including Sister Shirin Tejanii, Dr. Fatima Hussain, Sheikh Hamid Waqar, Br. Mohammed Al-Hilli and Imam Mohammed Asi. The conference was held on Saturday 5th June 2010

    Khomeini was an enemy to the West. Yet here are people in the UK praising him. Is it no wonder why people ask especially in Europe and increasingly in the United States…whose side are the Muslims here on!

  163. Steve

    German and Polish cities aren’t trying to develop the areas immediately surrounding concentration camps; the camps are generally memorials, and that’s that.

    You know I know how Jews want to own the Holocaust and indeed they were the main focus. But Christians died there too! Including a Camelite nun.

    But since it upsets so many Jews the Pope decided to move the nuns.

    So, the developers of this Mosque should take the Pope’s example. Sure Muslims died on 9-11 (though I never got an official count of that excluding the terrorists of course) but they were not the focus. The people who were the focus of this were “the infidels”.

    And if the developers really wanted to promote harmony they would find somewhere else to build that Mosque.

    But it’s obvious what their true intentions are.

    • Steve

      This isn’t only about Muslims. There has been an effort within the American left to change the narrative about what happened on 9-11.

      So this is more about the America Left than even it is about Muslims, though of course it is about Muslims too because they need to speak out clearly about them being used by the American Left and a minority of Muslims in such a way.

      All we are saying is move the Mosque. The fact they won’t indicates why they are really building it.

      • Steve

        All the American Muslims need to do is speak out clearly and tell that Imam DON’T BUILD THE MOSQUE THERE.

        Just say that you are as offended as any good American about the American Left trying to use Muslims to change the narrative about what happened on 9-11.

      • No one uses me. Not the American Left, and not the equally insane American Right.

      • Steve

        Muslims are being used in this case. The Left wants you to hate America has much a they do.

        It’s not the first 9-11 location the Left is trying to ruin. They are trying to ruin the Flight 93 memorial as well.

        Kind of reminds me of the “Wheat Week” episode. Just rope in a few Muslims just like the mayor and Sarah roped in Barber.

        Neither the Leftists nor the minority of Muslims who are responsible for the ground zero mosque has the intentions most Muslims have. At least I hope they don’t.

  164. Steve

    Like I said, if the Mosque was built the people looking out of the Mosque’s windows could see where the World Trade Center Buildings were.

  165. Look, Steve, I’m never going to agree with you on this issue, and you’re not budging either, and unless someone wants to make a memorial out of the entire area, I’m basically convinced and done. I have too much going on right now, including a decision that could devastate my future: whether or not to temporarily give up literature to pursue a J.D. just so I could write a set of anti-pornography laws and attempt to pass them. If I fail, I’d have potentially thrown away a secure career in education and flung myself willingly into loads of debt because law school is the biggest sham in history. On top of that, I had completely overlooked (until one of my friends gently reminded me) that I’d have to be a politician to pass laws. Well, that isn’t going to happen, so now I have to figure out a way around it. And I have to do it before the end of next semester, because the university doesn’t have enough money to let me change my mind whenever I want.

    Good luck with you.

    • Steve

      Good luck to you as well.

      By the way, just a hint, you don’t have to be a politician to get laws past. Most politicians don’t read, much less write the bills they vote on.

      You either have to work for a politician or a lobbyist. Or work for a legislative committee or perhaps even a governmental department. You can be what they call a legislative liaison (a lobbyist for a governmental organization).

      I tell you this because you say you want to write a set of anti-pornography laws. You are getting more and more like Sarah Palin everyday.

      Behind the scenes is where most of the work gets done. And both parties would like the idea of having a Muslim working for them. Work for a Republican on a campaign when you have time and that could get you into maybe helping out during the legislative session, and from there you might be able to get into the caucus staff.

      • Sarah Palin!

        That insult was totally uncalled for. Can she even write?

        I want to do what Andrea Dworkin couldn’t.


        I’m no expert (yet) but it needs work.

        Brilliant start she had, though.

      • Steve

        Palin doesn’t need to know how to write. She can get people like you to write for her.

        (Of course she can write though. She can write much better than Obama who just reads off a teleprompter).

      • At least Obama knows he has no talent in writing. It’s scary when she tries.

        I can’t even understand that woman when she speaks. And I am very, very smart.

        It’s her.

      • Steve

        No, its you.

        I perfectly understand what Palin is saying. She speaks from the heart of an American. He speaks from the soul of America.

      • Dear God.

        Steve, if you can understand what she’s saying, it’s because you’re giving her meaning.

        She contains nothing herself!

        Even Michael Savage changed his mind about her. (See, I do listen before I judge. You refuse to believe it.)

        Every disastrous interview proved it. Especially the one with Katie Couric. I had to constantly remind myself that Conservative voters are not the same as Conservative politicians to keep myself from slamming my onto my keyboard for the love of (roughly) half the American population.

      • Steve

        If you got it you might as well use it.

        It not it could go to someone less deserving.

        The only thing I have is when a person who get a scholarship for foreign students is actually an US Citizen.

        Now who would have done that? Or perhaps HE WAS QUALIFIED! For the scholarship I mean, which would disqualify him for something else.

    • Steve

      Surely there’s some scholarship you can get. I mean it should be so easy for you to find one given that you are a Muslim, Minority, Female. Kind of a Trifecta, huh!

      • I only take scholarships based on income level and my own brilliance.

        None of that fluffy stuff.

      • Steve

        If you got it you might as well use it.

        It not it could go to someone less deserving.

        The only thing I have is when a person who get a scholarship for foreign students is actually an US Citizen.

        Now who would have done that? Or perhaps HE WAS QUALIFIED! For the scholarship I mean, which would disqualify him for something else.

      • Steve

        If you got it you might as well use it.

        It not it could go to someone less deserving.

        I rather you have it than some Jihadist.

        The only thing I have is when a person who get a scholarship for foreign students is actually an US Citizen.

        Now who would have done that? Or perhaps HE WAS QUALIFIED! For the scholarship I mean, which would disqualify him for something else….

  166. Steve

    By the way, I thought you might be glad to hear this.

    The radical Muslim is going to give way on the whole America’s biggest baddie list.

    An old enemy is arising from the ashes. But be careful they will use Muslims if they can.

    If you love the American way of life, and I think you do, watch out for these villains. They are our greatest threat!!!!


    The Return of the Commie…Coming to a radical leftwing protest near you.

  167. Steve

    Is Islam Compatible with Democracy?
    Fri, 08 Oct 2010 16:15:09 -0400

    Dr. M. Zuhdi Jasser, an American Muslim who served in the U.S. Navy, says yes but first Islam must be “reformed.”

    Click Here to Download PodCast

  168. Steve

    Mark Levin Interviews Dr. Zuhdi Jasser About New Clip Of Radical Imam Rauf P1

  169. Steve

    Mark Levin Interviews Dr. Zuhdi Jasser About New Clip Of Radical Imam Rauf P2

  170. Steve

    Mark Levin Interviews Dr. Zuhdi Jasser About New Clip Of Radical Imam Rauf P3

  171. Steve

    Zuhdi Jasser – Oslo Freedom Forum 2010

  172. Bill

    The Roots & Cure of Extremism – Abdul Hakim Murad

  173. When I was in middle school my then best friend since the 3rd grade (she’s still a really close friend) and I knew a girl named Natalie. Leanna knew Natalie better than I did—the two of them spent time together outside of class. I was a bit of a wanderer. That’s an understatement. I took long walks and daydreamed. I couldn’t sit in one place and hold a conversation, not when there was the option of zoning out. I visited them once in a while, in their larger group, but mostly kept to myself.

    (This is too much background information, I realize.) Anyway, eventually I noticed Natalie acting strange. She was quieter than before, almost a little hostile, but I pushed this aside and told myself she was shy. I was one to understand shyness. I suffer from it mildly during first impressions. She hadn’t seemed shy before, but maybe this was a natural development.

    Leanna frequently called me in the afternoons. On one such occasion, she mentioned a joke Natalie had made. I found it surprising, since I couldn’t imagine the girl acting silly.

    “She’s awfully quiet,” I remarked.

    “Not really… I mean, only around you.”

    I was a little shocked. “…Why?”

    “Because, well—we saw you walking once. And I told her you were one of my best friends.” Her voice became soft and cautious. I could barely hear her. “And she asked what you were. And I told her you were Muslim.” The next few words came as a rush, like she wanted to get them over with. “And she’s kind of scared, you know?”

    There was a long silence. I was not prepared for the wave of emotion I felt then. I hadn’t expected myself to have this kind of pained reaction. I hadn’t expected myself to care.

    “Hello?” Lee asked quietly.

    “I’m here.”

    “Don’t tell her I said so, okay?”

    “I promise.”

    “Are you okay Nahida?”


    I told her I had to go quickly after. And there, in my bedroom, I allowed myself to slowly recover.

    Recently, I was walking with a friend and ranting passionately about the devastating conditions in which chickens are raised. The males are killed altogether. I finished with, “I want an adorable little baby chick, so I can name him Omelet.”

    “That’s cute,” he laughed, surprised, “which is weird. Smart girls don’t usually say cute things.”

    I glanced at him reproachfully. “You’re a total buffoon.”

    That wasn’t very cute.”

    “The truth can rarely be described as cute, so no.” I sped up. “Do you know why smart girls don’t say ‘cute’ things? Because ‘acting cute’ has become synonymous for ‘acting stupid.’ ”

    “You’re not offended are you? C’mon Nahida, you’re acting like a woman.”

    He was joking. Or he thought he was. I decided to take it seriously. (‘Cause you know, feminists don’t have a sense of humor.)

    I was walking so fast at this point that he had to jog a little to keep up with me. He was actually out of breath when I reached my destination.

    “Why do angry women walk so fast!” he exclaimed. “What building is this?”

    “It’s called a library,” I swung open the door, nearly slamming it into his face. He dodged it and slid in after me.

    “Look it was a joke, I’m sorry—”

    “Yeah I’m sorry too. I’m sorry I’m not enough of an idiot to laugh hysterically at everything you say, no matter how lame it is. I’m sorry I don’t feel the social obligation to pretend I find you hilarious. Besides,” I added, “you weren’t joking.”

    “Yes I was.”

    “You weren’t joking. You really believe it’s like that. You think I’m PMSing.”

    “Hey, I’m here with you aren’t I? I’m spending time with you… I could be somewhere else you know, with other friends who laugh at everything. But I wanted to have a real conversation, and I don’t take those girls seriously—”

    “But I want you to! I want you to take them seriously. They’re real people, you know.”

    “I can’t. They don’t act serious. Is that my fault?”

    I swung around. “It’s no one’s fault,” I said gently.

    He looked at me, surprised. Not because of what I had just said, but because of the dramatic change in my tone. I sank into a chair. He bounced down beside me. “But you do participate.” I sighed, “The world participates. Everyone is a victim and no one is.”

    A moment of silence passed, and he said, “You have really nice eyelashes.”

    “Well rehearsed,” I snapped.

    He immediately knew what he’d done wrong. “I didn’t say it to convince you I was sorry! I’m not trying to buy your forgiveness with flattery. I know you’re not that cheap. I really meant it. I don’t know why I said it just now. Maybe it’s the way the light’s coming in through that window. They look long and fluffy. And I’m sorry.”

    “It’s okay.”

    “You’re really smart. You’re the smartest girl I know—”

    “That actually depresses me.”

    “—Remember when you were telling me about the diffraction of light? And how different elements have their own unique spectra? It was beautiful, when you were talking about it. You sounded like you were in love. And you are cute sometimes. The real definition of cute.”

    “Why do you do things you know are messed up?”

    “People get you.”

    He didn’t want to be alone.

    And it was then that I thought suddenly of Leanna, and how it must have felt for her, on the other end of the line, telling her best friend about another girl judging her. Right before I had hung up, she’d asked—almost desperately—if I’d call her back when I had the time. She wanted to assure me that she wasn’t Natalie, that she knew me, that I was still the best friend she ever had. She didn’t want to alienate me. She didn’t want to be alone.

    Each of us is an entire universe, and we get lost inside ourselves when there’s nothing to anchor us down and guide us. And we’re so afraid of being alone that we don’t want to leave it behind even when we can clearly see that the something anchoring us is wrong.

    • This looked way shorter when I was typing it into the tiny comment box.

      Summary: People have issues with social pressure.

      • Alice McGoram


        You’re a better human being than to engage in this stupid shit with Steve, who is a complete and utter disgrace to my religion and well to the rest of the conservatives who don’t wish death and destruction to people who don’t agree with them.

