Season 3 – Episode 18 – Baber makes an Entrance

Synopsis: Baber makes the women of the Muslim community enter through a separate Mosque entrance, only to find that when he has a change of heart he can’t stop what he’s started.

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What did you think of this episode? How does it compare to the previous episode? Are there any topics from the episode that you want to discuss?



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  1. muslima

    I reallly enjoyed this of the best yet =)

  2. I can’t believe Rayyan and Fatima even TRIED to walk around to the back. I woulda kicked Baber’s face in, smashed my boot against his crotch, and stomped through the door with a grin on my face.

  3. Mohadditha

    Since when is segregation a BAD thing..? Yep, I know – LMOTP is purely for entertainment purposes and not spiritual guidance, but isn’t it sending a pretty much untrue message to the wider community?

  4. M

    Segregation can be a bad thing. I’ve heard that whole “respect” excuse so many times, to justify separate entrances, separate prayer areas, even separate sermon halls. But the sad truth is that most of the facilities for women I’ve seen are not respectful at all. I went to one mosque that had permanent police tape haphazardly covering the women’s entrance – gave the impression I was walking into a minehole. At another mosque, the floor of the women’s prayer hall was cement, covered only by burlap sacks, there was no heating, and the sermon could be heard only through a faint sound feed…for a room of over 300 women and their children. (The men’s area accommodated less than half that amount.) Kind of turns one off from attending prayers at the mosque at all…which always make me wonder if that’s what the men want (considering we’re going to be in charge of their future children’s religious education and all).

    I’m an American, not a Canadian, and so segregation for me calls immediately to mind the status of African Americans as slaves, and then for 100 years after Emancipation Proclamation and the Civil War, as second-class citizens. In its famous school desegregation case, Brown v. Board of Education, the Supreme Court of the U.S. said “separate is inherently unequal”. As I understand it, though men and women have different responsibilities and abilities, Islam puts them on equal footing. If we’re going to carry out and put into practice what Islam teaches us, we have to change our thinking that separate equals some kind of respect. It does not.

    Also, I know by leaving this comment, someone is invariably going to come along and say, “Jeez, just relax! It’s just a show!” but that doesn’t mean that this entertaining show doesn’t give us some food for thought.

  5. M–I know what you’re saying. I avoid segregated mosques but then end up going to them sometimes because I know that women staying away is what they want. I always use the mens’ entrance. By now everyone knows to say nothing.

  6. “Separate but equal” is something only God can pull off. Men have neither the right nor the knowledge to do such a thing. They don’t even UNDERSTAND women more than half the time, and they have the nerve to think they can speak FOR them and provide accommodations based on solely their own “understanding” without listening to what these women want.

    Just like Baber’s thickheaded douche of a friend.

  7. Steve

    See, I always knew that Baber wasn’t really a “Baber Muslim”. It’s FIZEL. He is the Muslim we are concerned about. He is the one we fear.

    Baber might have been born in a foreign country but he doesn’t go back there often (well really at all remember he fears flying). Fizel goes back to whoknowswhereistan to visit his cousin and gets all excited about how they do things there. Baber would never “honour kill” Layla. But if Fizel had a daughter (it doesn’t seem he does or at least he doesn’t now) sure he would if he felt the occasion called for it.

    Like I have said if this show is about trying to bring understanding between Muslims and the rest of Canadian society why have it only about Muslims who were never a problem. Fizel is the foreign connected, extreme Muslim we all fear. As we should. The only think that would make him an even more “bad Muslim” would be if he always spoke in a foreign language.

    Yeah, Fizel might not have a “Honk if you Love Jihad” bumper sticker on his car, but everything else so makes him the type of Muslim we actually DO have problems with.

  8. Steve

    The only think that would make him an even more “bad Muslim” would be if he always spoke in a foreign language.

    Think = Thing.


    By the way, whatever happened to the Blind Egyptian who went to the Mosque. He was a scary dude indeed with his cursing all the time in that foreign language. You say, why fear an old blind guy? Well don’t forget the mastermind of first World Trade Center attack was an old blind man so don’t underestimate old blind Muslims. They are among the more dangerous type.

    And I still wonder why Burqua lady doesn’t go to the Mosque anymore. I guess Baber scared her off.

    Okay, now for our list of all time Freakiest Muslims shown on Little Mosque on the Prairie.

