Season 3 – Episode 19 – Meet the Jaffers

Synopsis: When JJ’s parents arrive for the wedding, JJ’s mother Noora tells Rayyan a huge secret, but swears her to secrecy. Only problem is, can she keep a secret from JJ.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

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What did you think of this episode? How does it compare to the previous episode? Are there any topics from the episode that you want to discuss?



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17 responses to “Season 3 – Episode 19 – Meet the Jaffers

  1. Humaira

    Great episode, I like how they touched on the Mahr issue and I wasn’t surprised that JJs parents were getting divorced. What was surprising was no wedding hall for the wedding, so we’ll see how the last episode goes!

  2. Agony

    Strange thing the Mahr… didn’t think it’s still used anywhere until recently. Over here it’s just a very small symbolic sum(to please the old gods of tradition)

    Do other places still have that stuff? How much do they usually pay?

  3. Argus

    Weird thing about Amaar, if they are trying to get him and Rayaan back together, the writers aren’t showing it in this episode. The writers must have fell asleep in ‘conflict resolution’ class, because that part early in the season when Rayaan accidentally left a voice mail on Amaar’s cell saying how she used to have feelings for him and how Amaar had his password as Rayaan’s name would somehow come to an impasse. I mean, the only thing that had kept Rayaan and JJ from getting married on this episode was the probable divorce of JJ’s parents and a fumigation of the Masjid.

    No, (from Amaar) “Wait a minute, I used to have feelings for this woman a few months ago but was too shy to admit to them. Now I am the person that is going to be marrying her off to a man I barely know?” Maybe, second thoughts (from Rayaan), “I knew him as a kid and he treated me terribly, now I am going to marry him since he just popped in to town and looks ten times better than I remember him. What about Amaar who always gives me great advice, a person I hanged out with on occasion, and who I had feelings for a while?” Something has got to break this couple up in the last episode of this season or we are going to see a new permanent cast member on this show, which is weird because usually shows with this formula do the last minute break up in the final episode as a way to boost ratings for next season.

  4. Argus, he never treated her terribly when they were kids, it was actually the other way around. She pushed him out of a tree…

  5. AC

    I was also pretty surprised that there was nothing done to bring the Rayaan/Amaar part of this storyline back to light in this episode. If they are actually planning to have Rayaan end up with JJ, then why didn’t they leave the Rayaan/Amaar storyline alone after the phone message plot, instead of bringing it back after Amaar went on the accidental “blind date” with the journalist’s friend?

    I will be pretty surprised if Rayaan and JJ actually end up getting married, but the way they’ve set things up, it looks like it may end up this way. Weird!

  6. Argus

    My mistake Nahida, but it just seems like the writers have fallen asleep on this one onto how to make a proper conflicted story between one girl and two men. We just have to wait to see what happens in the final episode of the season. Though I am wondering if the last episode will contain some sort of “final revelation” that will either seal the deal between Rayaan and JJ or will break them apart. I just wish my Masjid was this interesting in real life, insha’Allah!

  7. I

    An okay episode. We should really get good writers or actors or whatever the problem is with the show. I like it but I don’t like how its carried out. Maybe im just too critical of this series.

  8. Steve

    “Maybe, second thoughts (from Rayaan), “I knew him as a kid and he treated me terribly…”

    Actually it was she who treated him (JJ) terribly when she knew him as a kid.

  9. Argus

    “Actually it was she who treated him (JJ) terribly when she knew him as a kid.”

    Yeah, Nahida already mentioned that mistake of mine and I mentioned it. But anyway, my point is that it seems like JJ and Rayaan aren’t meant for each other and the only reason they seemed to create this character (JJ) is to introduce conflict between Rayaan and Amaar. Though it seems that they have completely dropped that idea in this second to last episode of the season.

    You would think (as I have said before) that Amaar would step back and think that he is the one that is going to be marrying Rayaan to JJ (him being the Imam of the Masjid after all) when he had feelings for her that did seem to pop up at unexpected times this season. Or how about JJ realizing (as I now have been corrected 😛 ) that he has been tortured by this girl in his childhood and it seems like not much as changed with how she acted in the marriage workshop. Finally, how Rayaan has not much in common with JJ (he is used to moving and having everything laid out for him, “My parents bought us an island!” while she is the small town kind of woman) and that she also had feelings for Amaar. The only explanation for this oversight in this episode is because the writers fell asleep and forgot about the plot thread they developed and the character conflict they created. Insha’Allah in the final episode we will see something interesting that will bring this season long storyline to a close with a real conflict resolution.

  10. Muslim_Lady

    A quick preview of what’s in store –
    Season 3, Episode 20 – Can I Get A Witness?
    J.J. and Rayyan’s wedding date arrives and chaos threatens to unravel what should be a joyous occasion.

  11. Shayd

    The writers will go with the cliche and let Amaar and Rayyan end up together. The storyline is the way it is because the writers aren’t going to make Amaar to be the bad guy who breaks up JJ & Rayyan. Not to mention he’s the Imam and that’s inappropriate. They will take this JJ’s parents divorce angle and somehow cause it to effect JJ & Rayyan’s relationship and they will go their separate way on their own, leaving Amaar’s secret crush on Rayyan secret and make him look like a hero by being there for her when her engagement gets broken off.

    And Agony, Mahr is actually required in Islam as a symbolic gift from the groom to the bride. Unfortunately, some people mixed it with their own cultural tradition which ruined the true beauty of Mahr.

  12. S.Berry

    Part 3 is coming up as “no longer available”. March 22, 2009 at Noon Central time.

  13. It is more then tradition. It really is an important thing. It is there to protect the wife from the husband just deciding to not meet his responsibilities down the line. People have made it a symbolic thing these days but there is an important significance to it.

  14. Bronwen

    Interesting the way the mahr was dealt with solely between the fathers. I fully expected Rayyan to find out and get really angry, saying that that should be a gift from JJ to her, not something Yasir receives from JJ’s father!

  15. Samina

    I agree with Bronwen. I would have expected Rayyan to have something to say about the way the fathers were dealing with the Mahr. It made the whole Mahr concept seem quite ugly when really it isn’t that complicated at all.

    I get the feeling that JJ is going to become a permanent cast member.

  16. khanner12

    salaam, they totally misrepresented mahr. the mahr is from the groom a gift for his wife, for a reasonable amount. It has nothing to do with the parents. The groom gives the money and the wife takes it and it is hers, it has nothing to do wit parents. In the quran it says it should be low and the best provision is Allah and his messenger

  17. Bronwen

    Samina, I agree. It made it seem like a bride price. I know it’s developed to be dealt with in that way in some Muslim societies (which happen to be in patriarchal cultures) but like I say, it’s not the way Rayyan would approach it, so I was expecting her reaction to be integral to the plot of that episode. Bit of a surprise when she was never brought into it at all!

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