Season 3 – Episode 7 – Preview

Episode 7 – “Sweet Sixteen”

Synopsis: A clueless Baber enlists equally clueless Yasir and Sarah to help plan a sweet 16th birthday party for Layla.

Airing Wednesday November 19th 2008 !

Do you remember your sweet sixteenth birtyday? How was it? Any experiences you feel like sharing? Is the 16th birthday a special one for Muslims? Any significance to it?


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40 responses to “Season 3 – Episode 7 – Preview

  1. AJ

    Here is just an interesting thing for the show.

    Layla is 16. In two years she goes to College.

    Well, I guess she goes to Community College first if she decides to and there is one of those in Mercy because that is where Baber works, but after that she is going to have to move away from Mercy.

    Sure temporarily, but I wonder how or if they are going to protray that in the show because Baber will miss her terribly. Though I guess she could take cyber-courses though such courses I don’t believe are well respected yet. And of course if she wants to become a doctor or a Lawyer she would have to at least leave Mercy for 4 years or more to do her studies.

  2. AJ

    “A clueless Baber enlists equally clueless Yasir and Sarah to help plan a sweet 16th birthday party for Layla.”

    Didn’t they have to plan Rayyan’s party when she was 16th? I would have thought they would be the best people to come to since they would have had experience.

  3. americandesi

    Layla is a bad muslim.

  4. Hey Steve

    Rayyan wasn’t devout until after college.

  5. Dora

    lets remember its just a show! Its not real life now

  6. Aya

    Well said. It’s only a show.
    And how is Layla a bad Muslim? She’s not perfect, of course, but she’s not doing anything outrageously haram…! (The fact that she doesn’t wear hijab doesn’t qualify her as “bad”, by the way. Just that her imaan is not as strong.)
    Anyways, I’m really curious to know what her party is going to turn out like!!

  7. דניאל

    I’m just excited for more بابر, amirite?

  8. Michelle

    same here, דניאל
    I want to know why americandesi thinks layla is a bad muslim. I have many muslim friends and the hijab is not always a reliable indicator on how devout they are. I’ve known plenty of girls who wear hijab but with tight clothes and they go clubbing and then on the other hand there are non-hijabis that are extremely devout and modest despite that. I’m not saying that all muslim women fall into those categories, but I’m not saying that no muslim women fall into those categories. The most important thing that you need to remember is that MUSLIMS ARE PEOPLE. They are humans. They aren’t perfect. It is easy to look at any situation from the outside and say “Oh look at these immoral people, look at what they are doing, God is mad at them, etc.” but until you have been put in that situation and have learned to overcome it (without mistakes because apparently you are perfect or whatever), then you can’t really say anything.

  9. fuzzface

    MAAAAAAAAAYBE the confusion on Sarah/Yasir’s part will arise when trying to plan a 16th birthday party for the daughter of Baber, given that Baber is…quite an interesting sort of individual and will probably have particular “requirements” for this party sharty.

    vive babaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar!

  10. Susan

    She is a bad Muslim because she is disrespectful to her father. Heck, I like her. Here in the west we would call it spunky. But still from a Muslim perspective she doesn’t show the proper degree of respect to her father.

  11. Susan

    Do you remember the “Sarah Tap dancing” episode and how Layla blackmailed her father?

    TOTALLY inappropriate. Even if Baber was wrong which I am assuming most of us here thought he was.

    Also she went to work for Fred Tupper against her father’s wishes.

  12. “But still from a Muslim perspective she doesn’t show the proper degree of respect to her father.”

    From a Muslim perspective. For the love of God, you would know wouldn’t you? Stop making it seem like if something’s MUSLIM it’s not WESTERN. One’s a religion and another’s a culture.

  13. Michelle

    I like how everyone in here (okay, maybe not everyone) likes to think that they are God and that they can decide who’s bad and good. It makes me wonder, if you feel the need to attack a FICTIONAL CHARACTER’S morals, what kind of morals do you keep? It is shown in psychology that people who are insecure with themselves lash out at other people. Why can’t anyone just enjoy this for what it is, A TV SHOW. Nobody (normal) sits around watching friends just to point out that Joey can be a creeper at times, or the Simpsons as a model on how Homer treats his father, or Everybody Loves Raymond to see how a marriage should function.

  14. simmy

    well said Michelle…so many ppl here are just dicing the show up so much…I mean it’s a TV show, let it stay that way!

