Season 2 – Episode 20 – Marriage Minded

Synopsis: After a short courtship, J.J. decides to ask Rayyan to marry him.

Rayyan and J.J. have been dating for a while, and J.J. — under pressure from Yasir — thinks marriage is the next step. J.J. agrees. Yasir agrees. J.J.’s father agrees. There’s only one problem: no one’s asked Rayyan. Meanwhile, Amaar tries to come to terms with his feelings for Rayyan before it’s too late.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

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What did you think of this episode? How does it compare to the previous episode?

Are there any other topics from the episode that you want to discuss?



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119 responses to “Season 2 – Episode 20 – Marriage Minded

  1. Aisha

    I cant wait for another season to see what happens!

  2. sakurapassion

    Man, I hate cliffhangers.

  3. You know, I’m really curious how this thing between Amaar and Rayyan is going to play out, but one thing bothers me… Amaar is kind of immature. And that makes it hard for me to root for him. I mean, we (the audience) are more familiar with Amaar than with JJ, so it seems natural to want him to be the one to end up with Rayyan, but… JJ seems like a better match for Rayyan. However, that would take away a lot of the dramatic effect of the show. Maybe they will create a situation that will force Amaar to grow up a little, and then Rayyan will want to be with him instead of JJ. Who knows?

  4. Ya Zahra

    Did she just say, “JJ has been married? ” ? or was it something else?

  5. somalifan

    I really luv this show and I can’t wait for season 3, but my only concern is, will it revive it’s humor it’s kinda of drying up, only baber is still delivering a bunch line fatima who was hilarious at the begining isn’t getting enough writing I hope the writer would refresh there script and come back for season 3.

  6. Ah! Season 3, I cant WAIT!

  7. Good cliffhanger! Can’t wait for S3!

  8. sam

    So they have a 3rd season lined up? When does it start airing? Can’t wait!

  9. Samina

    It ended excatly how I thought.

    YA ZAHRA, she said “J.J. asked me to marry him”.

    My prediction for next season is that she said yes to J.J. because she hasn’t yet realised that it is Amaar that she wants to be with. Amaar was too late. I felt really sorry for him this time, he was just about to tell her and the silly cow stopped him!!!!!

    I still love Baber and Yasir and still find Sarah annoying as ever. I love the occasional stab that the mayor makes.

    I’m going to miss my fix of Little mosque.

    Any ideas about when season three starts?

  10. Sadat

    Assalamu Alaikum

    Most of the episodes in Season 2 were terrible but the last couple of episodes were awesome.

    I don’t really think Rayyan is fit to be a Imam’s wife as she is too detached from the real world.

    I hope Zarqa brings in a new lady character in to pair with Amaar.

  11. Vicky

    i think it would be great for the show to bring a new lady for Amaar cause it doesnt seem like he’s gonna start something with Rayyan.

  12. Mem

    well I have been following all these episodes and find them quite funny and interesting… but there is one editting “mistake” that bothers me a lot… on you tube at the end of PT1 Rayyan walks around the house in a red Hijab and red shirt… then PT2 starts and she’s talking to Amaar on the street with the pink Hijab and blue shirt… right after that talk she goes to make a house call to Baber in the red outfit she had on right before leaving the house… hmmmm… i guess i am quiet detail oriented but the editting work wasn’t the greatest for this episode

  13. Sim

    I agree – i noticed it too.

    waiting till sept/october for the new season is goign to be hard!

  14. asiila

    salaams: great cliff hanger, and nice sub-plot…babar finally got to show some wisdom and prove he’s not a total buffoon…

    at first, i wanted ammar and rayyan to end up together because it’s obvious from the first show they were attracted to each other, and because the ‘traditional muslim’ in me, finds that married men make much better imams for counseling, etc. (i think it’s required according to some scholars). but, now as some others have mentioned, another character for him may be the way to go. We need more characters and options for future stories…hmmm. it will be interesting to see what happens.

    If i was to wager, i’d bet rayyan says no to JJ.
    the only fear i have is that ammar will still be too goofy, and she too shy for them to get together, and we have more of the same. I HOPE NOT!!!
    on the other hand, all signs are leading to a big disappointment for yasir (and his big money dreams by proxy) and love confession times for ammar and rayyan.

    i agree that fatimah needs more focus, but how could it happen? she’s really a minor character. Again, could she and babar get together, eventually??? talk about a HUGE leap…(although Islamically it shouldn’t be).

    Sarah is ridiculous and Yasir is seriously ‘whipped.’


  15. asiila


    i meant to say one more thing. yasir’s “forgetting” to bring his self-centered, greedy, childish wife something from Dubai was a typical passive-aggressive move these types of men make…lol.

    they’re truly meant for each other. that’s fine on one level, but why do they have to be the main characters in this program? is this what living in little towns does to muslims?


  16. Kay

    I thought this was a very good episode, and the scene in the cafe with Baber, Fred and Fatima had me laughing out loud. I just adore the character of Baber; he’s perhaps a stereotype that at a quick first glance would have you not liking him too much, but then when you get to see him deal with real life issues in his own ‘special’ way, you realize that he just wants the best for his daughter, he wants to follow what is right and good and can eventually compromise without really giving up his beliefs. Excellent – I’ll miss this show until next fall.

  17. Samina

    I think they should reduce forcus on stupid sarah and shift it to Fatima or they mayor – even fred is a better character! They always have something funny to say. I have not once laughed at anything sarah had to say!

    I don’t think introducing a new lady for Amaar will be any help to the issue. There will always be the tension between Amaar and Rayyan, but maybe they could introduce one just to see Rayyan’s reaction to see whether she gets jealous or not.

