Season 3 – Episode 15 – Preview

Episode  – “Colour Me Excited”

Synopsis: When JJ surprises Rayyan with the news that his parents bought them a palace in Dubai, the couple must determine where they’ll spend the rest of their lives.

Airing Monday February 16th 2009 !

Can you imagine getting a Palace? How will Rayyan react? What about Yassir and Sarah? Will Amaar have some advice?


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7 responses to “Season 3 – Episode 15 – Preview

  1. I doubt Rayyan would want to live in a palace. =/ Who would? So much to clean…. x_X

  2. Steve

    That is why you have servants .

    But one thing about palaces is that there is enough room for Yasir and Sarah if they want to move to Dubai.

  3. Agony

    Well obviously they won’t move because that would mean the show has to abandon all their usual filming ground(as well as all non Hamoudi characters)

    “Will Amaar have some advice?” Was there a time when he didn’t?

  4. Arbitrary. I can’t see her wanting a palace, and definitely not servants.

  5. M

    Rayyan will not want to live in a palace. It would mean leaving Mercy, it would also probably mean that she would stop working as a doctor (do you have to get a medical license to practice in Dubai?), which we all know she likes to do. Even if she had servants, she’d probably not like it (I personally think having servants would make it worse…it’s awkward having servants, I speak from personal experience living in India for a time with servants after growing up in America and doing everything independently). She will probably question how well J.J. knows/understands her as a result of this. Does he understand that she likes to work, that she likes her job? Does he understand that she likes to be independent? Etc.

    I think initially Rayaan’s parents might be excited about a “palace”. They’ll have fantasies about it, if they all get to live there. But then they might also think about leaving Mercy, and realize that their whole lives, and all their friends, are there.

    Amaar will definitely have an opinion, the question is whether he’ll voice it. He may want to, but he may feel conflicted since he (very obviously) has feelings for Rayaan, but also has to show some impartiality as the imam.

  6. If she goes to Dubai than there won’t be anymore LMOTP lol

  7. Episode 16 has been uploaded 🙂

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