Season 4 – Episode 14 – Holly Go Quickly

Synopsis:When Rayyan’s long lost best friend visits, Rayyan is delighted—until she learns Holly is a born-again Christian on a mission to save Rayyan. Rayyan’s attempts to get Holly to leave fail, until she convinces her friend she’s beyond saving. Meanwhile, Amaar and Thorne unite to stop Sarah from making changes at the office.

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Part 2:

Part 3:

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What did you think of this episode? How does it compare to the previous episode? Are there any topics from the episode that you want to discuss?



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168 responses to “Season 4 – Episode 14 – Holly Go Quickly

  1. nate

    this was the best episode of the whole season lol no doubt! The whole episode was funny and enjoyable, great work CBC, keep this show going another 5 more seasons! Kudos!

  2. Nahida

    Not as funny as the last one, but still an improvement overall.

  3. Steve

    This was the most offensive episode of a most offensive season.

    They are really putting out the hate against Christianity.

  4. Nahida

    I thought they were making fun of Holly’s “type.”

    It was mentioned as soon as she got off the bus that she was the kind to sort of… go crazy with things.

  5. AC

    Steve is a fool and obviously a troll. WHY DO PEOPLE KEEP RESPONDING TO HIS NONSENSE?

  6. Ned

    They were making fun of true Christian believers. Baber was right about her.

    After all, if you believe in your religion, I mean really really believe in your religion, and you had a close friend, surely you wouldn’t want that person to go to Hell. Surely you would do everything you could to try to save that person.

    That was what Holly was doing.

  7. Nahida

    No. If you really believe in your religion you would trust that God would make the correct decision when judging your friends, and that one will get no more or no less than what one deserves.

    Of course I don’t want my friends to go to Hell, but I truly believe that if they are really really good people they will find their way to Heaven because if they don’t live their life in this faith then moments before their death they will miraculously by the will of God become Believers and by the will of God they will die Believers.

  8. Nahida

    On top of that, I suppose a Reverend murdering his own mother isn’t offensive to Christians…?

  9. Steve

    I would believe a Reverend murdering his own mother even if she was slut would be VERY offensive to Christians.

    That’s why I could really see this show doing something like that. After all it seems like this season it is going out of its way to offend Christians.

  10. Bronwen

    Steve, you want to talk “offensive”? If I were you, I’d stop using the word “slut” first.

  11. Nahida

    WTF. Steve shut the hell up.

    I can’t believe anyone would go around calling a woman they don’t even know a slut. Especially if she’s a mother!

  12. Steve

    What would you call a woman who had sex with her husband’s brother?

  13. AC



  14. Nahida

    …Brilliant discovery. Spare me the caps.

  15. Steve

    Anyway, getting back to this episode (and not last episode) I found it the most hateful anti-christian episode so far.

    The show seemed focused on attacking Christians.

    The truth is both Islam and Christianity are evangelistic religions. Both as a mandate of their religion demands that they try to convert others to their religion.

    Whereas you don’t really see that in Hinduism and Buddhism or even the Jewish religion.

  16. AC

    “The truth is both Islam and Christianity are evangelistic religions. Both as a mandate of their religion demands that they try to convert others to their religion.”

    There is a verse in the Qu’ran that says “To you your religion; to me mine.” The Qu’ran also says there is no compulsion in religion. For a Muslim to try and convert someone to Islam the way that Holly tried to “save” Rayyan would actually be considered un-Islamic.

    Don’t talk about things you have no clue about, Troll.

  17. Greg

    There is no doubt that this whole season has been one endless attack on Christianity.

  18. Todd

    Yeah, Christian Evangelists might get annoying at times but at least they don’t say convert or die.

  19. This has nothing to do with the show… lol

  20. Episode 15 has been online 🙂

  21. zainab

    i am sure all the coversation I have read uptill now is not the true intention of this program. Its just offence and defence!

  22. Todd

    Machete-wielding Muslims massacre 500 in Christian villages

    Witnesses described how the victims of Sunday’s three-hour orgy of violence, mainly women and children, were caught in animal traps and fishing nets as they tried to flee their attackers, who hacked them to death.

  23. Steve

    Say it ain’t so about Mosques in America, Nahida.

    Dozens of mosques around the United States have been identified in a new study as incubators for jihad against America, with more than 80 percent of those surveyed advocating violence.

