Season 3 – Episode 12 – Double Troubles

Synopsis: When Nate enlists Amaar to go on a double “not-date” with him, Amaar’s confidence is shaken after finding the girl he didn’t really like, actually doesn’t like him.

In this episode, Amaar is tricked by Nate on going on a double-date. Even though he isn’t really into the dating scene, Amaar seems crushed when he sees his date with another person. Meanwhile, Yasir takes a job in the public office to speed up the processes from within. He gets in over his head and his solutions to dig himself out don’t work either. He gets swamped with too many issues and has a visit from someone who makes him an offer we has difficulty refusing. Rayyan has fun with Amaar’s dating experience only to realize that her own situation is complicated. Will Yasir make it a week at his new job? Will he accept or refuse the offer? Who will Amaar’s date be with? Will Rayyan have any advice for Amaar or will she only make jokes?

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

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What did you think of this episode? How does it compare to the previous episode? Are there any topics from the episode that you want to discuss?

  • Inspector & Contractor
  • Muslims Dating
  • Complicated Engagement


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21 responses to “Season 3 – Episode 12 – Double Troubles

  1. -gasp-

    My heart falters.


  2. M

    I don’t know exactly when this show jumped shark, but it’s jumped.

    I wouldn’t have such a problem with the dating storyline if Amar wasn’t the imam. I mean, seriously, what imam acts like him? The problem is that the cast is limited. What other twenty-something or thirty-something characters are there? Rayaan doesn’t count since she’s engaged. and obviously wouldn’t be going on dates.

    The sad thing is my favorite episodes are the Amar/Rayaan/J.J. triangle, but it’s so untrue to life. What used to be good about this show was that it poked fun gently at things that were true to life.

  3. Don

    “I wouldn’t have such a problem with the dating storyline if Amar wasn’t the imam. I mean, seriously, what imam acts like him?”
    –If Amar didn’t act that way, would the show be funny? Wouldn’t it be a different show?

    The problem is that the cast is limited. What other twenty-something or thirty-something characters are there? Rayaan doesn’t count since she’s engaged. and obviously wouldn’t be going on dates.”

    –Well, dagnabit, it’s cast in a small town. If rural Saskatchewan’s anything like..oh..rural Indiana, then the opportunities for meeting other twenty-somethings is pretty limited.
    (Not a lot going on – to borrow a line from the themesong of another show set in Saskatchewan.)
    –I think, we’ll also find out that Amar takes pity with Nate, and thinks he’s ministering to him…in an indirect way.

  4. Steve

    The bribe stuff is true to life but these days they aren’t that blunt.

    Instead of sacks of money you give them sports tickets, or stuff like that. You donate to the charity their wife runs (where she gets paid a large salary).

    Perhaps in a small town like Mercy they still do it Old School but most other places it’s just a little more sophisticated.

  5. inesa

    im sick and tired of rayyan and amaar beating around the bush! just dump JJ already and get married to amaar yeesh!!

  6. Ismail


    I think this show really needs to think over some stuff. Ammar shouldnt be that liberal. He is a freaking Imam. He needs to act like one. They also need to cut the Ammar/Rayyan thing, i feel awkward even watching it because they are getting too close.

  7. Ismail

    this show does need a bigger and better cast

  8. Agony

    Amaar is human too you guys know? He’s not perfect in any way and neither is Ryaan.

    I think our hated reporter managed to do a good thing for once(even though he did so unintentionally)

  9. Steve

    Amaar is indeed the religious leader of this community.

    He needs to start acting like it.

  10. “Yeah, not my style. No, he’s one of those guys who always wants you to have an opinion so you can discuss something.”


    Anyway I’va question. The way Amaar explained dating to Nate–chaperoned dates with the intention of marriage–is the way I’ve always been taught also, and I’m cool with it, but I can’t imagine how it would be executed without a general awkwardness when you’re actually asking the person. I mean, do you just walk up to someone and go, “Hi, I’ve decided that I might possibly want to marry you.” What would his/her reaction most likely be?

    It’s not that likely that you would know someone of the opposite sex well enough to just… do that–at least, not here. I mean, it seems easy on the show because it’s a small town and Amaar and Rayyan are constantly just bumping into each other and having real conversations and so it wouldn’t be weird or anything, but the only time that really happens is… never. How likely are you to keep meeting someone accidentally, because they happen to always go to the same cafe and park and whatever. I mean, even if it’s just around the mosque, not everyone has enough time to hang around inside the building after prayers and chat. Actually, I don’t think anyone sticks around once there’s free time, and if they do, they talk to members of their own sex…

    Or is this one of those strange mysteries of life that’ll just explain itself as I get older?

