Season 3 – Episode 10 – Preview

Episode  – “Baber is From Mars, Vegans Are From Vegus”

Synopsis: Rayyan and Yasir both want to be on Sarah’s team in a charity marathon, which leaves Sarah with a difficult choice to make.

Airing Monday January 5th 2009 !

Unfortunately it will be a long wait before the next new episode but we certainly hope that it will be well worth the wait !



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  1. Ariana

    Aww man it’s like a month!! I guess CBC is showing holiday shows//movies? Will find out tonight…

  2. P. S. The title would be funny if it were “Vegans are from Vegas.”


  3. Agony

    So does Baber marry a conservative Vagan that torments Leilah but eventually runs away when she hears about the Adha feast?:D

    Happy feast everybody by the way(I know I’m late)

  4. haha I’m a vegetarian except on Adha. xD

  5. Agony


    There is one thing I never understood about vegetarians: If it’s against killing living things and stuff then what about the plants? Most of the “fresh” fruit and veggies we eat are technically still alive when we eat them. At least meat is fully dead when it is served….

  6. I do value plants as living things, but they don’t have a central nervous system, so they don’t feel pain. Unless they feel it a different way, which is always a possibility. I mean, I’m sure they don’t *like* to be killed and eaten. But plants also have the ability to regrow the parts they lost (unless you take the roots) and the message to regrow the parts is sent throughout the plant by a chemical release, but not processed through neurons or anything that can carries the message of “pain” like when humans and animals heal.

    And some of the pain–if they feel any–would be normal and necessary, like fruit. Fruit were meant to be take off the plant so that the seeds can spread and produce new ones. I guess, like pregnancy in humans and animals. A sort of pain for a good cause, perhaps.

  7. Kal

    The truth is that be it plants or animals one still has to kill to exist. Either personally or have someone do it on your behalf (such as a farmer).

    So we are all killers. The question only is what and who would you kill for.

    I would kill for my country.

  8. Sure plants have a right to live. Plants are a creation of God just like me, and reflect His beauty and attributes. However, I have to kill to live, I would just rather do it minimally and in the least painful/destructive way possible. Thus-Vegetarian.

  9. Kal

    We all have to kill to live.

    That is just one of life’s ironies.

    Either you do it personally or have it done on your behalf.

    That is why it is so important to know who you are. That is why it is so important to know whose side you are on.

  10. Agony

    Nice explenation:) If I didn’t like meat so much I’d be turning vagan right now.

    So how about if I promise you that the meat before you was killed in a way that had the animal not feel any pain, I severed it’s nervous system or something… Would you eat it?

    We humans really are killers… Wouldn’t it be nice if all we needed were water, sunlight and soil to produce our food? Someone needs to build a machine to do that(Agony is running to the patent office right now!)

  11. Gary

    Can’t get past this basic fact.

    That is why we need to be so concerned about Naturalized Citizens. Actually I think Naturalized citizenship is a concept that really should be in the past.

    Loyalty is extremely important. And knowing whose side you are on is key.

    After all for Naturalized citizens to become naturalized citizens they have to betray the nation of their birth, and who would trust someone who would do something like that.

  12. Wouldn’t the process of severing the nervous system cause pain?

    It’d be nice if we could produce food with sunlight water and soil. =D But what would we do in the winter? x_x The machine needs a built-in sunlight saver thingymachinger.

  13. Agony

    Don’t worry Nahida, we can generate electricity which can do way more than provide just light: it provides(more or less) raw energy. Don’t tell me you lazy americans don’t have electricity in the winter either.

    When someone is sentenced to death they give him three shots, the first which makes him not feel pain, the second starts to twist your lungs and the third makes them explode(or so I heard, for more info wikipedia: Lethal Injection), so it’s a painless death because your nervous system is drugged(theoretically, it’s a little bit hard to actually try this)

    Then again I think that if I had been sentenced to death I’d want to feel it, not be drugged into oblivion(see my nickname)


    Doesn’t Islam explicitly state that a citizen’s loyalty is to the islamic community and not to his country? At least that’s what it says here: Wikipedia: Patrionism “Muslims are sometimes seen as owing loyalty to the Islamic community (ummah) rather than to the nation.”

  14. I wouldn’t be surprised if we didn’t have electricity in the winter. xD Everyone here is fat. LOL jk. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area–we tend to be thinner… which is ironic because we also have the second highest rate of teen pregnancies. Texas beat us on that one.

