Season 4 – Episode 4 – Preview

Episode – “Break and Enter”

Synopsis: After Rayyan forbids surprise visits, Sarah sneaks into Rayyan’s home to get her emergency key and finds herself trapped inside the house.

Airing Monday October 19th 2009 !

How would Sarah get stuck inside the house? How will the mother-daughter relationship be affected?



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11 responses to “Season 4 – Episode 4 – Preview

  1. Episode 4 has been Online 🙂

  2. JZ

    Love it. Thank you! There were 100 hits within the first hour.

  3. Nahida

    Chaperon concept was played out all wrong here. It can’t just be anyone…. It has to be someone with whom she couldn’t possibly have a romantic relationship, like a father or a brother or a woman.

  4. Anton

    You know, I don’t want to be a party pooper but the first 4 episodes of this show have been supremely disappointing.

    It’s not just about the annoying reverend. I’m getting used to him. It’s the fact this show has become essentially a show of two plotlines: the Ammar-Thorne conflict, in which Ammar seems to continuously act like a brainless child and the Rayyan-Rayyan’s Parents conflict, which has really dragged on for far too long with generally the same stuff going on for four straight episodes.

    Baber makes a couple of brief appearances in which he repulses the “heathen” Thorne, but Leila hasn’t been in the show since the start of the season and Baber loses much of his appeal without his amazing relationship with his daughter. Not that there’s much of Baber to appeal to us anyway.

    Fatima’s cafe is now also a 2-second shot in each of the episodes. Fred does make a brief appearance in this last episode, so that’s a plus. But up till now we haven’t heard much from him.

    In essence, the show somehow stopped being about Mercy, it became about Ammar and Rayyan’s problems. Given that Ammar’s problems take the front stage and they are all about religious conflict, it’s not really pleasant to watch. And most importantly, it’s losing its appeal because the supporting characters who were so endearing in the last season are essentially gone.

    I’ve been watching this show steadily improve over the first three seasons and was hoping for the same this time around. Insha’Allah I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and hope that this rather dull beginning will serve as a stimulus for more interesting content in the future episodes 🙂

    • JZ

      I agree about the Rayyan’s parents being over-protective plot has gone on for too long, and it also seems out of character for them. They have always been pretty laid back, it seems, so it’s like the writers made the parents over-protective in order to give them a reason to create these plots about sneaking around. The sneaking around in this episode is funny, though!

  5. Episode 5 has been Uploaded 🙂

    enjoy all

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