    “Of the 100 mosques surveyed, 51 percent had texts on-site rated as severely advocating violence; 30 percent had texts rated as moderately advocating violence; and 19 percent had no violent texts at all,” said the survey compiled by Mordechai Kedar and David Yerushalmi and published by the Middle East Quarterly.

    Among the findings in the study, “Shariah and Violence in American Mosques,” by Kedar, an assistant professor at Bar Ilan University in Israel, and Yerushalmi, the general counsel for Center for Security Policy, were that:

    * Mosques identified as being more Shariah-adherent, that is, their imams wore beards, they segregated men from women and the like, were more likely “to feature violence-positive texts on-site.”

    * In 84.5 percent of the mosques, the imam recommended studying violence-positive texts.

    * Of the 51 percent of the mosques with texts severely advocating violence, 100 percent were led by imams who recommended that worshippers study texts promoting violence.

    * Nearly three in five of the mosques invited guest imams known to promote violent jihad.

    “Such findings strongly suggest that Shariah-adherence is a useful predictor of sympathy for – and, in some cases at least, action on behalf of – jihad, to include both the Islamists’ violent or stealthy forms of warfare aimed at supplanting the U.S. Constitution and government,” Gaffney said. “Indeed, the study confirms the anecdotal reports by Muslims themselves and earlier, less rigorous empirical studies of Saudi hate-filled literature permeating mosques in the United States.”

  24. Steve

    By the way, Nahida. have you ever seen “Sleeper Cell”

    It shows Muslims in a somewhat sympathetic light but doesn’t make them Saints like say a LMOTP does. The only part I didn’t like was when the Muslim FBI Agent had Premartial sex with his non-Muslim girlfriend.

  25. Steve

    By the way, Nahida. have you ever seen “Sleeper Cell”

    It shows Muslims in a somewhat sympathetic light but doesn’t make them Saints like say a LMOTP does. The only part I didn’t like was when the Muslim FBI Agent had Premartial sex with his non-Muslim girlfriend.

    Read some of the comments of the show before watching it. There were also WAY too many sex scenes, so watch with fast forward button in hand.

  26. Steve

    By the way, the only thing that is going to save Little Mosque on the Prairie is if it starts making fun of liberals. Society is SO ready for a show like that.

    Make it in the spirit of “Stuff White People Like”.

    Look, the show has tried attacking “Hicks” and it didn’t work. Then a season ago it declared full out Jihad and it didn’t work.

    So, it might as well try that.

    There was a show that I recently saw called “Portlandia” that kind of went after liberals and it was quite funny. So, it really isn’t to late for the CBC to have a comedy hit if it just changed the direction of its attacks.

  27. Steve

    How about Barber’s Uncle comes to town and everyone ignores how he is so obviously planning a terrorist attack.

  28. Steve

    Oh, this is the last season coming up.

    Sorry (well not really).

    It would have been a much better show without the agenda. I don’t know if the CBC is going to feel compelled to have another “Muslim” show to replace it or what.

    I still think they should give the Rayyan character a medical drama. Heck it worked with “Lou Grant”.(The Comedy “Mary Tyler Moore Show” had a character where after that show finally ended they made into a drama).

    Question. Now that Little Mosque is going away, what “Muslim” show would you like to see replace it? A drama? Another comedy? Where should it be located and what should it be about?

    I think a Muslim RCMP officer in like a suburban Vancouver area community. He can like have to deal with conflicts between Muslims and Sheiks and stuff and of course the Prejudice of his own officers. And perhaps a terrorist every once in a while.

    How about a Muslim Forest Ranger guy in like the Canadian Rockies. Protecting the environment from poachers, drug harvesters, risk of forest fires and all doing it while Muslim.

  29. Taylor

    Isn’t it interesting that you continue to speak to her as though she were listening. It’s almost obsessive. Do you NEED her still, Steve, to calm your own fears?

    The woman has been writing dangerous things.

    Things that have gotten her rape threats. Yet she still supports her own values. She is unmoved by those who threaten her. It is not surprising she would push the same on a global level.

    I fear for the lives of people like her. But they are tired of being afraid of rape and murder. And it is not my place to warn them.

    Nor is it yours seeing as you don’t care at all.

    • Steve

      The Egyptian Revolution turned out to be like the 1979 Iranian Revolution

      It was a bad thing. Not something to support.

      • Taylor

        Because revolutions must be successful in one shot?

        She saw a corrupt government and the people of a nation who wanted to change it.

        This is American.

