Season 3 – Episode 8 – Preview

Episode 8 – “Mercy Dot Com”

Synopsis: When Fatima finds her diner overrun with laptop-toting patrons due to a nearby wifi signal, she tries to make the most of it, only to find it may cost her all of her customers.

Airing Wednesday November 26th 2008 !

What are internet cafe’s like in the Muslim world? Is it different then the Western world? How is it perceived?



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  1. Jean

    This isn’t what one thinks of when one thinks of an “internet cafe”. An internet cafe is a place people specifically go to in order to use the internet. You can find them everywhere but they are really popular in the 3rd world since these internet cafe’s provide computers as well as an Internet connection available to people who don’t have the money to have a personal internet subscription much less their own computer.

    This would be a case where a cafe provides internet access for free or for a subscription to people who own their own computers. This is being done in many cafes in the West in hopes that this will increase business as people can work and buy stuff at the cafe at the same time.

  2. Jean

    Of course what makes an “Internet Cafe” so dangerous is that while if you are using your own computer internet connection it is easier for the government to know if you sent a virus or a terrorist threat or claim of responsibility, if the email is sent from an Internet Cafe then while it might be possible to trace the email to the cafe it would be harder to know who it was at the cafe that sent the email.

    So to answer your question how Muslim internet cafes are perceived, well of course they are perceived as places where terrorists use the net anonymity these places can provide to develop their web pages, post their threats and claims of responsibility and send their “cutting off heads” videos.

  3. Sitara Hewitt with George Stroumboulopoulos at the Newsstand.

  4. This hour has 22 minutes: Little Temple on the Tundra

  5. Little Mosque on the Prairie PR event Vancouver

  6. Sitara Hewitt on Rogers DayTime

  7. Carlo Rota: Uncut Interview

  8. Carlo Rota on The Hour with George Stroumboulopoulos.

  9. Episode 8 is online πŸ™‚ forgot to set the permission on Share Sorry πŸ™‚

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