Season 3 – Episode 17 – Preview

Episode  – “My Shariah”

Synopsis: JJ opens an early wedding present before he’s supposed to, but no one has any idea what it is.

Airing Monday March  2nd 2009 !

Why would JJ open a wedding present early? Who is the present from? What would be the consequences?



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17 responses to “Season 3 – Episode 17 – Preview

  1. Ashley

    Does anyone know when the episode will be up?

  2. ariana

    hope im allow to do this..
    if your in canada u can watch it @
    my shariah

  3. pudergeek

    Does anybody know what this wedding present actually is? Is it real or is it just a random contraption that doesn’t really exist?

  4. fatima

    aww that link doesn’t work outside of canada…miss my weekly dose of lmotp!

  5. Muslim Lady

    Here a LMOTP game to keep you busy while you’re waiting for our good friend MyDien to post the latest episode.
    Remember the Jihad On Ice episode?? Enjoy!!

  6. s3e17

    season 3 episode 17….enjoy

    if video doesn’t work right away, wait some minutes…just uploaded it, thus maybe it’s not converted yet..

  7. Kara

    it says its too long

  8. s3e17

    sorry… link before posted before doesn’t work. was to long for youtube, had to split the episode into 3 parts. hope this one works:

  9. Kara

    thanks but this is just part one. do u have the other parts as well?

  10. s3e17

    sure, you have to wait. youtube is converting them right now…should be running every moment now

  11. Kara

    thank you thank you

  12. s3e17

    you are welcome. i noticed that the audio is a bit out of sync…no idea why. the videos on my computer are ok…

  13. s3e17

    by the way…does anyone know what the gift was?

  14. Chris

    LOL @ 5:24! (Part 1)

  15. M

    Thanks for this, I’ve been waiting all day.

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