Season 3 – Episode 15 – Colour Me Excited

Synopsis: When JJ surprises Rayyan with the news that his parents bought them a palace in Dubai, the couple must determine where they’ll spend the rest of their lives.

In this episode JJ and Rayyan get a massive present from JJ’s parents. It wouldn’t be all that difficult to accept, but if you recall Yasir and Sarah are preparing a home for the couple already. Both JJ and Rayyan have to make a decision and break the news to their parents either way and have a hard time doing so. Meanwhile, Amaar has a contest to test the Islamic IQ of the participants. An unlikely champion emerges and Baber cannot stand it. The two combatants are at each other’s throats to determine who is truly worthy of the crown.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Videos courtesy ofย  mydien

What did you think of this episode? How does it compare to the previous episode? Are there any topics from the episode that you want to discuss?

  • A Palace as a Gift
  • Where to live after marriage
  • Baber’s competitiveness
  • Similarities in the Bible and Quran


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18 responses to “Season 3 – Episode 15 – Colour Me Excited

  1. It was an island. -____-

    The quiz was a nice way of showing how similar the two religions are.

    I guess Rayyan really is marrying JJ…

  2. Glad to see it back on form, but wish this whole Rayyan and JJ thing would just finish, bored now! And glad to see more Baber!

  3. Agony

    Is anybody else having trouble watching part 1 and 3? they load awfully slow

  4. AC

    There is no WAY Rayyan is actually going to end up marrying JJ. If they really do get married, I will be SHOCKED.

  5. Anum

    Rayyan and Amaar make a way better couple then Rayyan and JJ i really hope they dont end up marying eachother and Baber is my favorite character!

  6. Agony: all parts are working fine for mE ๐Ÿ™‚ maybe uR internet speed is slow ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Click my name to see what is going on in Dubai.

    I can’t think of any other place that has ever in human history seen more growth in such a short period of time.

  8. Click my name for a Power Point Presentation on Dubai.

  9. asiila


    is it that i just am getting numb to the abuse, or am i beginning to see some worth to Sarah’s character. don’t know which. perhaps her husband helps balance out my distaste…sigh…anyway, again, too much of them (although i understand they’d have to be in this episode a lot.).

    and Babar, they’re just making too much of the buffoon. If anyone NEEDS to get married in this show, it’s him….


  10. Aya

    It looks like JJ and Rayyan are getting married. Although I would have preferred Rayyan marry Amaar, JJ has been in this too long and instead of their relationship straining, it just keeps improving as he does sacrifices for her. Personally, I think they make a nice couple, my only concern is Amaar… where will this put him? I don’t think it’s likely a new female character is sudden;y going to barge in on the scene…
    And Baber is hilarious as a TV character but GOSH, if I knew someone like that for real…! Oh, that would be annoying!
    Cannnnn’t wait for the next episodes to come out!!

  11. I love McGee– I loved him even more in “My Secret Identity” Anyone remember that?

  12. Adara

    OMG, the part right at the split between parts two and three made me laugh so hard XD “I WILL CRUSH YOU!!!……thank you very much!!!!!”

  13. Samina

    If I lived in Mercy (and it wasn’t a fictional place) and was a violent person, I think I would have murdered Sarah by now.

  14. Babur: “Should have stuck with the alligator;” “There is no know-it-some;” “He is using a deep spiritual connection, I call foul!” HAHAHAHAHA!!

    I loved the squeaky toys, and the “Eye of the Tiger” theme was really funny too.

  15. I

    This show really showed the similarities between the two religions. Back on form, but I know they won’t stay there for long. Hope they do though.

  16. zaynah

    Come On Zarqa!!Pls just end this whole JJ and Rayyan thing!!! She should get w/ Amaar!

  17. I’m confused. I missed the wedding episode and now I’m seeing a rerun (I think) of a later show where Rayyan doesn’t seem to be married and there’s no talk about J.J.

    What happened? Was anyone heartbroken?

  18. Steve

    Was anyone heartbroken?

    Oh, yeah.

    It came at the end of season 3

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