    I think it’s absolutely foolish to be loyal to a nation solely because it’s the nation of your birth. Has everyone forgotten that the founding fathers themselves dictated that a people has the right to refute a corrupt government? Technically, THEY were betraying the country of their births. As a matter of fact, I think it’s foolish to be loyal to a nation, period. Ideals that a nation represents are more important than its man-made boundaries. Not the country itself, because a country is only as good as it is true to its foundation and the morals it evolves. And if America does not remain loyal to its own ideals, it is no longer the “America” to which I vowed my loyalty for as long as this country represents these ideals, I will remain loyal to the ideals to which I vowed, and if my country no longer does I have not betrayed my country–my country has betrayed me. America is only America when America is what America claims to be. And there have been countless times in history when America wasn’t “America.”

  15. Larry

    “Doesn’t Islam explicitly state that a citizen’s loyalty is to the Islamic community and not to his country?”

    This is why we can’t trust Muslims.

  16. Gary

    Obviously, ones support of a revolution or separatist movement would be in line with ones support of their goals.

    Our founders were indeed traitors. They betrayed the British Crown. But they held their allegiance to their local community and believed that their community would be better off if it wasn’t connected with the British. Many disagreed with them and that is why the History Channel called a program they did about the Revolutionary War “America’s First Civil War”.

    Again ones support of such an Revolution would be dependent upon their goals. I am still a son of the Revolution, its ideals, and what it eventually founded. And would fight against anyone who would revolt on behalf of opposite goals, say like socialism or to develop an Islamic state with Sharia law and all of that.

    At least when the traitor is part of an separatist or revolutionary movement you might say they are doing it on the behalf of their people, or at least they think they are. Far worse is the traitor who betrays on the behalf of a foreign country. There no argument can be made that what they are doing is ultimately good for the country they are a citizen of. It is just betrayal.

  17. Any Islamic state not following the Sharia law is not an Islamic state.

    You don’t even know what the Sharia is. Do you really honestly think it’s what you see on TV? That whoever just happens to be in power by force can take violent actions by following half the rules in the Quran and ignoring the rest, depending on whichever sides with their own greed? That it actually allows for men to attack women if any part of them is uncovered, that a family has the right to kill their daughter if she were raped? That it’s okay to encourage your son to kill himself in an attack on the offensive end on a different religion and culture?

    That would make things SO much easier wouldn’t it! Just wipe out the entire thing with the assumption that it’s the law that’s corrupt, and not the dunderheads that make any rule they can to get their way–even things which are in violation of the Quran in WAYS which are in violation of the Quran–and call it the Sharia.


    How Roman of you!

  18. Larry

    Why thank you Nahida.

    It is obvious that one can’t trust Muslims if their religion mandates that they put the interest of Muslim states ahead of America’s interests.

    I feel the same way about the Jews and Israel.

    And as for Sharia law it is unconstitutional. To get Sharia law in America you would have to overthrow our constitution.

  19. Ironically enough Larry, to put one state’s interests ahead of another’s based solely on religion can become oppressive, which would be against Islam.

    “And as for Sharia law it is unconstitutional. To get Sharia law in America you would have to overthrow our constitution.”

    Way to state the obvious. Whoever suggested getting Sharia law in America? Stop imagining conversations.

  20. Agony

    Calm down guys calm down. Can’t one talk about religion without starting some kind of furious argument?

    “I think it’s absolutely foolish to be loyal to a nation solely because it’s the nation of your birth. […] Technically, THEY[the founding fathers] were betraying the country of their births.”

    I think the issue here is more with radical Moslems living in foreign countries but wishing for their fall. In my opinion they would be helping much more if they went to a place like Saudi Arabia and improved life(or islam) there.

    “Ironically enough Larry, to put one state’s interests ahead of another’s based solely on religion can become oppressive, which would be against Islam.”
    You still see a good deal of moslems(at least here) actually celebrating the 11th September. I can only assume that some do the same in Europe and the USA. I’m a bit torn as to whether or not this is islamic though. Can I have your opinion on the matter?

    About Sheria law, what I know is that a thief gets his hand cut off. So anybody who steals twice has a really nice chance to die because he can’t work. I know that if someone has sex outside of marriage(and there are witnesses) one can get whipped 100 times or stoned if he’s married. I know that a man is allowed to hit his wife(with a stick that is no thicker than his thumb as the Haidith specifies, but with the nimble stick that still hurts like hell.) I know that a man is allowed 4 wives *and* to sleep with his slaves(thank god there are none left.) I know that a male witness equals two female witnesses. Those come straight from the Quran so you’ll hopefully understand if I say that I don’t think Sharia Law is appropriate for today’s age. Just imagine those teenage pregnant girls getting 100 whips…

    My apologies if my post sounds critical, this was not my intention. What I did intend was to open a conversation about these topics, but perhaps I was mistaken to do so on a public website…


    Could you please stop the tongue in the cheek comments on why muslims can’t be trusted? If you want to start a flamewar there are better places for this.

