Season 3 – Episode 1 – Preview

Episode 1 – “Amaar at the bat”

Synopsis: In the season premiere, we find out whether or not Rayyan accepted JJ’s marriage proposal and what Amaar does about it.

Coming Wednesday October 1st 2008 !

What do you think Rayyan will say? How will the family react? What about Amaar? Will he do anything?


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7 responses to “Season 3 – Episode 1 – Preview

  1. fatima

    When will the episode be posted?

  2. im uploading it rite Now 🙂 after hour it should be online

  3. arifa

    Finally, the long wait is over.

    Happy Eid to all !

  4. I’ve been wanting to watch LMOTP since it first aired, and put off watching it on YouTube as I thought I’d get it on DVD. But I finally realised I might as well YouTube it. I’m addicted:-) I’m glad Season 3 is new-I don’t see Episode 1 online as yet. Please post it asap-I want to know if Raayan and JJ get married. I love both their characters, and can totally identify with Rayaan. And JJ is so sweet.

    South Africa

  5. aya

    The first episode was hilarious! It was very good and suspenseful with the perfect dose of humor in it. Personally I want Rayaan and JJ to be together but at the same time I don’t want Amaar to leave Mercy town… we’ll see what will happen next =)

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