Season 3 – Episode 1 – Amaar at the bat

Synopsis: In the season premiere, we find out whether or not Rayyan accepted JJ’s marriage proposal and what Amaar does about it.

In this episode, Rayyan makes a decision on J.J.’s proposal and Yasir has a few issues in the handling of the news. Amaar is still trying to come to terms with his feelings for Rayyan and tries to be both: a good imaam and a good friend. Meanwhile, J.J. has a secret that Rayyan may not react positively too (if she finds out).

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

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What did you think of this episode? How does it compare to the previous season?

Are there any other topics from the episode that you want to discuss?



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28 responses to “Season 3 – Episode 1 – Amaar at the bat

  1. waleed

    nice episode. well written… not so comical though. the drama is getting exciting

  2. practicingfilm

    I KNEW this would happen! It’s just like every sitcom. Who wants to bet (oh wait, that’s haram..) that the show introduces a love interest for Amaar, and Rayyan gets jealous?

  3. dr_dot_com

    Well I wanted Rayan to get associated with Amaar rather than JJ.

  4. I think Amaar is being a jerk, and he should leave Rayyan and J.J. alone.

  5. Inesa

    I think I knew this would turn out this way, but I still have hope for Amaar (I’m in denial) and I don’t think that he’s actually going to stay in Toronto. At first I thought they would ask Amaar to conduct the Nikah or something, that would be funny. I hope that the story line stays as interesting as it has been since JJ was introduced because I got bored last year and stopped watching it for a while. Has anyone been to the cbc site? I wanted to see if they have posted a preview for the next episode but its very hard to navigate (the quality of the site is pretty good and I do like the update.)

  6. Steve

    So, I guess lying is ok in Islam because both JJ and Amaar was lying about the smoking.

    Does that fall under the same category as lying when boarding a plane if you are planning to hijack it?

  7. First of all, another great episode! I missed it on Wednesday, so I’m super thankful for this site! ^^

    You’re a dumbass. How you came up with the idea that lying is ‘ok’ in Islam from an episode that showed HUMANS going through person struggle, is beyond me; but I’m sure that has something to do with the fact that you’re a dumbass. ^_^

  8. Steve

    I guess it’s ok for a Muslim to say “dumbass”.

    How about F– and Sh..?

  9. newbie

    Interesting how Amaar mentions that he cannot be a friend or an Imam. Is this because of feelings towards Rayyan? Or is this the case for all Imams where they can’t be both?

  10. mariam

    i cant believe it its so sad that Amaar feels he has to leave 😦

  11. Samina

    Got to say i’m disappointed in the lack of comedy in this episode. They need to start showing baber more – they are wasting a very good character. Fear not fans Amaar can’t stay in toronto, he has to come back or he won’t be in the show, and being the main character it might be difficult.

    He will probably come back and announce he is engaged too.

    Oh look Steve is here to spread the joy. Sounds a lot like one of the people spreading the joy last season too just with a different name – coincidence? I think not.

  12. Gary

    I think it is good that Ammar gets away from the situation. As long as he doesn’t do it permanently.

    Sometimes you just need to remove yourself from a situation to gain perspective.

    Newbie, I believe (and hopefully the Muslims out there will correct me if I am wrong) that indeed an Imam can be a friend to a member of his Mosque.

    But what Ammar was saying is that since he has such feelings towards Rayyan he can’t stand that he can only be friends with her and when it comes to her being a good Imam to her also suffers because of his feelings.

  13. It’s so nice to see you again Samina. =) And I agree, Amaar will have to come back since he’s a main character.

    Azeena don’t worry about “Steve.” His lifestyle is obvious: he has nothing better to do than take on different names and use them regularly throughout the day to cope with his own bitter insecurity and unhappiness. Steve is what we call a communist–he can’t take the fact that he’s a sorry loser so he attempts to bring everyone down to his sorry loser status instead of working up his way like a capitalist would. =) There will always be Steves in the world, but to each his own!