    #3 Burqa laday

    #2 Fizel

    And the #1 Freakiest Muslim shown on Little Mosque on the Prairie


    Sorry Baber you don’t come even close to making the cut.

  9. Steve

    Actually perhaps Fizel should be #3 and Burqa Lady #2. Because unless he is talking we wouldn’t know how freaked out dangerous he was. Although he does wear those foreign clothes like Baber. Haven’t they ever heard of the saying “don’t want to look like you just got off the boat”.

    The only Muslim I would fear of the main characters if I saw them walking down the street would be Baber, though if I knew Amaar was their leader I guess I would fear him too because he is such a slick talking Canadian sounding guy with a lawyer background. I would fear that he would destroy the country from within and enact all these special protections just for Muslims and eventually getting Sharia Law passed in Canada.

  10. I like how Steve always criticizes this show’s portrayal of Conservative radio show hosts, and yet he sounds just like Fred Tupper.

    Like when he goes on about foreign language and clothes, things that do not at all interfere with universal truths and the morals of humanity; peut-être je commencerai à taper toujours une langue étrangère ici seulement l’effrayer?

  11. M

    I just started paying attention to the other comments on this website, but wow. Steve, I don’t even know what you’re talking about half the time. It’s like you’re having an entire conversation solely by yourself.

  12. Steve

    Well foreign languages mean you can’t communicate with others. And that is of course a problem. It stops the person from associating with the general society.

    And as for clothes while of course I would never outlaw the wearing of certain clothes what people wear do indicate their general attitudes and when they wear clothes like they “just got off the boat” it shows that they don’t want to integrate into Western Society but instead want to maintain the the attitudes and allegencies of their “homeland”.

  13. Dora

    This is what’s going through my head when I read steve’s comments: WHAT THE HELL.

    anyway, another lame episode. BOOO! I hope this show stops playing. It’s running out of material.

  14. Jess

    “Fizel goes back to whoknowswhereistan to visit his cousin ”

    It was Winnipeg!!! lol. That’s not foreign, it’s funny.

    I just wanted to say that I’m currently studying in England for a semester and am SO happy that this website exists so that I can still see Little Mosque. It is a little piece of home.

  15. Steve


    When I make a mistake I do take responsibility for it.

    Sorry. You’re right. My bad.

    There goes my comment about “Something good coming out of this depression” that I was going to make as well.

    But it does suggest another comment that now should be made. Since the Mosque that Fizel visited wasn’t in “whoknowswhereistan” but indeed was in Winnipeg it shows how Mosques in Canada are becoming extreme enough to even rival the Mosques one finds in Muslim countries.

    So, is Winnipeg becoming “Winnipegstan” the “Land of Milk and Honey” for extreme Muslims?

  16. Steve

    Yeah, I have always said that this show “picks and chooses” for the most part which Muslims are depicted and therefore misleads people on the true issues and concerns about the Canadian Muslim community.

    If the show was instead of being Amaar’s little Mosque in Mercy was instead about Fizel’s cousin’s not so little Mosque in Winnipeg (Winnipegistan?) it would be much more reflective of showing the concerns people have with Muslims in Canada.

    But that would go against the CBC’s objectives for this show, right?

  17. I


    Okay from what I know men and women should have separate entrances to the mosque. This is done for the protection of both men and women. And its not only about “respect”, its also about making sure that men and women don’t get deviated and start to mingle freely among opposite sex which can lead to bad things. However, this does not mean that the women should get a horrible entrance that has garbage dumped around it nor should they get a horrible place to pray.

    Fizel is also wrong about this concept; he wants it for different reasons other than what the concept of segregation is about and the show proved that.

    I wished the show would’ve shown why there should be separate entrances and the correct way to have them. AND btw this is what “moderate” Islam calls for, not “extreme” Islam.

    Side note: They need more good actors for variety and need to get better scripts. There is so much more they could portray in this show.

  18. I,

    Get deviated? Mingle freely? Who on Earth HANGS AROUND to do this? One of the main mosques I go to has entrances that are for both men and women (and I’m not talking about the entrance into the prayer area, I’m talking about the main entrance into the mosque) and NO ONE sticks around the doors to “mingle freely.”

  19. Dora

    Nahida, it depends on mosque per mosque basis. We have a large population of Muslims in my city, and one main masjid (there are other mussalahs too, but small), so therefore the crowd is large during Friday Khutbahs and what-have-yous. Not everyone understands about the concept of gender-mixing in Islam, so you WILL see that happen. And therefore, there needs to be a way to control it in the House of Allah. We are there to worship, not there to mingle about uselessness, and concentrate on our ibadah. It’s one way to minimize the distractions out there.