  11. Agony

    Over here the mosques are segregated. We have separate entrances for the men and women and instead of little mosque’s wooden barrier we have a real wall. I don’t know if it is like this everywhere, but some friends from other villages and countries confirmed that it is like this where they live too.

    So basically Nahida you gotta be very very VERY lucky to meet someone like that. The way stuff is done here goes like this:
    1. Man sees cute/interesting girl in the street or some other public place, they may or may not exchange a few words.
    2. Man asks friends/relatives about the girl to get some more information(which is never accurate)
    3. Man asks mother/father to talk to girl’s family and get their approval to start “dating” her(which usually is called an engagement here)
    4. Girl asks friends/relative for information about the man, which is also never accurate.
    5. They agree to get engaged(based solely on the stuff mentioned above)

    So you see, here telling someone you want to marry her after talking to her briefly once or twice(if at all) is actually the norm.

  12. Agony

    PS: I intentionally used “girl” and “man” because it is nothing unusual for a 40+ man to do that dance with a girl who is less than half his age.

  13. We don’t have real walls. We’re not supposed to have real walls. We’re not even “supposed” to have barriers. I oughta give them a piece of my mind …!

    -waits for anger to die out-

    Anyway, that’s still not like this community. We use wooden barriers, or in some places special glass walls where the women can see the men but the men can’t see the women.

  14. ariana

    the two mosque i have been
    both are two floor

    men are on the first floor/ main floor and woman are upstairs and one of them has a window so you can see downstairs/imam and one has a wall infront and you can hear imam through speakers..

  15. @ Nahida: What Agony said. In many Muslim communities, the parents act as a go-between for their adult children. Imams are also available for this type of service, and I have had one arrange several meetings for me either with the woman or the woman’s parents. Even if you didn’t meet your potential spouse this way or, as in my case, my parents lived in another country (and as non-Muslims, wouldn’t have had a clue as to how to behave if I had asked them to do something like this), there’s still the inevitable meeting with the parents (and this I did go through). And I suspect that type of meeting is pretty much the same regardless of the culture. 😉

  16. Aya

    I completely agree that Amaar as an imam shouldn’t have been stressing over whether that girl “liked” him or not. But then again…
    Besides, Amaar is human and he has his weaknesses like all of us do.
    Again, he is only a figment of the director’s imagination, and his faults are exaggerated to make something of an episode.
    As for me, I also really want this whole Rayyan-can’t-choose-between-JJ-and-Amaar-thing, too! So many episodes have been aimed at Amaar’s anguished feelings for Rayyan, and finally when he does Umra and he gets over her, SHE starts to have doubts about her relationship with JJ… even though JJ seems like the perfect guy for her. I personally think she will inevitably end up with Amaar in the end, I just hope JJ won’t be too heart-broken… what do you think will become of JJ? Any thoughts?

  17. Aya

    **I meant I DON’T want this whole Rayyan-can’t-choose-between-JJ-and-Amaar-thing! Sorry about that

  18. Samina

    I disagree with the whole Amaar needs to start acting like an Imam? What does that mean? What purpose is an Imam employed to fulfil?

    I think we need more Imams like Amaar.

  19. David

    Though I’m not Muslim, I am a religious person and I agree that Amar should have been more careful regarding the people he hangs out with. He just goes overboard with Nate.

  20. Gus

    Aya, I believe that JJ though being a nice person is going to be forced to restore his family honor and try to kill Amaar, Rayyan and Yasir when Rayyan refuses to marry him.

    Assuming he will fail he will be in jail.

    Either that or he will not be able to bring himself to kill them and then his family will have to disown him. Still he has some good skills so perhaps he will move to Canada and make his own way in the construction business. Of course he will be always having to look over his shoulder as his family will be always sending assassins against him. He would have to somehow hide his identity so they can’t find him.

  21. Aya

    Wow Gus, you really believe JJ would turn into an overnight murderer for ‘honor’? :S Hmm, maybe you’ve heard things in the media, but trust, it is not part of Arab culture nor Islamic at all to kill a girl because she decides she doesn’t want to marry you. Unfortunately, there are societies that are extremely conservative, who follow traditions more than Islam and who might kill a girl IF she had sex outside of marriage. It’s not right in Islam, but I’m just saying that is the only condition that a girl is “honor” killed. [Personally, I see no honor in murder… I’m sure you don’t, either.]
    JJ seems like the typical average easy-go Muslim… it doesn’t look like he’ll suddenly become a criminal behind bars.
    Then again, who says this show has to be realistic? I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt Gus, we’ll see what happens soon.

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