  14. (To anyone who read my above post and took offense at my political application–I by no means judge communists by their systematic preference, I was merely using it as a device to piss off “Steve,” who probably believes he is American and therefore believes by definition that he has the right to hate any foreign aspect, when in fact he’s only American because he was simply born here and uses as a cover to his extremism.)

  15. JJ’s mother needs to disapprove of Rayyan so she can get with Ammar

    i got mad ideas for this show, lol

    happy to see it return

  16. Samina

    Yey! Nahida you are back! My fellow LMOTP fan I have certainly missed you. It has been a very long time. Lets not leave it this long next time!! 🙂

    I can’t believe Rayyan said yes to JJ. I knew she would but I was hoping she wouldn’t. It is a shame though that they didn’t show much of Baber, Fatima and Fred. J.J. needs to have a dark secret for Rayyan to say no to him.

    Yusef – J.J got his parents approval before prosing to Rayyan I think. Plus J.Js dad is Yasir’s friend.

  17. Muslim Lady

    Salaam all,

    Yayy!! It’s back!!!
    Disappointed with the way it turned out, but I guess it was expected. Wouldn’t be much fun if they reached the obvious conclusion already. That’d only mean they’d have to end the show quicker and we don’t want that now do we?
    My theory is Rayyan will probably end up missing Amaar and realise her feelings for him. Then when Reverend McGee tells her why Amaar really left – she’ll go after him. By that time he’ll probably be getting engaged to someone else. It’d be a nice change of scenery anyway.
    As for the people who are trying to stir trouble, please try and ignore them. They’re just sad, pathetic attention seekers who have no other purpose in life so don’t humour them by giving the attention they’re after.
    After all we’re just here to enjoy the show and having a friendly non-judgemental discussion about it.
    Take care all

  18. Farah

    Aww, poor Ammar! Yasser and Sarah were so funny!

    I’m kinda upset Fatimah and Barber didn’t get much screen time, but mostly for Fatimah, she’s been getting less and less screen time as episodes go. I hope they’ll have a Fatimah-centric episode this season.

  19. Mary

    I love this show, so happy that season three is out. I enjoyed this episode, however it’s getting more dramatic and less comedic. The suspense is increasing though, and I love that.

  20. dr_dot_com

    LMOTP would look better if Amaar gets associated with Rayyan.
    I browsed through the website of LMOTP and watched the name of JJ’s parents as the title of one episode.

  21. Samina -hugs- yeah that was way too long.

    They haven’t been showing much of Fatima at ALL for the last few episodes. Oh and when JJ had come to Amaar to ask him to stay in his loft I thought for a minute what he was going to ask was if Amaar would do the honors of marrying him to Rayyan. =X Wouldn’t that have been something! He wouldn’t have been able to leave then!

  22. Harris

    newbie and Steve,
    Just watch this as a show and not as a preaching towards islam. saying bad words is not allowed even in christianity but still most of christians do which doesnt mean they are bad ppl or bad christians.

    dont judge a realigion by this mere show and try to enjoy it…

  23. Aww thats so sad. But I think Rayyan will end up figuring out JJs issue and split..then perhaps she may even end up being with Ammar at the end? 😮

    We shall see…

    When is the next one coming up? Does anyone know?

  24. dr_dot_com

    Harris you are absolutely correct
    when is the next episode

  25. Don

    Yassir Hamoudi sprinting through a wheat field isn’t comic?
    Hang in there folks. Will Amaar discover he can’t go back again?

  26. Mohamed

    oh dear amaar but i can sympatize with him. When you finally find someone who you can see your self growing old with, haveing kids and a partner for life, but it seems as though its now immpossible for it too happen its hard to coup with. I love this new dimension they have given to amaar.

    I also love how they have protrayed JJ’s character as the innocent one stuck in this love triangle. Generally other shows will show amaar as the good innocent and honest guy and JJ as the evil jerk trying to steal ryaan for him. It just makes us even more torn apart for which side to cheer for.

  27. Iman

    no…i really want amaar and rayyan to be together
    =( theres still some hope….

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