        I’ve never really cared for Little Mosque on the Prairie (the writing wasn’t anything to write home about), but he’s clearly turned a place where people who enjoyed the show could discuss their feelings into some place uninhabitable. He hates this show because it portrays people who aren’t white, Christian or Republicans (like me and unfortunately, him) as human beings.

        If you want to converse with this piece of excrement, you would do a better job talking to the toilet.

        Do yourself a favour and don’t come back.

        As for you, Steve, Jo and the other pieces of crap who engage in cyber bullying, stop claiming that you’re on my side (yes, I am white, Christian and Republican people) or rather America’s side. You and Sean Hannity have embarassed us long enough. Go back to your KKK meeting.


      • Nahida

        Hi Alice. =) The writing in this show really is terrible; I really only come here because (when it’s active) the comments are usually much more interesting. I’m very much aware that I’m wasting my time. xD I could be practicing my singing, writing a novel, watching paint dry, or taking part in other more productive things. But there are people who are reading—they comment sometimes, randomly—and it would be nice if, once in a while, they’d come across something pleasant. I’m here frequently but I’ve been absent for months before. I have my ins and outs I guess.

      • Steve

        Alice, I hate the show (well I don’t hate it) because especially this season it attacks Christians.

        Be that as it may there has been some very good episodes. The episode about “Wheat Week” and about the Welcome sign was some of the best comedy I have seen on television”.

        I certainly don’t care about the cast being not white. I think it is great that such actors have found a way to break into television if it’s not overdone. They should be portrayed, and I think more of them should be portrayed as main characters as long as they don’t have minorities cast as main characters in every show. Then it gets to be too much. They should be portrayed as the percentage of society they really are.

        I really like Undercovers even though the main characters are black. It does bother me that there’s not more shows out there where the minority is the main character as long as their race is not over emphasized.

        The BBC show “Luther” is another show I like. The main character is black but his race is not really mentioned. I mean it’s yeah his race is black but so what.

        Now on the other hand the BBC show “Merlin” has Gwendevere be black. I like the actress, but really? Sorry, there was no black people in ancient Britannia and having one just for political correctness reasons is bothersome.

        Oh, another way that Little Mosque bothers me is that it came on after 9-11 which makes it seem like it almost rewarded that. After all there’s no show about Mormons on television, or Amish.

      • Steve

        Oh, also I really loved the episode where Layla took on the hippie.

        I think if there was more episodes like that the show would have better ratings.

        I have often said that Fatima should run for mayor. Would a racist say that?

      • Steve

        I also think there should be a show where the mayor changes all the public bathrooms to be “Asian Style” on behalf of the Muslim community.

        Of course most of the Muslims are Canadians so they hate the toilets as much as everyone else.

        It would show how often people make accommodations that the people who the accommodations are supposedly made for doesn’t even want.

      • Steve

        Either the Mayor or perhaps Throne does that for the church as I guess he will be trying to win back the favor of the Muslims this upcoming season.

    • Steve

      “Because, well—we saw you walking once. And I told her you were one of my best friends.” Her voice became soft and cautious. I could barely hear her. “And she asked what you were. And I told her you were Muslim.” The next few words came as a rush, like she wanted to get them over with. “And she’s kind of scared, you know?”

      Why did she ask her “what you were”. I mean you don’t wear the hijab do you? It’s okay if you do, I just didn’t think you did.

      • Nahida

        No, I don’t. Unfortunately I’m quite vain about my (awesome) hair, which is obvious with the hovercard.

      • Nahida

        Natalie, however, was most likely referring to my ethnicity. Leanna (who was then a devout Catholic) understood that I identified more with my religion than with any ethnicity and provided the correct answer.

      • Steve

        Nahida she was probably worried about saying the wrong thing to you and then having your brothers and cousins come after her.

        You might not really have a brother but she doesn’t know that.

      • I should have assured her that I am perfectly capable of coming after her myself.

      • Jasmine

        Really Steve?! That’s what you had to say?

        And Nahida does have brothers, I think. Thought I read it somewhere. Two? But they’re both younger.

        You never mentioned a father though, Nahida, even though you’ve mentioned your mother a couple of times. Is he in your life? (Sorry for not asking you this in person LOL)

      • Even though you’re sitting across from me? ;] Yes, I do have two younger brothers. (This surprises many people; apparently I seem like the “only child” type.)

        And no, he isn’t.

      • Steve

        But Natalie doesn’t know what might set you off. She might say something perfectly innocent and it’s taken the wrong way and suddenly a jihad is declared against her.

        Well that’s what she probably feared.

        Muslims can come off as scary at times. And there are Islamophobes out there. They are typically though the ones so afraid of Muslims that they try to accommodate them.

        The reason she was so quiet around you is that she doesn’t want to say the wrong thing. She knows how touchy certain Muslims can get and she didn’t want any trouble.

      • Steve

        That’s why “Little Mosque on the Prairie” has Layla and has her be Barber’s daughter.

        There’s a perception out there that Muslim males mistreat their daughter.

    • Nahida,

      Are you an English major? I remember reading in one of my highschool textbooks about how there are no bad stories only bad writers. You have very eloquently described a human experience and it was very sad but it was also touching because everyone can relate to you as well as Leanna and the other friend.

      ‘Each of us is an entire universe, and we get lost inside ourselves when there’s nothing to anchor us down and guide us.’

      This is so true, I read this and I thought, ‘How is it that this girl (woman :P) realized this intrinsic knowledge that is inside of all of us and condensed it into a very profound sentence?’

      You seem like a very cool person and someone I would like to be friends with, if I had the chance :).

      I know, I sound like I’m missing the point being all gushy about your skills in communication, but I have a feeling that you have friends (who could have been like Leanna but weren’t) who don’t care about the status quo because you’ve made them realize that ‘status quo’ doesn’t really matter. And you seem like the ideal kind of activist- you’re patient and idk, it’s like you have faith in good things. 🙂

      Take care and all the best =).


      • Thank you Saqiba! What a sweet thing to say! I am majoring in English (as of now, anyway.)

        Lee and I are still very good friends. I’ll leave a comment on the first post on your site (because I find it a very important topic.)

      • Steve

        Just wanted to let you know that there’s a Little Mosque on the Prairie special on the CBC on December 6th.

        Perhaps then we can get a sense of the direction of the show.

        Last year was a very hateful season. I hope they have moved away from that. I feel if they start making jokes against liberals it might just save the show because few comedies attack liberals and the public really craves such entertainment.

        Some of the best shows have been ones where they have attacked the liberals and their ideas. Who can forget Wheat Week, the episode about the Mercy sign, and the one where Layla stood up against Tree. They have been few and far between but they were the best episodes of an otherwise average comedy.

        Have Thorne be a “bad dream” al la Bobby in the shower (Dallas). Done the right way it could be funny. I think I even wrote how it could be done. Amaar stood up late watching a Faulty Towers marathon and the food he ate didn’t set well. Then they could start the season over from where Rayyan was dumped.

        Perhaps later in the first episode he even strangely runs into “Thorne” although the guy doesn’t give his name (but make it similar to the first time in the “dream” where he met Thorne but the guy asks directions to “Dog River” (Use the same actor which kind of gives the whole episode a “Twilight Zone” kind of feel). Is there really a guy named “Thorne” out there (dah dah dah dah)?

        But after that episode no Thorne. He never existed. It was all a bad dream.

        I think it would be funny if he woke up to see McGee (but not in a shower of course) . That would be absolutely a moment to applaud and would kind of signal that they were sorry about last season.

      • Steve

        Other ideas. Prepare Baber and Layla for their own series where Layla goes off to college but when visiting the college Baber gets a job there.

        Have Tree and his dad lose their store due to a drug bust and Faisel set up a Halal store there.

        Amaar steps up and helps Fred stop a “Fremont Fair” type gay pride gathering that the mayor was putting together as to promote “Mercy tourism”.

        Fred runs Fatima for mayor. All of the mayor’s traditional supporters go for Fatima (after all they only supported the mayor because she was a woman so that was the most politically correct thing to do but Fatima isn’t only a woman but she is Black and a Muslim as well). As a result the mayor goes on the radio pretending to be just like the “hicks” trying to get their vote but of course she pretends to be how she thinks they are so she really insults them too. That and Fred’s support of Fatima gives her the victory in a landslide (and of course Sarah is stuck in the middle). Have a couple of episodes where Fatima is trying to do the right thing as mayor which includes laying off Sarah as a cost cutting method.

        The former mayor should now go back to her old job as a sue happy liberal lawyer after a few episodes of her being depressed about losing her job.

        Faisel needs to start stepping up in the Conservative Muslim role that Barber has been fulfilling for the series since Baber will soon leave the show for the new series. Whereas for Baber the twist was that he was a conservative Muslim who loves his daughter the twist on Faisel is that although he is a conservative Muslim his wife really wears the pants (figuratively).

      • Steve

        but the guy asks directions to “Dog River”

        Or perhaps he could ask directions to Wullerton *spit

      • Steve

        Of course the Amaar Rayyan Relationship should continue on at the appropriate place.

      • Steve

        Pace I mean. Not place although of course I guess place as well.

      • Steve

        I have another idea for an episode.

        Election time is coming up so to shore up her Muslim support the mayor makes all public toilets “Asian Style” and makes a law that says that all public establishments must have an “Asian Style” toilet in each restroom.

        Of course that doesn’t only make the general community mad but the Muslims as well. Many of them are Canadians of course. They nether requested nor do they desire that the mayor do this.

      • Steve

        They have shown Yasir’s mother but I would love to have an episode with Sarah’s Mother. I have a feeling that she are a liberal racist who of course pretends not to be a racist but the harder she pretends not to be a racist the more obvious her true racism is revealed to be. She says things she thinks shows her to be open minded but indeed when she says them it shows how racist she is.

        And Sarah’s Father is probably a quiet man kind of like Abner Kravitz from Bewitched

  174. Steve


    I don’t know if the actor who plays Yasir wants to still be on the show or if he is seeking out other acting opportunities.

    Here’s a question, although I don’t want to write Yasir out of the show, say because of the actor he has to be. In that case what would the best way to write Yasir out of the show?

    Also I think they should give Baber and Layla their own spin off with Layla going to College and having go through all the strange situations she faces there. I have an idea about a professor inviting her to a diner party showing her around as “her Muslim student” only to find out that another professor has adopted a child from Africa.

    I am sure that Fassil could take up the slack as “the conservative Muslim” in “Little Mosque”.

    • Steve, why are you under the impression that every Liberal who adopts a baby from Africa is showing off?

      That’s very costly manner of showing off. Children are expensive! In both money and time. I went from wanting seven to wanting two. (And as a Liberal [to Moderate] I’ve even considered adoption [because I certainly wasn’t going to have seven myself] with actual, honest motives.) It’s not even rational to adopt a child just to show him/her off. It’s not something you’d do unless you really care.

      Also, those Asian style toilets were not in some random place. They were installed at a location that specifically existed to commemorate Asian culture. If anyone has problems with the bathrooms they are free to not visit.

      And in places where there are other people (like airports), they have the option of using the Asian style toilets or the Western ones (in an entire public restroom, only two or three of the stalls are replaced.) I’m not saying I approve of this (I don’t) but it’s not nearly as disastrous as you seem to believe it is. And it will never get that way, because I’m certain that once you use a Western style toilet… you can’t really go back. Have you ever been forced to use an Asian style toilet? Save yourself the trouble if you say yes, because I’m not going to believe you.

      After all, if you go to a hotel in Asia, you’ll find Western style toilets there. And no Asian is freaking out about them. Not that I’ve heard anyway.

      Yassir is coming back in when the new season begins in January.

      • Steve

        But for only a few episodes if I understand correctly.

      • Steve

        Steve, why are you under the impression that every Liberal who adopts a baby from Africa is showing off?

        Because they are. They think it shows how compassionate they are and then they hand the baby to a nanny (probably an illegal).

    • Steve

      I think they could have Baber get a job as a professor at the University. Here she thought she was getting away from her dad, but nope.

      It could totally make fun of what liberals do in an University setting.

      Oh, check out this web page. It is cool.

    • Steve

      I even have a funny quip for Layla. After finding out that she has been upstaged the professor says (after all this is a comedy) Quick Layla can I adopt you?

      Layla: Uh, I don’t think my dad would approve.

      Layla has a great way of playing the “straight man” (sorry to use “man” but it’s a comedic term) to all the craziness that surrounds her. Her common sense reaction makes the scene work.

  175. I wanted to add this before but didn’t: when I mentioned the anti-pornography, you recommended the Republican party. I doubt it would help me much to have an anti-pornography bill presented by a “family values” politician who ends up coming out with pathetic, hypocritical sex scandals.