  30. Chuck

    That’s a strange soft spot you got for the girl, Taylor.

    Be careful. Affection can blind you.

    She might seem a friend like your sister, a flower like your daughter, or even as loving as your wife. But Muzzies can’t be trusted.

  31. Chris

    …Well if you’re going to hate, best to be poetic about it.

  32. Steve

    I know she hates hearing it but with age comes perspective. It was so obvious that this was another 1979 type revolution and in the end would be bad for America and the world.

    Things were much better when their dictator was in charge. This was all about setting up a Caliphate.

  33. Steve

    They should have had a Sikh character in the show.

    Fred could always call him a Muslim and then of course he would point out that he wasn’t a Muslim.

    There are many who mistake Sikhs for Muslims.

  34. Chris

    The revolution isn’t over.

  35. Taylor


    I’m not interested in entertaining your absurd jealousy. Preach somewhere else, or better yet get a shrink.


    Choose a reason and stick to it. She wasn’t too young for you to express a verbal sexual attack but she’s too young now? Didn’t you also accuse her of wanting a caliphate? When I say that she is young I am not using it as a dismissive last resort in fear that she has outwitted me on every other point of argument.

    Besides that, you are mistaken. She knew this would take time. If I might remind you, we took time as well. The Articles of Confederation weren’t a party. She’s already years ahead of her age, and possibly ahead of her time. That she is hot-blooded and passionate is drive for justice, not lack of perspective.

  36. Chuck

    I don’t need a shrink. You need to see her for the monster she is.

    I don’t blame you. I’ve seen the way she moves you to endearment, even while she argues with you. She’s sly.

    We need to stop people like her. We don’t know what she is.

  37. Chris

    …Stop them from talking? Existing? Being sly?

    This guy needs a shrink.

  38. Lily

    The only part I didn’t like was when the Muslim FBI Agent had Premartial sex with his non-Muslim girlfriend.

    It’s a reality. You should be happy she was at least his girlfriend. I know a guy who was supposed to be really religious (a hafiz and everything) and he paid a girl 20 bucks to perform oral sex on him. I wouldn’t even care, except that again he was supposed to be religious, and Muslim men get away with this crap and no one bats an eye but Muslim women don’t. They don’t even have to get away with it, because they’re virtuous. I honestly have yet to meet a Muslim man who is as virtuous and virginal as someone like Nahida, or any Muslim woman I know.

  39. Steve

    You are probably right Lily. But he was supposed to be the hero of the show yet they had him do something so off character.

    It was a showtime show so I guess they felt that they had to have sex scenes. Also they wanted the girlfriend character as an “outsider character” so she could be the character that most of the viewers would identify with.

  40. mira

    was it off of character? maybe he was in love (i havent seen it) doesn’t mean he still not a hero. it’s not like he paid her like in lily’s example…

    its difficult when youre in love. i tried to be abstinent and pulled it of til i was 22. it was hard.

    still i dont see why thye have to sex scenes just cause its tv…

    • Steve

      Well I guess it wasn’t off character because that is what he did. And I did say that one of the good things about the show was that they didn’t treat Muslims like saints.

      Showtime is allowed to have more sexual stuff on it than like Network Television does and they take advantage of that every chance they get.

      Still it was a good show. It doesn’t show Muslims as all bad guys but also it doesn’t hide its head under the sand about the significant problems within the Muslim community today.

  41. Mira, I thought of you today and what you’ve been writing about motherhood. A couple of people got hold of me and announced that they were suspicious about whether or not I had a love interest, because I seemed more daydream-y than usual. The immediate question? “What race is he?”

    I wonder if white people are ever asked this question. There’s this weirdly gross fascination with minorities and who they do or don’t date.

    When I told them he was white, one of them was like, “OMG YOUR BABIES WILL BE MIXED AND SO ADORABLE. Mixed babies are the cuuutest!”

    If I bring children into this world they will be viewed as adorable mixed commodities. Excellent.

  42. mira

    looool!! oh grrrl, did anyone offer to adopt em? =P

  43. Steve

    It is sad that we can’t be beyond race but Obama has set race relations back forty years.

  44. Steve

    Mind you, your friends are mostly Leftists, Nahida so the reaction you are getting is from the oh so tolerant and not racist liberal community.

    Conservatives on the other hand would keep our mouths shut about any racial comments we would have.

    And some like I really don’t care about the race of your boyfriend.

    As long as he isn’t a Frenchy.

