Season 3 – Episode 10 – Baber is From Mars, Vegans Are From Vegus

Synopsis: Rayyan and Yasir both want to be on Sarah’s team in a charity marathon, which leaves Sarah with a difficult choice to make.

In this episode, Sarah needs to recruit a partner for the ‘Fun Run’; Rayyan and Yasir both turn her down but Amaar tries to get them to rethink the situation. Meanwhile, Amaar and the Reverend have their own team ready to take on anyone. Layla discovers the Vegan store and makes delicious treats with halal ingredients purchased from there. Baber is suspicious of the Vegans and does his own little investigation. It turns out that not all is as it seems. Will Baber and Layla continue shopping there? Will Sarah find a partner? Will Amaar and the Reverend dominate the race?

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

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After a long wait, I quite enjoyed this episode. What did you think of this episode? Are there any topics from the episode that you want to discuss?

  • Sports Hijab
  • Halal Ingredients
  • Vegans
  • Choosing between loved ones
  • Trusting Parents


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89 responses to “Season 3 – Episode 10 – Baber is From Mars, Vegans Are From Vegus

  1. Greg

    I loved the Vegan Nazi (Tree’s Dad).

    So, so on target about that type of person.

    He (and John Lennon) sure messed up Tree’s life. It is so sad. You wonder if there is any hope for Tree.

  2. Why is Baber laughing at the name “Tree” when Layla means “night”?


  3. Steve

    “We are not really into rationally analyzing stuff here either”.

    Great description of leftism/liberalism. Never have been about reason or logic but instead about feelings and emotion. As Baber pointed out, indeed it’s hypocritical at its core.

    It would have been great had Baber sued Vegan Nazi for human rights violations. You can’t just keep whoever you want out of your place of business. Not in Canada. Not anymore.

  4. Umm Yusuf

    Nahida – Layla doesnt only mean night. There are 2 Layla’s in Arabic, LAYLA and LAYLAH, one means night the other is an old Arabic name.

  5. Akan

    only the part 1 works 2 and 3 dnt work

  6. Yes but the name means “night beauty” or “born at night.”

  7. Susan

    Well, that’s a good name then.

    Tree on the other hand is just silly.

    Though it does describe his world view/spirituality.


    Here is the song that Dave posted that best reflects Tree’s philosophy. It is very sad he believes this way.

    Imagine: John Lennon.

    Imagine there’s no heaven
    It’s easy if you try
    No hell below us
    Above us only sky
    Imagine all the people
    Living for today…

    Imagine there’s no countries
    It isn’t hard to do
    Nothing to kill or die for
    And no religion too
    Imagine all the people
    Living life in peace…

    You may say I’m a dreamer
    But I’m not the only one
    I hope someday you’ll join us
    And the world will be as one

    Imagine no possessions
    I wonder if you can
    No need for greed or hunger
    A brotherhood of man
    Imagine all the people
    Sharing all the world…

    You may say I’m a dreamer
    But I’m not the only one
    I hope someday you’ll join us
    And the world will live as one

  8. Steve

    There is no doubt in my mind that Tree is going to hell.

    It is very sad because it’s like he didn’t have a chance considering who his father was.

  9. asiila

    cute episode…

  10. First of all, his name wasn’t just “Tree”–it was short for something else–and it was pretty equated with “night beauty.” Second, Steve who do you think you are deciding who can and can’t go to Hell?

    Everyone has a fair chance, no matter who their fathers were. You still have the ability to think for yourself. No excuses. Plenty of people question how they were raised. As a matter of fact, anyone with any common sense does. If you can’t stop and think it’s your own fault, not your father’s.

  11. Steve

    Tree’s philosophy is what is going to send him to hell.

    But you are right, in the end it is really his fault because regardless of the lies his father taught him Tree still has the ability to think for himself.

  12. Steve

    His full name is River Tree.

  13. Dale

    Not that it matters, but the John Lennon song Tree refers to in the episode is clearly “God” and not “Imagine.”

  14. Dave

    I said that his philosophy reminds me of “Imagine”.

    But here is “God”

    God is a Concept by which
    we measure our pain
    I’ll say it again
    God is a Concept by which
    we measure our pain
    I don’t believe in magic
    I don’t believe in I-ching
    I don’t believe in Bible
    I don’t believe in Tarot
    I don’t believe in Hitler
    I don’t believe in Jesus
    I don’t believe in Kennedy
    I don’t believe in Buddha
    I don’t believe in Mantra
    I don’t believe in Gita
    I don’t believe in Yoga
    I don’t believe in Kings
    I don’t believe in Elvis
    I don’t believe in Zimmerman
    I don’t believe in Beatles
    I just believe in me…and that reality

    The dream is over
    What can I say?
    the Dream is Over
    I was the Dreamweaver
    But now I’m reborn
    I was the Walrus
    But now I’m John
    and so dear friends
    you’ll just have to carry on
    The Dream is over


    Tree might have been referencing this song but “Imagine” is much better if you want to understand what he believes.

