Season 3 – Episode 6 – Preview

Episode 6 – “Let Prairie Dogs Lie”

Synopsis: When Yasir joins a local gentleman’s lodge to find new business contacts, he finds he is in over his head when he’s expected to join the lodge on a hunting trip.

Airing Wednesday November 5th 2008 !

Muslims and hunting; this probably won’t go over well. Muslims have a different concept of hunting then Westerners. Do you have any stories about similar experiences? Have you had to go hunting with colleagues? How did it work out?



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7 responses to “Season 3 – Episode 6 – Preview

  1. Tom

    What? Do Muslims use land mines when hunting?

    Perhaps they strap themselves up and blow themselves up when they see deer close enough to them.

    Or maybe they cut the heads off the animals when they catch them.

    In all seriousness, there is no such thing as a “gentleman’s lodge” anymore in Western society. That went out in the 1970s-1980s. Men are not allowed to have groups without allowing women in them. Women on the other hand can have their own organizations without letting men in.

    This can be clearly seen in the difference between the YMCA and the YWCA. Everyone regardless of gender is allowed to go into the local YMCA (Young Man Christian Association) but only females can belong to the YWCA (Young Woman Christian Association).

    So why is this show protraying something that hasn’t existed in the West for at least a generation?

  2. Who wrote the Rules @ that site ???

  3. im gona 2 sleep now…

    Uploading should be done in 30 min. Enjoy it all

  4. americandesi

    You are so ignorant and rude to say that Muslims blow themselves up when they go hunting. You are stupid.

  5. asiila

    when i read the synopsis, i almost didn’t watch this week because i’m still waiting for what happens with the JJ, Amaar and Rayyan triangle (i know, THAT won’t be resolved for awhile), and last week was not as funny or interesting.

    but i’m glad i did watch because it was well balanced with humor and kept me interested, and we got back, slightly, into the upcoming marriage. It also dawned on me, with rayyan’s bossiness being highlighted this episode that she used to beat up JJ when they were kids. I’m thinking that JJ will eventually will realize he is just fulfilling a fantasy from his youth when he was intimidated by a pretty strong girl (one who was more macho than him), but that now he’s ok with being a too nice guy and may not want to be henpecked once married….



  6. pepe

    I like your take, asiila. 🙂 Also thank you for the al-islam link, nahida.

    BTW, I’m looking for the name of the music which plays during the end credits. It’s excellent and I’d like to hear more.

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