    • Lily

      …Leave it to Steve to say he doesn’t care about race and then make a comment about the French.

      He’s not her boyfriend. (Nahida, is he your boyfriend?) Muslims don’t have boyfriends. And if I remember he’s Welsh and Norwegian or something.

      • …*ahem*

        MORE IMPORTANTLY, his favorite books are A Tale of Two Cities and All Quiet on the Western Front. Which is outrageous, because he should be incapable of choosing amongst books. That’s almost a deal-breaker I tell ya!

        And no, he is not my boyfriend. Unless you want to change the definition of “boyfriend.” Muslim women deliberately avoid that word because of what it implies. But I think that’s an issue with society jumping to conclusions, not with the word. A reclamation may be in order.

  45. Steve

    Gosh, just more evidence that WE NEED A SHOW TO MAKE FUN OF LIBERALS.

    Especially about how racist they are.

  46. Steve

    Maybe you don’t remember what it is like to wake up one Tuesday morning to see the world come falling down but I do.

    Yes, I even remember it was a Tuesday. I woke up, turned on the television to see how the stock market was doing, and there was a building on fire, what was this an Accident, wait another explosion, another plane hit, not an accident.

    Now they say there’s a fire at the Pentagon. Yeah, I understand a day like this they are going to take any situation and exaggerate it but it surely isn’t related. It can’t be related, what another plane!

    I remember those days well. But even then I knew that there would be those who try to make Americans forget. And unfortunately they have been pretty successful in doing so.

  47. mira

    LMFAO i knew steve was gonna spazz out after that video. he cnant stand it when muslims are shown as human.

    i dont its personal but can i tell him what happened to YOU on 9/11 Nahida? can i can i can i

    years from now ppl will be listening to michael savage with the same looks on their faces they have wen they red mein kampf

  48. No, Mira, you may not. …After everything, he wants to talk about his feelings. *rolls eyes* Tried that. I’m not giving what I’m not getting. At this point, he’s just trolling, in bad faith.

    I have more urgent things to worry about. I’ve got a paper due on garment workers in Taiwan, and I have to give a demonstrative lecture today on creative writing (how does one explain such things?), and somehow I have to find a way to explain to my mother that I’m in love with a Christian.

  49. Lily

    But he’d convert! Or is she afraid that he’ll be Muslim for, like, two years just for the marriage, and then never go through with it? And then the kids.

    With YOU for a mother, I wouldn’t worry about it.

  50. David

    and somehow I have to find a way to explain to my mother that I’m in love with a Christian.

    Don’t do that. If not for yourself than think of your brother.

    He doesn’t want to kill you but if he doesn’t he will not feel like he is a true Muslim so either he will have to kill the sister he loves or be banished from his Muslim friends. Perhaps they might beat him up because he refuses to do anything to you.

    Besides, at your age love affairs come and go. I mean Romeo was “in love” with Rosaline until of course he “fell in love” with Juliet. I am sure had things not gone bad and they all died the passion would have faded and he would have moved beyond Juliet in a few months too. It was the forbidden nature that gave that relationship any lasting power to begin with.

    That is what is so good about “courting” as opposed to dating. Emotion is good in relationships but too much and one loses perspective. With Courting things can still proceed without getting out of hand.

    When one is committed to their religion, marrying someone outside that religion never works. Sure, it might seem like all the good ones have blown themselves up but I am sure there must be one out there somewhere.

  51. David

    If he doesn’t kill you, for your brother it will be like he lost his own Penis. After all he is supposed to be the man of the house now.

    You should at least be sure if it is really love. For you don’t want to die for anything less.

  52. Lily

    After all he is supposed to be the man of the house now.

    We know it’s you Steve. No other right-wing dumbass was here when you pulled Nahida’s family situation out of her.


  53. Lily

    Let’s all date French guys just to grate on his nerves.

  54. Lily

    OR we could just leave him to tell with no one here but sexist assholes like Mo, who don’t know how to properly interpret their own religion.

    It’s like an awesome bigot party! Of course, with no one rational to speak to they might just fall into silence.


  55. Aren’t they a match made in Heaven, Lily? We’ll leave the two fundies to their romance. Mo can say something that he should be slapped back into place for, like telling us how to wear hi’jab, and then Steve can use the rape stats he thinks he’s entitled to incorporate. I wonder how long they’ll go on.

    Too bad he chose the name David. For a minute I thought it was the real David. From Israel, the one I like.

