Season 4 – Episode 15 – Radio Silence

Synopsis:Thorne encourages Baber to get a radio show hoping his extreme views will stir up anti-Muslim feelings. When Thorne’s plan works, Amaar conspires with unlikely ally Fred to get Baber off the air. Meanwhile, Sarah befriends a male subcontractor and sets tongues wagging. But when this relationship heats up, Sarah has to find a way to put the gossip to rest.

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Part 2:

Part 3:

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What did you think of this episode? How does it compare to the previous episode? Are there any topics from the episode that you want to discuss?



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302 responses to “Season 4 – Episode 15 – Radio Silence

  1. Steve

    This was a good episode.

    Did you catch where it was said that a Muslim show wouldn’t do good in the ratings?

    Do you think that means this will be the last season of LMOTP?

    The episode of LMOTP three episodes back only got 516,000 viewers.

  2. Steve

    Oh, and I think we all know what the season cliffhanger is going to be.

    The Mosque is going to fire Amaar!

  3. LMOTP Fan

    Yasser is still not in the show. someone please tell me he’s still aboard with the show? i tried googling for answers but couldn’t find any info on this. I really miss him!!

  4. Steve

    They adopted my idea about Baber getting his own radio show.

    LMOTP Fan I have seen Carlo Rota (the actor who plays Yasir) on several recent television shows.

    I don’t know what this means for his future on Little Mosque on the Prairie.

  5. Steve

    I found it interesting how Fatima said that she didn’t care that Baber’s radio show was so hateful and extremist. All that was important for her was that it was an Islamic voice on the air and she would support that regardless.

    Sounds like prejudice to me.

  6. Tim

    Sounds kind of like why Nahida supported Obama. Didn’t care about what he would do to this country. All she cared about was that he was “of color”.

  7. Mike

    Tim. I dare you to quote Nahida on that. I triple-dog-dare you.

  8. Nahida

    Sounds kind of like why Tim thinks I supported Obama. Doesn’t care to recognize the reasons. All he cares about is that I’m Muslim, and therefore must vote for minorities.

  9. Nahida

    Mike, you can’t possibly expect him to be rational enough to back up his statements with evidence.

  10. Steve

    Nahida I have too much respect for you to think that you would have supported him on merit.

  11. Steve

    Nahida, getting back to the show, what did you think of Fatima’s comments?

  12. Tim

    Steve, since Obama didn’t discuss issues and just went Hope, Hope, Change, Change, it couldn’t be about the issues.

    It was always about Obama being a minority. He was two years into his first term as US Senator. And most of the time there he just voted “Present”. Before that he was a Illinois state legislator.

    Hardly qualifications for US President.

    So, what was it Nahida? Was it the Hope, or was it the Change. Or why don’t you admit like Fatima did about supporting Baber’s show regardless of what it was just because he was a Muslim. You loved the fact that he was a minority and the fact that he had a Muslim sounding name was just icing on the cake.

  13. Nahida

    “It was nice to have a Muslim voice on the radio. Even if it was a crazy Muslim voice.”

    Steve, I’d always been under the impression that Fatima never took Fred’s show seriously, and that she didn’t take Baber’s seriously either. I doubt she believed anyone else did. When she made that comment, I’d taken it in terms of her angle on entertainment than serious news commentary.

    I don’t think she “supported” either shows but that she was merely offering Baber her sentiments. She and Fred have been shown to kinda be friends–I’m pretty sure she’d have airily said the same kind of thing to him.

    I thought that look she gave Amaar was on account of his betrayal (not because he was against Baber having the show, but because he was secretive about it) and not necessarily because he caused the show to end.

    Of course, if your interpretation was correct (though I doubt we’d ever know–they seem to be showing less and less of her personality) then of course I disagree with her.

  14. Lmotp lover

    Would not talk about cuz he doesnt have anything to do with the show. What im worried about is if they are stopping lmotp becuz i heard that and yasir also were is he???? Its obvious that fred will eventually convert to islam and marry fatima cuz before wen he thought he was gonna die he said i love….(you) and also amaar and rayyan will also get married.

  15. Nahida

    What did you think of this episode? How does it compare to the previous episode?

    Has anyone noticed that the discussion questions have begun to sound desperate?

  16. Anum

    When is the next episode going to be posted??? I have been waiting all week!

  17. Nahida

    It’s Olympics in Canada.

    Maybe next week? =]

    I’m of the opinion that watching sports is so useless. I don’t understand why people only watch as opposed to actually playing. But I even I believe the Olympics are an exception. xD

  18. Episode 16 has been online 🙂

  19. Mira

    I miss Nahida here.

    She’s always at her blog but it feels incredibly impersonal. It’s not about her life. She used to tell such sweet stories here.

  20. Steve

    Was it right for Thorne and Amaar to have seen the Godfather Series?

    I guess this is a little hypocritical of me because indeed I have seen the series (and there’s no doubt that the third was the worse though there were some good scenes there).

    I guess perhaps this comes from be being raised in a religion where one does expect the spiritual leader to “be more holy” than everyone else. Of course it’s the duty of all Christians to be holy, but still we tend to I guess wrongly see our leader a “Set Apart” and “better spiritually” then people in general.

    I loved the Godfather series but it was a series that glorified violence, has sex scenes if I remember right and indeed portray immoral behavior. Perhaps it doesn’t glorify violence in the sense that at the end of the series the main character dies alone so it does say that such a lifestyle does lead to ruin (although it really didn’t for his father). But is that really an excuse?

    Again, if I am criticizing Thorne and Amaar perhaps I am being hypocritical for not criticizing myself. But they are the spiritual leaders of their communities but then again all should strive to be at that level. So I guess I am criticizing myself. I don’t strive to live my life at as high a moral level as I should and that is indeed a decision I have made. I wouldn’t say I am immoral but certainly I could shun putting such stuff in my head and I don’t.

    Also I guess I should ask because I am not sure, is portrayals of violence which is indeed a part of life all too often, glorification of violence. Godfather was certainly a story with anti-heroes but it didn’t condoned the actions of the characters, just portrayed them because they made an interesting story.

  21. Steve

    Is it wrong to expect more from spiritual leaders than you expect from yourself?

    I know you can certainly get in trouble when you say “he wouldn’t do that, he is a Priest.” But indeed when we see someone dressed up as a Priest we do expect that person to be of exemplary behavior and in fact we at least used to think at least that they were beyond reproach.

    So, should our spiritual leaders be “normal”. After all it is very normal for people in our society to have seen the Godfather series even though it probably isn’t the right thing to do spiritually.

    Yeah, I guess I am being quite hypocritical for a guy who likes the Sopranos, True Blood, and Dexter among otther shows (liked Tudors and Rome as well).

    Perhaps it isn’t right to say it’s okay because I am not a spiritual leader like Amaar and Thorne.

    Though I never have said it was okay and I have never strived to be a “perfect” person.

  22. Hi Steve. I had time to come see your comments here. (You’re probably long gone now though.)

    I haven’t seen the Godfather series, though I want to and I will someday. Until a couple of years ago I was quite deprived when it came to movies.

    Perhaps it doesn’t glorify violence in the sense that at the end of the series the main character dies alone so it does say that such a lifestyle does lead to ruin (although it really didn’t for his father). But is that really an excuse?

    It’s not an “excuse.” It’s a warning. And I would say these things are necessary. Stories have morals. A lot of times, that’s kind of the point of their existence. Portraying violence isn’t necessarily glorifying it. And the consequences should be known.

    Even besides that, (I hear) it’s a good story. And good stories should be read/viewed/heard. They teach us things at such a deep level we don’t even realize we’ve learned them.

    I’m not certain what you mean by “putting things in your head.” You mean actually watching them, or the way they affect your thoughts and temperament after? Unless you wanted to go out and shoot someone after seeing it, Steve, I’m sure you’re fine. ;]

  23. To everyone else:

    If I were a man I would totally have a crush on the librarian.