    And as for me, I totally feel comfortable going through the female-only entrances. Therefore, not having to bend over to take off my shoes and what have yous.

    Allahu Alam. 🙂

  20. Dora, I never said I had a problem with the separation itself, but when it isn’t equal. But the women’s entrance is usually smaller, and it’s around the back, and it’s not the back compared to where we pray which is the whole purpose anyway, but the back as in around the main parking lot, and there is no way I’m walking around to a smaller inferior entrance.

    It’s a minor thing but it’s the type of symbol that gets people into a completely corrupt mind frame. And most of the women’s prayer areas I’ve seen are smaller as well.

    And so I insist on having one entrance, only because women never get what they ask for but something less, and I’ve learned to ask for the most extreme possible thing even though I don’t really care if it goes that far because I know in the end my demands will be cut short. And we’ll end up with two entrances and better sectioning and quality.

  21. Samina

    Steve, I usually ignore your random rants, as 95% of the time your point is totally irrelevant and not worth commenting on but recently I have come to realise what your issue is. You have a strange mentality. You cannot comprehend that Muslims are normal human beings and truly worthy of being part of any society. You are convinced that Faisal is a more accurate portrayal of what Muslims are really like. You are convinced that the characters are deliberately made to be nicer than they would be in real life just to be more politically correct. What I suggest to you my friend is that you step out of your little bubble and get to know a few Muslims in person as opposed to what you read on the internet and I am sure you will be pleasantly surprised. Do you believe if Mercy mosque was more like the said mosque in Winnipeg – it would be a more accurate depiction of what mosques are like? Have you visited a mosque? There are mosques all over the world that do not segregate – there are just less of them.

    I, I just need clarification on a few points you made.
    1. What it is that men and women need “protection” from that can only be gained by separate entrances?
    2. Do you think making women enter a mosque via a separate more inferior entrance shows respect? Respect to who?
    3. Mingle freely? Seriously? What do you think they are going to do infront of hundreds of people? Are you telling me people have no self control?
    4. What is the “correct” way to have separate entrances?

    Dora, do you think a mosque is only for Ibadah? Do you not believe it has other purposes? You make mingling sound like a swear word. Exchanging a quick and polite salaam whilst putting on your shoes doesn’t harm anyone, infact I think it is a pleasant attribute. I don’t think I have ever seen people standing in door ways “mingling”. Is it really that difficult to enter through the same ‘one’ door pray to the same ‘one’ God and exit using the same ‘one’ door.

    When you think about it logically, in theory it really isn’t that difficult. In practice, unfortunately, we are just restricted by mosque politics and individual mentality.

  22. Samina

    And has Amaar changed his office?

  23. Steve

    Samina, it’s a little more complicated than all that. Sure I do believe that normal people can be Muslims. And actually there are things about the Islamic religion that I do respect.

    But there is lots coming out of Islam CURRENTLY that does bother me. Now people like Nadina says its not Islam that causes Muslim men to chop off the heads of their spouse or “honor kill” their daughters but the backward cultures these people come from. Okay, then it isn’t Islam I have a problem with but with certain groups of people who are Muslims. A fine distinction I guess but an important one. I don’t hate these people for who they are or what they believe in regards to religion but for what they do.

    I have grown to like this show for the most part for many reasons but it will always bother me that this show was started after 911. What kind of message is that? Crash planes into buildings and get your own sitcom?

    Are Amaar’s Muslims “real Muslims” (like Muslims you would find out in the real world). Sure. But then again so are the Muslims in Faisal cousin’s Mosque in Winnipegistan. I would call neither portrayal as being “more accurate” but since the portrayal is most all on “Mercy Muslims” as oppose to “Winnipegistani Muslims” I would say the overall portrayal is indeed inaccurate as it does act in a “Politically Correct” manner in order to trick people into discounting very real concerns.

  24. Steve

    Samina said

    “You cannot comprehend that Muslims are normal human beings.”

    No, I believe they are.

    Human Beings like anyone else. Capable of evil just like the rest of us.