  15. Dale

    Ah. I see, Dave. You presume to understand what the character believes more than I, do you? Interesting. Please enlighten me as to how you came to this epiphany.

  16. Dale

    Also, I love that Steve believes Tree is going to hell. Hey, Steve, just for fun, how about publishing 9 or 10 rambling, homophobic, xenophobic comments in a row that make you sound vaguely unhinged and sociopathic?

    Ya know, just for a change. Oh, no, wait… you do that every week. Never mind.

  17. John Lennon was a freakin’ genius. His believes were unrealistic and would work in only a perfect world because he failed to see that it takes all kinds of people to make up a world, and if you take a away the things people fight over they’ll just find something else to fight over because that’s what makes us human, but at least he was withering in shallow judgmental hate like some of you. Stop attacking the Left and saying it’s about *feelings* and *emotions* and not logic–because quite frankly only the extreme Left looks at only feelings and emotions, and if we’re going to play the extremist game you can all shut up about the Left being a danger to Muslims (previous post) and explain to me how the extreme Right who wants to wipe every Muslim off the planet isn’t a danger to Muslims. This episode was attacking the extreme of the spectrum–just as it’s attacked the extreme Right before, you know, those people who think they’re God?–Tree’s just a kid, he naturally hasn’t reached moral development yet–as a matter of fact he’s probably still on the conventional stage, stop acting like you know what he believes better than he himself does!

  18. I love how non-Muslims think they know what’s best for Muslims–it’s as hilarious as those men who think they know what’s best for women.

  19. was withering in shallow judgmental hate like some of you.***


  20. Okay let’s try that a third time.

    I meant wasn’t***.

    Stop acting like you know people you don’t know. Just because you’re one-dimensional and hence completely predictable doesn’t mean everyone else is. John Lennon made music. Wiener yells at the top of his lungs about how we should all be burning the Mexican flag and kids with disabilities only want attention–he can’t win with reason so he wins with volume.

  21. Steve

    John Lennon was an atheist. Read the lyrics to “Imagine” again.

  22. Steve

    Nahida you just believe the lies the left tells you about Savage. He actually had a brother with disabilities. His words were taken out of context.

    Also, did you know that Sarah Palin never said that she could see Russia from her house? Tina Fey did when she was doing an impersonation of her.

    As for burning the Mexican flag. Why not? They disrespect our country when they just go about disobeying our laws.

    Listen to the show for about a week and then tell me what a bad guy Savage is. He is a lot more complicated then the Left would have you believe. And he always backs up his rants with facts.

    And as for “not winning with reason”. Well indeed we tried that way and it failed. So we will use volume we will use emotion, we will use whatever it takes to get America back. If it isn’t too late already. If we keep going the way we have been going we will see the total death of the West in our lifetime.

  23. Why are you telling me John Lennon was an atheist? I already know. What, am I supposed to suddenly *hate* him now?

    I have listened to Wiener. Do you think I’m stupid enough to take people’s word for it? When did I ever say that Sarah Palin said she could see Russia from her house? Even if she didn’t say it, “Russia” was her answer to every foreign policy question anyway, so it wasn’t very far off. And sure, lets lower ourselves down to that level, why not! Do you even *know* any Mexicans? I don’t know what state you live in but you’re probably not in CA, TX, NM, or AZ–it’s annoying when states who don’t even have to deal with this get involved in it. Maybe you ARE in TX… that might explain some things. They may be dodging some laws but they are by no means disrespectful in any way immense enough to earn the symbolic representation of their flag being burned. I think you’re the one who believes whatever you hear. Take America back from whom? What makes you think it was ever even yours? The very foundation of this country was hypocritical from the beginning, and it still is today–destroying as much as it possibly can for the sake of artificial boundaries. The extreme Right is stiff and hollow with materialism.

    Michael Savage is anything but complicated. He’s a hypocritical bastard–protecting the *traditions* he believes are the only right ones and denouncing everything else regardless of how much in common it has with his own, or even if it’s just as ludicrous–like Susan thinking “Night Beauty” is a good name and “River Tree” isn’t even when they wash off from the same tide.

  24. Steve

    You have to listen to him carefully. For he will say something in kind of a rant and then later clarify what he means.

    Like he has acknowledged that there are good Muslims out there who just hate the West because we are decandent. His problem is with the extreme ones who are trying to kill us.

  25. HR

    “Also, did you know that Sarah Palin never said that she could see Russia from her house? Tina Fey did when she was doing an impersonation of her.”

    Actually Steve,

    Sarah Palin was the one who made the comment about being able to see Russia from Alaska in her interview. Heres the clip:

  26. HR–

    Steve meant that she never said she could see Russia “from my house” (not “from Alaska”) which she never said.


    His only problem isn’t them. He’s got a bunch of issues and he’s just plain confused himself. He doesn’t even know what he’s saying half the time–like when he said Muslims who claim to know their religion don’t even know that the Arabic numerals replaced the Roman ones in English. How the heck does he know they don’t know? What Muslim told him this? It’s completely thick to say he only as a problem with extremist–he’s attacked the religion itself on countless occasions, not just certain followers.