  24. Jasmine

    Let’s see it tomorrow after we make fun of people with dates! Unless you’ve ended up with one, which somehow someone always asks you. Grr. You have to say no for me though!

  25. Steve

    Nahida, my question is it appropriate for religious leaders or anyone to watch stuff with sex in it? I think there were some sex scenes in the Godfather. And there was probably bad language in it too. It is sad that I can’t remember because such stuff is just expected in movies today so it would have stood out if it didn’t have such stuff.

  26. Steve

    Let’s see it tomorrow after we make fun of people with dates! Unless you’ve ended up with one, which somehow someone always asks you.

    Muslims don’t date.

    They “court” when they decide that they might want to eventually marry someone.

    If you saw the episodes with Rayyan and JJ and even the ones now with Rayyan and Amaar you would understand the difference between dating and courting.

  27. Steve… she totally ditched me. *rolls eyes*

  28. My mother would forward sex scenes in movies if she was watching them. Actually, she would forward kissing scenes. I don’t think she’s ever watched movies with sex scenes, but if she did I’m assuming she’d have done the same.

    I think it’d be appropriate for religious leaders to watch them if they did the same thing. I think I might have an issue with it though; I was watching a movie–can’t remember which–and there was very important information in the sex scene, so if you skip over it you’ll miss a vital chunk. It stopped making sense after I skipped it.

    Bet they do that on purpose.

  29. Steve

    There’s some scenes in ROME where I had to use the Forward button. Yeah, I might think “I can take it” but trust me some of that stuff there I really couldn’t.

    Too bad. All and all it was a good story.

  30. Mira

    I’m confused…. but that might me cause i haven’t seen it. Violence is disturbing and i can’t take it but I don’t get that you couldn’t take sex scenes? were they disturbing ones?

  31. Steve

    In ROME, oh, yeah.

    Thank God for the fast forward button.

  32. Mira

    I didnt know disturbing sex was allowed in movies. Thought you had to be somewhat “normal” to display it.

  33. That woman is horrible to her husband! =( The poor guy looks so unhappy. Seriously why would she make him sleep on the couch just so he didn’t disturb her sleep with his snoring when HE’S the one having a crappy night of sleep because the mattress is so hard? Did she stop caring about him? X_X Why are they still together?

    I know it’s supposed to be a comedy but it was really poorly executed. You can write the same scene without him looking genuinely miserable, and I don’t find misery funny.

    That is all. I’m outta here.

  34. Mira

    Nahida, come back. =(

  35. HANG ON!!

    I totally missed this: Muslims don’t date. Steve, weren’t you here when I described two instances in which I was out with someone? What’dya call that?

    Also, I just scrolled up. MINA! WHY ARE YOU TELLING THE WORLD I’VE GOTTEN RAPE THREATS? -_____________________-; Jesus Christ. I’m gonna start a gossip “swear” jar.

    Also, Steve, that’s super sweet. *hugs*

    *pulls back with serious look* But we totally live in a rape culture. Just because YOU haven’t gotten rape threats… When your friends have this weird mentality that you should just lose your virginity now because it’ll hurt less if you’re raped, we are living in a rape culture.

    K now I’m out. Bieguys.

  36. Mira

    You mean on the other post? Steve also said awful things.

  37. Steve

    I thought that this week’s episode with “the Drifter” was the best I have seen in the past two seasons.

    It really shows the difference between Liberals and Conservatives.

    It has at least been the experience I have witnessed between Conservatives and Liberals.

    Don’t want to get all religious on you but Jesus said we aren’t supposed to be looking for glory with our charity.

    I have gone to several funerals where I have found out all the great things the particular conservative person did but few knew about. But with the Liberals, they all want to be “volunteer of the year”.

  38. Steve

    By the way, I am really worried about Nahida.

    That University of hers is turning her into a real radical. I have read some very hateful things on her blog recently.

    It’s sad what Universities do to some people.

  39. Steve

    Oh, a rape Culture?

    Want to hear about a rape culture.


    (who by the way wasn’t Jewish, but that’s not really the issue is it?)

  40. Steve

    I am sorry, but I still think instead of Amaar they should have an Imam with a beard and “Baber clothes” and see how tolerant the community would be to him even if he had the same “moderate” views Amaar has.

  41. Mira

    oh plz. Baber and thorne were conservatives and did the exact same thing. Proves you make shit up.

    i haven’t read anything hateful or even untrue there! if anyone could turn her into a radical it’s probably you, she’d have to overcompensate for your bullshit and move further to an extreme

  42. Jasmine

    Mira why are you hanging around here? You shouldn’t be involved with people like this. People like Steve, who hate pizza. And “Ted”, who is probably made up. Nahida was telling me last night that she hopes Steve at least didn’t make “Alex” up, because she liked him. But anyway, it shouldn’t surprise you that he’s still making false accusations, have you seen how dishonest he is? All these false identities to exponentially multiply his power influence over the internet. Cowards.

    None of us are coming back. Get away from here, Mira.

  43. Steve

    Since when do I hate Pizza? I love Pizza.

  44. Steve

    Baber and Thorne vote liberal.

    I was thinking more of my real life experience. The episode was half right.

  45. Steve

    There’s never been any indication that Thorne was conservative. He seems nonpolitical and since he is big city it is likely he votes to the Left.

    Baber, I read somewhere that indeed despite of his conservative social mindset he tends to vote to the Left too. That’s likely because he was a Community College Professor and because of his race.

    Minorities don’t have to vote for Leftists but they tend to.

  46. Steve

    I have stopped by Nahida’s site and it is really sad how radical she has become.

    She has made her site so only people who agree with her can comment. It is really Leftist now.

    It shows how the University experience can magnify such radical tendency. It is something that we need to correct in our University system. I believe one way we should do this is remove tenure.

    If radical teachers want to teach their radical stuff they can. Just not anywhere funded by the taxpayers. They can have like their own private university.

    Either that or since there’s tax money going to the University perhaps then there should be some political balance rule. But that would probably not work so it is just best that professors don’t have tenure.

    Teachers should be fired when they get too radical. Then they can found their own non taxpayer funded University and the people who want to study under them can use their own money.

  47. Steve

    The main problem is that is is almost impossible to separate Islam the Religion from Islam the Political Movement.

    Islam the Religion, well it’s nothing I would get into myself, but I have no problem with people who practice it just like I have no problem with the Amish.

    But, as a political movement, yeah, I have a problem with it.

    Using the example of the Amish again, say, the Amish wasn’t just a small group of people in Pennsylvania or wherever but they were a major world religion.

    In other countries the Amish were in control and cars and modern technology was forbidden. Anyone who had any of that would be executed.

    In still other countries while they weren’t in control they were a significant minority and in their fight to take over these countries, they would bomb Best Buys, or car dealerships, kill people for driving cars and such.

    And then in this situation you would look at the Amish in Pennsylvania. You would look at them and while you might not begrudge them practicing their religion themselves, you would worry about the movement spreading as it has in other countries.

    Thus, this is how it is with Islam. And that is why this show doesn’t really help. I don’t really care whether they sit together at mosque or if males and females sit separately. That’s really up to them. It’s not their religion itself that bothers me as long as of course I am not forced to practice it. It’s the political movement, that’s what bothers me.

    The last show, Rayyan was let onto the board. Well it wouldn’t have mattered to me if she was restricted from the board since she was a religion because it’s their religion, their choice.

    It’s not the religion that bothers me.

    It’s Islam the political movement.

  48. Steve

    The last show, Rayyan was let onto the board. Well it wouldn’t have mattered to me if she was restricted from the board since she was a woman because it’s their religion, their choice.

    It’s not the religion that bothers me.

    It’s Islam the political movement that concerns me.

    And as much as I hate the Libyan dictator, and I really do hate him, it does bother me that he will probably be replaced, if he loses which still isn’t for sure, by an Islamic Regime.