    “Family values” men never existed. What a joke.

    I wouldn’t be this far off the spectrum if you recognized the blatant hypocrisy on both sides and acknowledged that they were only the extremes.

    • Steve

      Usually the Republicans who get in trouble aren’t the “family values” types but the “Me too” types (that is whenever the Democrats have an idea these people go “Me too”). We call them RINOS which stand for Republicans in Name Only because they vote with the Left so often.

      There may be a few cases of the truly conservative turning out to be scum but I can’t think of many. There was a guy in Florida who went after nudists and we found out later he was a perv. but he was indeed a leftist and only went after nudists because he wanted to be a Senator and he knew that in the primary there would be actual conservatives running against him so he saw this as a quick way to establish conservative creds.

      But I guess Democrats can never be hypocrites because they don’t support good values to begin with. Given the choice I think I would support the hypocrites who at least acknowledges that there’s a moral code although they are too weak to live by it rather than politicians who don’t even acknowledge that a moral code exists at all.

  176. Steve

    Okay to beat wife?

  177. Steve

    Remembering Little Mosque at its best.

    Liberals Using Muslims to suit their own agenda. Just get a few Muslims to call something “anti Islam” and you can get it shut down.

    By the way, I think they should do a sequel to this episode. Have out of town Muslims come in to protest the “anti Islam” aspects of Wheat Week (once some rumor like this is started it is hard to stop it and pretty soon the truth doesn’t matter and it’s all about showing your political power in getting it shut down). Mercy Muslims stand up against these out of towners and put their own float in the Wheat Week parade.

  178. Steve

    Amaar fails to stand up in favor of Wheat Week. It is an understandable mistake because he had no idea what was going on. So often liberals use Muslims like this.

  179. Steve

    Third part.

    The only company that they could get to sponsor this was from out of country that didn’t hear that the event was “anti-Islamic”. The rest were afraid to support this “anti Islamic”event (which isn’t really anti Islamic but from the company’s standpoint given the rumors why take the chance of pissing off the Muslims and have them perhaps target them for boycotts or worse).

  180. Steve, will you leave gay people alone? What exactly are they doing–other than going on with their private lives, in which they should be free to sleep with whomever they like, and practicing their right of free speech–that you have a problem with?

    If anyone else here is against gay pride parades, I would advise you not to watch. I would be against even the most peaceable KKK rallies, but I’m not hollering about them. If I can put up with hate-filled bigots then you’ll be just fine with perfectly nice gay people.

    I have nothing against gay marriage in terms of politics, even though I might be against it religiously, because we have something in this country called separation of church and state. It’s the same reason I’m personally against having sex before marriage, but I’m not going harass all my friends about it. I don’t care to, because it doesn’t affect me. And because they’re not doing anything wrong: if I can’t soundly explain why it’s wrong without using religion, it’s only wrong for me. (And I’m not talking about bad ideas, like “it’s wrong to do drugs”–I am talking about issues on which people rely strictly on morals–so no faulty analogies here.) Pushing something like that on someone else is just as bad as the opposite. I mean, if I weren’t against it on a personal level, and if I were participating, I’d be pretty peeved if someone butt themselves into my personal life. Unless it because I was not practicing what I was preaching, in which case, I would completely deserve to be scrutinized.

    I’m not going to pretend to be all up behind the first amendment and then inconsistently allowing certain people to practice it.

    Some of the best shows have been ones where they have attacked the liberals and their ideas. Who can forget Wheat Week, the episode about the Mercy sign, and the one where Layla stood up against Tree. They have been few and far between but they were the best episodes of an otherwise average comedy.

    Among my own opinion that this show pretty much fails at comedy with possibly the exclusion of the first season (the dialogue is cheesy, the jokes are half-witted, and the characters have ceased to be unique individuals and have fallen into molds of stereotypes) I feel the need to point out that Reality (on which humor is greatly based) doesn’t have a liberal or conservative bias. For the love of God, the world isn’t black and white. Do you have to be so dry?

    • Jasmine

      HAPPY THANKSGIVING MY DARLING NAHIDA! Which I would tell you right now, if you weren’t such a sleepyhead! I’m actually considering jumping onto your bed and yelling “IT’S JODIE!” to teach you to stay up watching Amityville Horror. =D And yeah, I know you’re going to class today, even though there’re going to be like 5 people and I don’t see why you’d bother. I’ll start the cooking.

      “I’d be pretty peeved if someone butt themselves into my personal life.”

      It’s true! I seen it! I better get ready myself because I’ve been sneakily looking through your laptop, which you conveniently left on my side, hoping to find a scandal! 😉 But the worse thing I’ve found is some Celine Dion music.

      “(And I’m not talking about bad ideas, like “it’s wrong to do drugs”–I am talking about issues on which people rely strictly on morals–so no faulty analogies here.) ”

      You’re big on morals yourself. I’m assuming you mean personal morals that are applied to others without compassion or the acknowledgment that others can have different morals and choose different lifestyles? And not things that should be Universal Morals.

      I always wondering how you managed the whole “virgin until marriage” thing. I imagine it must be super hard. We all got a good laugh though that time you confessed the worse thing you ever did with a boy was give him your earring!

      Steve seems to refuse to acknowledge that you’re a liberal (to moderate). Perhaps that last post of yours will convince him. 😉

      • I’m up, I’m uuup! What were you doing awake at such a ludicrous hour? You were up before fajr! Well, you must have been, because it’s barely 6:30… even though your post says 6:39.

        Celine Dion isn’t nearly as bad as you make her out to be. Besides, we don’t even follow the rules of having sides. You’re always tossing your stuff on my bed. You’re lucky I’m so tolerant of your shenanigans. xD

        Yes, that’s what I meant. Thanks. =) And it’s actually not that hard. At all. It was even easier in high school, because I simply had no desire. I think sex must be like alcohol, where you don’t really feel like it until you’ve had some. Maybe it’s a tiny bit difficult now, but guys make it super easy. Do you know how many of them have become nervous and openly requested that I change shoes whenever I put on six inch heels because they’re afraid I’ve begun to “approach their height”? Apparently it’s harder to handle the notion that I just might be able to look him squarely in the eye instead of gazing up at him dreamily or some nonsense.

        I have done worse since then, though. (THAT is how you use the word “worse”; I think for every time you used it, it was supposed to have been “worst.”)

        Last month I went with someone (I’ll tell you who later) to an Edgar Allan Poe reading. I like poetry and I like spooky things. Spooky poetry is a great combination.

        He picked up a couple of programs for us. I sat beside him, listening to the piano, and I ran the inner edge of the pamphlet against my bottom lip, deliberately staining it across the corner diagonally with my lipstick. I suppose it would be proper to say that I did this innocently. But that would be a lie. I did it because I knew he would ask for it.

        And he did.

        “Can we trade?” he asked meekly.

        “Why?” I laughed, though I knew why. I handed him my pamphlet in exchange for his. He stared at it happily.

        I had not pretended to have done it absentmindedly. To be honest, marking the pamphlet with my lipstick wasn’t out of my character at all. And though it was purposeful then, it was the type of thing I would do regardless of whether he was there. There was no need to pretend it had nothing to do with him, because it really didn’t. At the same time, it kind of did. Whatever.

        It may have been wrong of me. I’m not quite sure. In fact, maybe I shouldn’t have been there with him at all. I’m 19 years old. Marriage is the last thing in which I’m interested, and I shouldn’t be out with someone without that serious intention for myself, so that he isn’t hurt. I could stand before God and point out that he was aware of the conditions, but I knew–and God knows everything–that this is utter nonsense, because I knew he had feelings for me, and though he understood it was just this once, I knew the soaring nature of hope.

        You’re laughing again aren’t you? It’s okay, I know you secretly understand and won’t admit it. ;]

      • Jasmine

        Ah, but who can resist Edgar Allen Poe?

        And ya caught me. :X

        Do you know how many of them have become nervous and openly requested that I change shoes whenever I put on six inch heels because they’re afraid I’ve begun to “approach their height”? Apparently it’s harder to handle the notion that I just might be able to look him squarely in the eye instead of gazing up at him dreamily or some nonsense.

        LOL I REMEMBER!! It was just twice though–but that IS a lot in your case, since you pretty much never let anyone go anywhere with you. As a matter of fact, I think twice is pretty much every time.

        You should write the Rayyan-Amaar portion of the show! I’m only teasing–I know you’d hate it since romance is your least favorite genre.

      • I was about to punch you there. And use your laptop I have retype my name and email every time you use this one. =P

      • Steve

        I know she is a liberal but I just don’t understand why since it goes against her Muslim upbringing.

      • Steve

        Oh, Jasmine is your college roommate. Is that her real name “Jasmine”?

        This is why I think such a show for Layla would work. You can see it in your own life.

        So, is Jasmine unfortunately the typical American youth? You said you were 19 so I assume she is (or around that age). Does she have friends with benefits and stuff like that?

        It must have been a real culture shock for her to find out that there are people in the world who actually wait until marriage to have sex.

        Do you have a code (men use a neck tie on the handle) that indicates when she is “using” the room?

        How do you feel when she brings boys into your room with you being there? She knows better right?

        Of course in my Layla sitcom I would have all those situations come up as definitely I would have Layla live in a dorm (you would just miss out on too many comedic possibilities otherwise).

        Nahida, just a warning, because I have been there myself. College is naturally a time to spread your wings but be careful that you still remain true to yourself. Yeah, get a little crazy as this is perhaps the last time in your life that you are allowed to, but don’t do anything against your moral code (which you probably won’t anyway, but things can get quite crazy in college).

      • Steve

        Jasmine, it sounds like a strippers name. Oh, sorry not being politically correct here. A name of an exotic dancer.


        She doesn’t come on here unless she’s on my laptop because the page is in the history, and now with all your “slut shaming” I’m going to make sure she doesn’t. You don’t have a clue who she is. AS A MATTER OF FACT, we talked about MY LIFE, not hers.

        She’s a real Liberal. She doesn’t even DRINK when we’re under the same roof, because she respects my religion.

        Now I suppose you’re going to go about how she’s faking it. How dare you make assumptions about her, then go on about how you don’t get into people’s personal business. The only thing she put out in public was that she isn’t a virgin, which could mean ONCE or TWICE or THREE TIMES, or maybe a THOUSAND TIMES–and I wouldn’t care, because she’s never disturbed me, and she has the right to do WHATEVER SHE WANTS with WHOMEVER SHE LIKES.

        Mina’s name is fine. It’s as common as yours. And “exotic” is just as offensive. But you don’t care. Because you’re an asshat. You were going for offensive.

      • Steve

        Nahida, when you say she doesn’t even drink when you are around, why do you have a problem with her having some orange juice around you?

        Of course when you say drink, you mean alcohol, right?

        So this 19 or 20 year old drinks (which is against the law). What else does she not do when you are not around? Some some weed, Cocaine perhaps.

        And again, she is 19 or 20 or so yet she has already lost her virginity?

        Jasmine sounds like a typical American youth. UNFORTUNATELY!

        But there are still some youth who are not like that. And they aren’t all Muslims. But unfortunately Jasmine is the norm.

        Sad. Muslims are right about certain things in our society. The show should exploit that.

      • Steve

        I mean not do except for when you are not around.

        She sounds like a typical youth. Or at least what society says a typical youth should be. I wonder if that is true or just how certain elements in our society want to think it is.

        Well, in any case it’s true about her.

        Sad, lost her virginity even before it was legal for her to drink. I guess she just felt that was how it is supposed to be. Another victim of our society.

        Perhaps because of your example she will change her life and become a Muslim. I guess I could see why she would choose Islam because of her personal connection with you. I guess Islam could become positive for her in providing something her empty life lacks.

      • Did you look up the drinking age in California before you went off Steve, or did you decide to jump to conclusions like when you pretended to know what happened in PleasantVille and then were forced to admit you didn’t watch it?

        I guess I won’t know this time, since it’s 21 here.

        Mina is 21. She was born in October.

        I am a year ahead in my credits.

        We “met up” in the middle.

        How old were the boys in the clip I linked here, Steve? The ones in France calling out to the girls who walked by, hoping to get laid? The ones you defended? The ones you said we couldn’t “blame for hoping”?

        But of course, only women are whores. Oppressive whores. How dare women oppress men by dressing so provocatively and forcing men to harass them?

      • Steve

        Oh, I see, she has only been drinking for a month or so.


        The sad thing is that she is unfortunately a typical American youth these days. The type of youth who has so little regard for sex that she could say (I didn’t say she actually said it although I have heard people her age say it) oh, no I am not like his girlfriend. We just have sex sometimes. They don’t understand why to older people such a statement seems so strange.