    I understand his passion but there’s no stability behind it, and I will not emphasize with a grown man who throws whining fits like a little boy. And if you’re going to say that’s cold, be my guest–you’d invited yourself to hypocrisy long ago anyway by turning that same cold shoulder on passionate leftists.

  27. Agony

    Why is there a holy war going on every time I come to this place? Don’t you all get tired of this?

    The poems are beautiful. I’m not into communism(the ideas are certainly nice, but not the implementations,) and dare I say I wish more people would take that view on the world?

    It does only works in a perfect world, but aren’t we making this world more imperfect because we never actually demand that people try to be better than they are?

    Most of today’s youth think about two things only: Money and Sex, partying might be a third, not sure. Those people have been brought up thinking that they don’t need to do anything so they do the bare minimum to have fun.

    I feel kinda sorry for today’s people… when this generation has to take over governing itself we will be in trouble.

  28. I wasn’t suggesting that we shouldn’t demand for people to be better than they are–I was just saying that I don’t think Lennon was doing it the right way. I mean, his ideas aren’t plausible. If we got rid of everything he said we should disagreements are still bound to come up–probably even because now they’re gone…

  29. “I’m beginning to think that women should be denied the vote. Their hormones rage; they are too emotional.” -Michael Weiner, November 06, 1998

  30. Gary

    I have often wondered this myself.

    It is a fact that ever since women got the vote things have deteriorated in America.

    From an ethical standpoint I don’t think we can deny the vote to one half our adult population, but the way most women are mentally hardwired does make it more difficult for them to make good decisions when it comes to governing and elections and that type of thing.

  31. Gary

    Savage makes some very good statements doesn’t he.

    There is a problem with women voting. Now I don’t have a solution for that but it takes courage for him to bring this up.

    And besides he only said he is beginning to think that it would be a good idea. He hasn’t come to a final conclusion yet.

    And besides, the quote is probably taken out of context. Something the Left loves to do.

  32. Thanks for assuming I’m a liberal. The Left takes things out of context–so does the right, you disgusting hypocrite. Do you already know where, or do I have to waste pointing out every incident?

    Is your last name Naler?

    I’m going to assume it is, because if I find out a larger percentage of people are that moronic I’m going to lose faith in humanity.

    “Prohibition was actively supported by women’s temperance efforts, including the diligent work of Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony. In fact, Prohibition (the Eighteenth Amendment) and women’s suffrage (the Nineteenth Amendment) both came into effect the same year—1920. Companion Prohibition was the first real indicator of the results that would follow from the women’s rights movement. Instead of reducing problems associated with alcohol, Prohibition only increased them.”

    That was before women had the vote. What a moron. The temperance movement began with men, women simply jumped on board with active support. The 21st Amendment might’ve come around, but there was enough time in between to get the country off the alcohol. But I suppose you wanted everyone to sit around and for nothing to happen at all?

    “Also, no longer do we have the patriarchal government we were given by our forefathers when this nation was founded, but more and more it has become cursed matriarchy. And because the line of distinction between men and women has been erased, this has created a confusion of the sexes. Likewise, our courts have leveled a fatal attack on the family with a legal system that encourages divorce and penalizes the husband/father. Our government is now feminized to our detriment, and presently threatens to collapse our economy.”

    Confusion of the sexes? Only men are confused. They don’t have roles anymore because a woman can do everything. And of course, given the fact that men are babies, this makes them cry.

    From Cruel Hoax: “The gesture of a man opening a door for a woman illustrates how men and women relate. We all know that a woman can open a door herself. But when a man does it, he is affirming her femininity, beauty and charm. When she graciously accepts, she is validating his masculine power. This trade, a woman surrendering physical power in exchange for a man’s protection (i.e. love) is the essence of heterosexuality. In order to develop emotionally, men and women need this mutual validation as much as sex itself. Sex is an expression of this exclusive contract.

    Under the toxic influence of feminism, women open their own doors. Neither sexual identity is validated; neither sex matures emotionally. Men feel redundant and impotent; women feel rejected and unloved.”

    Doors. There are women being raped and he’s talking about opening doors. Feminism isn’t about opening your own door. I have bigger issues to deal with; the dickhead who wrote this was completely ignoring the sex trade, the lower wages women receive for the same work as men, the fact that studies have shown women have to work twice as hard as men to keep the same position, etc. And I love this sentence: “This trade, a woman surrendering physical power in exchange for a man’s protection (i.e. love)… is the essence of heterosexuality.” Do I even have to say anything to that? Surrendering physical power isn’t the cause of love–it’s the motivation of rapists.

    And since when did I need a guy to open the door for me to validate my sexual identity?

    Like I said, only men are confused. Go find yourself. I’m not giving up my God given freedom so that you have a false sense of importance.