  49. Steve

    By the way, if I was to comment, I would say I could see why some might see it a conflict of Interest for Rayyan to be on the board since she is engaged to the Imam who indeed they get to set salary and other stuff over.

    But as to whether women should be on a Mosque board or stuff like that, it’s their religion, their rules. That’s not why I hate Islam. And again I only hate Political Islam not Islam as a Religion although I know how hard it is too separate the two..

  50. Steve

    By the way, without McGee (who indeed I hated for other reasons) there’s not any good Representative of Christianity on the show. Thorne himself admits that he has a bad nature so the only representative we have of a Christian leader is a self admitted villain.

  51. Caroline

    Is this site ever going to be updated? I’ve been avoiding making comments on episodes because I feel like they’ll be lost. I never commented before and just but now since I’m bound to fall into obscurity why not.

    It’s funny how Baber pretends to be an awesome Muslim and then makes completely unIslamic “laws.” Does he know that God didn’t put the rights of women up to a vote? He is clearly defying what’s in the Quran.

    And Steve, I’ve had no problem commenting on Nahida’s site. She now simply requires you to use a registered account. (I imagine because people keep trolling.) Unless google is against you (which I wouldn’t be surprised since you’re unbearable) you should have no issues commenting. Simply comment while you’re signed into your Google or WordPress account.

    I bet she’d probably detest me for telling you this, but I always feel sorry for people who can’t figure out simple things. Like how things backed up by facts aren’t “radical.”

    If she really wanted only those who agreed with her, she’d have made the site viewable by invitation only.

    I’m glad she requires registration now. Eliminates morons…

  52. Mira

    so only people who agree with her can comment

    Oh, is Google working for Nahida now?

    What is this, another Glenn Beck conspiracy?

    LOL Steve’s just pissed because now he cant say he’s multiple people when he comments

  53. Steve

    Nahida is a radical.

    Not a Muslim radical but a feminist one.

    Her Feminist views were always her “primary self indentifier” and it seems that the University just twisted and magnified such views.

    You can understand how if someone’s “primary self indentifier” was Islam a University setting could twist and magnify such views. Same goes with environmentalism. The University system seems like an incubator of dangerous radicalism.

    It’s too bad too. Nahida, before going off the deep end did have some valid points that could have been discussed in a reasonable way. But of course now there’s just no reasoning with her. She really is just the enemy within now.

    Another victim of the American University system. We really need to find a better system of educating our youth. I believe cyber universities might play some role in the future to perhaps lessen the influence of this outdated system.

  54. Steve

    “In life, the road to darkness is a journey, not a light switch.” – I guess that is what I witnessed with Nahida.

    Sad, because there was something good within Nahida at the beginning.

  55. Steve

    If I had a blog I probably would only post pro comments as well. That’s kind of where we are at in our society. We have never, ever been so divided as a nation.

    The time for discussion is over. It’s no longer about right vs left. It’s about right vs wrong.

  56. Caroline

    I like how Steve accuses people of being radicals and doesn’t explain exactly what is so outrageous. Everything Nahida’s written on feminism is backed up. What exactly do you object to Steve? That menstruation ISN’T unfairly used against us? That redefining rape ISN’T a sign that Republicans hate women? That there ISN’T a wage gap?

    Then you call her “truly Leftist” (bet she wouldn’t object though) for not allowing you to comment (because you’re too slow to figure out how to do it) but then admit that you’d do the same (which she hasn’t even done.)

    Peace out guys, done here.

  57. Steve

    That thing about Republicans “redefining rape” comes from George Soros.

    I bet that man has raped a few women in his time. He is just evil incarnate.

    Republicans hate women? Look, I hate the Republicans for many things but come on. Republicans don’t hate women. Yeah, Republicans hate their mothers? They hate their sisters? They hate their daughters? They hate their wives?

    Yeah, no, Nahida hasn’t gone off the deep end.

    Bill Clinton Raped a lady. We know that the Kennedy Clan Raped ladies. HELL TEDDY KILLED A LADY. If anyone hates women, it must be the Democrats.

  58. Steve

    Look up the following names.

    Juanita Broaddrick

    Mary Jo Kopechne

    Ruth Merwin

  59. Steve

    Democrats LOVE Raping and KILLING WOMEN!

  60. Mira

    oh please, you were accusing Nahida of being a radical feminist even before that post. Have you seen the other things they’ve done?! what they’re trying to do? hell if that’s what a radical feminist is, count me in as one too!

    what about the others Steve? The wage gap, the PMS?

    Caroline, I don’t know if you’ve been reading along but it shouldnt surprise you Steve makes weird accusations. he said before that if he were a woman he might hate men. But only if he were a woman could he see these points, apparently, because he’s incapable of sympathy.

    democrats hate women too! you should see youtube comments from so-called “liberals.” And Nahida knows it, I remember she’s mentioned it somewhere. the difference is, Republicans are acting on their hate.

    And conservatives like you are refusing to see it. if Nahida goes off the deep end, it’ll be because people like you pushed her off. especially since you keep mentioning her age… like wtf.

    I don’t know Nahida but i bet who she is has nothing to do with being in college. I just read her last post and she sounds strangely lonely. maybe she likes being alone, she seems like that type. but nonetheless that would disprove the amount of influence you think her university has on her. from what Jasmine said when she was commenting here, Nahida doesn’t seem to actually spend time with most people at her university. She mentioned Nahida going to class during thanksgiving day and implied that no one else really does. i imagine that on valentine’s day she must have stayed in with her books. it’s all speculation, but that seems to be most likely.

    srsly, get off of her.

  61. Debora

    Steve seems more interested in defending his party than women. *rolls eyes*

    “It’s totally okay what the Republicans are doing because of these Democrats!”

  62. Steve

    Nahida is just the kind of women the Democrats would rape.

    They have such big egos they think she should feel “honored” by being raped by them.

    Come on, you wanted it…

    And then if she turns to the people she thought would support her, they would turn their backs on her because they don’t want to hurt the Democratic Party.

    And if she pushes too far, then she might find yourself DEAD in some park late at night. She wouldn’t be the first women.

    Democrats are sex perverts.

  63. Mira

    LMFAO. Okay i’m totally done trying to talk to Steve.

    i’m not even gonna ask what “kind” that’s supposed to be.

  64. Steve

    I don’t have any love for the Republicans but I stop short at saying they hate women.

    Now, Democrats, oh they LOVE WOMEN.

    Except for the Bitches who don’t understand how honored they should feel by being propositioned by them. Those women tend to end up dead.

    If a Democrat offers you a ride home, it might be your last ride. Just ask Mary Joe Kopechne.

    You Muslim BITCH. Why are you trying to ruin all of what I can do for women and Muslims in our society! Damn you (Crashes a bottle of wine over her killing her instantly). Oh my God… OH my God (gets out his cell phone) “I need your help cleaning something up…”

    Next day on the news… An aid for Senator Liberalman was found dead in the city park yesterday. “I want to extend my sincere sympathy for her family”. This just re-inforces my determination to fight for women in our society.

  65. Steve

    Maybe Nahida shouldn’t have told her women’s rights friend what happened. As she called the Senator immediately.

  66. Steve

    Hey, if Soros can tell lies about Republicans then I can just relate a composite story of what has commonly happened with women and Democrats.

    Like I said, they feel you should feel honored having been raped by them since they are doing so much for women in our society. Saying have big egos and are hypocrites don’t even start to cover it.

    Women have ended up dead.

  67. Steve

    Saying they have big egos and that they are hypocrites don’t even come close to covering it.

    Democrats pretend to support Women but then they go around raping and sometimes even killing them. AND THEY GET AWAY WITH IT TOO! At least they do more times than not.

  68. Mira

    What do you care Steve? Nahida’s just a “radical” feminist.

  69. Steve



    And indeed, even KILLING THEM!