  21. Larry

    But if the American Muslims put loyalty towards Muslim Countries before that of America because that is what their religion says, then they can’t be trusted.

  22. “You still see a good deal of moslems(at least here) actually celebrating the 11th September. I can only assume that some do the same in Europe and the USA. I’m a bit torn as to whether or not this is islamic though. Can I have your opinion on the matter?”

    Agony, I’ve never heard of anyone doing that in the US. I find it completely outrageous. Celebrating the death of hundreds of innocent people is absolutely repulsive.

    Actually, a thief doesn’t have his hand cut off immediately upon stealing. It depends on what kind of theft it was. The right hand is removed only in certain circumstances. My mother had described each of these before and named them but I’ve forgotten. I’ll get back to you.

    It’s against Islam to whip a pregnant woman… That one, I’m pretty sure, doesn’t come from the Qur’an.

    Women can be extremely protective. I’m not saying that men don’t gossip or go to every extreme they can to pull each other down… but most of my friends who seem to absolutely adore conspiracies are girls. The backfire of the feminist movement was that you suddenly have girls going to the next extreme and wearing extremely revealing clothes. (I saw a video on youtube of a girl who was claiming that women were not equal to men in Islam and proving that unlike them she was “free”–and the whole time the camera was aimed at her breasts. I was like, Do you have ANY idea about the number of guys who are watching this video and NOT listening to what you’re saying?) No misogynistic man is more misogynistic than a misogynistic woman who doesn’t even KNOW she’s misogynistic. I’m a feminist myself and this is the one thing that absolutely breaks my heart–all these girls who think they’ve been liberating and are serving men exactly what they want on a silver plate. Two women are called to court to assure that one woman’s perception isn’t as inaccurate as this. This isn’t all women–I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t give an inaccurate answer–but watching music videos where male singers wipe credit cards down *cough* female body parts belonging to women who take it WILLINGLY and–well, you know what the media’s like; look at all the girls who are anorexic compared to guys…

    That Hadith you’re referring to is invalid. As for men allowing to beat their wives written in the Quran–it isn’t allowed. It’s actually due to an very wide mistranslation. The Arabic word used in the verse that “allows” this can also mean “drop it”–which would mean LEAVE your wife is she leaves Islam. A conjugation of the same word is used in another verse telling men to go abroad–a literal translation like the one done with the first verse I mentioned would read as “Beat the world” which obviously makes no sense. That verse is talking about “going abroad” or “leaving” to see the world.

    There are also components in the Sharia which are dated, much to the shock of many Muslims who think they know they Sharia and don’t. Polygamy is only allowed in the following conditions:
    1. There was an incredible amount of people who were living in poverty. Polygamy was used to relieve them of this. We still have an unbelievable amount of world hunger, but it’s not as bad as it was. There are more ways of earning money than inheriting it from your parents–orphans don’t need to be saved from starvation.
    2. # 1 can only be done if #3 is valid.
    3. The man must be able to treat every wife equally.
    4. A woman cannot be forced into marriage or to stay in marriage. When the Prophet’s daughter came to him and told him her husband wanted a second wife, the Prophet told him not to marry again, because it would displease his daughter. This provides that a man cannot marry again if his wife won’t allow it.
    5. Especially in modern days, #3 and #4 is pretty much impossible, and #1 is pretty much unnecessary.

    Conclusion: Polygamy is no longer allowed.

    A slave in Islam can not be beaten. You’ll find many hadiths saying that if a man whips his slave the slave must be set free at once–and paid. A slave can also easily be freed by simply declaring that he’s decided to convert to Islam–he would then also be paid so that he has some grounds to actually live. (All you need is his word–sounds to me like you could totally lie about it…) Slaves are to eat at the table with everyone else. Slaves are mentioned in the Quran not because they were ultimately allowed but because slavery EXISTED–prisoners of war who’ve lost and can no longer financially sustain themselves, poor orphans who needed people to take care of them at that time, etc.–and was a real-life issue that the current government at the time did not address. The Quran allowed its followers to free all their slaves over time.