    Increasing divorce rates are always blamed on women:

    “The black widow spider which devours her mate has spun her web and lives at his expense. Today, only half of America’s households are traditional two-parent families, and many of those are not even paternal. The divorce rate is now over 50 percent, out-of-wedlock births are nine times greater than what they were in 1950, and the marriage rate is half of what it was as recent as 1970. Because of women’s rights, the home is now a tragic disaster!”

    –there would have been just as many divorces back then with how bigoted men were, but I suppose these douches want their women to stay with them through things like domestic violence and rape. If a cursed matriarchy… then from a cursed patriarchy.

    He You didn’t even say because of the vote, but because of women’s rights.

    “…but the way most women are mentally hardwired does make it more difficult for them to make good decisions…”

    And here’s how men are hardwired:

    “Then the women got the vote, and everything went to hell. While our boys was overseas fighting the Kaiser the women got prohibition put in. Drinking and gambling and whoring were declared unlawful. All those things which come natural to men became crimes.” -Judge Roy Bean

    It’s so funny that men whine about how women are so judgmental and go after money and cars and good looks and when you bring up drinking and gambling and whoring… “But that’s what makes us men!”

    “Our government is now feminized to our detriment, and presently threatens to collapse our economy”

    I’m sorry, was a woman president when this happened? Why, I wasn’t the least bit aware!

    “The ill effects of feminism on society are breathtaking! Welfare has effected a direct attack on the black man. Suicide has dramatically increased among young men. Whereas in 1920 a young male was slightly more likely to commit suicide, since then those rates increased to a staggering six times greater likelihood. Conversely, high school graduation rates, especially for males, have dramatically fallen—to as low as 25 percent in some larger cities. And the college entrance ratio for males is at an all-time low, now less than that of women.”

    Because it’s a woman’s fault when a man refuses to learn to read. Of course.

    Why are men committing suicide? They oughta man up.

    “Welfare has affected a direct attack on the black man.” On the black man, because only black men are on welfare, and not black women, and it’s the women’s fault that “black men” make the decision to go on welfare.

    “One of the arguments of the women’s rights movement was that if women were allowed to enter into politics, war would cease; for women would not send their children into war. Obviously, there has been no reduction of war since 1920.”

    Women wouldn’t let their children go to war, and that’s why war would cease? I’d like a direct quote from the woman who said this. We have had more wars, and the last time I checked, they’ve all been initiated by men.

    Because men refuse to learn to read.

    I suppose with the loss of role identity, they need something to still feel important.

    Finally, I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but you posted on the site for The Little Mosque on the Prairie, a show about Muslims.

    And the right to vote was given to Muslim women by God.

    So if you’re going to say anything else sacreligious, don’t expect a response from me. You’re not worth any more of my time than the Danish cartoons.

  33. Season three wasn’t nearly as good as season two.

    But of all the episodes of Season three, this had to be the be the best of the season. Not of the whole series but of the season.

    I loved of Layla totally told off that “Tree” guy. And the father, what a hypocrite.

    Muslims need to understand that Tree and his Dad are their real enemy when it comes to living in Western Society.

  34. Steve

    Layla of course is the best character of the show.

  35. Steve will you back off your patronizing self? I think I bloody* know who my enemies are–and they’re on both sides: Tree’s dad’s a hypocrite and Gary’s just as shallow of an obnoxious moron.

    The extremes on both sides want to strip away these rights. Stop putting on a facade and acting like you know what’s good for whom.

    *I really wanted to cuss here but I couldn’t–so I figured it was okay if I went British.

  36. And stop bashing John Lennon. I love him ’cause he has beliefs he doesn’t *force* on people.

  37. And he makes music instead of pretending to cry on Faux News.

  38. AJ

    John Lennon is dead.

    He is had been dead since 1980.

    He was murdered.

    Not by a Muslim though. It all had to do with the novel “Catcher in the Rye.”

    I will not say it’s always the case but some times what goes around comes around.

  39. AJ

    You really thought he was still alive didn’t you, Nahida.

  40. Nahida

    I never thought he was alive retard. Scroll back up when he *first* came up and read it in the past tense.

  41. Nahida

    And in case you have the inability to find it because you seem to have the intelligence capacity of a miscarriage, I’ll link it for you.

    Can you read it, or shall I do that for you?

  42. AJ

    If it was some other Muslim I would chalk it to not fully understanding the English language.

    But I think higher of you than that.

    So, look at what you said about John Lennon in your most recent posts.

    “And stop bashing John Lennon. I love him ’cause he has beliefs he doesn’t *force* on people.”

    No, John Lennon doesn’t have beliefs. He is dead.

    He had beliefs when he was alive and through his antics he did push them on people.

    “And he makes music …”

    No, he doesn’t make music. Again he is dead.

    When he was alive, yeah, he made music.

    Anyone else and I would have let it go. Would have chalked it up to being a member of the English as a Second Language club. But you are a native born American.

    And (I had thought) quite educated.

    Wrong of course. But quite educated.