  70. Debora

    Mira… just get out of here.

  71. Steve

    Well, Nahida used to be a good person.

    It would be sad seeing the Democrats rape her.

    But then I don’t know how I will feel about other feminists attacking HER for telling the truth (if she doesn’t keep it a secret and if she doesn’t get killed first).

    Part of me would think poetic justice.

  72. Caroline

    Funny, I’m actually a real rape victim and survivor, and it was feminists who actually helped me. As a matter of fact, these women were the only ones to do so.

    Now let’s wait for Steve to call me a liar.

  73. Steve

    “Nadiha is just a slut. She wanted him to have sex with her and then when he was the gentleman we all know he is and declined because he is married she made up the charges of rape!”

    (quote by another Leftist Feminist).

    Gosh, I thought the man was always wrong. I guess not when the man happens to be a leader in the Democrat Party!

  74. Caroline

    I’m going to say one more thing, and it’s that I hope Nahida stays far away from men like Steve, who would think it was fucking hilarious if she were left helpless after being raped.

  75. Steve

    Caroline I assume you weren’t raped by a Democrat politician right?

    Because if you were then the feminists wouldn’t have helped you.

    Of course they help you. They see you as a tool in their war against men. A very important tool.

  76. Caroline

    I am a feminist, dumbass.

    And why are you talking about NOW? NOW is a mess and most feminists wanted to punch Clinton in the face.

    The reasonable ones are always out-screamed.

    Okay, I’m leaving now for real.

  77. Steve

    Caroline, the conservative response to what happened to you is that a conservative would track that scumbag down and kick his ass. Indeed perhaps even kill him.

    Rape is the worse crime that someone can commit in our society. That’s how we see it. Hell, I rather be accused of MURDER than Rape.

    And of course the feminists know that. And use that.

  78. Steve

    How can you call this a rape society when it is better to be a murderer than a rapist?

  79. Debora

    Caroline, Steve is under the impression that traitors like Naomi Wolfe speak for all of us.

    Don’t try to speak to him. He’s too simple.

  80. Steve

    If they hated Bill, why do they support Hillary?

    Hypocrites, EVIL HYPOCRITES.

    Despite what they Say, the Democrats are the party of RAPING AND EVEN KILLING WOMEN!

    Juanita Broaddrick

    Mary Jo Kopechne

    Ruth Merwin

    And a lot of others too numerous to be listed here and many who will forever remain unknown.

    In fact there should be a statue made for the Unknown Rape Victim of Democrat Politicians.

    William Kennedy Smith remember him?

    He got away with it too.

    Just like Uncle Teddy!

  81. Debora

    ….Because Hilliary is a different person?

    On top of telling Caroline it’d have been better if she’d just been murdered, Steve has now implied that a woman is only worth her husband.

    I think we’re all done here.

  82. Steve

    Well if you are a Kennedy you are BEYOND THE LAW.

    Just like if you are a CLINTON.

    Laws are for the Little people. You have to understand that since Democratic Politicians do such good for society they can’t be judged by the same standards.

    The Democrats are beyond wrong … they are indeed EVIL.

  83. Steve

    I said, it is better to be a murderer than a rapist (unless you are raping and murdering which of course would make you a rapist as well as a murderer).

    Rape is the worse crime in society. That’s how society views it.

    That shows how strongly we are against rape in our society.

    In fact I believe that all rapists should indeed be executed. SO, that makes me pro-rape?

    And I guess the Democrats are anti-Rape because their politicians actually rape women.

  84. Steve

    Republicans are often wrong, and cowardly, but few of them are evil.

    Whereas Democrats, most of them are indeed evil.

    I don’t support Republicans, but Democrats, well like I said they are evil and they rape and kill people.

  85. Mike

    ….Okay wow.

    That was disturbing. If any of you have contact with Nahida please make sure she never comes here to read Steve’s little scenario. Ever. I can’t imagine what traumatic effect people like him would have on her psyche.

    Steve, I want to punch you in the jaw.

  86. Steve


    First thing they did after they got rid of their dictator…

    Rape a white news reporter.

    And the Left here in America laughed, and laughed and laughed..

  87. Steve

    Question to the feminists out there…

    Is Mercy a Rape Society?

  88. Steve

    , Nahida doesn’t seem to actually spend time with most people at her university. She mentioned Nahida going to class during thanksgiving day and implied that no one else really does.

    I assume the Leftist radical professor or at least the leftist radical professor’s Leftist radical assistant was there teaching the class.

    i imagine that on valentine’s day she must have stayed in with her books. it’s all speculation, but that seems to be most likely.

    Books written by leftist radicals. Left to obsess with these books with their hate filled ideology.

    Actually what you say doesn’t refute my thesis. It indeed kind of confirms it.

    It is really sad. It really is. It shows how people become more radicalized in the Universities be it the Feminists, the political Muslims, the antihuman socalled environmentalists, etc. The Universities in America with their lack of true debate is a real dangerous environment indeed.

  89. Steve

    Nahida, it is so sad what you have become.

    You were once a reasonable person with a reasonable perspective. But University changed all of that for you didn’t it.

  90. Mira, I’m not really lonely. =) Just not a fan of small talk. And I do like being alone, with just a few really really close friends. (Though right now they’re all scattered across the country.) So it all works out. And of course there is your wonderfulness.

  91. Steve

    Nahida, is Mercy a Rape society?

  92. Steve

    It’s the Left that has “redefined rape”.

    TO them ALL SEX is rape. Even sex during marriage given what a misogynistic system marriage is.

    Let’s outlaw sex. Make it a crime for a man to ever have sex. With technology today humans can propagate without it. Males aren’t needed anymore as long as you can keep sperm in tubes.

    Yeah, and you once had the nerve to call me anti-sex.

  93. Steve

    What now, is Thanksgiving now anti-Muslim?

  94. Steve

    A Jihad against Thanksgiving, is that it now!

  95. Steve

    Men should be castrated at birth, right?

    Perhaps even, since would be just creating human in labs perhaps we can design it so that only females can be born.

    A fully female society. No Males. No need. A Feminist dream!

  96. Jasmine

    For the record, Nahida spent Valentine’s Day reading Beowulf.

    But this is just fascinating Steve. All us feminazis hate having sex with you evil, evil men. OMG I KNEW THERE WAS A BETTER REASON NAHIDA WAS A VIRGIN! Wait, what does that make me? How can I be a proper feminazi if I’m just a regular slut? IT MUST BE TO STEAL SPERM AND TRICK TEH MENZ INTO PAYING CHILD SUPPORT! ZOMG!!

    I’m sure Nahida thinks her two little brothers should be castrated too. WHAT AN AMAZING IDEA. zomg thanks Steve you’re the best!

    (Nahida has loads of nerve. She has no obligation to spare your feelings. But to clear your insane memory, she said “Maybe that’s why you wouldn’t call yourself pro-sex.” Not that you were anti-sex. Typical of you.)

    • Mina, please stop speaking to him on my behalf. There is no need of him to know anything about me, especially since the thought of me being left helpless if I’m ever raped amuses him. And especially since he prefers a simple stereotype–of both a feminist and a Muslim–to a complicated reality, and he doesn’t need to know anything real to make up what I’d say. Let him draw conclusions from imaginary conversations rather than my own words and beliefs. It’s obvious he prefers it this way, proven by his persistence in coming here to speak of me in an obscure space than to me in comments with an honest registered account. He prefers no communication between us and wishes for no true original personality of mine to stand obstacle to his wild assumptions. So; let him believe I would castrate all men at birth, that I get abortions for the fun of it, that I somehow manage to do this without having sex because we are evil scheming creatures, that I eat babies for breakfast, that I could never love a man and will always prefer my own hands and running water instead, that I want money and power and would only ever lie and cheat. And let him pretend he’d never “met” me, or actually spoken to me, if it brings him comfort as I imagine it must be easier to picture terrible things happening to a stranger with whom you could never have acquainted.