    Islam is what ended slavery, not what started it.

    I don’t know if I missed anything. Let me know. =)

  23. Larry–

    Islam teaches to “follow the law of the land in which you live”–that in in quotations because my imam said it. I’m pretty sure that “If the law says no treason–then no treason” is an accurate following conclusion for people who have the least bit of common sense.

    Stop acting like you know these things and can come to valid conclusions. You have no idea with what a wide scope you’re dealing, or how many years it takes even a MUSLIM person to study and become a scholar reliable enough for making such statements.

  24. Rebecca

    Nahida–can you share your message with more people? (I’m not Muslim, but your interpretation seems to be the same as the impression I get of modern Islam from Muslim friends.) Thanks.

  25. Rebecca–I try to when the need calls. =) I’m planning on joining lecture organizations and stuff in early June 2009 (that’s when I graduate high school) or maybe as early as the first week of March if it’s possible (that’s when I turn 18.) It’s not really “modern Islam”–I mean, I guess you can think of it like that, but to me measurements of time indicate change, and I don’t feel like it’s a change in interpretation because what’s dated has always been dated due to the very conditions by which they’re set in the Quran.

  26. Kevin

    Better be careful Nahida or the “real” Muslims might kill you (well they see themselves as the ‘real’ Muslims).

  27. Agony

    Well Nahida, I don’t know your sources exactly, and I don’t know if you read arabic. I don’t know if what you are explaining is taken from the quran/hadith or if it’s something a friend of a friend of a brother interpreted. On these grounds you will excuse me if I consider the stuff you mentioned to be(mostly) interpretations and not the words of the quran itself.

    A quick example would be about hitting women and “leaving for the world” The ayah is Ayah 34 in Surat Al-Nisaa, it says “الرِّجَالُ قَوَّامُونَ عَلَى النِّسَاءِ بِمَا فَضَّلَ اللَّهُ بَعْضَهُمْ عَلَى بَعْضٍ وَبِمَا أَنْفَقُوا مِنْ أَمْوَالِهِمْ فَالصَّالِحَاتُ قَانِتَاتٌ حَافِظَاتٌ لِلْغَيْبِ بِمَا حَفِظَ اللَّهُ وَاللَّاتِي تَخَافُونَ نُشُوزَهُنَّ فَعِظُوهُنَّ وَاهْجُرُوهُنَّ فِي الْمَضَاجِعِ وَاضْرِبُوهُنَّ فَإِنْ أَطَعْنَكُمْ فَلا تَبْغُوا عَلَيْهِنَّ سَبِيلاً إِنَّ اللَّهَ كَانَ عَلِيّاً كَبِيراً” which – to me at least – translates as “men are responsible for women by what advantage god has given them over them and by what money they payed, the good ones are satisfied by what god gave them, and the ones you fear that they will (abandon, betray, not obey) advise them and abandon them in the beds(sleep apart, no sex) and hit them if they then obey you do not harm them god is great and all knowing.

    I’m translating this in a bus, it’s not the best translation, but it is reasonably accurate. I do not see “hit the world” or “leave for the world” anywhere in here. Would be nice if you could point me the right way.

    “It’s against Islam to whip a pregnant woman… That one, I’m pretty sure, doesn’t come from the Qur’an.” You’re dodging the question. The punishment for adultery before marriage is whipping, after marriage it’s stoning. If whipping her while she’s pregnant is forbidden, how about after she gives birth? They are still underage girls!

    PS: Wanna move the conversation somewhere more private? The provocation comments are starting to annoy me.

  28. Agony, I do read Arabic. =) Both my brothers are younger than me, and the only friend I really ever had deeply discussed Islam (and everything on the surface of the universe) with–I don’t speak to him anymore. Long story short… jealousy spreads undesirable rumors.

    The “going abroad” verse I was referring to is 14:94. I didn’t mean world as in actual, physical world (sorry if that was why you couldn’t find it–there is a reason I used to word world in the first place) but a reference to education through investigation (The Prophet had advised everyone to travel to China if they had to for a good education.) The word used there is (excuse me for typing in English I have no idea how people type in Arabic on this thing–do you guys have different keyboards?–I can do it on a word document but not online.) darabtum which is derived from idrib the conjugated version of daraba which means “to hit” or “to strike.” In this context it means neither, unless it’s like “strike up some education” or something. What’s used in Ayah 34 of An-Niisa is idribu hunna also derived from idrib/daraba. This word is used throughout the Quran–sometimes in the physical sense of actual striking or in the verbal sense of pulling up an example or a rebuttal, which I consider the case here–“admonish them, separate yourselves from them”–especially since the verb is not conjugated to be directed as an order to the husband but to a whole community.