  25. Samina

    Steve, You are a bit of a pessimist. I don’t believe the message being sent out is “crash a plane get a sitcom” but more a method to dispell myths that all Muslims want to do the same. It isn’t at all trying to be politically correct but to show the other side that people don’t know. The type of Muslims that you are mentioning are a bunch of people who misinterpret scriptures to cause harm and let their cultures become confused with religion. I admit that yes there are people like Faisal in the world which we all know about why would we want to see more people like that on tv? This programme is just trying to show that there is another side to Muslims, we are cool and fun loving just like everyone else.

    It’s not trying to trick people into discounting “real” concerns but more to say “don’t put us all into the same category” which you have already agreed to.

  26. Steve

    “It’s not trying to trick people into discounting “real” concerns but more to say “don’t put us all into the same category” which you have already agreed to.”

    I never have put you all in the same category. I would die for you. At least I hope I would. Easy to say on some blog but who knows until one’s tested for real.

  27. Steve

    But at the same time I don’t want to be played for a sap.

    I will never forget how at that High School that was in visual site of the World Trade Center that kid told his teacher that in a week’s time, those towers were going to be gone. Yeah, that’s was a week before 9-11.

    And when the attacked occured many students commented on how odd it was that so many Muslim students “just happened” to have cameras with them that day.

  28. Wow what a coincidence. I ALSO happened to have a camera with me that day! It was a cellphone camera! AMAZING HUH?!

    For the love of God.

  29. (I didn’t actually have one that was just to make a point.)

    People also carry cameras in their cars to take pictures of accidents in case they need to prove something to the police.

  30. Nvrm, the camera phone was invented a year later in 2002. (In my defense I’m 18 and it seems like they’ve been around forever.)

    The car thing still stands.

  31. Steve

    Nahida how many of your fellow students carry cameras each day to your classrooms? Well, I guess the answer to that would be they don’t since they can always use the camera on their cell phones.

    Okay, Nahida, here’s another question. How many of your fellow students point to a building that can be seen outside your classroom window and tell your teacher, next week that that building isn’t going to be there?

    And then of those incidents how many of those buildings do happen to get hit by some plane or something precisely a week after such as statement being made?

    Happens all the time, huh?

  32. Samina


    These are myths and rumour started off to get the conspiracy theories going. There are also rumours that the jewish employees who worked in the trade centres were also unexpectedly absent that day. There are rumours that FBI had been tipped off before the attacks and did nothing. There are rumours that a war on Afghanistan was planned before the attacks took place. There are rumours that the American government could have minimised damage but instead allowed it to happen and added to it. You don’t believe that so why is this different?

    Are you seriously telling me an evil terrorist cell would be stupid enough to let their plans leak to a few young children and that if a few young kids can know that then what the hell were the likes of the CIA and FBI doing? Getting manicures? Sometimes Steve you should believe what the media puts out there and other times use your own common sense. You really are a media dream – so easy sucked in.

  33. Brian

    Wow, if I could have a penny for the number of times my Muslim students have pointed to buildings outside my classroom and told me that the building wasn’t going to be there next week I would now be retired.

    Well, actually I probably would have lost that fortune in the stock market crash.

    But yeah, I had often thought it happens so often that one day one of my students is going to be correct just because of the law of averages.

  34. Steve

    “These are myths and rumour started off to get the conspiracy theories going.”

    And that is what this one reporter thought when he heard this “myth” about New Utrecht High School and the student who predicted the destruction of the WTC a week beforehand. He thought yeah, this is obviously some attempt at starting a conspiracy theory and I am going to nip it in the bud exposing it for the lie it is.

    His GOAL was to debunk this (proves that journalists to have agendas at times when doing a story).

    But to his shock and horror he couldn’t. Because indeed it was no myth but instead all too true!

  35. LOL Brian!

    As a matter of fact Steve, yes my fellow students take pictures with their cell phones all the time.

    And following on what Brian said about the economy, -points to theatre-

    Our school theatre will not be there next year.

    Watch me be right.

    Steve, are you Alex? I already had this conversation with him, back when I was younger and much more tolerant of rubbish.

  36. Samina

    Brian, You are living proof that sarcasm really is the lowest form of wit.

  37. Steve

    “Are you seriously telling me an evil terrorist cell would be stupid enough to let their plans leak to a few young children and that if a few young kids can know that then what the hell were the likes of the CIA and FBI doing?”

    And that is one of the two big reasons this story has been downplayed over the years.

    Because indeed it shows an extreme failing on the part of the CIA and the FBI.