      Please and thank you Mina.

  97. Steve

    I haven’t forgotten what happened to the Duke LaCrosse Players.

    But then, they might have not been rapists but they weren’t choir boys too. So perhaps they deserved to be accused of the worse crime imaginable and have their lives destroyed (I swear if I was one of them I would have committed suicide the moment I vindicated myself because of course even when you are vindicated you are never really vindicated. The accusations will always follow you no matter how much you might have won court challenges and stuff like that .)

    The truth is WOMEN LIE!

    Yes, men lie too.


  98. Steve

    If you want to talk about a “rape culture”. Spring Break, now that’s a rape culture.

    Perhaps all men who go to Spring Break should be accused of rape even if they don’t do it.

  99. Steve

    I think what I would have done was after winning in court go after that fucking prosecutor and blow him away and then just go suicide by cop.

    Because those boys lives are ruined man. They are never going to get it back.

  100. Steve

    By the way, that Prosecutor… A DEMOCRAT.

    The Republicans they can be stupid, wrong at times, cowards… But the Democrats are FUCKING EVIL MAN.

  101. Steve

    The Left, they are EVIL!

  102. Steve



  103. Steve

    You have no idea the evil you walk among. Nahida.

    Those Democrats they will rape you if you let them! And then the people who you thought were on your side, will indeed turn on you and betray you.

  104. Steve

    Hey, Jasmine,

    You could use power tools. Some of them put men to shame.

    And then you can still be a sex positive slut and not have to deal with men.

  105. Steve

    Have you heard of the thrill hammer Jasmine?

    Men are obsolete, right Jasmine!

  106. Steve

    If these boys didn’t come from rich families they would have indeed been convicted.

    But like I said, their lives are still destroyed. Money or not they are stigmatized for life.

    Nifong was never arrested. He never really paid for his crimes. Democrats rarely do.

    Nahida, this may sound cruel and it is but it is justified by how cruel you have become. I hope one of your brothers is falsely accused of rape and then PERHAPS you would understand that there is another side to it all!

    And no, Republicans may be many things, and trust me I know their bad side, but they don’t hate women. That’s a George Soros LIE. And knowing the type of guy he was, I am sure he raped quite a few women in his time.

    Because that is what Leftist men do. Because that’s what Leftists are!

    And they get away with it too just like Bill Clinton and William Kennedy Smith. And Teddy Kennedy even got away with MURDER!

    Republicans can be dumb, they can be cowards, they can be wimps and they can even be wrong, but the Left they are just evil.

    It’s time that someone fights back against that evil. SO, yeah I hope one of your brothers is falsely accused of rape. It’s time to start getting back what you have been giving out Nahida!

  107. Steve

    I love America but I am ashamed that for eight years during the 1990s our country was run by a RAPIST!

    And now that Rapist’s wife is our Secretary of State and has set the world ablaze!

  108. Steve

    It would be fair to say that ISLAM IS A CULTURE OF RAPE!

    See I called Islam a culture because I am not talking about the religion, but the political movement and how it is being practiced in places of oh, I don’t know….


  109. Steve

    Libya is bad now. Look, I grew up during the time that dictator was attacking my country. I hate him. I hated when Bush made nicey with him and then Obama even further supported him.

    But as bad as he is, when the Islamic opposition that is fighting him wins (if they do) that country is going to even be far worse.

  110. Mandy

    But Nahida wouldn’t care if her brothers were falsely accused. She’s a feminist and could never care about anything with a penis, remember Steve? You should really keep your made-up dialogues consistent.

    Justified by how cruel she’s become? I see you’ve added Nahida falsely accusing a man of raping her to your fantasies Steve. Nice touch.

  111. Steve

    The worse is being set aflame with the rise of political Islam. First Egypt. Now Libya and it could even spread to Saudi Arabia.

    Nahida, you really think women in these countries are going to be better off? I know the world in general, at least from America’s perspective (which is the country I have allegiance to and you are supposed to have allegiance to) things are getting very dangerous indeed.

    But since as a Leftist I know I can’t appeal to you as an American, but as a feminist, you really think that women there are going to be better off?

  112. Jasmine

    Why do you keep asking her these things when you’ve made it clear that you know for her what she wants? She’s a terrorist and a feminazi. You’ve accused her of being both. Put two and two together. Go ahead.

    You know, (I saw your comment Nahida but you know I can’t help myself so forgive me dear) it’s not her obligation to answer your questions, Steve, especially when you clearly ask them without any real concern. You’re not interested in her honest answers. Only starting fights.

    No. You’ve insulted her beyond repair. Actually, knowing her, she’s probably not beyond repair. Unfortunately she’s a little too soft. But you wouldn’t care for repair so it doesn’t matter.

    She likes to see the good in people. I like to see the truth.

    And she’s right to have stopped wasting time with you.

    Have a nice life Steve.

  113. Steve

    If you don’t think saying that Republicans hate women is cruel (and wrong) then I guess you don’t know what cruel is.

    Perhaps it’s time you do. It’s time that such evil is matched!

    I don’t particularly like Republicans but, no, by and large they do respect women. In fact many of them would like to see one get elected President (Sarah Palin). Republicans may be many things, but they are not women haters.

    LEFTISTS ARE! They are the ones who laughed when that women reporter was raped in Egypt!

  114. Mandy

    Yah, Steve, cause matching a political attack with a personal one IS JUST AWESOME.

    What Jasmine said. Have a nice life.

  115. Steve

    Nahida doesn’t give honest answers anymore.

    She used to.

    But ever since she started going to University she has been caught up in Leftist Ideological Rhetoric.

    And if her blog is any indication, which I am sure it is, it is getting worse and worse.

    In the end, I guess I just feel sad. It is sad to see the path she took in her journey to becoming the enemy within. At one point there was something good and decent about her, but that has been lost.

    She used to be my confirmation that there were indeed good Muslims out there. But now that is lost. I still try to believe that is the case, but it gets harder especially as I am seeing the world set ablaze with political Islam.

    I don’t think Obama is a Muslim. I think he is using the Muslims. I recognize him as the enemy within just like Hillary although unlike Hillary he does have a foreign perspective too that makes him act a little different. Dinesh D’Souza has Obama pretty well nailed down to what Obama is all about.

  116. Mandy

    Then don’t ask her.

    Why do you still bother Steve? Seriously, get a life.

  117. Mira

    It’s funny when the man who tried to deceive her by commenting on her blog as multiple people speaks of honest answers.

  118. Steve

    Only starting fights.

    Nahida started the fight when she accused Republicans of hating women.

    I just matched tactic with like tactic.

    Like I said it may be cruel but Nahida was being cruel and it was time to match that cruelty.

    It’s not even a fraction as cruel as what the political Muslims, what the Islamanists are doing around the world right not. It’s not even a fraction as cruel as what the Left is doing within America right now!

    No, I am no Republican. Republicans are Wimps. But for the Left to say that Republicans hate women, especially so close to after how the Left laughed at that reporters rape, no, that could not go unchallenged. Like must be met with like!

  119. Well Mina, it’s time you learned to help yourself.

    I’m going to ask all of you again, to please, please stop.

    If you persist I will take it as a sign of disrespect.

    I cherish you all, so please don’t maim my heart.

  120. Jasmine

    So be it.

    I don’t want to distress you.

    We’ll let Steve slander you. =/

  121. Steve

    Oh, Republicans are also backstabbers.

    I say this just to so that I am not necessarily very pro Republican, but again as bad as the Republicans can be, the LEFT, they are just plain evil.

    It is too bad that Nahida has been caught up in this evil.

    No, Republicans don’t hate women. Only someone consumed with the evil of the Left would think otherwise.

  122. Steve

    especially since the thought of me being left helpless if I’m ever raped amuses him.