  15. Side note: I am now totally convinced that it’s all one person under various names. I can’t remember which one it was but Susan calling Layla “spunky” and believing only a “western” would is almost an exact replica of an earlier sentence I remember reading from someone else. Even the structure of the sentence is practically the same. Either she’s biting off of him because she can’t even think for herself, or she’s the same person.

  16. דניאל


    You’re prolly right about it being a single bitter islamophobe out to infuriate us all.

    Also, not only are there “western” Muslims, (Bosniaks etc.) and non-Muslims who are not “western”, (The majority of the non-Muslim world) but y’know, from a Christian or Jewish perspective, being disrespectful to a parent is bad too. But I mean, the idea that Islam and the other Abrahamic faiths are very similar is not news to those of us who don’t have a vendetta against every religion but our own.

    PS: “Bosniaks etc.” would be a great name for a rock group. A Balkan folk-rock group!

  17. Susan

    “One’s a religion and another’s a culture.”

    You kind of made my point Nahida.

    We don’t have a problem with Islam as a religion. We have a problem with many cultures that practice Islam.

    All the people in the show have lived in Canada their whole life or have adapted well to the Canadian culture with the exception of Baber.

    So they aren’t the Muslims we are concerned about.

    On the other hand someone like the blind Egyptian who is going around cursing in Arabic (are you happy I am calling the language by the correct name) they are the scary ones.

    The problem with Islam in the West is that it attracts so many foreigners. In fact at least 50 percent of people at a Western Mosques are immigrants wouldn’t you say? I am probably too low in my guess. Perhaps more like 75 percent.

  18. Susan

    “but y’know, from a Christian or Jewish perspective, being disrespectful to a parent is bad too. ”

    Yeah, that would make her a bad Christian or a bad Jew if she wasn’t Muslim.

  19. Susan

    Perhaps the reason I have a degree of respect for Islam because they are “people of the book” ie. an Abrahamic faith.

    They aren’t like wiccans worshiping trees or the rocks or whatever those Pagans worship. And they aren’t like Hindus either with their eight armed gods.

  20. Agony

    Susan, no one if asking you to practice Wicca, Hinduism, Buddism, Shintoism or whatever-ism you like to think of. If Your respect for a person depends on the person’s religion then you have a problem.

    I’m an atheist for example(former moslem) and I have completely no problem with any person’s belief as long as that person doesn’t advocate killing other innocent people or such stuff.

    Think about it this way: Your comrade at work could be a Wiccan(insert other religions here) and you wouldn’t even know about it unless you specifically ask about it. Would you stop respecting him if you did respect him for years before that?

    Oh and I love the show. Leilah is great, she did what Baber’s wife would have done had she been there, but lacking that someone else needs to keep him in line.

  21. Yeah, I agree with Agony–I don’t even believe she’s being disrespectful. She’s acting like a normal teenager, and a responsible one. She’s being her own mother.

  22. Susan

    A wife isn’t a daughter.

    It’s not her place to “keep him in line”.

    At least it isn’t if she is to be a good Muslim.

    Perhaps she is acting like a normal Western teenager. But normal western teenagers are not good Muslims.

  23. “But normal western teenagers are not good Muslims.”

    I like how Susan thinks she’s Muslim enough to judge what a good Muslim does.

    Layla has corrected him various times. As a close, caring family member she has EVERY RIGHT to do this. There is nothing against Islam about parents learning from their children.

  24. And I highly recommend that you don’t tell people to STAY IN THEIR PLACE.

  25. Especially since, coming from you–someone who tells Muslims how they should practice their religion, it would be extremely hypocritical.

  26. And since you seem to be putting yourself above Baber’s fatherhood by calling out something his daughter did against him inappropriate even when he himself had allowed it and admitted she was right.

  27. “You kind of made my point Nahida.”

    Uhm no I did NOT make your point. Because YOU said

    “Here in the west we would call it spunky. But still from a Muslim perspective she doesn’t show the proper degree of respect to her father.”

    And then you claimed not to have a problem with Islam. If that was the truth, why didn’t you say from a NON-WESTERN perspective?

    You were never MAKING THAT POINT in the post I was referring to. You just decided to bring it up with that sentence and redder it to a completely different topic.