    Now there are many many places that the FBI did fail in pre 9-11 intelligence that was a result of the pressures of political correctness. In this case though I believe the reason they missed it was that America isn’t (or perhaps the direction we are going now I should say at that time wasn’t) a police state. This students were obviously part of a very insular community who for the most part could keep the secret to themselves although it did seem to break out here or there.

    But yeah, ask how this students know, you have to ask why then didn’t our government know. So for our government officials it was much easier to sweep it under the rug instead of investigating too deeply into it. The questions that would be raised were way too embarrassing for them.

    And as to the terrorists just because they did succeed don’t make them out to be any geniuses. They were quite the opposite. They were stupid. Their plan was stupid, and the only reason it succeeded was because we were MORE stupid.

    But it wasn’t mere stupidity. It was a stupidity caused by and constantly re-enforced by POLITICAL CORRECTNESS. You know what the big issue around 2000-2001 was? RACIAL PROFILING. No, can’t go around racial profiling, don’t want to do that.

    So when the FBI hears about a bunch of “Arab Looking” guys in Texas going to a flight school to learn how to fly but who are not particularly interested about the whole landing part, well can’t call that suspicious. That would open up charges of racial profiling.

    The whole plan for the attack of the WTC was stupid. It never had a chance in any sane society of succeeding.

    But it did succeed.


  38. Give him some credit Samina it was partly satire. 😉

  39. Steve

    These students were obviously part of a very insular community who for the most part could keep the secret to themselves although it did seem to break out here or there.

    I have been in a position in life to know of and therefore understand the concept of “open secrets”.

    This are things that are well known but only by an insular group of people. If you are part of the group you know about it and freely talk about it among members of the group. But you know as being part of the group you aren’t supposed to talk about it among people who are not part of your group.

    You see it in corporations where among executives pretty much there is no secrets and they might know each other’s scandals or whatever but as much as they might talk about it among themselves they would never talk about it among someone who isn’t of their level.

    After 9-11 there were three Mosques that the FBI wanted to talk to and interview people from and two of those Mosques they said NO PROBLEM.

    But the third Mosque wasn’t so open and cooperative. What is interesting about that Mosque is the Imam had another job as well as just being an Imam. That was as a baggage handler. We will never know I guess because of our government coving it up, but perhaps he was involved in an indirect way by providing surveillance regarding how airports work. And perhaps he informed his Mosque of what was going to occur.

  40. In my mosque’s library there’s a video that says “Why Christians Should Convert to Islam.” I guess we’d better get rid of it before the FBI comes in and labels us a terrorist mosque. I mean, the way these imams with two jobs who prefer to practice their rights to privacy are being connected to terrorism, who KNOWS what they’d conclude…

    “I have been in a position in life to know of and therefore understand the concept of “open secrets”.”

    You sound like you’ve been in a cult.

  41. Steve


    Corporate Structure.

    And insular community can keep much to itself and in this case it didn’t totally keep the secret as that boy did reveal it to “outsiders”.

  42. Samina

    [The police say they have been working closely with two of the three mosques in the area. One is run by an Irishman who converted to Islam and became an imam; the other by a baggage handler for American Airlines. This latter fact, not surprisingly, aroused a great interest at first. His friends in the community thought he might lose his job. But the imam is backed by the airline and remains close to the police in the area. “I feel sorry for the dark-skinned people in the neighborhood,” says a police officer. “They’ve done nothing wrong and most have been cooperative.”]

    Steve, This is an extract from the same article you are mentioning of the journalist trying to dispell the school boy myth.

    You are picking and choosing information that you want and then reinterpret it. It clearly shows he raised suspicion but the airline is backing his loyalty.

    I apologise for totally deviating from the subject which is LMOTP therefore I am not going to contribute to this any further. I do understand your point of view Steve but wish you would open up your mind a little.

  43. Samina

    Sorry Nahida.

  44. Don

    Samina: Good eye. Amaar’s office did change — the set was enlarged and re-configured, primarily to make it easier for the crew to shoot in.

  45. Don’t be sorry Samina I’m not coming back either…

  46. Steve

    There was one time when I thought it was pretty cool when I was in the in and on the know.

    These days however I am more often of the belief that “ignorance is bliss”.