    What amuses me is the thought of you being betrayed by your kind (other feminists) if a Leftist politician rapes you.

    Just like what happened to Juanita Broaddrick.

  123. Steve

    If this was Bush I would have wanted to see him impeached and arrested for this.

    It wasn’t merely political. Not for me.

    I don’t want to see the leader of my country be a rapist.

    But the fact that the rapist was a Democrat, a Leftist, makes it particularly hypocritical since Democrats have always held themselves up to be the guardians of women’s right.

    As we see the opposite is the case.

    And now we have the Left say that REPUBLICANS hate women?

    The LEFT more than hates women, they laugh at the rape of women, they rape women and indeed they kill women.

    And they also falsely accuse men of rape like in the Duke case. Here’s hoping the next men they falsely accuse is your brothers Nahida.

  124. Steve

    By the way “California” would have always sufficed for me Nahida.

    For those who it wouldn’t then yeah, indeed they are racists.

    I am betting though, that many of those for whom it didn’t if not most of them were indeed Leftists who felt you should have been in “more solidarity” with your “ethnic background”.

    It’s one of main things that’s tearing this country apart Nahida.

    I have dialogued with foreigners Nahida. I never saw you as a foreigner. You have always sounded like what you are. Perhaps that’s an advantage of reading you instead of meeting you face to face, but I think if instead of reading you, I met you I would have recognized you as a fellow American.

    So, yeah, California, or even America would have more than suffice with me, Nahida. In fact that’s the correct perspective to have.

    Despite you being a feminist, the Left really is your enemy as much as you might want to become part of it. Please, resist the dark side Nahida. I pray it’s not too late.

  125. Steve

    By the way, I called you the enemy within instead of a foreign intruder because indeed that is what you are. You hate America because you are a Leftist. You are not unique but you do come from the American Experience and not some foreign insert.

    In that Kipling Poem…

    “The men of my own stock,
    Bitter bad they may be,
    But, at least, they hear the things I hear,
    And see the things I see;
    And whatever I think of them and their likes
    They think of the likes of me.”

    You are “of my stock”. I understand people like you because you are indeed part of my society. I understand the history behind our battle.

  126. Steve

    I will never forget what that Mexican McCain (yeah, unfortunately McCain) supporter said about Americans of Mexican ancestry and how they should think themselves as being Mexicans and think of Mexico first up until at least the tenth generation.

    Yeah, one of the things that is completely destroying our society, and I am sorry that you were victimized by it and again just goes to show how evil Leftists are.

    Look, you can support equality of pay for women without being a feminist. You can be against rape (hell, we all should be against rape) without being a feminist. Now that you understand the true meaning of feminist you can pull yourself back from that. We are not a rape society. India, Egypt, yeah they are, but most of America we aren’t a rape society. We are a society who condemns rape in the harshest of terms and who see men who engage in it as rabid dogs who must be put down. That’s why what happened in Egypt so horrified most of us (except the Leftists who laughed). We can’t imagine it happening in our society. Not even in a crowd of SEIU thugs.

  127. Steve

    But I cannot tell what powers control–
    What reasons sway his mood;
    Nor when the Gods of his far-off land
    Shall repossess his blood.

    I am not afraid of you going off to Pakistan or Somalia and train with al Quada. No, I understand what reasons sway you, and they are all American reasons. Unfortunately they are all American Leftist Enemy Within reasons, but you are not a Stranger to me. You are of my stock.

    Though I have to say I bet a lot of “Strangers” attend the Mosques you attend and they, yeah, they concern me…

    So, I guess what I am saying is that I don’t see you as a terrorist. Well a foreign terrorist that is. I see you as an American Leftist but indeed hasn’t that been the real enemy all along. The foreign terrorists would never have been able to attack us from abroad had the American Leftist first not weaken us from within.

  128. Steve

    I guess I am saying we are enemies but we don’t have to be.

    You need to understand the evil of the Left.

    Feminism isn’t the way. It’s destructive.

    You can fight for your rights without becoming like the people who destroyed the Duke Boys.

  129. Steve

    I’m sick of the condescending American Left and the hypocritical anti-everything American Right. Seriously, at some point they both become the same thing. The closest thing to politics I can identify with is feminism.

    Feminism is of the Left. Sorry, it’s has been a key part of the Left for over a century.

    And by the way, I don’t know what you think the “American Right” is but they aren’t anti everything. They are PRO AMERICA. Now I agree right now they can tend to be a little anti Islamic but of course there’s reasons for that. You don’t need to embrace the Right but right now you are embracing the LEFT full force.

    To think that Republicans hate women? Honestly?

    Look, I hate Republicans at times (especially the whole McCain nomination) but they don’t hate women or support rape. Why would you believe a scumbag like Soros like that?

    Fighting for your rights as a woman doesn’t take being a feminist. I believe that Palin fights for women rights. I believe that Ann Coulter fights for women’s rights (although I disagree with her on her gay position a bit). I know Michelle Malkin fights for women’s rights. Michelle Bachmann, she does too.

    But they do so not in an anti-male fashion. Look men can do wrong things but do they really deserve to be falsely accused of rape like in the Duke case?

  130. Steve

    Look, Nahida, I am not going to apologize because indeed I went too far too do so. What you said about the GOP hating women really, really, really offended me.

    I have been had to see the evil, and yeah it is pure evil of the LEFT for years and it makes me want to return in kind and that is what I did today.

    But then I read a post like

    And I think, there’s still hope for you maybe.

    But it won’t come for me. It will have to come from a place of love and the LEFT has taken that out of me. There’s a role for my tactic but perhaps you will respond better to Glenn Beck.

    Glenn Beck, unlike most from the right, isn’t a Christian. But he is one with deep spiritual beliefs. And he is able to approach this whole thing from a position of love, which is a place I can’t be, not right now.

    So, please watch it. People post full episodes of his television show on the youtube. Perhaps he can provide the balance you so obviously need at this point of your life.

  131. Jasmine

    That non-apology was the lamest non-apology I’ve ever heard.

  132. Mina, please watch the ableist language.

    Steve, I really don’t know what to say to you. You made it clear that you believed you were “matching” the argument, then contradictorily you said you went too far for an apology, and then you excused your behavior with the prior sentiment still.

    It doesn’t matter what the world has “driven” you to do. You could have chosen differently. If I gave into what I’ve seen or been through I’d have murdered the monster who abused me for 16 years. Who, among other things, shoved me off a balcony, who shattered glass over my hands, who left bruises I explained to concerned teachers were the results of falling off my bike, who told me I was never allowed to be angry or to cry or he’d kill me. If I gave into what I’ve seen or been through I’d have thrown a torch at him and lit him on fire. You are perfectly capable of controlling yourself.

    Your clarification on the source of your amusement being the imagined scenario in which I am betrayed, and not sourced from the rape before the betrayal doesn’t matter either. Either way you’ve wished an unspeakable evil upon me, solely so that your point may be driven home, proving that the substantiation of your worldview is more important than the well-being of a person. You would exchange me for being right.

    And you are entirely unapologetic.

    Who’s using me as a tool, Steve?

    I’m not going to watch it. As long as you feel the way you do about feminism, as long as you see me as someone to be “saved” and someone for whom “there is hope” you’ll never take me seriously, and you’ll never understand me.

    By the way, rape is betrayal. Especially when a “friend” does it.

    I wouldn’t wish any evil upon you Steve. I can’t bring myself to imagine scenarios where you’d be hurt. So I guess you win your little match.

    I’m done here everyone.

  133. Steve

    “Ableist Language”?

    People outside of a University setting don’t use the word “ableist”.

    Wow, Political Correctness has sure done a number on you, hasn’t it Nahida.

    • Debora

      Actually, yes we do.

      But way to avoid the topic.

      Nahida, what state is this jackass from? You can see it from the times he commented on your site, right? Is it Oklahoma or something?