    There are also several hadiths (since you used a hadith as an example before) that regard a husband beating his wife as repulsive and support this interpretation such as:

    “How does anyone of you beat his wife as he beats the stallion camel and then embrace (sleep with) her? –Al-Bukhari


    “I went to the Prophet of God (peace be upon him) and asked him: What do you say (command) about our wives? He replied: Give them food what you have for yourself, and clothe them by which you clothe yourself, and do not beat them, and do not revile them.”– Sunan Abu-Dawud

    I was dodging the question. Well I was–but not intentionally. If it’s the underaged part we’re worried about–the legal age in most countries is 18, and that’s a blind shot. Europe, I think, did it first, and everyone seemed to follow suite. If we really wanted to nail it biologically, the legal age would be around 25–which, oddly enough, is the age you have to be to rent a truck in the US. Of course, that would be ridiculous. I was ready to vote when I was 14. (And I’m not really sure why you have to be that old to rent a truck but…whatever.) In Islam, girls and boys don’t even begin to sin until they reach puberty and become “women” and “men.” If a girl gets pregnant before 14, she probably was raped, and the whipping is out of question. If she wants, she can have an abortion before 120 days (a soul is placed in the fetus on day 121.) After 15, not only can she not be whipped during the nine-month pregnancy, but she can’t be whipped until after she ends her breast-feeding period. By then, she’s not quite “underaged” even by today’s standards. She’s probably 18. She may be 17, but even 17 year olds can be tried as adults for crimes.

  29. I’d be glad to move somewhere more private. =) I’m not sure how we can though. I mean, how can I give you my e-mail without posting it for everyone? xD

  30. Oh yeah, I wanted to mention this but I forgot. Just remembered–there’s no actual time given for when the whipping should take place, except for the not in pregnancy or breast-feeding thing.

  31. Stealth Jihad

    Are Islamists using American freedom to infiltrate America?

    Listen by clicking my name.

    The Vice President Elect has predicted “Something Big” between January 20th and June 20th is going to happen.

  32. Agony

    Steve, same way americans use their “freedom of speach” on the internet to infiltrate the thoughts of the islamic countries’ population.

    See? You can actually use any of those stupid things both way. If you want my opinion Europe and American have become to leftist that they need a good kick in the ass to stand up for what they believe in(holocaust not taught in germany? Intelligent Design belongs to the biology class in kansas? Oh. My. Allah!)

    So how about stopping your agenda? I do not see what you are trying to achieve… moderate moslems(Nahida for example) are offended, extremists/fundamentalists don’t even read your stuff.
    A piece of advise: You catch more listeners with Honey than with hate speech.


    Send your address to, this is my spam email(yes spammers, you are welcome.) I’ll reply from my real address after that.

  33. Meh, he doesn’t really get to me, I think I’ve become immune to it.

    Agony, Steve is on the Right… Intelligent Design is taught in biology class is the work of the Right–not the Left *coughPalincough*. Don’t know about the Holocaust not taught in Germany. o.O I didn’t even know that. Wow. That’s just…wrong.

  34. Agony

    Left, Right… they each divide into too many groups, some lefties are just “we must accommodate to anything immigrants need.” which is what I hate about them, the right is bolder, but in the USA where 70% of the population is religious you gotta expect Intelligent Design to pop up in schools…

    How long before they start teaching Intelligent Falling( ) in physics?:D

  35. Maybe he thinks extremists have time to read his posts in fascination. LOL

    Steve, as evil as I’m sure you may fancy yourself to be, I’m sorry but it’s just not enough…

    Agony I emailed you. =)

  36. Kim

    “Little Mosque on the Prairie” has grown on me and it is becoming a real comedy instead of some political statement on the part of the CBC.

    It still bothers me that the Muslims got this show because of 9-11. Why for example don’t Hindus have their own show in Canada? Well it’s because they weren’t the ones who crashed planes into buildings. It’s almost like terrorism is being rewarded.

    But again, “Little Mosque on the Prairie” at least this season has actually become a comedy instead of trying to be “something larger”.

    By the way, I doubt an American version of this show would last long. First there is different demands in American television than in Canada as American television is much more dependent on ratings.