    Perhaps it was late when you posted. I can understand that. So, okay, I apologize for being too pedantic. But gosh, it sure sounded when I read it that you thought he was still alive.

  43. AJ

    You go to an American High School don’t you?


    Sure this just some causal blog where grammar and spelling mistakes are common and expected and really in the end no big deal but to make a tense mistake not once but twice?

    I am the last one to criticize and again perhaps you just quickly typed it and hit submit without reviewing what you had just typed. Yeah, I understand that. So perhaps I am indeed being too critical here. So, sorry. But still I thought it was much more likely that you mistakenly thought Lennon was alive rather then not once but twice making a tense grammar error.

  44. Steve

    She has in the past criticized others for their bad grammar.

    Sure they had it coming, but still a bit pedantic on her part.

    I didn’t comment originally on her mistake as I had thought that it was indeed just grammatical errors on her part but in the back of my mind I did wonder if perhaps I was mistaken and she didn’t know Lennon was dead. I thought she probably did though.

    But I don’t know for sure what the younger generations do or don’t know these days. Stuff we just take as common knowledge for our generation sometimes isn’t for them. I was once talking to a 13 year old and was shocked that she hadn’t a clue what Woodstock was. In one way it made me feel good because Woodstock was always over hyped and I had always felt the sooner it faded from the popular consciousness the better, but it did make me feel old that indeed it had actually finally faded away.

  45. AJ

    Since Nahida didn’t grow up during those times she doesn’t understand the damage that Lennon and the Hippies did to Western Society.

    We weren’t always so decadent as a society. Lennon is one of the major reasons we are seeing the death of the West. Yeah perhaps if it wasn’t him someone else would have been there to take his place, but the role he played symbolically at least resulted in the state we see Western Society in today.

    And, yeah Vegan Nazis are a bigger threat to Muslims living in the west than someone like Fred could ever hope to be.

  46. Nahida

    You all are absolutely charming.

    As far as I’m concerned, dead people *still* have beliefs. And how do *you* know he doesn’t still make music?

    The real verb in that first one was “force”–which is still a valid sentence in its present tense, because he’s not doing it even as he’s dead, especially as he’s dead.

    Gary, don’t bother. I’ve lost any possibility of giving you the least bit of a chance–and even Steve hasn’t managed to pull that yet.

  47. Mike

    You know you win an argument when the opposition starts criticizing your grammar instead of the actual argument.

    Just some food for thought.

  48. Steve

    And how do *you* know he doesn’t still make music?

    Burning in hell doesn’t give one much time to make music, Nahida.

  49. Steve


    Either he is in Hell, or perhaps indeed he was right.

    If he was right, then he is nowhere. He is nothing. He doesn’t exist anymore.

    In either case he isn’t making music anymore.

  50. Steve

    I am sorry to bring up the idea that there might not be an afterlife, but as I go along in life I haven’t found any evidence that there is.

    And just from what we know from science and all of that it seems more logical that there isn’t.

    It does seem like a fairytale we haven’t grown out of. After all, before you were born you were nowhere, so if there can be a time before your existence can there be a time after.

    That said, Lennon really did put himself in a no-win situation with the whole afterlife thing. He lived a life that if there is an afterlife surely he would be burning. Perhaps it is best to live like there is an afterlife and if there isn’t well you really haven’t lost anything.

  51. Steve

    Nadiha said.

    Why are men committing suicide? They oughta man up.

    But the reason they are committing suicide is because Western Society won’t allow them to man-up. If they were manned-up they wouldn’t be committing suicide.

    The feminizing of the West is one of the things leading to its destruction.

    We need Real Men. But with the confusion of the gender roles fewer and fewer of them are being produced.

    Steve Deace (not me but some other guy named Steve) talks about this issue as it relates to marriage if you want to hear him at this link.

    The State of Marriage in America and the lack of Male Role Models.

    You may mock men for them being adrift due to confused gender roles but it is a real serious problem here in the west. Getting back to this show, can you really call any of the males on it “real men”? It seems like another western comedy that reinforces the ridicule and denigration of the male gender. All the strong characters are women.

    Heck, I bet this show would even have the Imam be a female if not for the fact that it would be totally unreal for them to do so. So, instead they have an Imam who one could say doesn’t really “Man-up” especially when it comes to his interactions with Rayyan.

  52. Nahida

    Steve, quit butchering my name. Really, that’s the second time.

    And if they weren’t committing suicide, maybe they’d have time to man up.

    So what if you haven’t found evidence? Lack of evidence isn’t enough to say it doesn’t exist. I love my mother. I can’t prove I love my mother. That doesn’t mean I don’t love my mother. And while there may not be evidence (to you) that one exists, there is not enough evidence to prove that one doesn’t.

    And you don’t know where he is, so he very well could be making music.