    I understand all the socio-political reasons behind the whole Pre-911 FBI failures. I can’t really blame them. They did want what was best for America or there are lots of other careers they could have otherwise chosen. But they have families and pensions. They have seen colleagues been destroyed when they tried to stand up to the system. Yeah, they love America, but rock the boat too much and you are out of a job (or worse) and then what good could you do.

    And that one field officer begged, pleaded with her superiors to do something. There’s something here she would write them over and over again. But in the end for her she had to either follow her superiors or quit. Well perhaps she should have quit but it wasn’t like she KNEW 911 was going to happen. We might have seen such kinds of stuff in Movies, but for that to happen in reality. Yeah, maybe she should have resigned but if she did that every time she had problems with superiors then her career would be a short one indeed. She did push it almost to the point of costing her career.

    As to her superiors yeah, it would be too easy to be hard on them but they have seen colleagues fallen for much less. It isn’t fun to go up to some congressional committee and have some Democrat put you through the ringer on behalf of their special interest constituency for “harassing people for the ‘crime’ of looking Arab”.

    So, no I know how 9-11 happened. And I also know the social-political mentally of our society is even worse than it was in 2000-2001. As bad as 911 was something much, much worse is going to occur real, real soon.

  47. Samina

    “As bad as 911 was something much, much worse is going to occur real, real soon.”

    Steve, I know I said I wasn’t going to respond again but I couldn’t resist at the above comment. You sound exactly like that school kid. So now the next time anything happens I am going to say well Steve on the LMOTP blog mentioned something much much worse is going to happen and I will be sure to send the FBI your way for having inside information! 🙂

  48. Steve

    Okay, you are right, I guess Samara. Facts are Facts. So the problem wasn’t with the baggage handler Imam’s Mosque.

    The boy must have belonged to the Third Mosque!

    And, I wouldn’t automatically assume that baggage handler Imam was in the clear just because American Airlines backed him.

    I was there. Yeah, most of us were there as eight years is now becoming long ago still hasn’t reached the long ago point. Whatever narrative the Left is trying to construct a big lie about now, I know what the mood was post 9-11 and it wasn’t Let’s go find us some darkies to harass. It was instead over and over again we must not allow our grieve and anger over this situation turn us into the kinds of people to condemn a whole people for the acts of a few.

    So, yeah, even in, especially in the anger of 911 it still would have been seen as bad form for American Airlines to be seen as throwing one of its employees under the bus because he happened to be an Imam.

    And also looking at it from a legal perspective, had this employee been involved that would open American Airlines up to all these lawsuits by people who could claim that American Airlines had put them in jeopardy by employing him.

    So I am just saying you would expect American Airlines to back their employee. At first at least.

    But yeah, it looks like he wasn’t involved. But that is the problem when the truth is suppressed or downplayed. Lots of confusion results as one tries to fill in the gaps.

    What I try to do is what is called “read between the lines” by trying to see what’s not there. Two Mosques were cooperating. Okay, then what about the third? And what Mosque did that kid attend?

  49. Steve

    “So now the next time anything happens I am going to say well Steve on the LMOTP blog mentioned something much much worse is going to happen and I will be sure to send the FBI your way..”

    Yeah, especially since I am being SO specific about date and target.

  50. Samina

    You don’t do the reading very well at all, otherwise you would have noticed that my name was Samina and not Samara. 🙂

  51. Steve

    This is what I mean about Political Correctness making one stupid. This is what I mean about Political Correctness turning a society insane.

    All these guys just happen to look Arab. All these guys wanted to learn how to fly but not to land. No, no, red flags there. Nothing suspicious there.

    Kid points at a building and tells his teacher that next week that building won’t be there. Next week, the building isn’t there. Must be a coincidence.

  52. Samina

    That is your perception and your point of view and what you have witnessed since. Let me tell you a story.

    Many years ago, around the time when police started carrying out “random” checks on pedestrians and on public transport, I was travelling on a bus. The only thing that made me stand out from the other passengers on the bus was that I had some colour in my skin. Police boarded the bus and searched a “random few” of the passengers including myself. My bag was tipped over onto the seat and my coat pockets checked. To the point that my mobile phone was checked. I didn’t have a problem with that at all because in my mind prevention is better than cure and I would gladly take part if it can assist in minimising any dangerous incidents from occuring. Initially I didn’t have an issue with the “random” check, until the police exited the bus and the young white school boy sitting next to me to me said “Thank God I was sitting next to you otherwise they would have seen the knife I had in my pocket”.