    Also what makes this show work is the characters and the actors who portray them and not the premise. And to get a bunch of actors and characters whose chemistry work together is always hit and miss and it is lucky when as in this show it comes about.

  37. Kim

    Why don’t Mormons get their own show in Canada?

    It is because there is no such thing as a Mormon terrorist. At least anymore as indeed they were responsible for a massacre in the 19th century.

  38. Here is an interesting commentary on the show.

    Click on my name for easy access.

    Here’s an excerpt from the commentary.

    The most striking thing about the show is its name, which it clearly borrows from Laura Ingalls’ book and the 1970s show. Less subtle, but equally significant, is the credit logo that is the exact replica of the 70s series. Is it that Muslim designers and producers are so bereft of imagination that they have to “borrow” from the original? The answer is more complex than that.

    Just like the “Muslim Lite” sitcom version the producers settled on, the agenda of Little Mosque on the Prairie is to introduce, as unobtrusively as possible, the Muslim presence to the Canadian public. By borrowing well-recognized and often beloved Canadian symbols to advance their show, Muslims can be portrayed as being just like any other Canadian — in fact they are now the new pioneers of the vast, empty prairies, building their societies like Laura and her family had done.

    Except that this group actually landed in a well-established prairie small town, and not in the depths of farm country. A small town replete with coffee shops and gas stations, and houses furnished with electric heating and lights, and garages for multiple cars. Whatever this Muslim community has acquired rests on the laurels of the previous non-Muslim residents, who had already built and maintained the town. Including the mosque which, for now, is a rented activities hall from an Anglican church.

    Throughout the episodes, subtle and persistent prods are made at the dominant culture and traditions. In an episode on a discussion for a New Year’s Eve party, Amaar, the unconventional Imam (he’s young, has no beard and speaks with a clear Canadian accent, unlike those “terrorist” Imams) says “New Year’s Eve isn’t really a big Islamic holiday”, and “Actually, in the Islamic calendar there is no last day of December”. His invitee responds, “There you go, it will be like [the New Year’s Eve party] never happened” to accommodate Amaar’s tacit disapproval of the holiday. So much for the very Canadian sounding Amaar. In his telling classification, holidays are either part of Islam or not. Muslims’ celebrations are so intricately linked with their religion, that even non-religious, secular holidays such as New Year’s are not acceptable.

    Such anti-Western remarks are peppered throughout the program. And despite their jovial, light-hearted air, the jokes are ultimately on the whites and non-Muslims of the community. Many sitcoms such as The George Lopez Show, Everybody hates Chris and even Everybody loves Raymond have an anti-establishment feel to them. But Little Mosque on the Prairie is different. The point of the show seems to be to take over the society entirely – not just to complain about it. To supersede Canadian culture with Islamic or Arabic language, holidays and cultural behavior.

  39. Kim

    Quite an interesting article. Definitely an important read.

    But again, I do see the show actually becoming a real situation comedy instead of a cause célèbre as it was the first couple of seasons.

    It is becoming less a show about Muslims and instead it is becoming a show about people who happen to be Muslim.

    I believe the characters are really emerging to become what’s important about the show instead of the premise. Perhaps this is being done despite the intentions of the writers but nonetheless it has become a better show for it.

  40. Former Hamas member says Islam causes Terrorism.

    Check it out by clicking my name.

  41. ariana

    LMOTP is back tonight on CBC! : )

  42. Dave


    What a show!

    As it stands right now (though the season is only half over) this was the most profound episode all season.

    I have always said that there was something wrong with this unholy alliance between Western Muslims and Leftists/Liberals.

    I always believed that in the end the biggest threat to the Western Muslims weren’t the “Fred’s” or the “Joe’s” out there but people like Tree and his moonbeam dad.

    I loved how the show portrayed the dad all hypocritical and judgmental. That is in essence what they are.

    It is tragic that so many Muslims voted for Obama which only helps (in the US) the Tree’s and Moonbeam dad’s out there as they continue to twist and pervert society.

    Perhaps Strong Christians and Muslims will never be able to unite because of the whole “we both think our religion is the only right one” problem but it is so tragic because they really do have so much in common. And they have a common enemy that will destroy them both!

    Oh, here is the song that sums up Tree’s philosophy. Layla’s right. How limiting. How so, so sad. No wonder we are seeing the Death of the West come upon us so quickly.

    Imagine by John Lennon.