    It’s so funny when he talks about love, as if he knows. He’s admitted before, Lily, that he’s incapable of it because “the Left had taken it” from him or something. Sorry excuse. Pitiful really. It shows he has no heart, you know, or else he’d never bring himself to attack someone’s family.

    That’s why I can’t retaliate.

    Come on, let’s go live our normal lives.

  56. Taylor


    Congratulations, and may the both of you live happily and raise beautiful Muslim feminist children, if marriage is what you plan after you get your masters degree. You would make a strong mother. Please stay safe, Nahida, away from abusive people like Steve. It still astonishes me how compassionate you are to have put up with him for so long, and I fear that your good-naturedness will be your downfall. Don’t act on the part of your good conscious that tells you to forgive him. Not everyone who appears in distress will love you for the comfort you offer as they should love you.

    Indeed, there are those whose hearts are not as tender as yours.

    Best wishes,

    S. Taylor

  57. Chris

    Congratulations, Nahida. I hope you change all those mosques you plan to and put more sexist Muslim men back in their place. I’ve been following you closer the past couple of weeks. I don’t know if I believe, as you do, that curing sexism in the Islamic community will end terrorism, but I have faith in you. We are lucky to have you, to have Muslims like you who aren’t afraid to call out what is wrong.

  58. Steve

    I find it interesting how Obama’s mother’s family owned slaves and his father’s family probably sold slaves, but never was any of his family slaves.

  59. Mike

    Congratulations, Nahida. To think you were here since Fifteen! And now you’re a beautiful woman. I never said much, but I always enjoyed your comments.

  60. LOL Taylor Chris Mike you’re acting like I’m getting married. Not for a couple of years.

    Good news: Mom took it well. I told her he’d convert and she was skeptical, of course, about whether he’d stay converted if it was for me instead of for the religion but I anticipated this and made an argument she couldn’t counter. =) And she trusts me.

    Came for that little message/

  61. Fatima


    It’s too late. She’s forgiven him.

    I yanked out of her today that that’s what she wanted to tell him in that e-mail before. That and something about assuring him that things were okay, and he could rest easy, or some comforting crap.

    …I don’t even know.

  62. David

    Good, as long as he converts that means your brother will not have to kill you.

    • Taylor

      It’s Father’s Day.

      And this child will be alone.

      I suggest that unless you would say such things to her face, and to mine, you keep your mouth shut.

  63. Carolina

    Fatima… not to judge you or anything, but did she tell you that in confidence?

    We know you want her dead.

  64. Fatima

    Are you the Caroline who commented here before? You’ve had first hand experience of how serious this is.

    But maybe you are right about saying it here. I don’t know if it was in confidence, it was late and she was half asleep.

    But this was before he went after her family, the brothers she raised herself and the ones she bosses around. So I doubt it was still true when she told me.

  65. Carolina

    Yes, I am Caroline, I go by both.

    Make sure she doesn’t come back please.

  66. Fatima

    Don’t worry. She isn’t returning.

    I get really exasperated with her sometimes, because she’s incapable of holding a grudge or staying angry when it’s for her own good. But it’s a result of her loyalty, I think. And she looks for meaning everywhere. She can look at roadkill and see a sign from God. I’ve never met anyone so faithful.

    And I don’t want to change that.

  67. Steve

    I for one think honor killings are awful.

    But I also have to wonder about a guy who would change religions for a girl. I mean that’s not what’s supposed to make you convert.

    You have to have a real religious experience. Oh, I am sure he experienced something but it didn’t have to do with religions.

    This is the religious equivalent of becoming Democrat to get laid. Something lots of men have done from time to time.

  68. Fatima

    I for one think honor killings are awful.

    That’s pretty random. Who here voiced their disagreement?

    The merit of why a man would join Islam is for God to decide, not for us. In Nahida’s own words “he is not to be scrutinized after conversion.” And I don’t recall you having a problem with Sarah (from the show)’s conversion to Islam after marrying Yasir. (But then I wasn’t here before.) If it were a woman would you question her motives and accuse her of having no control of her sexual desire? That comment was sexist against men.

    You don’t even know this guy. I’ve met him. And Nahida is not easily moved by her suitors. This one time a guy offended her, and then he brought her flowers, and she was offended even more because he was clearly under the impression that he could buy her forgiveness with presents instead of heartfelt conversation.