    Not only was I now frightened that I was sitting next to a boy with a knife but I became concerned of all the crimes that are going unnoticed because of the “randomness” of the searches. I would gladly have had my belongings sifted through over and over if it helps but then so should everyone else. It shouldn’t just be a restricted “random” search.

  53. Steve

    Well all I can say is that I am searched just as closely as anyone else at airports.

    And I know, that had the plot against the WTC been by so called “Militias” the FBI would have put a stop to the moment they heard of about a bunch of “rural hick talking” “redneck looking” men who were going around flight schools trying to find out how to fly but not but not too concerned about the landing part (even though that would have been just as much “racial profiling” as being concerned about them because they were “Arab Looking”.

    Perhaps it is just a case of none of us liking to be looked at suspiciously simply based on who we happen to be or what we are supposed to “look like” and we are so concerned about when it is done against us we are not sensitive enough to see when it is done to others or we develop a sense that it is being done to use when everyone is actually being treated the same.

    But of course we don’t want a search to be based on solely racial factors or anything like that because it does so easily open it up for the enemy just to be different then we expect. But at the same time we don’t want it to be absurdly where people who match the description of the past offenders are SEARCHED LESS.

    But yeah, random checks as you mention is insane. I guess in one sense it makes sense. Because whereas no, you aren’t a terrorist, there is limited resources in conducting random searches and when you have limited time you go after what is most likely, knowing that you can’t eliminate the threat totally but hoping that you are reducing the chances.

    But again, too easy for the enemy to change up his pitch.

  54. Samina

    Have a nice day Steve.

  55. Steve

    Samina, I just realized by what you said that you might be a Brit.

    In the United States, now I never visit New York so perhaps its different there, we would rarely if ever conduct such a search.

    Here it has been so bad the other way that there’s a joke about being a white granny. No not Obama’s white granny although I am sure it would have been the case if she traveled but the joke is if you are a white grandmother type you are going to be heavily searched because there is no way people can accuse the people doing the searching of racial profiling by going after white granny (of course it also means that the people doing the search knows they are conducting a worthless search by searching an unlikely suspect).

    Now at first glance my reaction was what idiots these cops were searching you when the threat could have (and in this case indeed more likely was) the white guy behind you.

    But then I though, we don’t really know what intel they were working off of. What if the random searches of public transport was indeed due to some specific threat they were hearing about? In that cause it would be criminally wasteful searching the white kid beside you when the intel was saying that the specific threat was someone of your ethnic background. That would indeed be a case of political correctness turning law enforcement insane.

    Not trying to discount your experiences, but I do wonder if the search came out of a specific concern they had intelligence on. Because if it is part of a general policy then indeed, agreed stupid. But it could be in that case they were concerned about something just a little more specific.

  56. Samina

    “Samina, I just realized by what you said that you might be a Brit.”

    What gave it away?

    Just to clarify, it wasn’t because of any specific concern but was the result of a stop and search policy introduced after the July 2005 London tube and bus bombings.

  57. Steve

    Then they implemented it in a stupid fashion for haven’t they ever heard of a Bosnian Muslim?

    No wonder Obama hates the UK so much.

    We would have never implemented it like that. In our case it would have been White Granny who would have been the focus of their search.

    Different cultures, different situations I guess. I wonder which county’s policy makes its citizens safer.

  58. AC

    Don’t feed the troll, people. Steve is obviously a troll who is making the same point (or attempting to, poorly) over and over again. IGNORE HIM.

  59. It is totally wrong to blame Islam for what is wrong. It wasn’t Islam that destroyed Pastor McGee’s church. It was Pastor McGee.

    Islam is perhaps the only thing that could now save our society. As we are fading away into to the mist. But before we totally fade away please take heed. THEY AREN’T YOUR FRIEND!

    They may come at you like they are your friend but in the end they have to destroy you. They may have seen you as a way to harm Christians, but sooner or later they must destroy you just like they destroyed us.

    You represent everything they hate. Tree explained it. They saw you as the enemy of their enemy, but in the end they can’t allow you to survive either. One way or the other they are going to have to destroy you. And in that they are very effective indeed.

    So, I am sadden that we couldn’t have joined together to defeat who really was our common foe even though you just couldn’t see it. But as we fade away please heed this warning.

    What they did to us they will do to you too!

    They aren’t your friend. They destroyed us and they will destroy you.

  60. Good point, although I don’t know what it has to do with this episode or this discussion.

    But nonetheless a good point.

