Season 3 – Episode 8 – Mercy Dot Com

Synopsis: When Fatima finds her diner overrun with laptop-toting patrons due to a nearby wifi signal, she tries to make the most of it, only to find it may cost her all of her customers.

In this episode Layla tells Fatima that her cafe is receiving free wireless internet and she tries to take full advantage of it. Layla also directs Amaar to an online resource aptly named and Amaar gets addicted to helping people from around the world while his local community gets neglected. Meanwhile, Yasir and Sarah purchase a house for Rayyan and J.J. so that they can be close to home when they get married. The house though comes with a whole lot of surprises.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

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What did you think of this episode? Are there any topics from the episode that you want to discuss?

  • Home close to Home – living near your parents
  • Internet Advice for Muslims
  • Being Connected makes you less Connected
  • Parent’s duties for their Daughter


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24 responses to “Season 3 – Episode 8 – Mercy Dot Com

  1. nisreen

    that was an okay episode..i’m kinda annoyed that JJ has basically disapeared from the picture all of a sudden. Like for the last 3 or 4 episodes..theres no sign of him. Did he go back to Dubai? Cuz i dont remember them mentioning that….

    on another note..that scene with Fred in a Speedo was very unexpectected and disturbing …still pretty funny tho, lol.

  2. Frida

    Apparently the next episode will all about J.J and Rayyan though. They get into a tif and we’ll have to wait to find out how and if it is resolved.

    I think they did mention that J.J was going away for a bit. But I’m not 100% certain.

  3. Frida

    I laughed when Amaar said that he thought that the temperature gauge represented the temperature in Mecca … hehe

  4. Aslam

    Was Fred Tupper in the WWF before?

  5. Humaira

    I think this is probably the funniest episode of the season so far, and a welcome relief from the more series Rayyan/JJ/Amaar love triangle.

  6. Rayyan mentioned that J.J. was gone when she and Amaar were walking in that episode with the shoe-stealing. However, he came back in a later episode (the “stranded” one) and now I don’t know where he went. lol

  7. Dora

    The episode was OK not that funny honestly, there running out of ideas to write about. There’s no plot or story-line it wasn’t that good. BLAHH

  8. Dora

    But i can’t wait until the next one!

  9. It has been a while since I have seen Police Academy (or any of its sequels) and I remember them as being just Okay.

    But I have also checked their rating and the rating of the first one is rated R.

    Now I am just a decadent infidel (although I don’t really remember if I have really seen many of them. I think I have seen them on and off over the years when they were on television).

    But here is a committed Muslim like Fatima who has seen and enjoyed at least one R rated show. She likes the whole series? He in order of movie, the ratings. R, PG-13, PG, PG, PG, PG, PG.

    Obviously after the first two movies the series seemed to clean itself up a big but still all the movies contain profanity in them.

    So, how can Fatima be a good Muslim and at the same time a fan of “Police Academy?”

  10. Here in order of movie I mean are the ratings. As you can see especially the first two movies and even in the remaining ones there were some very inappropriate material.

    How can someone be a good Muslims (or for that matter a good Christian) and enjoy the “Police Academy” series.

  11. M

    I liked the Internet storyline – because it really is true to life. My friends and I have days where our get-togethers consist of sitting around with our respective laptops and IMing each other. You know when you get to that point that you need an Internet break. And it’s not just the Internet, it’s electronics too. How many people do you know who rely almost completely on their iPhones or Blackberrys? My dad checks his e-mail constantly, even while driving. It’s quite scary how dependent on electronic communication we’ve become. We must remember that this should never be a replacement for face-to-face, interpersonal communication.

    The storyline about the house was kind of boring. I fast-forwarded through most parts. Hope to see a lot more of Rayyan, J.J., and Layla in future episodes! 🙂

  12. Ayesha

    Here’s a ‘mozlem’ tidbit: did you know it’s against Islamic law to steal bandwidth? It’s considered stealing.

    Maybe in this show it wouldn’t be looked at that way since the hippy guy believes the internet should be free…

  13. Ayesha, I agree, that was stealing, and while I was watching the show it was funny seeing her come up with the idea but it had disturbed me a bit, but I don’t think Fatima thought about it enough to realize she was stealing, especially if she wasn’t familiar enough with the Internet in the first place. She seemed to just jump at the opportunity without much consideration, and Amaar of course was too busy on the Internet himself to point it out to her–in which case I doubt she would have took up the advice right away either. She’s stubborn. xD

  14. And even though the hippy guy believed the Internet should be free, I doubt he had the legal rights to give it out that way… I loved Fatima’s “I think you need a little less of the pipe.” Hilarious.

  15. He also easily changed his mind when the Internet slowed down. =/

  16. Craig

    I was shocked about Fatima’s fondness for “Police Academy” as well.

    I didn’t realize that the first movie was rated R but I did remember there were lots of profanity throughout the series.

  17. Craig

    People really do need to put passwords on their personal wi-fi networks.

    I am glad that the unicorn guy’s one has a password now as now the connection can’t be used for terrorist activities (or if it is we will know it is he who is using it for those purposes). I know none of the man characters would do that but how about the extras?

    Not only the muslims at Fatima’s cafe but also the people at the unicorn guy’s place who might be eco-terrorists.

  18. Craig

    “He also easily changed his mind when the Internet slowed down. =/”

    We call that a liberal who has been “Mugged”.

    That comes from the cases where liberals are soft on crime until they are the ones who are actually the victims and then they immediately change their soft on crime position.

  19. Craig

    By the way, if Fatima watches the “Police Academy” movies she downloaded that would be stealing.

    And we are stealing here by watching the show in the way we do.

    The digital age brings with it so much moral ambiguity.

  20. “And best of all, now I can live near you for the rest of my life.”


  21. Steve

    Nahida, and that is why in the end she isn’t going to marry J.J.

  22. Dora


  23. Gus

    Here is the truth!

  24. Greg

    This show represents LMOP becoming a more mainstream sitcom. Each episode raising a different issue that is resolved by the end. It’s almost like they need J.J. to come back to move the story ahead again.

    Gotta admit though I laughed out loud at Fred in the Speedo.

    Anyway, as long as the jokes aren’t too lame and the characters remain true to their quirks it isn’t ready to jump the shark yet. Yasir and Babar’s love for their daughters is as convincing as any TV show I’ve ever seen.

    To address another point raised here, in some jurisdictions the unauthorized use of a Wireless Access Point is looked upon as theft and is a chargeable offense. I’m not sure this has been ruled upon in the jurisdiction that Mercy would fall upon but it is surprising that they wouldn’t cover that aspect of it. Probably because using someone’s open WAP is one of those things that everyone does.

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