      • Jasmine

        Forget it. She won’t even tell ME. Says she can’t betray the privacy of her commenters.

        But she did say, “You’d be surprised. I was.”

        Other than that, she’ll say nothing else. =/ I don’t see why she upholds that when he’s crossed the line on HER so many times.

      • Jasmine

        She’s too nice for her own good if you ask me.

        I’m going to miss living with her next year though. My Dad’s really really sick and I’m afraid something will happen to him. It’ll be a drastic change. Nahida’s really outgoing socially but living with her is quiet, in a comfortable sort of way.

  134. Debora

    Oh dear. I wish him luck!

  135. Taylor

    Nahida, if you’re still here. I’m male, white, Christian, and an Independent but tend to vote with the Republican party. And I want to tell you that Steve doesn’t speak for us, and I hope you do not take his obscenity or his neglect in seeing his own hypocrisy to represent the Right. He is not apologizing to you because he has no remorse for what he has said, but I do.

    I must admit that I do feel sometimes that feminists are anti-male. However, I have not read anything on your site that is anti-male. Even if I had, Steve refuses to see that anti-Islam on the Right may have reasons but so does anti-male for all women whether or not they identify with feminism.

    He shows more sympathy for a Republican politician than he does for you, and anyone who would defend any politician’s party for their heinous actions rather than condemn them certainly does not speak for me, or the Right. I for one though inclined to vote Republican have been disgusted by their recent attacks on women’s healthcare and underhanded policing of women’s bodies.

    I also acknowledge, unlike Steve, that marital rape is real.

    You are not hard enough on men. This may be because you have our best interests in mind. But I hope you will not hurt yourself to keep yourself from being accused of radicalism. Please say what needs to be said. Only self-absorbed idiots like Steve would take it personally.

    I understand you do not mean all of us and that you love men. I find that you are kind, tolerant, and open-minded. And you are not an accessory, or something to be sacrificed.

  136. Taylor

    I just noticed it’s your birthday today. Happy 20th.

    • Debora

      I emailed her your response, Taylor, because she refuses to return.

      She is 20 today. I hope her refusal is due to a celebration and not that she has become depressed.

    • I’m not depressed. I was just tired. Debbie, I don’t approve of stereotyping people by the state where they live. (Is that too PC for you Steve? Here’s some news: I don’t care. Go toss yourself off a cliff.)

      It has gotten to the point, though, where I don’t want to come back. Before I just didn’t want to clutter up a space that wasn’t mine in the absence of the moderator lest he/she return to an enormous mess to clean up. That is very inconsiderate. But now I really don’t want to. And so, for you Taylor, I’ve dragged myself here, but if anyone requests that I return or leaves a comment addressing me, please don’t take it personally if I don’t respond. You’re better off emailing me.

      Taylor, I thought there was some remorse when he said he’d gone too far for an apology, but I saw I was wrong on the very next line with all the “but YOU’RE just EVILLLLE! and totally deserved everything I said.” I’m a little surprised that you would think I would take Steve to represent the beliefs of half of the US population, and I apologize if I ever came across as so naive. I wouldn’t do that to the Right, or the Left, or to anyone. (And when I say Right or Left, in this case, I mean people and not politicians. I wouldn’t do this to people.) I’ve had my share of being blamed for the actions of a few extremists, and I know better.

      I don’t see why you should feel remorse for what he said, because you yourself have said nothing wrong. I’m moved by your empathy, however, and I’m also glad you understand that when I speak generally of men on my site I’m not being anti-male. There was a post where I said exactly this but I guess it went over some heads. Which really, is not my problem.

      that anti-Islam on the Right may have reasons but so does anti-male for all women whether or not they identify with feminism.

      I’m sorry you feel feminism is anti-male. I don’t find it to be. But I’m glad you understand why it is when it is.

      But I hope you will not hurt yourself to keep yourself from being accused of radicalism.

      I am a radical Muslim feminist. I even have a sweatshirt that says so. ;] I’ve always been. I don’t see why Steve is shocked. He believed I was a good person then, and I guess according to him radical feminists can’t be good reasonable people, so that must have been how the logic worked. I’ve been a radical Muslim feminist this whole time, it just never came up in conversation, and–again–it’s not my problem if he can’t cope with the complexity or get himself to believe that radical feminism and reasonableness can coexist in one woman.

      I for one though inclined to vote Republican have been disgusted by their recent attacks on women’s healthcare and underhanded policing of women’s bodies.

      This is all I needed. Thank you. And thank you for the birthday wish.

      • Taylor

        Nahida! =) I saw Debora’s response this morning and made a note to email you myself so that you could reply if you wished but I see you have. I would hate to force you to return, so I will send you an email with my response.

  137. Caroline

    You know it’s a rape culture when a man threatens a woman with the possibility of rape simply because she is a feminist.

    “If she’s not on my side because I’m pathetic some shit then FINE! I hope she’s raped by the other side–then she’ll see I’m right!”

    Thanks for your little contribution, Steve.

  138. Greg

    I have to say when I see Sitara Hewitt’s hair it does bother me.

    It seems so indecent.

    I don’t feel that way of course when I see other women. But it does bother me with her.

  139. Steve

    It looks like this is the last season doesn’t it!

  140. Alex

    Perhaps the most important video you will ever see.

    Watch all of it. It is incredible.

  141. Steve

    Wow, it is interesting.

    I do think that Islam is going to prevail in the end. It will give me small comfort though.

  142. Steve

    So Nahida this would be a problem with Cultural Islam right> More of a problem of the cultures these immigrants come from than with Islam itself.

    What are American Mosques doing to try to prevent this from happening? I know if this was a problem with Christian immigrants Christian churches would start programs to try to address this,

    It also shows we need to be careful about what cultures we allow into our country. Some are just not compatible with American culture.

  143. Steve

    So Nahida this would be a problem with Cultural Islam right? More of a problem of the cultures these immigrants come from than with Islam itself.

    What are American Mosques doing to try to prevent this from happening? I know if this was a problem with Christian immigrants Christian churches would start programs to try to address this,

    It also shows we need to be careful about what cultures we allow into our country. Some are just not compatible with American culture.

  144. Jenny

    Dude, didn’t she tell you to email her if you wanted answers/to talk? You’re cluttering up the forum. Shoo.

  145. Steve

    The Norway terrorist was not part of a larger conspiracy because he has no leader that he meets with to plan his attacks, he has no group that financed his actions, from what we can tell he has no one even who helped him in this attack.

    Sorry, he is a “lone wolf”. We have seen some of these types within Islamic terrorists too and of course they are the most difficult to deal with because you can’t like go raid a group’s hideout or anything like this.

    I don’t know if this is helpful but even with Islamic terrorists you can split motive into societal (group identification) and religious motivations. Some Muslims may attack because they feel that Muslims around the world are under attack and they need to fight back. They don’t look to the Koran necessary for their motivation. I would classify the Muslim who in Seattle a while back who killed that lady at the Jewish center as someone motivated in such a way. It was said that he didn’t even go to Mosque. So for him it was merely him identifying with a group he felt was oppressed.

    Then of course you have those who indeed feel that Muslims are oppressed but they do see a religious imperative for their attacks.

    A fine line between the two motivations I know and I don’t know if it is even important distinguishing between them.

    As for this guy and “was he a Christian” well first he didn’t really mention any Christian leader (leader of the religion) that encouraged him out of his Biblical teachings to commit this act. Nor did he quote scripture as he committed the attack. Now he did on his Facebook page call himself a “Christian” so putting aside the possibility that the Facebook page was faked (although there is some evidence to the fact it was) then he was obviously talking about the Christian culture and in that case then I would admit that he was a Christian Terrorist.

    Still, if you want to talk about Christianity as a religion resulting in terrorism then you would need to point to me to terrorists who quote the rosary before blowing themselves up.