    In the end there is no place in Western Society for Islam. And I say that as an indictment upon Western Society.

    Muslims by and large are relative newcomers but they should understand that the poor shape Christianity is in, at least with the Mainline Churches, didn’t happen overnight. It took generations to destroy Christianity within Western society.

    And so, no, they won’t destroy Islam overnight, but destroy it they must.

    Already you are seeing early signs of this. Look at Sure now such movements aren’t seeing much success but the same thing happened with Christianity and at first they weren’t much success either. It happened over time. Someday will be an extremely important organization. And then it will be all over for true Islam. There will be something called Islam but it will be the shell of its former self and slowly fade away.

    I agree, take heed from their first victims. They are not your friends. They can’t allow you to survive.

  61. Assalamu Alaikum,
    Please feel free to discuss these issues at

    They will be very happy to answer any questions or doubts.

  62. I


    Nahida, our mosque also has one main entrance to the building but two separate entrances to the prayer area. The mosque in the show does not even have that which, I believe, is essential. The show could have the same entrance but they should at least have separate entrance to the prayer area.
    “Dora, do you think a mosque is only for Ibadah? Do you not believe it has other purposes? You make mingling sound like a swear word. Exchanging a quick and polite salaam whilst putting on your shoes doesn’t harm anyone, infact I think it is a pleasant attribute.”

    If men and women had the same entrance to the “prayer area”, then exchanging a quick salaam while putting on your shoes may become a problem. Why? Because then there are hundreds of men and women with the same entrance and then people will get close to each other. It can happen and it does happen.

    Plus, what’s wrong with separate entrances (if they were equally nice) anyway?

  63. Steve

    I have to say this was a great episode. I was particularly pleased with how they portrayed Baber. The writers have really abused and have been lazy with the Baber character lately and this episode I felt they didn’t do that as much.

    I really want to write just a little bit more focusing on the stuff specifically in this episode but wanted to think about it just a little more. Even though there will be a new episode tonight perhaps I can still discuss this one a little more in upcoming days.

    I found Baber so touching in this episode. He is absolutely my favorite character.

    I want to go into Baber’s motives more but I don’t really have time at the moment. But here is my question. What were Yasir’s motives in participating in the whole controversy the way he did?

  64. Yasir is married to Sarah. In the first season it was obvious that Sarah was a strong woman. She wouldn’t have married him if he weren’t on her side.

  65. Dora


    Just to clarify!

    Nahida – I definitely agree with what you said about womens entrances being presented in the worst possible ways! However, this is not the case for my mosque, and a lot of the mosques I’ve been to. Alhamdulillah, the women section of the mosque is not treated as dirt. There’s actually a rail for handicapped women/children at the women’s entrance, and much much more. So Alhamdullilah for that!

    Samina – Definitely! There are other functions of the masjid in addition to ibadah, which I totally forgot about. In fact, Socialization IS one of them (as in Halaqas, nikaahs and etc), but when it comes to opposite sex- mingling (which I actually meant!), as you see going on in parties and events, that’s obviously not appropriate. And that’s what I was talking aboot.

  66. Steve

    What I could see is that Yasir really didn’t care about the issue one way or the other but the issue was causing disruption so he saw the best thing to do is to stop what was going on.

    It seems like he had the worse motives of anyone there.

  67. Steve

    For Yasir it was just the go long get along thing to do. Path of least resistance and all of that.

  68. Samina

    Dora, yes those are few more purposes of a mosque. But would you not agree that religious guidance, advice and a general feeling of unity is also something Muslims wish to gain from a Mosque? How do we achieve that by creating segregation amongst ourselves?

    Also Dora, a Halaqa is defined as an Islamic gathering or meeting for the primary purpose of learning about Islam. If that is the intention then that will be the primary focus – not about men and women being in the same room together.

    What I am trying to say is – that if your intentions for attending mosque is “correct” then you will refrain from that which (as you phrased it) “is obviously not appropriate”.

  69. S.Berry

    Is there a moderator for this site? People like “Steve” who are mentally unbalnced trolls are what judicious use of the “ban” function in the comments is for. Allowing trolls to dominate the comments section really detracts from normal discussion of the episodes and drives people away from the site.

  70. S.Berry

    What kind of mosque has such a horribly unkempt garbage area? LOL!

  71. Khalid

    I don’t even read Steve’s ridiculous comments anymore…

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