      • Steve

        The kids in the movie were not hoping to get laid. It was just some strange little French interaction which in the end keeps the males in their place. I don’t really get what the guys get out of it. I think I tried to analyze it at the time. I said I believe that they could look all boisterous with their mates while being confident that they will never be taken up on their bluff.

        The boys certainly didn’t expect to get a response any different than they did get. Yeah, an odd social custom to be sure, but then again, I am not French. I consider the French Euro trash. At the same time though I said, while I have no great love for French culture, I could certainly sympathize with people who might love French culture but are seeing that culture fade away.

        By the way as a feminist you should love it. Yeah it starts out with the male making a crude remark to the female, but then the female is expected to make a crude remark in return which reinforces the concept that in the end it’s the female that calls the shots (for good reason).

      • Steve

        You know this is why “multiculturalism” doesn’t work. Because what to you and me seems like harassment was to the French people involved just banter. Banter that had its own unwritten rules. Banter that the females seemed to enjoy as much as the males. In fact if the females there didn’t get the response they did from the males they probably would have gone home very depressed wondering what was wrong with them.

        Remember again, this is how it works. A sexy lady walks by a group of males and the males say some crude remark like (in french) hey baby want to give me some of what you got going on. The female in response is supposed to give the male some put down like, you couldn’t handle me little boy and then she walks by. Now where it would get to be harassment is if the males would continue to pursue her much further or if they would get physical but if you remember or if you re-post that video, that isn’t what happened.

        Now that is the french way. In America indeed the woman would have reported the boys to the cops and they would have been arrested. What is acceptable in one culture is not acceptable in another. Therefore multiculturalism doesn’t work.

        By the way, thanks. You bringing up this video helped clarify in my mind something else that I was thinking about in regards to your relationship with Jasmine. I remember how the Muslim woman was specifically left out of the banter game because the males there realized that she was not of their culture and would not be comfortable with such interactions.

      • Steve

        Okay, this is what I kind of figured out although I might not have it completely clarified yet.

        Nahida, you were saying how cool Jasmine is with your religion and even goes as far as to be sure not to drink, smoke weed, or have sex with her friends (not boy friends or girl friends, just friends who she occasionally has sex with. After all just because she has sex with someone doesn’t mean they are in a relationship or anything like that).

        And I believe it is just like that. She probably thinks its cool that she has a Muslim roommate and shows her off to your friends and stuff. Hey, have you seen my Muslim roommate. That’s right my roommate is Muslim isn’t that something or what!

        But I was thinking, what if you weren’t a Muslim? But instead you were a strong Christian, or even someone not particularly religious but someone with a conservative social lifestyle. Would she be all “down with that”. Would she not drink in front of her because she knows it bothers you??

        No, she would be out there trying to offend you at every turn. She would be telling your friends what a square you are. She would have males over and probably would get all sexy with the males forcing you to leave. She would always be in your face with the drinking.

        So, why does she respect your lifestyle when it is part of you being a Muslim when she wouldn’t respect your lifestyle if it was for any other reason?

        Well first I thought, maybe it was out of fear. Maybe she fears that if she doesn’t respect your lifestyle you will tell some of your friends at the mosque and they would get all Jihad on her.

        But then I thought, nah, that’s not it. So I wondered, why is it then? If you were a Christian she would be mocking your virginity, mocking you for not drinking alcohol, doing drugs, etc. She would be throwing her lifestyle in your face at every opportunity.

        But your story about the girl in that movie kind of got me thinking. It is precisely because she sees you as “the other” that she doesn’t feel the need to ridicule you. She sees you as kind of like an exchange student. Someone who isn’t going to effect her culture, her society.

        I am not sure I am explaining this well but if you were some christian she would see your lifestyle as a direct challenge to hers. And that is why she would feel the need to mock and marginalize it. For some reason she doesn’t have much concern that your quaint ways are going to break out from it’s little confines.

        I am not sure I even fully understand why see feels this way. I have always wondered with this unholy alliance that many in the left have with Muslims that don’t the Left understand that if the Muslims win they will destroy everything the Left is supposed to be for? Perhaps the Left thinks that after Muslims help destroy their common Christian foes (perceived foe on the part of Muslims) the Left can somehow destroy Islam which makes no sense to me.

        But I guess because somehow because Islam is seen by the Left (as well as everyone else in American society) as the “other” somehow it is beyond their conception how Islam could ever become a significant enough force in their society to actually be a threat.

        I don’t know. Regardless, I do hope for Jasmine’s sake you can convert her to Islam. I know it’s not something that you should be aggressive about, but just be there when she falls, and fall she will when the drug and alcohol abuse and empty sex becomes too much for her. Sure as a Christian I would hope she would find answers in Christianity but far more important it is for her to find some spirituality in her life and if for her it becomes Islam then what is important is that she finds a new spiritual path before the hollow life she leads just swallows her whole.

      • Steve

        I understand PleasantVille much better than you ever will because I have studied Gramsci.

        It was all about how does one subversively go around destroying a society.

        Of course in the show they want to make it like it was good that the society was destroyed. But was it really? Was the society that was left in the wake of the destruction really that much better than the one left behind. The writers sure made every attempt to make it appear like it was but in the end one is still left wondering.

        By the way, the answer is NO. Sure there was some stuff that needed to be changed (more black in the black and white) but the society as a whole didn’t need to be subverted and changed.

        Life Was Better In Black and White

        You could hardly see for all the snow,
        Spread the rabbit ears as far as they go.
        Pull a chair up to the TV set,
        “Good night, David; Good night, Chet.”

        Depending on the channel you tuned
        You got Rob and Laura – or Ward and June.
        It felt so good, felt so right.
        Life looked better in black and white.

        I Love Lucy, The Real McCoys
        Dennis the Menace, the Cleaver boys
        Rawhide, Gunsmoke, Wagon Train
        Superman, Jimmy & Lois Lane.

        Father Knows Best, Patty Duke
        Rin Tin Tin and Lassie too,
        Donna Reed on Thursday night–
        Life looked better in black and white.

        I wanna go back to black and white.
        Everything always turned out right.
        Simple people, simple lives
        Good guys always won the fights.

        Now nothing is the way it seems
        In living color on the TV screen.
        Too many murders, too much fight,
        I wanna go back to black and white

        In God they trusted, in bed they slept.
        A promise made was a promise kept.
        They never cussed or broke their vows.
        They’d never make the network now.

        But if I could, I’d rather be
        In a TV town in ’53.
        It felt so good, felt so right
        Life looked better in black and white.

        I’d trade all the channels on the satellite
        If I could just turn back the clock tonight
        To when everybody knew wrong from right
        Life was better in black and white!


        By the way, I have to say that Little Mosque in the Prairie at its best does reach the level of the olde time television shows. They do stay away from the sex stuff due to the fact that the show is about Muslims. You don’t expect Rayyan and Amaar to jump into bed together (feeling guilty about it later but still doing it). There’s a wholesomeness that this show has captured (second season in particular) that is missing from most comedies today.

        At its best, Mercy has been and still can be the Mayberry of the 21st century.

        So, if this could be a wholesome show about people who go around making fun of White Liberals it could be a ratings hit.

      • And the boys weren’t bluffing. Do you really believe that if a women had stopped to speak to one of them, he wouldn’t be at her feet like a pathetic puppy?

        One of the main characters–the boy who stopped to help the girl who tripped over that rock–had commented that she had “beautiful hair” and asked why she kept it hidden.

        I had let this pass because I believed the boy did not know any better. He thought he was complimenting her.

        Don’t you see something wrong with that Steve? Not only should she be beautiful, but her beauty should be displayed for public consumption!

        If it were her choice, it would be fine. I myself don’t cover my hair. But HE was out of place to say such a thing. It’s infuriating when men believe it’s any of their business how a woman dresses. I’ve been asked too many times why I wear red lipstick because “men are intimated by it” or “they don’t find such an unnatural color attractive” as if that’s the sole reason I should ever get dressed in the morning.

        As a Muslim, there are physical boundaries (as you know.) I wear a very light spritz of perfume. If I’m around a boy and he catches it–“You smell good. What perfume is that?”–I know I’m standing too close to him.

        On one occasion, a guy asked why I wore it so faintly when it smelled so good. An innocent remark, if you don’t know the wording. He said: “You should want to flaunt it. Why not show it off?”

        This is not multiculturalism. It’s indecency.

    • Steve

      What are the gays doing? Perhaps I should link some video of what they do at the Folsom Street Fair. Nay, you couldn’t take it. It’s very crude stuff.

      I believe that they degrade our society. They make it into exactly what the Islamic terrorists say it is.

      • “The gays”? Really, Steve? Sexual orientation is an adjective, not a noun. That’s not their whole identity!

        And stop pretending it’s only the Folsom Street Fair that you have issues with. They’re not getting into your business–no reason to get into theirs.

        And Islam has nothing to do with the American Left or Right–and the Left certainly isn’t against my upbringing. An important part of Islam is that Islam is against forced conversion, and things like forcing people to comply with rules made especially for Muslims (like not allowing gay marriage) when they aren’t Muslim is a lot like forced conversion.

      • Steve

        In American society it’s also noun. Actually Gay USED to mean happy and carefree. It is sad that we lost that word.

        Oh, but in an example of how the meanings of words change over time when used as an adjective gay is now undergoing a change in meaning.

        Like I said Gay used to mean happy. Then it started meaning homosexual, but now it is beginning to just mean lame. I saw this on a South Park episode and it did make sense. Gay doesn’t necessarily mean gay anymore.

        As in last year Little Mosque on the Prairie was so gay. I hope it gets better this year.

        It is so interesting how words can change meanings over time. But I think the word gay has done so in a rarely rapid rate.

        From happy, to homosexual, to lame.

      • Steve

        That’s not their whole identity!

        But it is and that’s the problem. If it wasn’t then I really wouldn’t know that they were gay or not because I don’t get into people’s personal lives.

        It’s because they have become so visible as a group that there’s the problem.

    • Steve

      Reality (on which humor is greatly based) doesn’t have a liberal or conservative bias. For the love of God, the world isn’t black and white.

      In some things they are. And the truth is that liberalism is indeed a mental disorder.

      A good comedy could exploit that. I just loved that episode with Tree and his dad because it showed those people for the hypocrites they are, especially the part where Tree’s dad wouldn’t allow Baber in his store because he didn’t like how Baber was raising his daughter.

      • That, on top of being entirely incorrect, was an ableist thing to say and one of I don’t identify with the Right. If I disagree, it’s because I’m crazy–because crazy people can never be right.

        You are displaying the same mentality of those who discredited Mary Wollstonecraft because of her suicide attempts.

      • Steve

        It was the LEFT who used that against the right for quite a long time.

        Turnabout is fair play.

        And indeed the only way you can figure out why the Left think like they do is either that they are crazy or evil or both.

        I know it is hard to do in college but perhaps after college you can read the works of leading conservatives and then you will realize that by and large that is what you are.

      • Steve

        Actually it was much worse than that. If you disagree with a liberal you are a nazi.

        A crazy Nazi.

        Whereas the truth was the EXACT OPPOSITE for after all Nazis were national SOCIALISTS!

      • Oh please. Nazis weren’t liberal. Part of being liberal is being tolerant of the questioning of an oppressive authority–which is why, on top of socialism, anarchy is also on this side of the spectrum.

        You know who are also socialists? These people:

        And I doubt they’re down with “the gays.”

        And I know the history of words, thanks. Gay is an adjective. It is not a noun. It is not their entire identity. They are whole, complete people with REAL jobs REAL families and REAL compassion.

        I know it is hard to do in college but perhaps after college

        And now AGEISM?! You’re on a role. I don’t do easy things. I wasn’t a self-declared feminist in high school for the popularity points. This is exactly who I am.

      • Steve

        The Nazis were indeed Liberals (socialists).

        And now you are attempting to play the same game that liberals have played for years in attempting to lump conservatives with them.

        Not going to work anymore. People are onto you.

        More and more people are coming to the truth that Liberalism is a mental disorder.

      • Yeah, ’cause it’s impossible to be fiscally liberal and socially conservative.

        You’re the one lumping. You either know you’re doing it, or you genuinely fail at simple logic.

        That is all I’m going to say on this matter, because you are completely irrational.

    • Steve

      I actually thought the second season was the best.

      It could be much better if it adopted the style of this web page.

      Because there’s no getting away from it. White People are So Gay!