    At least the men in the show aren’t crying over petty things that don’t matter like how they’re not allowed to be gambling or drinking or whoring, and they’re not committing suicide over the fact that “society doesn’t allow them” to be men. Reinforces the ridicule and denigration of the male gender? Give me a break! You want to see ridicule and denigration look at what most of the media does to women. And from the looks of all these whining little boys, we seem to take it much better.

    All the men in the show are whipped by women–Yasir by his wife, Baber by his daughter, Amaar by Rayyan, even Fred by Fatima despite the fact that nothing could possibly happen between them. And seeing how irritating they can be at times–Yasir’s obsession with money and his apparent laziness, Baber’s outright irrationality, Amaar’s hesitation in taking a stand, Fred’s ridiculous antics–they very well should be. The women keep them in line, and the show only portrays reality in that sense. If they went on with what they wished to do like “real men” without these women steering them the results would be disastrous like they were before.

    And I don’t see any more of a lack of real men being produced now than there was before–men still lie as often as they breathe and call women shallow whores for caring about things like money when they’re the ones who run after these “shallow whores” for shallow reasons because these “shallow whores” often happen to be drop-dead gorgeous. And you still can’t walk for five minutes without some douche calling out something degrading, as if he really truly expects you to jump into his car.

    They’re still the same.

  53. Mike

    Burning in hell doesn’t give one much time to make music, Nahida.

    I lol’d. How do you know he’s not in Satre’s hell? He would have all the time in the world to make music. I absolutely love the open-mindedness, he is either in Hell or he isn’t. For all we know he could have just reincarnated into something else, or he could be in Elysium.

  54. Mike

    And just from what we know from science and all of that it seems more logical that there isn’t.

    Lol, science is just as logical as religion is. It requires the ability to believe in ideas that may not be true (M-String Theory) and, until the recently proved, (E=MC^2). 😉

    Just some food for thought.

  55. Steve

    If there is an afterlife, Lennon is burning in Hell.

  56. Steve

    “And I don’t see any more of a lack of real men being produced now than there was before…”

    Before? You are a kid. What do you know of before?

    Yeah, there have always been bad men, but before there were also a lot of Real Men. Today there is fewer Real Men and more Whipped Men like Ammar, Yasir, Baber, and Fred.

  57. Steve

    Although perhaps next season they will turn Ammar into a real man.

    I loved how in the last episode of season three he told everyone there that he is the Imam.

    About Time! Way to Man-up or should I say Imam-up.

  58. Steve

    Things have gotten so bad in the West regarding gender roles that Christianity has responded with Promise Keepers.

    Now, like I said, that’s been the Christian response. Perhaps there can be an episode (just like that marriage counseling episode) where Ammar puts on an Muslim version of Promise Keepers. Of course if Amaar led it that really would be the blind leading the blind (though this is a comedy and perhaps that’s where the humor can come from).

    But we can sure see that there is a need for Real Men in Mercy. It is totally a female dominated society. Perhaps Fred could even stop in and pick up a few tips.

    Time for Mercy to Man-Up!

  59. Steve

    By the way Nahida, check out the video on the upper right hand side of the site mentioned above.

    It is really interesting what he has to say about the state of Manhood and the State of Womanhood in today’s society (yeah sorry about the “Christian perspective” stuff you must wade through there but still he makes a good point).

    Women have lost their perspective in Western Society. Finding a virtuous woman in our society is as rare as finding a real Man.

    At least in Mercy while they might not have Real men but they do have virtuous women.

  60. AJ

    While the women Muslims of Mercy are virtuous, the town is run by a slutty woman (Mayor Popowicz).

    Which is really true to the problem of the feminizing of the West which is one of the major reasons of its decline.

  61. Nahida

    What do I know of before? According to YOU before the feminizing of the West there were men who weren’t whipped (because apparently being whipped doesn’t make you a real man) and if THAT’S what real men were–arrogant, hypocritical airheads who believed it was the duty of their wives to obey their every word no matter how horribly these women were treated–obviously you and I have different definitions of “real men.”

    “Saving themselves for marriage…” I’m all for no sex before marriage–that’s how I live–but when a man says women should save themselves for marriage, what he really means is save themselves for him. There’ve been cases where a girl would be raped and she’s considered too damaged for marriage. Her worth isn’t far above rubies–it’s determined by her virginity. It’s the same damn thing.

    It reminds me of a man I met once who was for abortion under the pretense that he supported women’s rights–I overheard him later saying that the real reason was so he wouldn’t have to take care of the kid if he ever got a girl pregnant.

    Real men don’t open the door for you just so they can check out your derriere as you walk through it–they do it ’cause it’s a nice thing to do, and that’s why I’d imagine any of the men on this show would do it. They might seem to lack some self-esteem and even development, but compared to the jerks I’ve met, they’re alright as men.

    If women have lost their perspective it’s only to satisfy the same sick-minded men who believed women shouldn’t vote. They were alive back then and they’re still here now. And the women who think they’re fighting it are doing it the wrong way–they don’t see that sleeping around is exactly what these men want them to do.

    But that will be changed. And then it will be real feminism.

