Season 3 – Episode 3 – A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Mercy

Synopsis: Amaar, reaffirmed in his role as Imam, returns to Mercy only to find that he must reapply for his old job.

In this episode, Amaar returns from his international travels. Unfortunately, he isn’t given his old job as Mercy’s Imam back upon his return. He must go through an application process and satisfy Baber’s request first.

Yassir and Sarah plan a party for Rayyan and J.J. but not everything goes to plan.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

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What did you think of this episode? Are there any topics from the episode that you want to discuss?

  • Performing Hajj
  • Umrah and Tawaaf of Kabah
  • Imam Application
  • Imam’s Humility


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28 responses to “Season 3 – Episode 3 – A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Mercy

  1. Mohamedd

    but they have to be together it just has to be. I still do think they will end up together. Something will go wrong with Rayyan and JJ.

    But at least he has come to terms with his emotions. BTW Babar rules. I love how he says “WAIT NO” in the begening.

  2. mariam

    this is why Amaar is so awesome
    cant wait till the next episode

  3. Anton

    I have to say, I actually like Amaar this season. Good man 🙂

  4. M

    This has been an interesting storyline, if only for seeing how the writers would approach this very conventional tension/plot that is used all the time in mainstream TV from a more conservative point of view.

    However, I’m eager to get back to storylines other than the J.J./Amaar/Rayyan triangle. And I’m glad at least so far that the writers aren’t choosing to go down the path that J.J. and Rayyan break up because of Amaar. I think there should be some better reason than that – a reason that has solely to do with J.J. and Rayyan and not outside people.

  5. Satvi

    Aw…my heart goes out to Amaar.

  6. Yaz

    Awww, poor Amaar! I love the triangle storyline and Amaar and Rayyan MUST end up together. They must.

  7. Don

    “Rayyan MUST end up together. They must.”
    But what about…the other woman? [MUSIC:INSERT Oud or Santour passage designed to create tension here]
    Just a suggestion for future episodes.

  8. …how does Fatima get away with charging them for 200 extra and unrequested kabobs?

    Good episode: Amaar’s password was what I predicted, heh.

  9. Bijou

    The whole episode revolved aroud Ray/JJ/Amaar..

  10. Kim

    How did Ammar suddenly go to Mecca? Wouldn’t it take weeks, if not a few months to get a VISA to Saudi Arabia.

  11. Mohamed

    Do you need a visa from Saudi if your a canadian citizen?

    But I think there just going to ignore that fact.

  12. Farah

    Awww, sweet episode! However, I wish they’d focus on the other characters more. I wanna see Barber’s daughter again, maybe and episode centered around her and her father. A Fatimah episode is a must… a conflict between her and her son? Or something with her and Fred, I love them together.

  13. Samina

    *Joins Nahida for a cry fest*

    I kinda guessed the password would be RAYYAN.

    It is good that this episode has shown that Rayyan is toying with her feelings too. It seems that she has feeling for Amaar btu because there was no response from Amaar she moved on with her life and found no reason to say no to JJ.

    She has only realised Amaar’s feelings now that she is already engaged and feels it would be wrong to break off the engagement to JJ. Over the next few episodes i reckon she will have to break off the engagement because she is going to realise what she is doing is wrong. It’s not going to be anything that JJ has done or will do but just because she feels it is wrong to continue a relationship if she is not 100% commited.

    Correct me if i’m wrong.

  14. I have to agree with Samina. I personally wouldn’t feel right being in a relationship without 100% committment.

  15. Here is an interesting video.

  16. Hey Farah, you totally got what you wanted in one episode. =)

  17. Here is a good video about Mecca

  18. Steve

    After watching the video about the video it makes me wonder why Amaar really didn’t seem to have changed much from the experience.

    And yeah, it was interesting that Baber has never gone to Mecca, probably his fear of flying. Now that he is on a no-fly-list he will probably never get to go (though it didn’t seem like he really wanted to go before even though its a requirement of Islam).

  19. Steve

    After watching the video about Mecca. It really didn’t seem like going to Mecca really changed him much.

    I wonder if Rayyan willl ever go to Mecca.

    It is my understanding that a Muslim is supposed to make going to Mecca one of their goals in life and do everything ethically possible to get there. Sure there will be people who physically can’t do it or financially can’t do it but for those not in those situations they are supposed to.

    Is that the correct understanding of this Mecca thing? Also there is a certain time in the year that one is supposed to go, right? And since Amaar didn’t go at the right time of year he still hasn’t fulfilled this requirement yet.

    By the way, that raises an interesting question. What does make one an Imam? I mean what qualifications does one have to have? A priest for example has to go through a specific program. I would have thought that to be an Imam one should have been required to have made the Mecca pilgrimage first.