      Well not all white people for if you read through the blog you will see there’s something called “the wrong type of white people” so basically this web site is only making fun of a certain type of white people ie. liberals.

      This web site shows that there’s lots and lots of stuff you can make fun of when it comes to liberals. Every once in a while this show does do so and that is when it’s at its best.

      Second Season, especially the episodes I named.

      • ie. liberals.

        Yeah, Steve. I have friends because despite the fact that I’m a woman, a minority, middle class, and Muslim I need more diversity.

        *rolls eyes*

        Though I suppose I’m privileged in many ways. I’m straight, skinny, and cis. Perhaps I should go find some gay, fat, and trans friends? Who are witches. Maybe I should find that exact combination.

    • Steve

      By the way, Nahida, Gays can legally marry.

      I just don’t know why they would want to.

      Marriage is the union between one adult male human and one female adult human. I thought that Gays were into single sex stuff so I don’t know why they would want to get married.

      I just hope they are honest to their spouse as it seems like the spouse is getting the bad end of it all, but legally they don’t have to be.

    • Also, when he ran to help her, his friends laughed, “Virgin to the rescue!” implying that the rest of them were not virgins. (Unless they were all lying about their own sexual activities.)

      The clip has been removed from Youtube (copyright violations perhaps.)

      • Steve

        Again, if the boys were ever called on their banter first it would be a major faux pas (since we are talking about the French here) on the part of the woman, but no the males would not be overjoyed but instead would be very uncomfortable. I am not saying that they wouldn’t go through with it but, perhaps some of them weren’t. After all this isn’t how the game is played. You are not supposed to welcome the crude remark you are supposed to say some put down in return.

        So, yeah, it would be weird for them. Huh, what’s going on here?

        But I guess you believed their bravado. Good, because they wanted you to. That is what they get out of it all. They want to seem as all sexually adventuresome when the truth may be different.

        Look, you will never convince me that they thought that the response to their banter would be anything other than what it was. Yeah, an interesting cultural phenomenon indeed showing how difficult it is to understand the intricacies of another culture looking at it from the outside.

        The Stranger within my gate,
        He may be true or kind,
        But he does not talk my talk–
        I cannot feel his mind.
        I see the face and the eyes and the mouth,
        But not the soul behind.

        By the way, many women would honestly, honestly be quite flattered by a man calling her hair beautiful.

        I understand why you aren’t. But again that just shows why multiculturalism doesn’t work.

      • Steve

        I should say culture/subcultures because there are many times that I look at a subculture and marvel at their strange interactions (strange to me yeah, I am saying from my perspective).

        Have you ever sat in the bus and watched how Black (African American) people interact with one another? That can be an odd dance indeed.

      • Steve

        One thing, and I really think it is racist for the College and NFL to outlaw “excessive celebrating” because of it, black people really aren’t that modest in victory. Not saying that’s wrong, I just think it is difference in culture. Whereas others groups might see it as a good attribute to be “gracious winners” the blacks like to rub it it. In your face!

        It’s just a difference in culture and the expectations people have when interacting with each other. What one culture deems acceptable another deems rude.

      • Steve

        Sorry, I guess the link had nothing to do with the poem.

        I am not saying that I totally agree with the poem but I certainly understand it. It does give one much to think about. I don’t think it is possible especially these days to be totally like Kipling would have us be of course but I can understand the problems he has with outsiders in a society.

        The Stranger within my gate,
        He may be true or kind,
        But he does not talk my talk–
        I cannot feel his mind.
        I see the face and the eyes and the mouth,
        But not the soul behind.

        The men of my own stock,
        They may do ill or well,
        But they tell the lies I am wanted to,
        They are used to the lies I tell;
        And we do not need interpreters
        When we go to buy or sell.

        The Stranger within my gates,
        He may be evil or good,
        But I cannot tell what powers control–
        What reasons sway his mood;
        Nor when the Gods of his far-off land
        Shall repossess his blood.

        The men of my own stock,
        Bitter bad they may be,
        But, at least, they hear the things I hear,
        And see the things I see;
        And whatever I think of them and their likes
        They think of the likes of me.

        This was my father’s belief
        And this is also mine:
        Let the corn be all one sheaf–
        And the grapes be all one vine,
        Ere our children’s teeth are set on edge
        By bitter bread and wine.

        —Rudyard Kipling

  181. The mayor who only got elected because she was a woman

    Steve. Check your privilege.

    • Steve

      I am guessing that she probably got elected in the 1990s. Back then it was a big thing to get women elected to office. She probably ran against some old male who had had the job for 50 years or so and really wasn’t all there mentally anymore.

  182. I don’t want to post anymore, but I have to add something about this:

    It’s because they have become so visible as a group that there’s the problem.

    Yeah… I bet that’s how we all felt about ME back in the day.

  183. Steve

    Because white people are sooo Gay.

    By the way, this video gives me a good idea about an episode. A mobile food van is taking away business from Fatima ironically because she is too efficient and there’s no line at her place. Of course Fred still goes because he is “the wrong type of white person”. I haven’t thought it out totally about how the episode is going to end but I guess it would have something to do with long lines at Fatimas due to her being extra slow which attracts people who like waiting in lines.

  184. Steve

    One of the things I like about Fatima is how often she is the voice of common sense (although often time she isn’t).

    I would love to hear what she would say to losing Business because the line is not long enough at her place.

    But. you know those white people (leftist white people like the mayor and Sarah and perhaps you can through in Rev Thorne if he is trying to “make amends”)… They are sooo Gay!

    By the way, this guy is CANADIAN! Come on CBC hire this guy as a writer on the show. It’s the show’s only hope. If not that, give him his own sitcom. He is hilarious! And people are really craving out there for this kind of humor (or should I say Humour). You could have the highest rated CBC show of all time!

  185. Steve

    But. you know those white people (leftist white people like the mayor and Sarah and perhaps you can throw in Rev Thorne if he is trying to “make amends”)… They are sooo Gay!

    Also you can add in Mrs Wispiski and her friend too.

    After all the only reason they tolerated Baber in that one episode as long as they did was because they didn’t want to be considered racist. Thorne has to push them very very far until they said they had enough.

    • Steve

      Here’s a suggestion for a proposed episode of the Layla goes to college spin off.

      Layla is happy that her new dorm roommate is so accepting of her religion until she realizes that she is just for the lack of a better term being condescending.

      Bambi: Layla you just don’t realize how it is like to be a real woman.

      Layla: Real? What I am like a comic book character?

      Bambi: Uh, I didn’t mean real I meant normal.

      Layla: Wow, quite the contortionist here. I don’t think I have ever seen someone stick their foot so down their own throat.

      Bambi: Uh, look, Layla, I really think it is cool that you are like Muslim and all. I really do. It’s a great experience for me. My brother had a blind person as a roommate last term and he told me how interesting it was to see how he could like read with his fingers and how he could make adaptations that allows him to live almost like he was normal, and my brother said he learned a lot and I am sure I am going to learn a lot from you about what it is like to be a Muslim…

      Layla: What, you are comparing my religion to a handicap!!

      Bambi: Uh, Uh, no, that’s not what…

      Layla: Look here, you want to talk about “real”. You go around having sex with all your friends with “no strings attached” you get stupid drunk with them, and to you that’s “real”.

      Layla: That’s not “real”. It’s just sad. It is a sad desperate attempt to create the illusion of something real but it’s built on nothing of substance. Frankly I am the only REAL one in this room…

      [Layla then walks out of the room]


      Bambi: Professor Siddiqui can I speak to your daughter.

      Baber: Layla your roommate the Slut wants to speak to you.

      Layla: Don’t call her that.

      Baber: Isn’t that what you have been referring to you as?

      Layla: Can we please have a little privacy?

      Bambi: I though about what you say about it and you were right.

      Layla: What about your friends?

      Bambi: Oh, them. I realized that they aren’t really my friends. How can they be when they aren’t real like you are.

      Layla: What are you trying to say.

      Bambi: Well I think I want to learn more about this Qur’an of yours.

      Layla: Why, did your brother’s roommate teach him braille and you want to one up him?

      Bambi: No, nothing like that. I realized that my life was as hollow as you said it was and that I was looking in all the wrong places trying to fill up this emptiness. But then I look at you Layla and I see not emptiness as I see in my other friends but true joy. I want that for myself.

      Layla. Okay, Bambi, we could go to the local Mosque together.

      Bambi: Eleanor.

      Layla: What?

      Bambi: Eleanor is my real name: Bambi was just a name I picked for myself in High School because I thought it would make me popular.

      Layla: Okay, Eleanor let’s go to Mosque together and see how it turns out.

      Eleanor: I would appreciate it. By the way is it true that if I become a Muslim I can’t touch boys.

      Layla: That’s not the way you should look at it. THEY CAN’T TOUCH YOU.

      Eleanor: Cool.

  186. Steve

    I have to say one of my favorite if not my favor characters is the Mayor. Or I should say favorite love to hate.

    She goes off on far off trips on “Town Business”. Like really why would a town the size of Mercy (or my own) need someone to go to China, or Japan, or Europe, on “town business” but my mayor and other city employees do that all the time. Haven’t yet received any concrete benefit for all these “sister city” relationships and international junkets, but it sure have allowed all these city employees to come back with some neat stuff to put on their desks and walls.

    I swear the stuff that the mayor has done I can really see my mayor do such stuff if I indeed haven’t already literally seen my mayor do such stuff. Of all the characters I believe she has been the best written and acted one.

  187. Steve

    Favorite characters

    1) the Mayor
    2) Layla.
    3) Fred
    4) Baber
    5) Joe
    6) Yasir
    7) Fatima
    8) Rayyan.
    9) Sarah
    10) Amaar.

    Least favorite

    Thorne. Please just make it all just a bad, bad dream for it certainly was a bad, bad season. In fact the whole season should have been considered as one big hate crime.

  188. Steve

    She’s no more a Christian than the terrorists are Muslims.

    Yeah, she might call herself Christian but she sure doesn’t behave as one.

  189. Steve

    “One of the main characters–the boy who stopped to help the girl who tripped over that rock–had commented that she had “beautiful hair” and asked why she kept it hidden.

    I had let this pass because I believed the boy did not know any better. He thought he was complimenting her.”

    And why did he think that? Because he didn’t understand her CULTURE.

    Just like you don’t understand his culture and how the whole banter thing works.

    Look, I am not here to defend French Culture but it does go to show how a multicultural society doesn’t work because everyone isn’t on the same page even though in this case he really tried hard to be and didn’t include her in this banter game.

    And you wonder why Natalie was so scared of you if you can get offended by some guy telling a girl that she has beautiful hair.

    But no, I get it. I am not French. I would never tell a girl that she has beautiful hair and of course I would never, ever hold a door open for her. That’s because of the culture I grew up in. A culture full of hatred coming from feminists.

    • Thank you Michael.

      I wasn’t offended when I watched it. Did THIS PART I had let this pass because I believed the boy did not know any better go completely over your head? Of course it did, because you don’t understand ANYTHING. You don’t understand not to make assumptions about people’s lives, you don’t understand how hypocritical you are (or maybe you do, since you decided to completely ignore the that “virgin to the rescue comment), you think with being raped and underpaid feminists give a damn about whether or not you open the door for them, and worst of all, you think the world is out to get you. YOU.

      • Steve

        You THINK he didn’t know any better. And I would tend to agree. But then again, we are just trying to read his mind on this aren’t we?

        The Stranger within my gates,
        He may be evil or good,
        But I cannot tell what powers control–
        What reasons sway his mood;

        By the way, giving someone the benefit of the doubt? If you want to be a good feminist you better stop doing that. Instead regardless of what the person does or doesn’t do, assume the worse.

  190. Michael

    He didn’t tell her she had beautiful hair. He told her she shouldn’t COVER her beautiful hair. Like he has the right to dictate what she should and shouldn’t do.

    • Steve

      Micheal, did you see the video we are discussing here?

      But regardless, he wasn’t trying to offend her. He comes from a culture where women like to express themselves sexually and he feels that any woman who doesn’t is “hiding herself from the world”. Why should she deny herself the admiration she would receive from others by showing her hair? If she got it she should flaunt it and enjoy the positive responses. It would be a way for her to express herself to the world

      Now we understand why because of her culture, that is not how she would feel about it. But again, that shows the differences in culture.

      And getting back to the other women. If you saw the video they really really did enjoy the males interacting with them like that. In fact if they didn’t get such a response I am sure they would go home wondering what am I getting too old? Am I not sexy anymore.

      Look I thought it was the left that was supposed to be all for this diversity and how people don’t have to behave in the same ways but deep down they don’t believe that.