  62. Nahida

    While the women Muslims of Mercy are virtuous, the town is run by a slutty woman (Mayor Popowicz).

    Which is really true to the problem of the feminizing of the West which is one of the major reasons of its decline.

    AJ what the hell does the fact that there’s major who sucks at her job have to do with the feminizing of the West? She acts like a slut so she’s a feminist?

    This is exactly what I’m talking about.

  63. Nahida

    AJ–is the major a slut because she’s a woman with the morals of a man?

  64. Nahida


    Y and J aren’t even close on the keyboard…

  65. Jo

    Yes they are Nahida. You just went too far diagonally.


  66. Nahida

    LOL! Yeah, I did. xD

    How is the mayor a slut anyway?

    Honestly there’s *nothing* more infuriating…

    She’s no more of a slut than several are manwhores. But you never hear about *that* do you…

  67. Nahida

    I’m going to do this. =D

    You go to an American High School don’t you?

    No AJ. I don’t go to an American High School.

    I’m in college now, but I never went to an American High School.

    Does it make you feel sophisticated AJ?

    He’s calling random women sluts. Couldn’t resist.

  68. Nahida

    But before I graduated, I assure you I went to a decent American high school.

  69. Steve

    The mayor is a slut.

    That is how her character is portrayed.

    Which is quite accurate for the role she plays in the community.

    She’s my Mayor. The character on the show reminds me of my mayor in real life.

    People like her are one of the reasons for the death of the west. I am so glad that the writers have been portraying here so accurately.

  70. Steve

    her so accurately.

    And stop being a Grammar Nazi here. None of us here are without sin.

  71. Mike

    And stop being a Grammar Nazi here. None of us here are without sin.

    Weren’t you the one who started the attack on her grammar? Just an observation.

    Besides, she can do what she wants.

  72. Susan

    … Did you seriously just attack your own personal mayor? You know enough about your mayor’s love life to justify calling her a “slut”?

    Moreover, how is being a “slut” accurate for the role she plays in the community? Are all females in positions of power automatically considered “sluts”? Because that’s what it sounds like you’re implying, since the role she plays in the community is the leader. Is THAT why you think your own mayor’s a slut?

  73. Steve

    Women of her mentality are all sluts. It goes along with her world view.

    And a generation ago, her being a woman was enough to get her elected mayor.

    But Fatima is a woman as well.

    But she is also BLACK.

    and a Muslim.

    I mean that is the hat trick of the modern PC movement!

    Those who live by the sword die by it and I would love to see Fred out PC the she-mayor by running Fatima against her. I bet the mayor would lose a lot of her traditional supporters who voted for her back then just because she is a woman but now will vote for Fatima because they think it would be cool to have a black Muslim woman as mayor of their little hamlet.

    But what these libs won’t count on is that Fatima is a small business owner who has had to make a payroll. She will cut Mercy taxes and by doing so make Mercy a beacon for entrepreneurship. And she will be conservatively minded. So no more Mercy Street Fairs!

  74. Steve

    The Mayor’s Supporters would HAVE TO vote for Fatima. Because for them it is all about image and if they support a white against a black they would be afraid that they would be seen as racist.

    SO, the Mayor would have to try to reinvent herself to try to appeal to the “Joes” out there even though her career has been the exact opposite. Up to that point she has done everything she can to insult and attack such people. She hates the “Joes” and all of what she thinks they stand for. (and besides Joe himself lives technically outside of the city limits so he can’t vote).

    And of course that’s where the comedy will come in because she doesn’t really understand the “Joes”. She never has. So all her attempts at “being one of them” will come off as phony, condencending, and just plan insulting to them.

    Fatima wins in a landslide. She gets two votes (Sarah admits that she didn’t even vote for her after the Vegan Nazi (tree’s dad) admits that he voted against Fatima).

  75. Steve

    Doesn’t anyone here remember the episode with Mayor Popowicz and the bookstore?

    Part of her character has always been that the is slutty. And she likes to booze it up. Especially when it is on Mercy’s dime as it alway is when she goes on all the foreign trips.

    But for anyone who pays attention to local politics these trips are so, so true to life. You would think that for a town of that size there would be no justification for foreign travel but even towns the size of Mercy have what they call “Sister City” relationships which the politicians use to get free (or partly reimbursed) trips.

    Yeah, despite the obvious satire, this is my mayor. The way the show reflects her is so true to life that sometimes I wonder if they pattern the character after her. Which of course they don’t, because there is no way they would know my mayor in my town so it just shows that such mayors are typical in North America. After all South Park has a similar character as mayor in their cartoon. I doubt the creators of that cartoon knows my mayor but they, as well as LMOTP sure seem to have the type pegged.

  76. Steve

    I can just picture the Mayor at the cafe talking to Joe (Fatima is serving another customer though she is close enough that she could perhaps overhear the conversation).

    Mayor: What do you think of this mess, ole Joe?

    Joe: What mess?

    Mayor: Fatima, she is running against me after all I have done for those people?

    Joe: Those people?