  28. You say you LIKE her and then you keep saying she’s DISRESPECTFUL.

    Either you like disrespectful people (wouldn’t be surprised) or you contradict your own existence.

  29. דניאל

    So yeah, seriously, when’s the episode going up? Next week it seems like?

  30. Agony

    Yes Daniel, at least that’s what it says in the blog entry.

    I wonder if “being a good Moslem” includes(in Suzan’s opinion) means “Whatever your parents say is right, don’t question, don’t disagree, don’t voice your opinion and most importantly don’t disobey” because that’s what she’s expecting Leilah to do as far as I can tell…

    Could someone enlighten me if she’s just voicing her own opinion or the islamic opinion on the matter?

  31. Susan

    “I wonder if “being a good Moslem” includes(in Suzan’s opinion) means “Whatever your parents say is right, don’t question, don’t disagree, don’t voice your opinion and most importantly don’t disobey”

    You summed it up quite well. Of course we are talking about non-extreme behavior on the part of the parent. I mean if the parent was being totally abusive then of course one shouldn’t submit to the will of the parent but call CPS.

    But otherwise the parent is always right even when he isn’t (or you think he isn’t).

    And you can give your opinion, but only when asked.

    Admittedly I would not be a good Muslim. I am too independently minded. And indeed that is something that is promoted in our society. The word “submit” isn’t a popular one in our society but of course isn’t that what the word “Islam” means.

    And it isn’t only Islam but any faith that is strongly practiced such as Quakers, real conservative Judism, etc.

  32. Susan

    That is why I wonder how Amaar could tell that woman to go to that city in India when her parents were totally against it.

    She was of adult age so at that point she could discuss the issue more with her parents than say if she was 15, and try to convince them to her point of view, but if after all that she still couldn’t convince them, I would think that Islam would teach that respect for parents would override a desire to go to India.

    I don’t think Amaar understands Islam. Especially after that sermon (sorry that’s a Christian term what’s the Muslim equivalent?) he gave a few episodes back about how Islam was “simple”).

  33. Susan

    “You say you LIKE her and then you keep saying she’s DISRESPECTFUL.

    Either you like disrespectful people…”

    It depends on the way one is being disrespectful and what one is being disrespectful against.

    In Layla’s case she is being disrespectful against a father that most of us think needs correction most of the time (though he is right a lot more often then we want to give him credit for). In this case we in the west might see it for the lack of a better term “independently minded”. She has her own way of doing things and doesn’t mind to express her opinion.

    This is a comedy so perhaps that is why such behavior doesn’t seem so bad. Also western society does teach people to be individuals and to express themselves, and that has its good and bad aspects to it. I do think that even by western society standards she is kind of being disrespectful to her father at times but again this is a comedy so perhaps that is why it doesn’t come off as being such a wrong behavior. And the fact that like you said “someone needs to keep Baber in line”. But of course as a teenage daughter that really isn’t her place (yes, we do have “places” in life. Less so in Western society but they still exist).

  34. Susan I think Amaar understands Islam fine, and that you don’t. No one said you couldn’t be independent minded. Islam means submission to God. Not incorrect parents.

  35. Karadyan

    Ummm…it is the right of all muslims to correct another muslim even if it is your parent, we are to listen to our parents ONLY if what they are telling us does not go against Islam. I am an independent thinker but that does not make me a bad muslim, in fact if anything makes me a better muslim…and Nahida is right Islam is submission to Allah (SWT) not to an human being…and Islam is simple, I don’t find it be a complicated religion at all…and it is against Islam to pass judgements on anyone it is not our place to do that.

  36. Johnna

    I think I enjoy analyzing how muslim the fictional characters are, because I would never analyze real people that way. In particular, it would be cruel to pick apart a real teenager. But a fictional one is fair game!

  37. americandesi

    Amaar is a bad Imam and a bad Muslim.

  38. Hey Susan

    See you next Thursday.

  39. Saara

    Can I just say, as a HINDU, that you have no right to insult my religion… or anyone else’s. If you don’t understand it and don’t have faith in it, then that’s fine, you can hold yours. There are aspects in every religion that require a belief in more than just the truth as can be observed in the physical world, and to imply that having “8-armed gods” (which in and of itself shows that you don’t really understand the fundamentals of Hinduism – one god, many forms) somehow makes a religion less credible is incredibly narrow-minded.

  40. Episode 7 Has been Uploaded 🙂 enjoy

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