    Imagine there’s no heaven
    It’s easy if you try
    No hell below us
    Above us only sky
    Imagine all the people
    Living for today…

    Imagine there’s no countries
    It isn’t hard to do
    Nothing to kill or die for
    And no religion too
    Imagine all the people
    Living life in peace…

    You may say I’m a dreamer
    But I’m not the only one
    I hope someday you’ll join us
    And the world will be as one

    Imagine no possessions
    I wonder if you can
    No need for greed or hunger
    A brotherhood of man
    Imagine all the people
    Sharing all the world…

    You may say I’m a dreamer
    But I’m not the only one
    I hope someday you’ll join us
    And the world will live as one

  43. Dave

    By the way,

    They all made a bet on the race didn’t they?

    I thought Muslims couldn’t do that.

  44. locust

    Who hired these over-analyzing maniacs for the comments section? They HAVE to be hired because they spend so much time and effort into their posts.

  45. Susan

    I couldn’t stop thinking about this episode.

    It was absolutely the best one this season.

    You are right about it showing the Left/Liberals being as intolerant as they claim others as being. In the end you can’t be a liberal without being a hypocrite given the way they believe.

    But also it goes into the whole “How far can Muslims interact with the general society” issue. And mind you this isn’t only an issue for Muslims but strong committed Christians also have such a dilemma being as they put it “in the world but not of the world.”

    This was previously explored in the problems Yasir had joining that lodge and it looks like next week Amaar will be exploring the same issue.

    It does seem it is just better for Muslims to as much as possible stick to associating with other Muslims (except of course for things like school or work and stuff like that) as secular society is just so, so corrupt. But of course the problem with that is it breeds mistrust with the infidels who don’t get to know you as a person. Sure there are some interactions with infidels that are appropriate. It just needs to be done with much care.

  46. Bruce

    I too was quite impressed with this episode about about the threat posed to Muslims by Leftists/Liberals.

    Yeah, the Lefty looser dad was being all hypocritical with banning Baber from his store. He was in effect using his power to try to force upon Baber his own view of things.

    And with Tree, wow, Dead on. You feel sorry because that is what Tree really believes. And yeah, his beliefs are summed up best by that John Lennon song Dave referred us to.

    It also shows that when it comes to relationships “Love Isn’t Enough”. Now of course what Layla had with Tree didn’t even get past the stage of mild infatuation. It certainly didn’t even get within a million miles of “love”. But even if it would have, certainly the differences in Layla’s and Tree’s world views would have made any real type of relationship like that impossible.

    Another issue that was brought up was the issue of “trust” as it relates to a parent to a child. Now of course Baber’s position was exaggerated for comedic effect but how far does one “trust” even a good child? Certainly someone like Layla deserves a certain degree of trust because she has proven over and over again that in the end she usually makes good decisions.

    But of course many parents have been blindsided by children who they believe were worthy of trust doing something devastating like getting involved with drugs, etc. Not my child. My child is different they thought until it is too late.

    It is difficult for us because we see it from Layla’s perspective and it is hard, almost impossible for us to see her doing anything wrong. I mean something seriously wrong like becoming pregnant or on drugs or something like that. But even Layla isn’t perfect. None of us are. And if we are to believe in rules we also must believe that there’s a limit to trust. Or as someone once said “Trust but Verify”.

    Hard issue of course. Again lots of parents thought their children were Layla only to find out to the harm of their children that they weren’t deserving of the trust they had given them.

  47. Steve

    “How far can Muslims interact with the general society” issue.

    Of course this is an issue with all people of principle. Because in a society where things are decandent and corrupt principles are going to cost you.

    Say you are an actor for example and you are told “hey here is this role of a gay guy name Jayesh that you can have. Now it is going to be kind of explicit and will go beyond just mere flirting and will have bed scenes and all.

    Now as a principled person you would say, ew! Sorry, I am an actor but still my principles come first. Flirting with men, getting in bed with them, even as a role, even as simply pretending to be such a character? No, find another role for me or forget it, I won’t be in your series.

    Of course that would likely cost you a job and could mean that you might not get future roles even roles playing straight people.

    I understand that actors play villains all the time and that doesn’t make them the villain they play. But Jayesh wasn’t portrayed as a villain. If he was then yeah, it would get less clear.

  48. Bruce

    Lots of the things that can be said about Muslims in regards to “interacting with outside society” can be said about conservative Christians as well. It really is an issue about being “In the World but not Of the World” as Christians put it.

    Obviously there is one big, big thing that divides Moral Christians and Moral Muslims which is their beliefs about God, but in their morality, in their principles they are so so much alike.