      The video was about something that went on in France. Would it be appropriate for these boys to act that way, say as exchange students at Nahida’s university? Of course not! Indeed that was what I was pointing out. What may be acceptable in one culture can be totally inappropriate in another. We do live in a WORLD of multicultures and I am all in favor of that, but when one society becomes multiculturalized then it gets difficult.

      For where they were, what the boys were doing was not offensive. They didn’t mean ill of it. And the women understood it as well. Now, for us, outsiders, we found it offensive but we didn’t really understand what was going on.

      The men of my own stock,
      They may do ill or well,
      But they tell the lies I am wanted to,
      They are used to the lies I tell;

      By the way, I have been overseas a couple of times to places where they have the practice of “bargaining” and I am never quite sure if when the person gets upset that’s just part of the game of bargaining or if I have really offended the person.

      • Stop projecting Steve. Just because you comment on things you don’t watch doesn’t mean he does.

        That does happen at my university. It isn’t FRENCH. As a matter of fact, Americans are even worse. I was walking at a crosswalk and a guy called out something crude from his car. I ignored him and kept walking, and as I passed by the front, he “joked” to the driver about how I’m a bitch for not even glancing at him and should be run over.

        (Bitch: a girl who won’t jump into a car.)

        I must be an awesome feminist (and proud of it!), because I didn’t give him the benefit of the doubt then.

  191. Steve

    Nor should you.

    After all you were in 21st Century United States. He should have known he was in our culture being quite rude. By the way, was the guy a white or did he belong to any sub-culture?

    • I didn’t look at him long enough to tell.

      It’s not the first time it’s happened (though this was the worst case) and they’ve been from different cultures before (including white.) I don’t mind it when they’re just being nice or they just want to talk. It’s when they won’t stop, or (like in this case) they say something infuriating from the very beginning.

      Maybe you think the girls in the clip enjoyed it. That’s the point.

      It’s safer to pretend you don’t mind.

      • Steve

        The girls in the clip did enjoy it. And the males in the clip did not pursue them.

        It was part of their culture.

        NOT part of ours though.

        Next time that happens tell a cop. If it happens on campus tell a campus cop and get a description. On campus of course it’s up to the university who can and can not remain on campus so the person doesn’t have to do anything illegal, they can just be offensive to get removed.

        And heck, this is the age of the camera phone. Take a photo of the jerk and give it to campus security.

        I don’t really care what the intention of the male might be, this is OUR HOUSE and they might have come from some loser country like France but that’s not how we roll here!

      • Yeah, ya know what’ll happen if I do that Steve?

        It’ll be another story about a feminazi taking things way too seriously. Men can’t be men anymore! They’ll add in a couple of sentences about how it’s questionable whether or not I’m a lesbian, and about how I probably once attempted to strangle a baby.

        I don’t care where he was from. If this were cultural, I would have been considerate of what he meant. It was what he said the first time (before I ignored him and he concluded I deserved to be run over.) What he said (and it was much more sexual [and in a disgusting way] than anything you heard in that clip) would not have been tolerated in any country. And if it is–like Chinese foot-binding or Indian window burning–it is an inferior aspect of the culture and should be universally aborted.

        I’ll tell you one thing–he did not compliment my hair.

      • But like I said, I don’t do easy things.

        I’d have done it anyway–even with all that–if I could prove he ever said anything. I can’t take a picture–of what would it be a picture? A car waiting in front of a red light? I can’t pull out a recorder, turn back time, and capture what he’d said. And who would even care? He was practicing his free speech, no matter how sexist and crude it was, and it was an empty threat. He wasn’t really going to run me over.

  192. Steve

    I bet that guy was an Ukrainian. They are just so damn rude. Look, that might be the way they behaved in the backwater loser country they come from, but they are in our house now!

    In the old days and I mean well before you and I if a gentleman heard someone say something like that to a woman he would go up to the offending male and punch him in the nose. That would probably get him arrested these days though?

    Life was better in Black and White. Sheriff Taylor would have chased such a lowlife as the one that offended you out of town.

  193. Steve

    By the way, Nahida have you been watching Outsourcing? In many ways it reminds me of Little Mosque on the Prairie.

  194. Steve

    If this were cultural, I would have been considerate of what he meant.

    Hell, I wouldn’t. THIS IS OUR HOUSE.

    I don’t care how things are done where he might be from that’s not how women should be treated here.

    Hispanics are the absolute worse. Hey Chica.

    You can’t have grown up in American society like you and I have and think that this is acceptable behavior. And for those who didn’t well they better learn pretty fast that it doesn’t cut it here!

    • Do you have to make everything so racial? =/

      Steve, there’s a difference between trying to “pick up” a woman and objectifying her. As a matter of fact, that’s why I had a problem with what the boys were doing in the clip. Like I said, there’re things that are bent depending on the culture and things that are morally wrong. I’m not going to pretend that we never fall in love with appearances before personality, but every woman who walked by was being objectified. Remember the “Thai beauty”? Her race became a fetish. The boys could have gone on with their pathetic little activity without actually being that pathetic.

      • Steve

        I try not to judge other cultures. But obviously in that case there were boundaries. Like I said they throw the crude remark, the women throws the retort, and that’s the end of it. Had they started following her and continued to taunt her then that would absolutely been wrong.

      • Steve

        And I am certainly not saying you have to like what they were doing. Heck, I hate the French. But it does seem like they were doing something that in their society gave mutual benefits to the participants. They were being sooo French. To us offensive. But to them, just part of being French. They weren’t being jerks.

        Heck, I perfer the American way lots better. But then you do have people who are indeed just jerks regardless.

        The men of my own stock,
        Bitter bad they may be,
        But, at least, they hear the things I hear,
        And see the things I see;
        And whatever I think of them and their likes
        They think of the likes of me.

        We see and hear things differently then the French do. That’s the only point I was making. The boys were not being jerks there. But the situations you accounted they absolute were being jerks.

    • Steve

      Not racial. CULTURAL.

      I do believe that some cultures are better than others.

      But then I also understand that some differences within cultures are just differences too.

  195. Steve

    It sounds like in this situation you really couldn’t do anything about it. It didn’t happen on campus. If it happened on campus you could have certainly reported him to campus security and while they couldn’t do anything about him at the moment they could be on the watch out for him and if they found out who he was and if they got many complaints about him they would bar him from the campus.

    Look, I am not going to be one to says that women don’t have their points. It’s a sad fact that there is indeed predators out there. Not all males, I wouldn’t say even most males, but there’s indeed the predictors. Women should try to avoid walking alone especially not at night. You may say it’s unfair that women have to be so careful and I agree. But that’s just reality.

    I have to say I haven’t been to California but for a few times in my life. One time was spring break. It was surreal. I went with a bunch of friends. One of the places we stopped at was San Francisco. I remember walking down the street and having a guy (I believe he was a Mexican) show a knife to me (kind of threatening like but it stopped at showing the knife).

    California is indeed a place that I have never considered safe. Indeed there are places where I live that I wouldn’t think of going after dark if at all. But to be fair I once stepped off campus with a bunch of friends only to have a bunch of locals chase us back on.

    You really do have to be careful. It was true back when I was in college, and if anything it is probably worse now. I remember one of the things that came out while I was in college was how many colleges didn’t report on campus rape stats because they didn’t want the public to know how dangerous the college was.

    But the college I went to was a private one and we really did feel safe there. Probably felt too safe. It was like nothing bad could happen within the confines of the college. That is until it did. But that happened a decade after I left. But still it shook me.

    This is a particularly dangerous part of your life Nahida. I don’t want to totally freak you out because part of my joy of college was branching out a bit and taking risk, but indeed I did place myself in several scary situation. Heck, just getting into a car with some of these students was risky. I was in three car accidents (nothing serious) while I was in college.

  196. Steve

    I meant to type that indeed there’s predators.

    Now at the private college I went to you could request that campus security could walk you home if you lived on campus or not too far from it. Or they would walk you to your door.

    I once used that service because I had a lot of books to carry.

    Does your University have something like that? The problem with a public University and you had it even with a private one but it is certainly true with a public one is that it becomes the center of activity in the area and people are drawn there, not all good people.

  197. I try not to judge other cultures.

    Steve you kinda just were. =/

    Unless you meant you try not to judge them when they’re not in this country. In any case, fetishizing a race is also absolutely wrong. I’m not against all fetishes, even weird ones. Sex is weird. But people oughtta keep their fetishes to themselves, especially racist fetishes.

    I wasn’t walking at night. It was broad daylight. And I was wearing a white sweaterdress with a black belt and thick stockings. (Not that it should matter what I was wearing.) Everything was covered. I walk alone most of the time. I can’t really help that. I need to get places. And I’m not sure if the university security escorts us home on request. I wish I could say I’d look into it, but I hate making trouble. =/ Also, I kind of have too much pride, even when it’s stupid.* I want to practice my right to walk down the street alone without being assaulted. That’s the way it should be.

    The universities still suppress the true rape statistics.

    *A girl stole an essay off my notebook once, and turned it in early as hers. I had no idea. After I turned in the essay, I was the one accused of plagiarism. The teacher (this was in middle school) asked that we both rewrite the essays so he could compare the styles; it was the beginning of the year and he couldn’t yet tell. I refused to rewrite mine. He saw this refusal as guilt. Eventually though, he must have sensed something was wrong, because her grades were off with the quality of the essay. I could have just saved him (and myself) the trouble and rewritten the darn thing. But of course, the way I saw it then, I was right and shouldn’t have to be punished by doing the work over.

    • Steve

      Unless you meant you try not to judge them when they’re not in this country.

      Yeah, that’s what I meant.

      I want to practice my right to walk down the street alone without being assaulted. That’s the way it should be.

      I remember thinking about that once in college (you tend to think a lot in college). I was thinking about the difference between things are and how they “should be”. But the sad fact of things is that sometimes, as unfair as it is you have to live in the world of the way “things are” rather than the way things “should be”. As unfair as it may seem you have to live in the real world.

      So, while no, all men are not rapists, way too many of them are out there and while it’s not fair that you have to sacrifice some of your freedom because of them, that is indeed how it is.

      Because the world isn’t fair.

      SO, please get someone to walk you home.

    • Steve

      What you should have done is accuse him of singling you out because of your race and/or religion.

      You could have had a great lawsuit.

      They probably would have settled out of court not wanting the negative publicity that such a case would generate.

  198. Steve

    By the way, kind of off topic, but really not. American to American, what is your impressions regarding the video below?

  199. Steve

    Another idea:

    Grandma and Grandpa Kravitz (Sarah’s maiden name) comes to town.

    Grandma Kravitz: I tell all my friends how proud I am of my granddaughter who despite being Muslim became a doctor. Quite an achievement.

    Rayyan: er thanks, Grandma Kravitz.

    Grandma Kravitz: Yeah, I am the talk of the town. People are always complementing me on how Cosmopolitan and open minded I am by having a brown granddaughter.

    (Want to bet that Mrs Wispiski and her were childhood friends).

  200. Steve

    By the way, Nahida, have you ever watched Bewitched?

    As a feminist I thought you would find the show particularly important.

    It was on from from 1964 to 1972, a critical time in the woman’s rights movement. What is interesting is to see how the role of Samantha evolves over these years.

    The husband in the show Darrin, he was in advertising. One of the original Mad Men so to speak.

  201. I can’t see the video Steve. My laptop has, in the last 3 days, been coming to the end of its 5-year lifespan. Adobe Flash plugin always crashes with linked videos. I’m still contemplating whether I should get it fixed, or whether that would cost me more than getting a new one. So you can either (1) give me the link to the video without it being on automatic display (2) tell me what it is so I can search it (3) send it to my email or (4) wait til I take care of this.

    I think Bewitched was huge when I was in elementary school (magic was all the rage,) but unfortunately I think it was also on cable. (Which we didn’t have.) …Actually that wouldn’t make sense though, because I saw still saw commercials for it. Maybe it just ran when I was at school? Well, either way, somehow I never watched it. I have been watching Mad Men though, but I haven’t seen it past the first season.

    What you should have done is accuse him of singling you out because of your race and/or religion.

    Yeah, except that probably wasn’t why he was doing it, and then I’ll go to Hell for lying. ;]

  202. Steve

    A link to the video I wanted your comments to.


  203. Steve

    Kind of disappointed that you are watching Mad Men. Isn’t that a bad show? (profanity and such).

  204. Steve

    There’s full episodes of outsourced on NBC’s web site.

  205. Steve

    I saw the show in syndication just like you would have had to.

    Like I said it really showed how the perception of the role of women in America changed during those eight years (from 1964-1972). And in this case I don’t think it was totally a bad change.

