Season 3 – Episode 14 – Preview

Episode  – “Raised Expectations”

Synopsis: When Amaar’s humble negotiations for a raise bear no fruit, Fred takes it upon himself to act as Amaar’s agent and shake down Baber – the Mosque treasurer – for all he’s worth.

Airing Monday February 9th 2009 !

An Imam asking for a raise? Why is Fred taking Amaar’s side? How will Fred and Baber’s interactions pan out?



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10 responses to “Season 3 – Episode 14 – Preview

  1. Agony

    Serious question: Who pays the Imam?

    A mosque doesn’t generate any income, people don’t pay regular subscription for being Moslem… so seriously, where does his money come from?

  2. Katherine

    They pay zakat (alms), I assume, but I don’t know if that’s what would cover the imam’s expenses. I’m not Muslim, so I’m just guessing. By all means, I invite someone more knowledgeable to correct me.

  3. Agony

    Doesn’t look like such a small community’s Zakat(2.5% of your money at most if I’m not mistaken) would cover the minimum wage…

    Although I suppose he also gets free housing there as well as other stuff.

  4. You also have to pay zakat on your jewelry.

    I never heard of an imam paying rent for living at the mosque.

    “Alms are for the poor, the needy, the employees who administer the funds, those whose hearts have been recently reconciled to the Truth, those in bondage, those in debt, in the cause of Allah, and the wayfarer, (thus it is) ordained by Allah, and Allah is most knowledgeable, most wise.” [Surah At-Tawbah (9:60)

    The imam is usually taking some part in administering the funds. But I’ve always known them to be getting an income from the public treasury.

  5. Aya

    Hmm… you’re right, where DOES he get the money? Wait… doesn’t Yaser pay him? Wasn’t Yaser the one who asked him to be imam at Mercy town in the first place? I think that was mentioned a few episodes back- actually, maybe a season ago, I’m not sure.
    But it’s definetly Yaser paying him.

  6. zainah

    so where is the episode?

  7. Ariana

    Zainah -give her some time ge’ez!! Show just ended half hour ago …wait till tomorrow

  8. Ariana

    It takes awhile to convert half hour show onto comp to YouTube . Be thankful she is at least doing it

  9. Episode 14 has been uploaded 🙂 enjoy all

  10. zainah

    I am thankful that someone is uploading these episodes, Ariana! You should have look at the date that I posted my comment before you attacked me.

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