Season 3 – Episode 4 – The Ties that Blind

Synopsis: Layla signs up Baber to an online dating site, but must stop her father from meeting his online crush when she discovers who his date is.

In this episode, Layla realizes that her father maybe lonely and takes advice from Reverend McGee to get him a social partner. Layla sets him up on an islamic dating site and Baber, after some hesitation becomes curious about his potential partners.  Meanwhile, Amaar has issues locating his shoes after a session at the Mosque. And Fred Tupper is eyeing a job in the public office.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

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What did you think of this episode? Are there any topics from the episode that you want to discuss?

  • Islamic dating site
  • Missing shoes from the Mosque
  • The new relationship


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20 responses to “Season 3 – Episode 4 – The Ties that Blind

  1. Alisha

    Yaay ! Finally !

  2. Cat

    Pretty funny .. nice ending … so sweet

  3. Aleem

    Losing your shoes is a common occurance at the Mosque. I’ve seen lots of people barefeet or in their socks standing by the rack scratching their head.

  4. nisreen

    nice episode. they finally moved away from the jj/rayaan/amaar issue ut i REALLY dont like the idea of Baber and Fatima, they’re really funnier when theyre fighting..oh well 🙂

    on a positive note: i burst out laughing when they made the blind man yell at amaar in egyptian arabic..EVERYTHING is funnier in an egyptian accent 🙂 too bad not everyone can understand it…

  5. Farah

    LOL!! Great episode. The Egyptian blind guy was amusing. I laughed so hard at his insults… I think they should have subtitled the Arabic shouting for those who don’t understand Arabic.

    Awww, Barber and Fatimah had a nice screen time in this episode and it’s good to see their children again.

  6. John

    Yes, I really wanted to know what that Egyptian guy was saying … can someone translate ??

  7. asiila

    i wondered out loud during the first season about the logical possibility of fatimah and babar getting together—but figured no way would it be considered since, pakistanis tend not to marry dark skinned folks (read blacks) if they can help it. this is a problem in much of the muslim world vis a vis africans.

    and then i realized all this time, that the ‘tension’ between her and him was similar to the tension between Rayyan and Amaar. So, i don’t mind this peacemaking between them and somewhat of an admittance of their commonality and maybe even attraction. and even though it would be too much like right for them to marry each other, it’s a nice attempt at showing the possibility.

    the blind guy was NOT blind…lol, and a thief. Not only have we had problems with ‘misplaced’ shoes at our masjid, but we’ve had con artists sweep through and rob the community and individuals too. it’s sad, but happens.

    The Mayor is just crazy—and obviously lonely too.

    overall, i liked this episode. it was a nice balance of stories. Oh, and the first seen of Leila was nice in that she finally had a longer, more modest shirt on.


  8. Farah

    John, here’s the translation.

    “‘Cause you’re a donkey (The animal “donkey” in Arabic is the equivalent of “bastard”), it’s obvious you’re an uneducated donkey. Let me tell you something, don’t come to me and talk to me like that! Don’t tell me anything at all. Uneducated donkey, look….” –Then comes Yasser and starts to talk with Rayyan-

    Later at the mosque, Egyptian not-blind thief man says,

    “Unbelievable, what do you think? You think ’cause I’m blind I can’t pick my own shoes? Where do you think you are? If we were in Egypt,….” –Then comes Yasser and starts talking with Rayyan-

  9. Asiila: “but figured no way would it be considered since, pakistanis tend not to marry dark skinned folks”, that’s exactly the essence of the show, eliminating stereotypes concerning misconceptions about islam, racism, religion, etc and aiming at idealism, also the idea of a cool imam like Ammar is probably non existent in reality, yet it is depicted in the show.

    Farah: where i come from we use the word hmar (donkey) to imply someone is stupid :). the arabic Egyptian added a nice touch, although it was kinda out of context.

  10. asiila

    salaams noona:


    eliminating stereotypes sure, but i think the show is also a light way to approach the REALITIES of Muslims. Islam is perfect; we are not. Racism and colorism exist in our ummah, too much to continue to not admit and confront.

    I HAVE met ‘cool’ imams ‘like Ammar,’ although ‘cool’ is such a subjective term. The Ammars i’ve met were married and had beards and were a little less ‘free’ with single women. BUT, they could relate, were polite, were caring, not too dogmatic and loved by their communities. Small town masjids are definitely a different environment than bigger city based ones.


  11. I can’t understand why the blind guy wouldn’t just let Amaar talk? Is it just his personality or is it a cover? =x I understand the humor but it seems odd that he wouldn’t listen to any explanation.

  12. Farah

    Noona, “donkey” can mean different things in Arabic slag. Originally it was about describing someone to be stubborn as well as stupid. But recently it can also mean “Bastard” and “A-hole”, especially when you’re so mad.