  206. He didn’t look at her face even once to see she was horrified behind that smile? o_O

    No. He went too far. I won’t blame him for the kiss on the hand (that seemed to be where she started getting uncomfortable if you watch her) since something has to clue him in and he can’t just read her mind from the beginning, but he should have had enough sense to stop after that. He can’t read her mind but he can read her face. If he were to look at it, that is. And further into the video she is clearly trying to break free from him.

    Sure there’s profanity. I’m sorry to disappoint you. xD But I can’t possibly function in life without sitting through it. There are things I would never learn.

  207. Steve


    There were people who were saying that the Indians made too much of this. People said that this was just a cultural misunderstanding.


    This is inappropriate in OUR SOCIETY AS WELL.

    Gere is just a JERK! I hope he is banned from ever coming back to India.

  208. Steve

    Even worse, there were people in India who blamed Shilpa Shetty for this. I don’t know what they expected her to do. Perhaps slap him in the face or something like that but she was just in a state of shock from what I could see.

    Gere was wrong. He was wrong from an Indian Culture point of view but he was just as wrong from an American culture point of view! This was NOT just a “cultural misunderstanding”. This was nothing that the Indians should have just “gotten over”.

  209. Of course they blamed her.

    To be honest, as much as I’d want to slap him across the face, at the same time I wouldn’t want to humiliate him. There was an audience. But, knowing myself, I’d have probably have smacked him anyway, and regretted in retrospect. I kind of admire her self-restraint.

  210. Steve

    Actually if you had smacked him you would have become a national hero. I doubt you would be regretting it.

  211. At 0:21 he looked like he was going for her MOUTH. He would have kissed her straight on the lips if she hadn’t turned her head.

    That’s probably exactly when he should have been smacked.

    • Steve

      I don’t blame her. She was completely in shock. And justifiably too.

      This is outrageous behavior regardless. This just wasn’t offensive to “delicate Indian sensibilities” but offensive to Americans as well. He can’t use the excuse that “well that’s just how we do things in America but I should have been more knowledgeable to cultural differences.”.

      I so hate Richard Gere.

  212. Steve

    Why wouldn’t you want to embarrass Gere? Would you thought that it was “just a cultural misunderstanding” and because “that’s how they behave in America” he didn’t know better?

    But of course we as Americans are just as offended by his behavior! This was just not wrong in Indian culture but in America’s culture too!

  213. No, I wouldn’t want to embarrass him because I wouldn’t want to embarrass anyone. Rejection is tough. Especially on insecure jerks. But I would have ended up slapping him, because I’m stubborn and impatient and just dodging him wouldn’t have been enough for me, telling him kindly he needed to back down wouldn’t have been enough for me, and he deserved it for acting like that as far as the merciless individualized side of me was concerned.

    I wouldn’t want to embarrass him because I want to be a saint. But I’m not. I’m just human, and maybe that’s my saving grace.

    So I would have slapped him. But I wouldn’t do it without a bit of mourning.

  214. Steve

    Richard Gere gives America and all males a bad image.

    Again, I don’t blame Shilpa Shetty. She was indeed in shock and rightfully so.

    It really bothers me that so many Indians blamed her for this.

    But I would have loved to see her just smack Gere. As an American and a male I would not have been offended. As an American and a Male Gere offends me!

  215. Steve

    Richard Gere gives America and all males a bad image.

    Again, I don’t blame Shilpa Shetty. She was indeed in shock and rightfully so.

    It really bothers me that so many Indians blamed her for this.

    But I would have loved to see her just smack Gere. As an American and a male I would not have been offended. As an American and a Male Gere offends me!

    I really really Hate him.

  216. Steve

    Richard Gere is just another example of what evil hypocrites the Left is. Gere is one of their icons.

  217. Oh c’mon Steve. I’m a liberal and I’ve never heard of the guy.

    Wikipedia says he’s an American actor. Which means, as a celebrity, he’s an icon of American pop culture, not American politics.

    You don’t really hate the French do you? You can’t just “hate” an entire country of people. There are parts of French culture–like with all cultures–that are just different than ours and no better or worse but there are parts of every culture that are worse. Like honor killings. Or involving a woman innocently walking by in a racist fetish. You might say one is much more serious than the other, but my standards for society aren’t so low that I would focus on the greater of two evils and let the lesser one slide by. What’s wrong is wrong.

    There are honor killings and fetishizing, and then there are cultural things that are neither inferior nor superior, like what color the bride’s wedding dress should be, and whether or not she should have a diamond engagement ring. (I personally like the white dresses, but I rather not have a ring drenched in human blood and sold for thousands more than the level of its rarity.) Well, even outside of personal preference–if someone wants to pay for something totally overpriced, they have the right, but no one should be buying blood diamonds. The fact that Americans are so giddy over materialism that we would continue to participate in such things is an inferior aspect of our culture.

  218. Jasmine

    Yo, Steve:

    Get your nose back where it belongs. And don’t tell me I’m not a Christian. I have the right to refer to myself as whatever I want. You don’t have the divine power to judge me.

    P.S. Of all the times Nahida has been complimented on her hair, she never once flipped about it. She clearly had the issue about being told what to do. Stop going off on people about things they never said.

    And yes that IS my real name.


    Thank you dear. Also, I’m going to borrow your sparkly chandelier earrings today.

    • Steve

      Jasmine you can call yourself what you want but the truth is with your drinking and your sex you aren’t really living a spiritual path right now.

      I understand that Christians know they are sinners so perhaps it is not right to call yourself not one. But just because you are a sinner like the rest of us means that is like a free pass to sin and then just seek forgiveness afterward.

      I apologize for saying you weren’t Christian. I should have said you weren’t living a Christian life. But again, it’s between you and God. I do hope you seek out like a Bible study or something like that. Perhaps through a return to and a new understanding of your religion you can find your way out of alcoholism and careless sex.

      It may be that all your friends “do it” but the truth is “everyone doesn’t do it”. It is sad that we live in a society where young people feel like the “odd ones” are those who don’t have drugs and/or meaningless sex. Perhaps if you find yourself a community where “everyone doesn’t all do it” or at the very least “doesn’t do it anymore” it will help give you the strength you need.

  219. Steve

    Nahida, no, as a whole, I really, really hate the French as a society. For the reasons shown on that video. For their aversion to bathing. It’s just as a whole a very trashy society.

    • Steve, I don’t think the French actually have an aversion to bathing. I think that’s just a stereotype…

      The French are very loyal friends. They’re really introverted (as an American woman, I’m used to smiling at people when they make eye contact with you; I remember getting very peculiar looks for it in France) but once you befriend a Frenchwo/man they’re with you for life. It’s a beautiful country, with a beautiful language and beautiful things to do.

      Is drinking against Christianity, Steve? I thought it was just us. Don’t you have to have wine during communion? Unless that’s only in certain sects of Christianity. In which case, I don’t think you should assume she belongs in a particular one. And she’s not having “careless sex.”

      • Steve

        No, responsible use of alcohol isn’t against Christianity. I don’t think Mormons are allowed to use alcohol but they aren’t Christians but a cult.

        And yeah, actually it is only certain denominations where wine is used for communion. Well it is most denominations but in some juice is used. I have even read somewhere where some say that Jesus didn’t use wine but instead used juice, but then again who knows for sure. It’s only a small sip though.

  220. Steve

    By the way, Jasmine what do you think of this video below. Please, forget for a moment the whole Indian part of it (though of course in the end it’s the critical aspect of the whole thing) but is this even appropriate in American society, as degenerate as we admittedly are?

    • Jasmine

      No, it’s not a critical aspect of the whole thing. No culture allows such behavior from a man against the woman’s will.

      • Steve


        Richard Gere is a scumbag regardless of how you look at it.

        I don’t believe this was a publicity stunt for Shilpa Shetty as many in India claimed it to be.

      • Steve

        Indeed it does show that it was against her will doesn’t it!!!

        Yet so many Indians blamed HER!

        Yeah, I never have said that feminists are totally wrong. In many societies women do get mistreated in sexual situations. In the end it all too often becomes all the woman’s fault when both parties might be to blame or in this case when it’s actually the man’s fault.

    • Steve

      I read up on what happened afterward. BOTH Shilpa Shetty and Richard Gere were charged with a crime.

      Gere like the coward he is ran. He left India and the problems he caused to Shilpa Shetty to deal with. Eventually the whole thing was dropped and Richard Gere is allowed to come to India, though I don’t know if he has returned since then.

      But it does bother me that Shilpa Shetty wasn’t considered a victim in all of this. Look, I never said that feminists aren’t completely wrong. Women are indeed often treated unfairly in many societies when it comes to sexual situations.

    • Steve

      Look at the male/female relationships on Little Mosque on the Prairie. On each and every one of them it’s the female that has the upper hand because the male is a dofus.

      This is why am against Feminism!

  221. Steve

    I hope you see that video.

    Because even Rush says that all feminists aren’t femanazis. In fact he says that feminazis are very few in number indeed, but unfortunately the Press goes up to these feminazis and treat them like they represent the mainstream of feminists when they aren’t.

    By the way, according to some feminists your roommate was raped.

  222. Steve

    Nahida, just like I can see how you have a point on woman’s issues, it seems like you understand why someone like me would hate feminists.

    You are being open minded, which means that although you might consider yourself a liberal right now, you won’t for much longer.

    Liberals are super intolerant. They never give people the benefit of the doubt. We are absolutely at war here. It’s a culture war! It has been that way all our lives. It goes back to before we were even born.

  223. Steve

    More and more I am thinking that Sarah Palin might just be the President we need.

    She is awesome.

    Don’t Retreat – Just Reload!

  224. No, Steve, I don’t understand why you would hate feminists. I don’t understand why you would hate feminists because that woman in the video I posted was exactly that–a woman, and a feminist. And because I’ve never wronged you–I haven’t even met you. And because feminism is such a broad ideology that encompasses so much (including men’s rights) that it’s irrational to hate feminists.

    And because after all the “look what your feminism has wrought!” and “what about men?” and “patriarchy hurts men too!” and “chivalry is dead and feminism killed it” and everything else I’ve heard from every self-absorbed, hate-filled, delusional guy (and girl!) I simply can’t sympathize with people who throw away the entire movement because they can’t handle the idea of independent women, and instead rant on about how they can’t open doors anymore.

    Do you know some of the things I’ve heard, Steve? Let me copy and paste some real comments for you.

    Women are toxic – stay away from them, dont be around them for too long and most importantly when pumping them with man juice wear protection so you dont get infected with child support.

    And another one

    I cannot on a primal level get passed my sexual urges when looking at sluts. … [t]he only thing I want to do to a slut is rape them. … If I extrapolate this observation to society, I think it’s easy to see why in a slut society women will be more prey to rape. … Simply put, dressing like sluts brings out murders, rapists and sadists in men. … A society based on sluts, might as well be a pro-rapist society.

    Women deserve to be raped.

    the only thing I want to do to a slut is rape them.

    And heaven forbid a woman ever have the audacity to thank you:

    I then went to buy some new clothes from a major retailer, got to the counter, another woman there, I didnt say a word. She bags the stuff up, says “thanks”. I say nothing, take the clothes and walk off.

    Attractive women are even worse:

    I remember when I was the assistant manager of a watch sales / repair shop, I had a policy to treat attractive women terrible. It was my way of balancing out the world (for myself), since I was sure their good looks got them tons of perks – drinks, getting out of tickets, etc.

    It is unfair to bring this up, as most men aren’t like this. At all. But you called for it, Steve, when you said you hate feminists.

    Chivalry isn’t dead, because it never lived. Sure, open the door for a woman. Then marry her. And keep her drugged. Don’t respect any of her opinions–she isn’t allowed to have them. Give her an “allowance.” Tell her she can’t vote because she doesn’t work. Tell her she can’t work because she’s a woman. Tell her she’s hysterical and should be locked up. Hurt her–physically–if she does anything you don’t like.

    And then, decades and decades later, when she’s still making less than 80 cents to your dollar, when the media is telling her that she’s too fat and too thin at the same time, that she’s too old and too young, that she’s too tall but not tall enough, that she needs breast implants, that she’s a slut but she’s also inexperienced, that she lies often about being raped when she never even reported the times she actually was raped because they tell her it was her fault, that she’s too quiet because she’s a stuck-up bitch and thinks she’s better than you, that she’s too open because she’s a stuck-up bitch and thinks it’s all about her, that she talks too much and that why she makes a terrible worker, that she doesn’t speak up enough and that’s why she never gets a raise, that any man who marries her will turn into a doofus (he wasn’t a doofus before he married her, it’s obviously her fault), that when she’s pretty she’s asking to be raped, that when she isn’t her presence doesn’t deserve to be acknowledged, that she has to be lied to every time her man wants to hang out with his old buddies from college because supposedly she’d never let him if she knew, that she has too many shoes but she’s still not beautiful so she should go out and buy some more, tell her then–after you joke about kitchens and sandwiches–to “look at what her feminism has wrought.” Why? Because you’re angry that you have to pay your own kids’ child support. Men are sooooo oppressed.

