Season 3 – Episode 20 – Preview

Episode  – “Can I get a witness”

Synopsis: Rayyan and JJ’s wedding day is finally here, but with chaos at every turn, Rayyan, JJ and Amaar must smooth things over if they want to survive the day.

Airing Monday March  23rd 2009 !

What all will go wrong? Or will things go smoothly? Will Rayyan and JJ get married?



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18 responses to “Season 3 – Episode 20 – Preview

  1. Argus

    I bet nothing smoothly will happen, but I have a feeling that not the way we want (e.g. Rayaan and JJ breaking apart). I have a feeling that after a short time of conflict, everything will ‘go smoothly’ and Amaar will be the one to marry JJ and Rayaan. Then after the wedding, Amaar will go into his office to cry his eyes out that he lost the only woman he truly loves.

  2. episode 20 has been uploaded 🙂


  3. M

    Shoutout to Marvin Gaye. I love that song.

  4. The thunder was cliche and gave the whole thing away. I thought for a second that Rayyan would say “No” the third time, but then realized it would be JJ because it would make the whole story level.

    LOL! I can’t believe Amaar said “Maybe it did” at the end to Rayyan’s “My dad said this day would turn out exactly as it should.” I think that was a bit forward of him so soon after the wedding never taking place. Unless he meant something different, but I doubt it would have ended there if he did.

  5. asiila

    finally, SOME CLOSURE!

  6. asiila

    can’t see part 2, says ‘video no longer available.’ i trust this will be remedied soon, Insha’Allah..

  7. AC

    Ha! I knew it!

    Totally cliched, but kind of awesome at the same time. I “awww!”-ed at the “Maybe it did” at the end. Team Rayyan/Amaar FTW!

  8. Lisa

    Finally, maybe Amaar and Rayyan will find their way together!

  9. Steve

    One thing I liked about this episode is that Amaar seemed to understand that he is the Imam.

    Of course he always knew he was the Imam but what I mean by this is that he is finally understanding or at least beginning to understand the implications of this.

    Amaar isn’t just Amaar. By being an Imam he has become something much larger than himself. For most of the season he seemed not to understand that. But I believe this episode he did.

    There are other such professions like this. Or a should say callings. Callings where your personal persona has to come secondary to the persona your profession requires. And Imam is certainly one of those callings.

    No, Amaar can never consider himself just Amaar again. He is the Imam.

  10. Greg

    How people view Imams vs how they view Priests:

    I mean how they are viewed by their own people and not outsiders.

    I have to say from a Catholic standard, at least before the scandals, we did put our Priests on pedestals.

    We called them by their first names but it would always be Father —- as in Father Jim or whoever.

    Now on this show the Muslims of Mercy they seem to treat Amaar to a great degree like any other member of the Mosque. They call him Amaar, as opposed to say Imam Amaar or Imam Rashid.

    Is this how it really is. Would you call your Imam Amaar for example (if of course that was his name) or would it be Imam Amaar or Imam Rashid (of course with replacing the first and last names with your real Imam’s name)?

  11. Greg

    When people refer to Reverend McGee it’s Reverend McGee.

    But when people refer to Amaar, it’s Amaar.

    Is that really how it is or should people be offended at it being portrayed that way on the show?

  12. Greg–

    It’s true that we don’t always address our imams with that title. However, when we address our imam (at least at my specific mosque) there is still a title. We use the title “Brother” and then the first name. But that is also how we address other mosque members, by “Brother” or “Sister” followed by the first name.

  13. As a matter of fact, I remember instances on this show when out of formality Rayyan addressed Amaar as “Brother Amaar.”

  14. Greg

    But like you said, that is how one would refer to any other member of the Mosque.

    Using a Catholic example we don’t go around calling other males in the church “Father”. We just call the priest Father Jim.

    But here everyone is calling everyone else brother and sister but there doesn’t seem to be a greater title for the Imam (say like “teacher” or something like that).

    Is there no greater formality for the Imam? I am not criticizing it. Indeed it might be better than the way we do things. I was just curious.

  15. Yes, Greg, and I was answering your question: there is a greater formality, but it is rarely used.

  16. Greg

    I mean a term of greater formality that you would use on the Imam but not on other members of the mosque.

    You call any male member “brother”.

  17. Max

    So far I would have to say that season 2 was the best season.

    But as to season three I would have to say the best episode was the one where Layla totally came down on that granola dude.

    As for the worse one. That would have to be the one where Fatima got mad at Fred because she found out he was eating elsewhere. The writers should have been ashamed of all the double entendres. Let’s keep this a family show!

    Also, while I understand in concept what they were trying to do with the newspaper guy it just didn’t come out well. I liked the concept, after all (using a Christian saying) we are supposed to love the sinner but if something doesn’t work it shouldn’t be pushed. So hopefully he won’t be back next year.

    One thing they have to watch is not to overdo Barber. They have come close at times but I don’t think they have “jumped the shark” with him. He is obviously the most dynamic character on the show which makes it understandable why they might rely to heavily on him at times.

  18. Max

    As for the worst one. That would have to be the one where Fatima got mad at Fred because she found out he was eating elsewhere. The writers should have been ashamed of all the double entendres. Let’s keep this a family show!

    Actually that was the worst episode ever.

    The best episode ever was either the Mercy Sign episode or the Wheat Week episode. Both were provocative and daring for their time. Took a lot of courage for the writers write those episodes.

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