Season 3 – Episode 12 – Preview

Episode  – “Double Troubles”

Synopsis: Amaar is enlisted by a friend to go on a double date but finds his confidence somewhat shaken by the outcome.

Airing Monday January 19th 2009 !

Amaar on a double-date! Can you imagine any other Imam on a double-date? Is Amaar going too far or will this be another misunderstanding? How will Rayyan react if she finds out, will Amaar be able to explain?



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8 responses to “Season 3 – Episode 12 – Preview

  1. OR, in other words, has this show “jumped the shark”?

    I think it just might have.

  2. “How will Rayyan react if she finds out, will Amaar be able to explain?”

    Why is Rayyan involved?

  3. asiila

    nahida, they’re still trying to string us along with the unspoken love between rayyan and amaar. of COURSE, rayyan will be vexed if Amaar goes out with a woman. ….lol

    i really believe the wedding/marriage (or not) is the reward for putting up with the rest of the season’s episodes. but, they got to keep us reminded of that fact. i’m not sure they’ve even figured out if rayyan and amaar will get together afterall….

  4. lol yeah I know she might be upset but I thought it was peculiar the way the question was asked–why would Amaar need to explain anything to her?

  5. asiila

    ’cause Amaar is a dweeb, who is always so concerned about what others think about him as a religious leader…and he ESPECIALLY cares about what Rayyan thinks. Conversely, Rayyan is ESPECIALLY watching what he does. She is trying so hard to see Amaar as ‘less’ so she can fully justify marrying that wingnut, JJ.

    and that’s about enough of my psychomacology for the day. 😉

  6. Episode 12 has been uploaded 🙂 al 3 parts…

  7. asiila

    sigh…….ok, by the next two episodes will we have this Rayyan/Amaar quagmire settled???
    btw, how many episodes in Canadian TV anyway? aren’t we near the end???


  8. shahim

    i reckon Amaar will end up marrying rayyan…

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