    Feminism is about men’s rights as much as women’s rights. But when men (and women) attack the movement itself, I have no patience for them. This is not a competition. Feminists never made it a competition. Men who rage against the feminist movement have implied that sexism against women is justified because of the burdens society also places on men, that resolving men’s issues and resolving women’s issues are mutually exclusive, and presume that a woman discussing one must not know or care about the other. Because that’s how HIS mentality works.

    But despite this, I don’t hate everyone in the men’s rights movement, unlike your hatred for feminists.

    And I don’t “think” I’m a liberal. I am a liberal. I would put reforestation before corporate expansion. I think a woman who was raped deserves an abortion if she wants one. (As a matter of fact, that’s part of my religion. She has the right.) I hate animal cruelty and I don’t care if prices go up a little because we’re nicer to them. And I think there should be heavy taxes on outsourcing.

    Don’t you see how you play with words here? Anyone who doesn’t fit your definition of a decent human being is a liberal. It’s only a political division! Politics isn’t the end all be all definition of people. People are real. You disagree with their political location but when you throw away the labels and discuss the issues they’re not that different Steve! We all want the same things.

    And Sarah Palin is a disaster. I won’t even come back here if you keep talking about her like she’s actually qualified for anything. Also, I kind of feel like I’m spamming this place…

  225. Michael

    I don’t know how anyone can hate feminists. Feminists fight for equality between men and women, not just women (despite popular belief on the Internet). How can anyone be against equality?

  226. Max

    Also spelled Amir…

  227. Max

    Michael, shut up stupid!

    • Uhm, he wasn’t talking to you. No one was. Go away.

      • Steve

        Is a Amir/Emir like a Bishop? Since Imam is more or less like a priest/pastor.

      • No, emirs or amiras (female) are political. Well, I don’t really know what bishops do… but if they’re political then yeah. Emirs have to be spiritual too but they take the advice of sheiks and hafizes (if they aren’t one themselves.) It’s the title of a ruler.

        I’m pretty sure the journalist made a mistake… I never heard it used for things like mosques. It’s usually for countries. Maybe the guy is flattering himself.

  228. Steve

    I hate feminists because of the feminazis. And while indeed the feminazis are few in number too few feminists speak out against them.

    I respect you because at least you can see the other side. I hope you can stay that way and not really go all liberal.

    • Steve

      By the way, conservatives are against Outsourcing. At least grassroots conservatives are!

      Don’t mistake the words conservative and Republicans. Conservatives are fighting to get the party back from the RINOS (Progressive Republicans).

      • People who aren’t against outsourcing are not progressive. How on earth is that progressive? Sounds regressive to me. And I don’t, I’ve said before that I have nothing against conservatives and everything against Republicans–but you totally do the same thing with liberals and Democrats.

        I am all liberal Steve. This is how we are. What kind of people did you know in your life?

      • Steve

        I don’t think you are liberal.

        You just think you are because you haven’t been exposed to the other side.

        Most conservatives are against outsourcing.

        But the show is pretty good though.

        But back to you thinking you are liberal. I bet in about five to ten years you will realize that what you thought liberalism was all about is really the exact opposite. They are really evil.

  229. Steve

    Sarah Palin might just be America’s last best hope. You should watch her television series. It is really cool.

  230. December 6th 9 PM

    Ammar tells about his first Christmas in Mercy.

  231. Hello everyone…

    Sinds my youtube account has been deleted by YT.. becz of copyrite stuff..

    will try to upload the series on my new channel… mydien123 😉

    • Mydien! I was afraid you’d vanished. *hugs* You’re an angel. Thank you for all your hard work.

    • Some end-of-the-season comments:

      What’s Amaar doing saying Muslims don’t have best men, like it’s unIslamic or something? It’s so infuriating when this show mixes culture with religion. You know what WAS unIslamic? Yasir “giving Rayaan away.” WTF. But no, let’s arbitrarily dismiss the best men/bridesmaids and not the bigoted here-dude-take-my-daughter-in-this-symbolic-gesture-of-passing-down-property.

      You know what’s also disturbing? The bride walking up an isle so everyone can ogle at her. No one made a comment about how THAT was unIslamic. Why didn’t Amaar walk with her? They could have both walked the isle together so it seems more of a passage into a new life to make it more Islamically appropriate if that’s what he was going for.

      I wouldn’t even have an issue with any of these things if Amaar didn’t make that comment about best men. (Except with giving the bride away, which unlike Amaar’s random unsupported claim, is actually wholly unIslamic, for real.)

      Raayan’s hi’jab looked beautiful on the wedding day.

      I hope they do move to Montreal in season 6. They don’t have to stay, but it would be interesting if they moved for a little bit. I wish Layla would grow up, I wish the writers would stop diluting Rayaan’s passion and vigor in fighting for what she believes, I wish Amaar would stop being so wimpy, I wish Fatima would stop being a background character (it’s really sad that the writers have chosen to make her out to be only the stereotypical sarcastic black woman making snide remarks in the background; even when this show is about people of color–she STILL doesn’t have stories in which she is the main character while every other character has had a few… I think for her there were only 2 ever, and one of them was still mainly about Rayaan!), I wonder if the writers are even aware of how drastically inconsistent they were with Sarah’s personality, I wish the mayor’s personal life would stop interfering with her job because it’s unrealistic: how many FEMALE politicians have been involved in sex scandals (is it different in Canada?) we have it hard enough getting past glass ceilings without TV telling us that untruthful shit, and I wish they would stop making Thorne so blatantly pathetic that he looks for Amaar’s moral approval with lines like “This is good, right?” !

      This season, however, toward the end was still an improvement.

      • Steve

        I am sad they didn’t invite more of the community to the wedding.

        Sure I wasn’t expecting them to invite the “whole lodge” like they did her last wedding, but no Fatima, no Layla? And come on Nate has kind of been a friend to Amaar. Thought he should have been there.

        I didn’t like how Ammar answered three times quickly. Yeah, I get it he would say yes one hundred times if asked that many, but still the whole three times is supposed to be kind of sacred and he should have taken it as such and just answer yes after being asked each of the three times.

        Isn’t it time that Thorne leaves ? Sorry, the meaner LMOTP didn’t work so let’s just move on.

        I liked Brent Butt’s special appearance.

        Just Kidding- April Fools.

        What else can I say about the season in its entirety. At least they didn’t break any Jesus statutes or punch out any Pastors so I guess compared to all of that it was a good season. But apart from comparing it to that terrible, terrible season actually it was pretty weak. Season 2 was the best and some of season three.

        I was sad that they didn’t take up my idea about giving Layla her own series. It worked on the Cosby Show when they did the spin off “A Different World”. Either with Barber or without Barber I think it could be a good show. It looks though like Layla has met some boys and are actually letting them hang around her with is unIslamic. At least that is what I kind of guessed from what she was kind of trying to tell Baber. It would be interesting to see how far she has moved from Islamic ways. Well we all experiment with our boundaries in one way or another in college but after then we tend to go back to the direction of our upbringing.

      • Steve

        We didn’t really get to see Layla enough to know if she did “grow up” this year or not. I have always thought she was pretty grown up for her age (okay there was that one episode in the terrible season).

        I believe her character works best as the oh, and as a feminist I know you are going to hate the term – straight man. Okay Straight Person.

        That is all the silliness is going around her and by just a few words or even a facial expression she reveals the craziness for what it is. Her best moment was when she really nailed that hippie kid, Tree I believe his name was. She also did it many times with Baber and I remember a time she did with Fred. She was the Abbott to Baber’s Costello (is that too old of a reference how about she was the Dean Martin to Baber’s Jerry Lewis ).

        She was my favorite character but for some reason (perhaps school commitments) she was for the most part left out of the season.

      • Steve

        How did that one joke go about her friends dressing like Prostitutes, oops I mean Protestants? I think it was something Baber said but I don’t remember the exact line.

        The show does have its moments but the problem is that they are to few and far between. No doubt the joke was either from season 2 or 3.

      • Steve

        I wish they would have more shows about how crooked the mayor is because trust me, they are.

        I don’t mean crooked in a illegal sense. I mean crooked in a legal way. I mean how what she does is wrong but perfectly legal.

        I loved how she would go on “Sister City” trips all over the world which are basically tax payer funded vacations that because indeed that’s what they do.

        It would kind of have a “Yes Minister” feel about a small city environment. Kind of a Parks and Rec but much better.

        The best shows of this series were about abuses in city government which of course were wheat week and the mercy sign episodes.

        How about one where she mandates that all public buildings must have an “Asian” toilet? That offends everyone even the Muslims she was trying to win over because of course most of them are Westerners too who are used to the regular toilet. So in trying to show herself as “not being racist” she actually shows herself as racist and cost the businesses in the community a whole lot of money by forcing them to install toilets that no one will ever use.

        That’s the type of humor that has a chance of saving the show.

      • Steve

        I still want Fatima to run for Mayor and Win with the Support of Fred!

        And I want the current mayor to offend the White Community by pretending to be “one of them” (what she thinks they are).

        I never will forget hearing Hillary Clinton talk with a southern drawl. It is so insulting when politicians pretend to be what they aren’t and in doing so reveal the contempt they have for the people they are pretending to be one of.

      • Steve

        Nahida, you don’t remember the 1990s but back then it was hip to have a woman as mayor. So the only reason she is mayor is because she is a woman so she really has nothing to complain about in regards to glass ceilings.

        That’s why I think it would be great if Fatima runs against her. Fatima is a woman of course but she is also black and MUSLIM. As they say in Canada A HAT TRICK.

        The mayor’s traditional support would have to go Fatima. They really have no choice since by not supporting Fatima they risk being considered racist and Islamophobic. So then the mayor would have to try to get the people who didn’t support her all these years to support her but by trying to do so she just insults them so they aren’t going to vote for her either (especially because Fred is supporting Fatima too).

        At the end of the day, the mayor doesn’t even get one vote. What, didn’t she even vote for herself? Damn, I knew I forgot to do something today!

        See that’s real humor.

      • Steve

        Fred Tupper.

        Yes, Caller…

        I think that mayor you had on makes sense. She has served our community well and a least she is no Mooselum.

        Fred: Mayor is that you?

        Mayor: How did you know?? I mean No I am not the mayor.

        Fred: It’s the caller id it says it’s you Mayor.

        Mayor: Damn.

      • Steve

        They should just have Thorne become pastor at Wullerton Anglican and be done with the character.

      • Steve

        The actor who plays Yasir seems to think he has better things to do with his career than to play Yasir, which is too bad because I really like the character.

        Also I really liked the dynamics of Sarah working for the Mayor. I really wish they would have more episodes of the mayor trying to get on the good side of the Muslims and that backfiring.

        I do have an idea for a sequel for “Wheat Week” where some out of town Muslim activities come to try to shut it down for being anti-Islamic and the town’s Muslims coming to wheat week’s defense.

        If you remember the last Wheat Week episode wheat week isn’t really anti_Islamic, the mayor just claimed it was because she had spent all of that year’s funding for the event on a portrait of herself and convinced Baber to protest Wheat Week. But rumors like that once started are hard to stop and in the end for the out of town Muslims they really don’t care if wheat week is or isn’t anti-Islam – they just want to show their political power by being able to stop an event.

        Some of the best comedy from the show was when it was shown how the mayor governed the town. It so, so much reminded me of my own city politics, especially with all the political correctness crap that goes on.

        Look, if they want to have a popular show on their hands they can do so by comedy directed against the left. It worked to a certain extent for South Park.

    • Debora

      For anyone slightly horrified with Rayyan’s dress, this is what we’d put her in:

      but with longer sleeves

      (thanks, Nahida, for the link)

  232. Scott

    It’s not a phobia when there’s a reason for the fear

  233. Scott

    I am not against all Muslims but then again I don’t want to see this happening in the streets of North America.

    This happened in Egypt and the Muslims who witnessed this were very happy. They went around chanting “Allah Akbar”

    I don’t care about what the direct translation of those words mean. To me it will always mean death to non-Muslims and therefore it’s hate speech!

  234. Scott

    We need to ban Egyptian Muslims from coming to North America.

    Listen very carefully here.