Season 3 – Episode 16 – Recipe for Disaster

Synopsis: Yasir says he is too busy to attend a marriage workshop with Sarah but soon comes to regret his decision.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

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What did you think of this episode? How does it compare to the previous episode? Are there any topics from the episode that you want to discuss?

  • Marriage Workshop
  • Jealousy
  • Yasir & Sarah


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23 responses to “Season 3 – Episode 16 – Recipe for Disaster

  1. Samina

    Sarah really needs to be shot! Her high pitched whining is getting unbearable.

    The new couple at the marraige workshop were hilarious – “Who would fight on a boat?”. He could have passed for a relative of Baber’s.

  2. Samina

    Also, Is it just me or is Rayyan getting really bossy? I feel bad for poor J.J sometimes.

  3. Hum

    This one was a lot funnier than previous episodes and focuses more on the townspeople rather than JJ and Rayyan which is a welcome relief.

    Its obvious they’re working to break up JJ and Rayyan which will only happen at the last minute.

    I loved Rev McGee and Sarah, and finally more Fatima and Fred!

  4. “I am an open book! A mystery, perhaps, but mysteries can be good too.”

    “I’d rather have a romance.”

    “It’s not my fault I’m the wrong genre.”


    And poor J.J. What on earth is Rayyan putting him through?

  5. One thing that kind of disturbed me about this though was Layla pulling the Muslim card on Fred as an excuse when it obviously wasn’t the real reason. (If it were she wouldn’t be scheming in the first place, and making him do it would also be wrong.) I know it’s a comedy, but people using religion as an excuse to get what they want, and only using aspects of it that would benefit them, is the reason we have “holy” wars.

  6. ariana

    omg i had exact same talk with my friend!
    how being muslim, i felt a little pissed off @ what she did.

  7. Dora

    This one sucked.

  8. M

    The new couple was hilarious.

    Great to see a storyline involving Fatima, Fred, and Layla…probably my three favorite characters on the show besides Amaar but they don’t seem to get as much screentime as others (*cough*J.J.-Rayyan*cough*).

  9. Steve

    Gosh, that couple who was always fighting. At the end they seemed happy which was really good. I was fearing that the woman was going to get her head cut off.

  10. Jake

    Actually that would make for a great episode.

    When a member of the Mosque cuts his wife’s head off, Amaar has to explain to the citizens of Mercy that such an act doesn’t represent Islam or Muslims in general.

    Just think of all the “head” puns that could be made.

    “He was just trying to get a head in life”.

  11. Jake

    It would be great to see Amaar on Fred’s show and see how Fred handles it.

    Fred: “So the issue is Muslims cutting off the head of their wives. For it or against it? Give me a call.”

    Fred: “On the pro-cutting off their wives head is our own local Muslim A-mon Amaar.”

    Fred: “So, Amaar you Muslim types like to cut off your women’s heads. Is that some kind of sacrifice ritual to your pagan moon god?”

    Amaar: “Wait, hold on. I am not here as an advocate of Muslims cutting off the heads of their wives. Islam forbids it. Islam requires husbands to treat their women with respect and gives them lots of rights as it relates to divorce. And Muslims worship the same God as Christians and Jews do.”

    Fred: “Hold on there we don’t want to get the Jews all involved in this. We all know about Muslims and Jews. Dogs and Cats they are like. Oil and Water. Don’t go blaming this on them there Jews”.

    Amaar: “I, I wasn’t try to blame this on Je..”

    Fred (interrupting): “I see we have a call here. Welcome to the Fred Tupper show.”

    Caller (Sounds like a white hick): “Yeah, to the Muslim guy, I was wondering if one would theoretic-alee of course want to cut off the head of their forever nagging and nagging and nagging wife who just goes on and and on and on driving me crazy, would you recommend a hack saw or an ax?”

    Fred: “Good Question. Well, Amaar hack saw or ax, what’s your preference?”

    Amaar: ” I don’t have an preference… I mean this is cra..”

    Fred: (Interrupting again) “So you find they both work equally as well.”

  12. Fred: “On the pro-cutting off their wives head is our own local Muslim A-mon Amaar.”

    You mean on the pro-cutting off their wives heads side. Yeah, I could see Fred saying stuff like that because this is a comedy and in a comedy you exaggerate stereotypes for comedic effects.

    Of course in reality talk shows aren’t like that. I recommend going to the following link by clicking my name above.

  13. Did Yasir and Barber used to live in the UK? I believe that is where Yasir said he met Sarah.

    I was wondering because why would they care about a soccer game where Manchester United was playing if they didn’t at some point live in Manchester?

  14. Dora

    Umm, steve you have no idea about soccer, or as they call it in “English” – Football. No idea at all.

    Btw I find it hilarious how steve changes his username to get his point across. Haha!

