Season 3 – Episode 4 – Preview

Episode 4 – “The Ties that Blind”

Synopsis: Layla signs up Baber to an online dating site, but must stop her father from meeting his online crush when she discovers who his date is.

Airing Wednesday October 22nd 2008 !

In this episode, we see Layla for the first time this season. What would force Baber to sign-up on an online dating site? Who could be the mystery date that Layla isn’t too keen on her father meeting?


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26 responses to “Season 3 – Episode 4 – Preview

  1. Arifa

    My guess would be Fatima ! Should be funny …

  2. Janice

    What would Fatima be doing on the same forum ?

  3. akan

    i think barber might of seen the site on the net and signed up.

  4. Brian

    I am going to guess that the date is the mayor! That could be a hoot of a date. Miss box-wine with Mr. congeniality. Truly yin/yang.

  5. americandesi

    Baber’s online crush is probably his ex-wife!

  6. Locust

    No, his ex-wife got remarried and lives in Pakistan.

  7. Locust

    …and my bet is on the mayor! She hit on guys in the library.

  8. Brian

    The mayor hit on guys in the bookstore, not the library.

  9. 2 parts has been uploaded šŸ™‚ 1 is almost finished…

    Should be online in 10 minutes šŸ™‚

  10. akan


    Been longer then 10 mins any luck mate?

  11. Saarah

    its been about an hour, has part 1 loaded yet????

  12. Janice

    Must have underestimated the processing time ?? Soon I am hoping

  13. inesa

    any developments on the missing part one?

  14. akan

    dont think it will be done today šŸ˜¦ was hoping it would of.

  15. Firdous

    Will you be posting episode 4? I hoping you do!

  16. Saara

    Thanks so much for all of these, by the way! I’m never home when it airs…

  17. akan

    lool i watched it on another site this episode is funny barbaar and fatima meet without knowing the site match them two up hehe

  18. Islam


    which website did you watch it at. I really want t0 watch it!

  19. sarah

    which other site???

  20. Islam

    on you tube, he has posted part 2 &3 but not 1. Please post part 1! Thanks.

  21. Hannah


  22. gail

    waiting to see it here…I have a class on Wednesday nights, so rely on this wonderful source!

  23. It’s up you guys. =)

  24. inesa

    hannah and akan, it is good that you all were able to watch it and enjoy it like I have but it is completely uneccessary for you to spoil the episode here for somebody else…. especially because this is just a PREVIEW. Was it an obvious plot? yes, but that doesnt give you a reason to spoil the fun for everybody else.
    i hope you will be more considerate in the future

  25. Sorry guys… Dono what was wrong with Youtube last nite šŸ™‚

    next week it will be Online all 3 parts @ same time.

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