Season 3 – Episode 18 – Preview

Episode  – “Baber makes an entrance”

Synopsis: Baber makes the women of the Muslim community enter through a separate Mosque entrance, only to find that when he has a change of heart he can’t stop what he’s started.

Airing Monday March  9th 2009 !

What lengths will Baber go to make the women enter through the mosque from a separate entrance? How will the women adapt to this request? What opinion will Amaar have?



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12 responses to “Season 3 – Episode 18 – Preview

  1. Episode 18 has been posted 🙂

  2. Selina

    Nothing is loading!

    Anyway, I think you should keep the header too.

    • Nahida

      Selina, you’re right. And I’m really, really becoming progressively uncomfortable with having taken this place over for our own discussions… and so I made a new one.

      We can carry on there. I’ll never be signed in except to create a new post whenever we’ve slowed down on the previous one, but I’ll check regularly like I do here (when I have time, which right now is frequently). I’ll see you over there.

      I really feel like we’re trashing this place… and it’s supposed to be Canadian.

      • Steve

        I still haven’t given my final thoughts of the show yet.

        There are also individual episodes I have some additional comments on I better get to it.

        I have some important comments regarding Sarah burning down the Church. I already looked at it from a political standpoint regarding what the international news media would do with the event (and yeah there’s a good chance it could hit the international media even though it happened in a small town in the middle of nowhere) but there was another more symbolic perspective I wanted to address as it relates to the future of Christianity in Canadian society.

        I will try to get to it soon.

      • John

        Nahida, sounds good. Moving is fun!

        You can do it over there, Steve.

        I see Richard already started…

      • Steve

        I will try just to post LMOTP stuff here.

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