Season 4 – Episode 3 – What’s Yours is Mine

Synopsis: Amaar suspects Rev. Thorne of stealing his sermons and sets up a sting to expose him. Meanwhile, Rayyan decides to move out and Yasir will stop at nothing to keep his daughter under his roof as Sarah tries to reconcile her bickering family.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

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What did you think of this episode? How does it compare to the previous episode? Are there any topics from the episode that you want to discuss?



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18 responses to “Season 4 – Episode 3 – What’s Yours is Mine

  1. waleed

    prolly the best episode of the season so far…. the writing seems to be much better.

    still hate thorne! kick him out

  2. M

    Hate Thorne as well. Nice to watch this on the Internet because I can fast-forward through those parts.

  3. Agony

    Why hate Thorne? I like the guy, he knows how to use an opportunity and double cross others. Sure his “moral compass” doesn’t always point the right way, but whose does?

    Oh and learned a new word from Joe: Extortion. Love ya Joe.

  4. musicalchef

    I have to say I’ve always been disappointed in the way the mayor is portrayed here, as an irresponsible, sex-crazed nutcase who doesn’t do her job very well. I’d rather see her portrayed as a good role model.

  5. Steve

    But musicalchef she represents local leadership as it really is. She reminds me of my mayor. I like to not like her because she seems so authentic.

    I was really disappointed at Rayyan for filing the mayor’s prescriptions in return for her help. Shouldn’t she have been a better doctor than that?

    I want the show to portray her in her role of doctor more. I think a lot of us are confused about how a Muslim, especially a woman, can be a doctor given that doctors often have to touch people and see their exposed body parts.

    As for the Reverend, perhaps the worse portrayal of a character I have ever seen. He is so one dimensional and his villainy is just so cartoonish to be totally unbelievable. I realize this is a comedy and therefore whenever you look at the characters of the show you have to take that into effect – these characters aren’t supposed to be totally true to life. But there needs to be a core of truth to make the humour funny and I just don’t see that with the Rev.

    He totally exists to upset Amaar and to make him look bad. Instead, if the writers would be just a little better they would write the character where he does upset Amaar and make him look bad but there would be a reason that he is doing that.

    There’s a way to write characters and still make them the antagonist without resorting to cartoon villainy.

    Also I didn’t really get Amaar’s plan to “get back” at Thorne. Thorne was adapting Amaar’s sermons (by the way is that what they call them in Islam?) and yeah basically stealing them by making them their own. But it wasn’t like he was using a teleprompter, I mean Thorne read the sermons before just giving them so surely Amaar should have expected that Thorne would realize that he shouldn’t use Amaar’s part about “the small minds” of Mercy.

    All and all, I wasn’t too impressed. Perhaps I should have found the whole Rayyan moving thing more funny. Perhaps I just wasn’t in a good mood there but it seemed just kind of predictable. Perhaps if they had Amaar (or anyone Sarah perhaps) visit Rayyan at her new house (house being the inside of a rental truck). I guess I am glad they didn’t made a joke about a Muslim renting a rental truck. But all and all, while perhaps better than the rest of the season so far, I haven’t been that impressed.

    I miss Layla by the way. By far my favorite character.

    And Fatima has always been an under used character but they really need to use her more. And while we are seeing a lot of Baber, I don’t think they are using him that well either.

    Somewhere I heard that the filming for this season is already over. Does anyone know anything about that?

  6. Steve

    waleed I don’t usually criticize spelling errors, and I sure make more than my share of spelling and grammatical errors on message boards myself. I guess too often I don’t read what I type before hitting “Submit Comments”. I know I have often gone back after submitting something and cringe after reading all the mistakes I have made.

    So do not take this as a harsh criticism but what is up with the word “prolly”? I am totally in favor of abbreviations and some shorthand as I see message boards as closer to casual speech than like if one was writing an essay, but it doesn’t seem much of a time saver to type “prolly” as opposed to “probably”.

    Perhaps it is a regional thing though. Anyway, just curious.

  7. Steve

    Somewhere I heard that the filming for this season is already over. Does anyone know anything about that?

    The reason I ask is because if they were still filming perhaps they could gauge audience reaction to Thorne and either revise or eliminate his character in future episodes.

    If filming is already over then I guess we are stuck with him the way he is.

    If that is the case then that is too bad because he really is a poorly written character.

  8. Steve

    Oh one more comment.

    I thought it was cool how Nate took Amaar’s side. I mean at least he believed (or at least pretended to believe) Amaar’s version that Thorne actually did steal Amaar’s sermons.

    But it seems like Fatima isn’t believing Amaar. Which I find odd.

    yeah basically stealing them by making them their own

    Yeah found an error. I meant to type making them “his own”. Thorne took Amaar’s sermons but he was adapting them, not taking them verbatim.

    Still wrong mind you, but what I mean by pointing that out is that to adapt them (instead of stealing them verbatim) Thorne would first have to read them at the very least to take out the references to Allan (okay that was one of the few funny jokes of the show). So I don’t see how Amaar would think that his plan would even have a chance of working. Surely Thorne would have read the part about “small minds” beforehand and realized that perhaps that wouldn’t be a good part to use.

  9. Fred

    “Prolly” is more common than you may realize, Steve.

  10. Nahida

    Thorne is gross, but this is Amaar’s fault.

    He’s being played like a suckaaaa.

  11. Ted

    I was really disappointed at Rayyan for filing the mayor’s prescriptions in return for her help. Shouldn’t she have been a better doctor than that?

    That did seem unethical on Rayyan’s part to the point of professional misconduct.

  12. Suleiman alMuslim

    I was particularly disappointed with Rayyan’s unethical character in this episode. I always thought that the point of her character were to portray the ideals of a Muslim woman in good light…

    Also, I really hope that those involved in the writing of the script understand the furstration of many people about Thorne, and I hope they get rid of him…at least next episode.

  13. Nahida

    Part III, 2:25, Thorne: “…I was known as the Holy Ghost.”

    Isn’t that blasphemy? o.O

  14. Steve

    The problem Suleiman is that I believe the whole season has already been filmed so they won’t be able to react to people’s reactions over Thorne.

    What gets me about Thorne is that they don’t even to try to portray him as having some good intentions.

  15. Samina

    Am I the only one that likes Thorne?

  16. j

    Yes I guess you are the only one who likes him.

  17. Steve

    They could have made Thorne a likable adversary but they choose instead to make him a villain.

    I can’t really understand the movativations of the character besides being mean to Amaar.

    If there was something redeemable in him I think he would make for a better character.

  18. Samina

    He’s really not that bad. Give him a chance.

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