    Nahida has moved a couple of people to convert before without even trying. She just acts like a good person, and they’re drawn to her religion. She actually even hates it when other Muslims try to get people to convert, because they always put lots of pressure on them.

  69. Chris

    Fatima, I also trust that Nahida is wise in choosing men. She hasn’t failed to recognize the kind of guy Steve is talking about. Feminists can usually tell. They can spot a Nice Guy a mile away. If a man is behaving a certain way to get into their pants, they know. I recall reading something Nahida has written about how Nice Guys are awful. So I trust she knows.

    That being said, it does not mean she is incapable of error. Understand that I’m not trying to be sexist against men (or women for that matter) when I say that men are almost incapable of thinking straight when they see a woman this pretty. And she is pretty. After seeing that photo, it amazed me that anyone would describe her as “exotically beautiful.” That is not just racist, is a lazy injustice.

    And, this may offend you, but she is also unattainable. He knows he’s not getting laid, and so there’s an appeal in trying. Sorry. But it is a possibility.

  70. Fatima

    Men can’t think straight when they see a pretty woman because they are TOLD they can’t think straight when they see a pretty woman. This is societal, not biological. Biologically, men are perfectly capable of controlling themselves and using their common sense. In addition, they are encouraged by society to pursue her recklessly, because women are viewed as objects to be “won.” It is an effect of patriarchy.

    And again, you haven’t met even him. He’s one of those men who’ve discovered that patriarchy is telling him he’s a moron who can’t control himself. And now he is capable of controlling himself.

    That is all.

  71. Steve

    And I don’t recall you having a problem with Sarah (from the show)’s conversion to Islam after marrying Yasir. (But then I wasn’t here before.)

    Sorry I have never been clear about that. One of the main questions about her character is whether she is a “true Muslim” since indeed it seems like she just became one because Yasir was one.

    They have had at least a couple of episodes about that.

    Yeah, I think it was wrong for her to become a Muslim just to marry Yasir.

  72. Steve

    I find it so interesting all the racist statements Nahida is getting from her friends about what her multracial children will look like.

    Mind you all her friends are liberals so it just goes to show how racist liberals are.

  73. Fatima

    Steve, the girl who said that was a Conservative.

    At least, she was anti-choice.

  74. Fatima

    Btw, Sarah didn’t convert just so she could marry Yasir. Sarah was a Christian. Muslims are allowed to marry Christians and Jews. She could’ve still married him. You might suggest that Yasir wanted it and thats why she did it, but he doesn’t seem very religious. He lies an awful lot. So I doubt he cared. According to our interpretation (the CORRECT INTERPRETATION) this is true for both men and women.

    Nahida didn’t want to unless he was willing to convert simply only spirituality is important to her, and she’s already worried about building a good community for her children, because all the mosques are run by sexist bastards who dont give a damn about REAL Islam. She has to find one, or start one if we must, that is based on REAL ISLAM, not Islam where the men are so jealous of the women’s connection with God that they put them behind barriers, or where Islam is twisted for politics. And it would help if her husband could relate.

  75. Fatima

    simply because*

    &I seriously don’t see your continuous need to point out liberals can be racist. Of course they can. And so can conservatives. No one disagrees. We only ever have problems because you think conservatives can’t be.

    Telling a woman her multiracial children will be gorgeous is the same as telling her that members of her family are into honor killings. Based on the same presumptions. The only difference is the degree, and in this case the latter is worse.

  76. Chuck

    I’m with Steve. It is indeed Suspicious. Chris is right to say he may be after the chase.

    I bet he “felt something” when reading that! She should be careful.

  77. Debora

    Chuck, you are officially creepy.

  78. Taylor

    The show probably won’t last long enough for Rayyan to have children, but it would be interesting to see her struggle to raise them in this age when kids start swearing so young. That may be the least of her problems.

    The show might turn in to the good family type of shows we used to have.

  79. Taylor

    Oh, and they need to get rid of the Mayor.

  80. Steve, are you okay?

    I mean, you seem more pissed off than usual. Like, even after you went off the deep end and that supposed “turning point” you still got a hold of yourself. Is it ’cause I said you were an Islamophobe? (And a sexist, and a racist, and a homophobe?) I mean C’MON it’s not like you haven’t said worse. -_- Even besides recent events, you’ve totally accused me of hating America before. Repeatedly… And having a crush on Obama at one point. Who is married, and like a hundred years old, and I draw the line at 35.

  81. Chris


  82. M

    Wow, looks like everyone’s finally gone.

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