    Mayor: (leaning over to whisper), em Muslims, of course. She’s Black too, if you haven’t noticed.

    Joe: Em Muslims?

    We can’t have that in this town can we, Joe. It’s bad enough them being around but think one of them lead this town. They need to be put in their place.

    (Fatima walks in their direction so Ms Popowicz backs away from Joe a bit).

    Mayor: Remember what I said. I am sure I can count you you Joe.

    Mayor leaves, Fatima walks over.

    Fatima: She was sure talking your ear off.

    Joe: I don’t actually live in the city limits of Mercy so I can’t vote in your election but as you probably know I own the land right next to the town. You get be the biggest campaign sign you can find and I will proudly display it! And since it’s right over the mercy city limits it doesn’t have to conform to the city sign laws. It can be as big as you want!

  77. Gary


    That is change I can believe in.

    And besides it will be interesting to see how she handles all the moral dilemmas she will be faced with such as the first time an opportunity for foreign travel comes up.

  78. Gary

    Fatima for Mayor.

    The She-Mayor has met her match!

  79. Gary

    After the mayor loses she gets really depressed and starts drinking (Yasir: She has always drunk heavily. Sarah: I know honey but this is different).

    Not knowing what to do she takes her to the Mosque. Surprising Ms Popowicz (guess we can’t call her the mayor anymore) takes to it.

    But then Sarah becomes suspicious. Has she really found renewed spirituality through Islam or as Sarah suspects is a conversion to Islam part of Ms Popowicz’s political comeback scheme?

    By the way, is there any “Little Mosque on the Prairie” Fan fiction sites on the web? This one seems to practically write itself.

  80. Steve

    A fan fiction site would be fun.

    I could write the episode where Amaar finds out that the woman he met in Toronto last year, who he told to go to Mumbai (though the show called it Bombay naughty them) against her parents wishes died in the terrorist attack there.

    Imagine, a piece of advice that Amaar just off his cuff gives sets a change of events in motion leading to her death. It shows that Imams (as well of course anyone with a position that supposedly gives them some kind of special authority such as a teacher, etc) have to be very careful before they just willy nilly tell people what to do.

  81. Steve

    “sets a change of events in motion”.

    I mean sets in motion a chain of events.

    I doubt if Amaar wasn’t an Imam she would have taken the advice of a man she just met once briefly.

    Amaar is young in his ministry (sorry for the use of a Christian term there. I don’t know the Islamic equvalent.) But he needs to understand that his position makes him “more than himself.”

    This is like the position doctors are in. You and I see a friend at a party or wherever and that person seems to not be feeling well, we might casually say something like “you don’t feel well”. “You should go home take some aspirin, make some hot soup and get some rest. And the person would take it for what’t it’s worth. But if a doctor makes the same offhanded comment then there could be liability involved there. So a doctor has to be very careful outside their practice not to casually give advice that could be taken to be of a medical nature.

    Similarly, a priest, or in Amaar’s case an Imam has to be very careful not to give advice that might be taken to me more than what it’s is. Most people could tell her, yeah go to Mumbai and she would just take that as casual advice and not put much weight on it. But for an Imam to say it, even like in this case Amaar not giving the issue much thought and not knowing the particular, could in her mind give it more weight than quite honestly in this case it was actually worth.

    I really don’t think Amaar gets that “he is the Imam”. I mean of course he knows on the surface level but he doesn’t understand the full implications and how being an Imam means that he has to behave in a certain manner.

    Perhaps this next season he will get that “he is the Imam”. He actually said it right before the marriage ceremony so I think perhaps he is beginning to understand.

  82. Steve

    I thought of a funny t-shirt for Amaar to wear.

    One with the following words.

    IMAM UP!

  83. Steve

    The sad thing is I don’t think she even really wanted to go.

    I reviewed that scene again where Amaar talks with her and she just seems like she was at a point of her life where she was without direction and was grasping at straws. She was trying to make conversation with a stranger and didn’t know what to talk about. It is true that she had some friends who went to to Mumbai and absent any thing in her own life it seemed kind of interesting, but if she really wanted to go she would have tried to be more persuasive when she had talked to her parents. She talked with her parents about the idea casually. They commented that it seemed too dangerous for a young girl to go so far off all by herself and she had dropped it.

    Until she casually mentions it to Amaar, perhaps as a way to try to seem like there was more going on in her life than there was.

    Her parents were right to be worried. A young girl all alone halfway across the world. And if one believes such things perhaps her mom or dad had a sense that it wasn’t going to end well if she went there. Regardless, to casually tell the young lady that she should ignore her parents feelings and go off on her own was very irresponsible on Amaar’s part.

    I thought that Islam taught to give the wishes of parents strong weight. Sure there are extreme examples of times when one might have to ignore the wishes of ones parents, but this wasn’t one of them.

    I probably should post this back in the episode it belongs. That would be the one where Amaar goes back to his parents in Toronto after Rayyan accepts JJ’s marriage proposal.

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