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  16. Steve

    Amaar: “First there was that woman who I told to go to India, and now this happens right after I had a marriage workshop. I am not really the Imam of Death am I?”

    Rayyan: “Well, uh, of course not”

    Amaar: “No one is calling me that?”

    Rayyan: “Well, Just a Few people”

    (Sarah walks by) Sarah “You aren’t listening to any of his advice are you? ” “Nothing personal Amaar”

    Rayyan: “Mom!”

    Yasir: “Nothing wrong with being careful.”

    Next week some out of town Muslims from one of those “Stan” countries misunderstanding why Amaar got the title he has seeks out Amaar to lead them on a “Holy Mission” to Toronto.

    Amaar: “You have to admit they do look like terrorists.”

    Fatima: “You of all people to give into profiling stereotypes. That is exactly what the rest of Canada thinks of all of us. That is exactly what they think when you walk down the street”.

    Amaar: “I know, I know I really shouldn’t feel this way, but they really do look and feel like terrorists.”

    Fatima: “Nonsense”.

    Mo: “Do you where we can get some fertilizer? We want to, uh, uh plant some stuff.”

    Akmed: “Yeah, that’s it plant some stuff.”

  17. Steve

    Rayyan: “No, no, no you have it all wrong. He doesn’t go out and kill people. People just die after he gives them his advice.”

    Amaar: “Hey, that’s only has happened twice!”

  18. Only four episodes left for this season.

    I have to say last season was much, much better than this one.

    I did like the whole Vegan Nazi episode though.

    Will the last four episodes savage what has for the most part been a poor season? I hope so.

    Title of the next episode is My Shariah. The title is obviously a take off on the song “My Sharona”. Besides the title I am pretty sure the song has nothing to do with the episode.

    Shariah is of course Muslim Law! Is that what is going to happen in this episode. Is Mercy going to adopt some form of Shariah Law? Sounds far fetched?

    Check this video.

  19. Ontario already has it!!!!

  20. Here’s another video about it.

    So, no, having at least some form of “Shariah Law” isn’t far fetched but is already part of Canadian life!

  21. Here’s what’s going on in the UK.

    The backbone of the British legal system and much of the English speaking world is common law (Scotland is different although it does incorporate some elements of common law). There would have been no United Kingdom without a common set of laws that were applicable to all persons. However, the influx of Muslims in Britain has created judicial bodies which adjudicate matters through Islamic Sharia law, a legal system that amongst other things considers the word of a woman to be worth half that of a man.

    A year ago, the Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams said it “seems inevitable” that Sharia law would be incorporated into British law. Earlier this month, the Archbishop said that there was a “drift of understanding” in British society towards his view. He cited the views of Lord Phillips, the former Lord Chief Justice and soon be the first Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom. Last July, Lord Phillips publicly concurred with Williams that Sharia law could be utilized in civil matters:

    It is possible in this country for those who are entering into a contractual agreement to agree that the agreement shall be governed by law other than English law…In some countries the courts interpret Sharia as calling for severe physical punishment. There can be no question of such courts sitting in this country, or such sanctions being applied here.

    How can Lord Phillips be so confident? At the very minimum, Britain is on the verge of creating one law for Muslims and one for everyone else. What is to stop Muslims for wanting everyone else to submit to Sharia law? Only days after Lord Phillips made his remarks Sarfraz Sarwar, a Muslim leader in the small town of Pitsea said Sharia law should apply to criminal matters and that criminal offenses should be punishable by flogging in town centers such as Pitsea.

    If Sharia law is formally enshrined in British law one can kiss political liberty goodbye. As it stands now there isn’t much liberty to speak of in Britain these days. Last week, Dutch parliamentarian Geert Wilders was denied permission to enter Britain to present his film Fitna, documenting violence carried out in the name of Islam. Home Secretary Jacqui Smith referred to her fellow European parliamentarian as an “undesirable person.” Yet the Home Secretary had absolutely no problem permitting Hezbollah spokesman Ibrahim Mousawi from entering the country last May. Either the Home Secretary doesn’t consider terrorist mouthpieces undesirable or is simply afraid of offending Muslims.

    Whatever the motivations of the Home Secretary it represents an infringement of political liberty. If Muslims in Britain had wished to protest Wilders presence peaceably then fine. Denying Wilders entry into Britain denied Britons an opportunity to listen to his arguments and make the choice of accepting, rejecting or ignoring them. Somehow I don’t think this will be the last time someone who has views that are not acceptable to Muslims will be denied entry into Britain. If Wilders’ colleague Ayaan Hirsi Ali decides to touch down on British soil do not be surprised if the Home Secretary deems her an undesirable person as well.

  22. Aired on the CBC’s “The National” on March 6 2007, this report addresses the threats and intimidation moderate Canadian Muslims must compose with in speaking out against religious fanaticism.

  23. Kara

    When will the next episode be up?

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