  13. notsoqueerperson

    I like that they’re not making it all about the drama Rayyan and Amaar go through – and I so love the Baberfun.

    I like how Baber often gets torn between trying to remain a true Muslim (temporary Imam teheheh)preaching “against blatant displays of western decadence” yet his affection for his daughter and essentially not being a tyrant dad at home. You can see he’s not the kind who “locks Layla up in a burqa” as Rayyan thought he would (s2 – the crush) and he’s such a typically indulgent Dad who’d rather wait till next month to force his daughter to wear the hijab rather than hurt her.

    And let’s face it – who was the wise guy who enlightened Amaar to his feelings.

    That having being said – I hate the face that this Amaar and Rayyan thing is going to be prolonged till the end of this season (there is an episode in the s3 list called Meet the Jaffers so I don’t think JJ and Rayyan are breaking up anytime soon)…because i’m a total Amaar and Rayyan shipper – !

    Also – I think JJ seems shadily too sweet to be true. So I’m rooting for that! yay!

  14. Just Me

    It’s true that it is not very common for Pakistanis to marry Africans, but at the same time, it’s not nonexistent either. I know some couples who are Pakistani-black.

  15. asiila

    just me: i know some “blacki paki” couples, as one preferred to be called. in that one, the wife was disowned by her family, who has never seen or met their grandkids.


  16. Steve

    Is Amaar trying to ruin Islam?

    The essential teachings of Islam are simple? Be good to people? Be good to yourself? And give back to society?

    Look, I may not have a detailed understanding of Islam, but I do know how Christianity, at least on the organized mainstream church level, has been destroyed in the West, and it is exactly that way.

    Not that such ideals as being good to others, being good to yourself and being good to society aren’t nice sentiments but if that is all that a religion, any religion offers as it becomes hollow and not spiritually fulfilling.

    This is what happened to Christianity, especially evident when you see those “mega-churches”. The meat and potatoes of the religion, the heart of the religion has been cut out and all that is left are these greeting card sentiments.

    Where’s the fire and brimstone? I don’t mean in the literal sense (got to be careful when we talk about and to Muslims, right). But where are the stuff that great theologians struggle a lifetime with? Religions are a comfort but they aren’t supposed to be comfortable if you understand the distinction I am making here.

    Being nice to people is well, nice, but alone it lacks the spiritual substance that people crave for. It is why people are turning away from organized Christianity and searching for something else. The same thing will happen with Islam if all it offers its followers is be nice to yourself, others, and help society.

    There used to be a t-shirt that was quite popular with tourists. It said my parents (or grandparents or whoever) went to Hawaii (Miami, Las Vegas, wherever) and all they brought me back was this lousy t-shirt.

    Well the Muslims of Mercy can say, that my Iman went to Mecca and all he brought back was this greeting card theology.

    Gosh, he could have gotten that sermon directly from Rev. McGee.

  17. Steve

    My Iman went to Mecca and all he brought back was this lousy greeting card theology.

    You would have expected something more spiritually substantial from Amaar after going all the way to Mecca.

    I remember an episode of the White Trash family comedy “Roseanne” in the 1990s where the little boy in the family asked his parents what religion they were. Well the father said that one of their great aunts where of some Christian denomination and his grandmother was of some other Christian denomination, and another relative was of some other mainline Christian denomination, and so forth.

    But what are we? The boy asks? Roseanne replied well we are of the religion that says you should be good to people.

    Sure it was a knock on how the family and by extension lots of white trash families don’t really belong to churches or have any spirituality in their lives anymore.

    But it was also a knock on the mainstream religions for only offering a “good to others good to self” message instead of the full Gospel

    Now mind you I am not talking about what we call the evangelicals. They actually do teach the full Gospel and people are flocking to them in droves while the mainstream churches are in decline.

    Again, not to say you shouldn’t be good to people but the “simplification” of Christianity to greeting card sentiments is one of the major reasons we see the mainstream churches in decline. I am just saying don’t let Imans like Amaar do to your Islam what Pastors like McGee have done to Christianity.

  18. Steve

    asiila, the Mayor, although of course exaggerated for comedic effect, really does remind me of my Mayor and so many other politicians I have become familiar with over the years.

    They get into so many scandals and even when these scandals get exposed so often the public forgives them and they stay in office. And while it doesn’t work for a man, all a woman politician has to do is cry and she can get away with a lot.

    We don’t have the government we need, but we sure have the government we deserve by letting these rascals get away with things over and over again.

    I loved it when she said that we must move beyond the scandals of the past to the scandals of the future (admitting that of course there will be scandals with her as long as she remains in politics).

  19. Just Me

    asiila, that’s a shame. The couple I know are very happy!

  20. Just Me

    edit: the couple *is*

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