    And by the way, can we end the McVey myth here and now.? If his story is to be believed his attack was for political not religious reasons. A liberal news source (I think it was TIME) even admitted that McVey was agnostic. Sorry, while this guy may culturally be considered a Christian terrorist there is no way McVey should be considered one.

    Also, please point to me to the Christian Churches that justify such actions in their sermons. Unfortunately I can point to Mosques that do.

  146. Jenny

    Hey, Steve, can I ask you something? Why are you so obsessed with proving he isn’t a Christian terrorist? I’m a Christian, and I’ve been met with zero hostility over this. People who are saying he was Christian are doing it airily, and no one is blaming Christianity for his actions. I mean, shortly after this happened I contacted Nahida and she assured me she didn’t really give a damn about his religion, she was sick of Muslims being blamed for things. Then she joked about she bet there were Muslims who thought he was Muslim too. No one is serious about the Christian part. That’s what you get for being Christian, people know enough Christians not to stereotype seriously.

    • Steve

      Because he didn’t attack the people because of either his or their religion.

      He attacked them because of their political beliefs.

      Perhaps you can say he was a “Christian” because he believes in preserving the traditional culture of his society which he sees as “Christian” but I believe he hadn’t attended church for years.

      Also, he had no infrastructure associated with his attacks that were based on Christian organizations and Christian leaders. According to all sources it was all him.

      But if you want to call him a Christian so be it. That’s one compared to how many?

      Mcveigh on the other hand I have proof that he was no Christian. He was indeed an agnostic.

      And, still i haven’t seen any Christians do the rosary before blowing themselves up. In that sense and in the sense that you don’t get major Christian groups supporting such an action, nor proving material resources, personal and logistics for the attacks you don’t see Christian terrorists in the sense you see Muslim ones.

  147. Steve

    Look, Nahida wasn’t around when the IRA was really active.

    When they were, and there were attacks in the UK, guess who was blamed FIRST! Because well in 9 times out of 10 yeah it was the IRA.

    I am sorry, but at this point of our history terrorist attacks are mostly done by Muslims.

    Now a decade or so go in Columbia most of the attacks were done by Narco-Terroirsts. And so whenever there was a bombing there guess who was blamed for these attacks? And the blame was usually warned.

    Nahida says that Muslims always get the blame first. Well want a modern example of this not being true?

    When I hear about some mass killing in Mexico or some mass grave being found in Mexico I don’t think “damn Muslims”. No I think damn drug dealers.

    Here’s another example.

    When I hear about some “Flash Mob” riot in some American city I don’t think “damn Muslims”. Unfortunately I think damn young blacks.

    So please tell Nahida Muslims are not always blamed. Sure when it comes to terrorist attacks today our first thought is MUSLIM but that is because at this point of our history most terrorist attacks are done by Muslims.

    Not all as this cause and OK City Bombing (though I still want to know about John Doe II) but in most cases.

  148. Steve

    Not in all cases as this case and perhaps the OK City Bombing proves.

  149. Steve

    Now a decade or so go in Columbia most of the attacks were done by Narco-Terrorists. And so whenever there was a bombing there guess who was blamed for these attacks? And the blame was usually warranted.

    Sorry for the spelling mistakes. Must be tired tonight.

  150. KelsShels


    Lol, Jenny, she probably meant it lightly. She knows Steve’s afraid she’s going to harvest his organs or something.

    Steve, Muslims don’t shoot people, we bomb them. Duh. You shoulda known it wasn’t us.

  151. Jenny

    I don’t think that’s what he’s afraid of.

  152. Steve

    In relation to a poem that Nahida had on her blog today.

  153. KelsShels

    Of course Muslims shoot things. For Christ’s sake, Steve, I wasn’t serious.

    Anyway, I emailed Nahida for you, you humorless ass.

    Copy paste.

    –Hey, Nahida. You’ve got messages on LMOTP.

    –Hi Kelly. From whom?


    –I’m not going back there. For anyone.

    –Figured. Okay. Should I drop him your address then?

    –No. He has it. What’s he asking? The topless thing? Tell him I’m fine with other women doing it. I wouldn’t–for selfish reasons, not religious–but power to them, my full support, all that good stuff.

    –…What topless thing? He posted a video of this really cute girl who swims in boxers. Ooooh, is that the topless thing?

    –Oh Kelly, I wish I could talk to him and answer his questions and discuss things with him, I really do, but I am not going back there, and I am not derailing my comment section. Or anyone else’s. His last few submitted comments have moved me, honestly, and I do have answers to his questions (Islamophobia, that post where he got totally slutshame-y, other stuff I can’t remember, etc.) but he doesn’t seem to want them and hasn’t contacted me. And it’s not my responsibility to seek him out to explain, and definitely not when it makes me feel unsafe. The LMOTP forum is treacherous. So I’m not going to. Tell him I wish him well, and other things.

    –“and other things”?

    –That I wish him well.

    –Okay, I’m just gonna send him this whole thing.

    • Steve

      I am glad that Nahida is taking steps to ensure her own personal safety. Many don’t consider that when they post on the internet.

      Facebook is a dream come true to predators

      That is why I try to practice anonymity when possible .

      • Jenny

        The worse Nahida can do is squeeze you too hard.

        Although, this is one time, she was hugging me by the pool, and then she started to lean over so we both fell in. Totally messed up my hair.

      • Debora

        Jenny, he’s not afraid of Nahida. He’s afraid of being associated with her.

        There was an Anonymous comment someone made telling Nahida she would go to shut up and she replied, “Then come find me and shut me up, coward. I have the balls to use my real name.”

        The woman’s got a mouth on her.

      • Debora

        shut up or she’d go to hell*


  154. KelsShels

    Done playing messanger now. Byes.

  155. KelsShels

    Kk one more thing.

    Steve, the “poem” was a song, not a poem… but if you want to know Nahida’s thoughts on appearance related stuff and gender, have you read this of hers?

    It’s kind of related. And either way I think its the most beautiful thing she’s ever written. Or at least that she’s shared. It’s useful for her perspective, because SHE wrote it (as opposed to Dar Williams writing the poem)

  156. Debora

    Well, I think it’s more her emotional safety…

    The foolish girl used her real name because she didn’t think anyone would pay attention to her. Underestimated her own talent.

  157. Jenny

    There’s a Ramadan parody of Tik Tok!

    “Tonight I’m polite til there’s no more sunlight” LOL

  158. Debora

    But then, it’s not just fundamentalists she has to look out for, but crazy right-wingers who accuse her of being a terrorist for linking to al jazeera.

  159. KelsShels

    Nahida said don’t be mean to Steve.

  160. KelsShels

    Btw Debora& Jenny, she also said to stop coercing him for an explanation about not contacting her. He doesn’t owe anyone an explanation, and as disheartening as it is that he would think she’d hurt him, she asked him because she wanted to talk to him, not so you could harass him for an explanation he doesn’t owe, or uphold his behavior as representative of Muslim-nonMuslim relations in America.

    ^her words, not mine =P

  161. KelsShels

    Steve, you idiot, we don’t live in India.

    Also, we get older.

    This stuff has already been widely addressed in the feminist blogosphere, can you stop showing us crap we’ve seen and disproven?

  162. KelsShels

    …Ugh I have no idea how she puts up with you.

  163. Steve

    Talk about acting like the Stereotype. This is only going to increase negative feelings about Muslims in America.

  164. KelsShels

    The women should’ve brought hoodies. Really easy, simple substitute.

    That said, I’m highly suspicious about how the riot actually broke out. It doesn’t seem… typical of Muslim women to throw a fit. Man if only they were this riled up about the barrier.

  165. Jenny

    KelsShels, I was actually just going to say that about hoodies. This actually happened to us this summer when Nahida and I went up to Santa Cruz. One of the girls with us was in a hijab and Nahida asked her to put her hood on instead so it wouldn’t fly off.

    And sure Muslim women throw fits. Just not about silly things like this…

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