    Somehow they are going to need to be able to form an united front against the “Trees” (and in the first season the swimming instructor) out there. Otherwise both will be destroyed by them.

  49. Steve

    By the way does anyone know if there is even one real Muslim actor on the show?

  50. ariana

    just wanna know when will it get uploaded? 🙂 thanks

    and also Amaar is muslim in real life, and i think also layla

  51. Are we sure that Zaib Shaikh is a Muslim?

    After all how can a real Muslim take on the role of Jayesh in “Metropia”?

  52. ariana

    Yup met him before and he mentioned it… And hey it is acting on show

  53. I realize that Zaib Shaikh also once played a hitman and just because he played a hitman doesn’t mean that he supports hitmen and their values.

    But that was a character that was supposed to be a villain. Jayesh on the other hand was a character that the show put in to make the show “edgy” and also to desensitize Canadians regarding homosexuality.

    Given that I don’ t see how an ethical Muslim could portray such an individual. If the character was supposed to be a “bad person” then perhaps one could make such an argument but this role was a way to promote homosexuality as acceptable, if not by the actor, certainly by the writers of Metropia.

  54. AC

    Wow, Steve. Don’t talk about things you know nothing about. Zaib Shaikh is indeed a Muslim, and a practicing Muslim, at that. Playing a gay character has nothing to do with whether or not one is “an ethical Muslim”, because Islam says that MUSLIMS are not permitted to engage in homosexual acts. Acting as a gay character doesn’t make him actually gay, and so technically, there is nothing wrong with portraying a gay character AND being a practicing Muslim.

  55. AC

    (And above, I emphasized that Islam’s directives on homesexual activity are guidelines for following Muslims, because there is nothing said in the Qu’ran about being hostile towards non-Muslims who are gay. There is a vast misinterpretation of some verses in the Qu’ran that people have twisted to mean that Muslims are supposed to throw all gays off tall buildings, but any learned person knows that is not true at all.)

  56. Susan

    I haven’t seen the series in question that Zaib was previously on, but if that youtube clip Steve provided was any indication it was some hot stuff indeed (hot and sickening).

    I would think that a principled actor would have to before taking on a role think about what effect such a role is going to have upon the culture.

    Now the answer might be little because no one watched the show but I think another indicator would be if you would be embarrassed watching the show yourself due to what the show portrays.

    I can’t see where a decent person would watch “Metropia”. At least not with the decent person being ashamed of doing so.

    So if one would be ashamed of watching such a show shouldn’t an actor be ashamed of being part of making such a show? Especially if your character was one of the reasons that the show was so shameful?

    I know often people do things that they are ashamed of doing because they feel they have to in order to succeed in their chosen field. But still it’s an issue of degree isn’t it?

    Playing Jayesh was just helping to produce more cultural garbage for Canadian society. And that was clearly a bad thing.

    But perhaps Zaib now realizes the shame he brought upon himself and the harm he did to Canadian society and now is trying to redeem himself by helping to produce the quality program that this show is. May in the future there be more shows like this one and fewer shows like this “Metropia”.

  57. locust

    Zaib Shaikh has regretted the rubbish he has done in the past (with metropia), according to a person who met him over a year ago. He has/is changing his ways, and repented and there’s no one to judge him except Allah. It’s between him and God, so please take your judgemental face elsewhere!

  58. locust

    ^the last bit of my post was directed to Steve.

  59. Susan

    Here is the links to the show.

    I don’t know where the person is who usually posts them

    Part 1

    Part 2

    Part 3

  60. ariana

    good response guys.

    hope steve will read it.
    but watch him still have something to nip-pick about.

    I dont get it, he just comes on here and critizie every single LITTLE thing about show. he will probably critize an frickin tea cup on show if he could.

    its a comedy show.

    like corner gas.

  61. Steve

    It isn’t like corner gas. It was always portrayed in the news media as something with a greater purpose than just comedy.

    And, bu the way I thought this was a great episode.

    Except the bet between the runners as I thought that was not allowed under Islam.

    But the Vegan Nazi. Very true to life. There are people like that out there.

  62. Steve

    Ariana when you talked with Zaib Shaikh did he tell you he regretted playing Jayesh on “Metropia”?

    “And, bu the way I thought this was a great episode.”

    I meant to type by the way of course.

    And yeah, absolutely the best episode of the season.

  63. They were allowed to do that, because it was based on skill and not on chance. It’s like winning trophies or getting a job.

  64. zainah

    Best episode of the season so far.

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