  20. This episode reminded me of this song.

  21. Steve

    I am usually good at understanding poems and lyrics.

    We are born innocent? Well in one way I guess that’s true as when we are born we are a blank slate. But we are also a product of all that has come before us.

    Now if you want to get religious, Christians believe we are born with original sin.

    As for still being innocent, well one can’t go through life without sin.

    So what the heck does this song mean?

    Adia I do believe I failed you
    Adia I know I let you down
    Don’t you know I tried so hard
    To love you in my way
    It’s easy let it go…
    Adia I’m empty since you left me
    Trying to find a way to carry on
    I search myself and everyone
    To see where we went wrong
    ’cause there’s no one left to finger
    There’s no one here to blame
    There’s no one left to talk to, honey
    And there ain’t no one to buy our innocence
    ’cause we are born innocent
    Believe me adia, we are still innocent
    It’s easy, we all falter
    Does it matter?
    Adia I thought that we could make it
    But I know I can’t change the way you feel
    I leave you with your misery
    A friend who won’t betray
    I pull you from your tower
    I take away your pain
    And show you all the beauty you possess
    If you’d only let yourself believe that
    We are born innocent
    Believe me adia, we are still innocent
    It’s easy, we all falter, does it matter?
    Believe me adia, we are still innocent
    ’cause we are born innocent
    Adia we are still innocent
    It’s easy, we all falter … but does it matter?

  22. Here’s a web page that discusses possible meanings.

    From what I can gather though Sarah wrote this song as a way to apologize to a friend.

    I guess her best friend was dating her drummer (Ashwin Sood) and then Sarah kind of stoled him away from her and married him.

    Still, I don’t get what the songs lyrics have to do with all that.

  23. “Still, I don’t get what the songs lyrics have to do with all that.”

    Ok, first of all, I never said it was the lyrics.

    The part of the episode this reminds me of is when Rayyan told Amaar she left messages on his phone, and they had that sad conversation. But I didn’t mention that, and I never said the situations were exactly the same, I just said the episode reminded me of the song. And if you do want to go into the lyrics, I wasn’t being religious, because this song isn’t religious, but if you want to be Muslims don’t have the concept of original sin. (Of course, Sarah McLachlan isn’t Muslim and the song may be slightly spiritual but it isn’t religious–“Adia” means “God’s gift” but when Sarah picked out the name she didn’t know the meaning, she just liked the way it sounded; originally the song was called “Emily”–so I never meant it to be religiously interpreted.)

    And you’re only considering innocence in its most common denotative meaning. (Not to mention emphasizing it too heavily–I realize it’s the chorus, but seriously.) If we’re talking denotation it doesn’t have to mean freedom from sin or moral wrong, it can be a lack of knowledge, which would make sense in the song in both the different places it appears–being born innocent, and still being innocent, because we don’t know nearly as much as we think we do. It can also mean to intend no harm, and that works in the song too, because when Sarah married her best friend’s ex she didn’t mean to harm her best friend, and she still doesn’t mean any harm. Connotatively innocence can be simplicity of heart, which can be true at any age, and for many people it’s a win when they can maintain the same nonjudgmental nature with which they were born.

    Besides all that, the other parts of the song (“I do believe I’ve failed you,” “I know I let you down,” “Search myself and everyone to see where we went wrong,” “I know I can’t change the way you feel”) seems a lot like what Amaar was going through–It takes a lot to look for yourself outside the country, he was doing some serious soul searching and he didn’t want to come back unless he knew it was for the good, and that he wouldn’t cause any more damage (because it sounds like he blames himself a lot in this episode–“it’s easy, we all falter.”) And a lot of the time Rayyan hints at him throughout this episode and before to just come out and say whatever’s in his mind so they can move past it, and she talks to her mother about Amaar being her friend and that’s why it matters so much how he feels (“I leave you with your misery / A friend who won’t betray” [because it seems that if their feelings for each other were understood–I mean let’s face it, it might have not been substantiated, but they both knew they had chemistry–the sudden change with Rayyan suddenly seeing J.J. at the request of someone else seems a bit like a betrayal, and Amaar mentioned in a previous season (that where he had to live with Rayyan for a while) that everything’s going fine and all of the sudden someone just comes and takes something.

    This episode in general was apologetic and had that feeling of being lost. The emotions and tone involved are similar in the song.

  24. “It’s easy…let it go…” (The various times Rayyan told Amaar to just say it so they can move on.) And they way it’s placed in the song, it comes after the admitted “letting-down” which Rayyan may believe she did. (Amaar had scoffed at the idea of Rayyan taking the offer of an arranged marriage when he’d first heard of the news.) So the line can be a request for forgiveness too in addition to letting go of the words and coming out with the truth.

  25. Cal

    How to Make Hajj

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