    I still think she has said yes. There was no reason for her not to plus otherwise she wouldn’t have stopped Amaar and let him finish.

    That doesn’t mean it will definately go ahead but I still think she said yes.

  18. Don

    It’s gonna be a long wait for season three.
    Final thoughts:
    On the CBC’s comments page, someone complained that there were too many American references.
    I disagree. There were some things that made this Yank go “huh?”
    In the episode where Yasir and Sarah worked from home. Rev. McGee raised the rent on the office space, because of the rise in his property taxes.
    You mean Church/Mosque/Synagogue property isn’t tax exempt in Canada?
    Oh yeah, Babar gets into the chiropracter’s office without having to check with his private insurer to see how much the deductible is?
    Very strange!
    Then there was the “Wheat Week” episode where the mayor blew some public funds on her portrait in her “Lord Mayor” outfit.
    I live in Chicago, but we don’t call Mayor Daley”Your Worship”.
    But then, I’m not a city employee. 🙂

  19. Ya Zahra

    Thanks Samina. I don’t know, is it just me or do they swallow their words a lot?

    btw, this part was hilarious:
    “Babar decided to FREEE the chickens” LOOOOOL

    I agree, Sarah should have less roles and they should focus more on Fatima and maybe that tall guy..He’s jokes. BUT HOW AM I GOING TO BE ABLE TO WAIT ALL THIS LOOOONG?!!?!? *SIGH*

  20. This cliifffff hanger sux. Couldn’t the writer think of anything better than the most OBVIOUS possible ending of the season?

    on the other hand, the jokes were out of control this season. 1000 times better than season one.


  21. Nahida

    Whyyyyyyyyyy did they have to leave it like that. =(

    And I want Fatima to make a comeback. =)

  22. Anton


    I agree with many of the above comments. I find Sarah absolutely annoying and I really dislike her. Yassir is lovable in his own way, but Sarah is really, really frustrating. And I don’t like her jokes (but I would have to disagree – I dislike the mayor even more).

    And Amaar – I don’t know. This guy needs counseling more than he gives it! And so immature! I guess it’s a caricature character, but if I was Rayyan, I’d choose JJ over Amaar any time. This is not to say that the show obviously makes you root for Amaar.

    I’d love to have some more of Fred and a bit less of Sarah next season. But having said all that, it was a great season and infinitely better than season 1! Thanks to Mydien for all the hard work and to CBC for a great show!

  23. Inesa

    The stupid cliffhanger upsets me sooo much, especially since they already showed that part in the trailer (stupid trailers) I have seriously been waiting for Amaar and Rayyan to get together since Episode 1 and I thought it was certain they would after Episode 8 of the first season (the one when she was dating the fireman). I really hate how they’ve dragged this out soooo long (even though at the same time I have enjoyed it). And I really agree with all of y’all about Sarah and Fatimah. I kind of want to strangle Sarah. It seems that she never fully converted to Islam and that bugs me, not that I’m a judge or whatever, but she holds on to her “Christian mentality”, which isn’t a bad thing (when you are Christian.) I think it would be HALARIOUS if Fatimah and baber got together though (not that I expect it to actually happen) also, whatever happened to Fatimah’s son? Fatimah is a halarious character and needs more lines.

  24. Babur is WAAYYY too flaky for Fatima to like him. from what I’ve seen, strong women don’t like flaky men (well, most women don’t). Maybe their kids will eventually get together if the show goes on for that long.

    If Sitara Hewitt said there’s going to be drama next season, I’m guessing she said “yes” or “give me some time.” There wouldn’t be much drama if she said no. Of course, if she said yes, I’m guessing she will eventually choose Ammar. Like someone said, maybe this will force him to grow up a bit.

    Or maybe she and JJ will disagree about something important. Personally, I thought JJ was serious when he said he didn’t want his wife to work, then played it off as a joke to save his behind upon seeing that he was a dead man!

    I also don’t like Sarah. They make her too ditzy as well as selfish. I don’t like how they portray the mayor as someone who is selfish and not very good at her job. I’d rather have them show a more positive example of a woman in power.

    Eww, if they were going to have Babur kiss Fred, couldn’t it have been on the cheek?!?

  25. Bess

    Rayyan has to marry JJ otherwise JJ’s father and brothers (if he has any) will have to come over to Canada and kill her.

    It’s one of those matter of honour things.

  26. Jacob

    Actually since it was Rayyan’s father who brokered the deal I believe it will be he that loses his honour. He would be the one who will be forced to kill her and if he doesn’t then the offended party (the husband’s family in this case) is supposed to kill the father and the daughter.

    And they are supposed to get the iman to help them as well. Since Amaar will no doubt put his love towards Rayyan above his duties as an iman to help kill her then he will become a target as well.

    And this family is supposed to have a lot of money. Honour says that they are supposed to do it themselves, but if they can’t get into Canada perhaps they will hire a hit man to take out Rayyan, Amaar and Yasir.

    That is if she eventually says no. Perhaps she realizes this and because she fears for the lives of her father and Amaar her one true love she marries J.J. Their safety might be more important to her than her own happiness.

  27. Or–oh, oh, I know!–maybe I’ll give you a piece of my mind! =D

  28. Nutty

    I don’t see this as an either or, JJ or Amar? See here is the thing, if Rayan really wanted to be with JJ and was committed to it then why would she always have problems talking to Amar about him? Clearly Rayan does have feelings for Amar but she is still not ready to take that step with him, because as devout as she claims to be, she is still a feminist and a powerful woman. She does not strike me as a person who would wait for some guy to notice her, she would make a move.

    Amar is male so it is not surprising it takes him so long to come to terms with his own feelings.

    Babar is awesome! So is Laila

    I want more Fatima scenes, she is great and I love her with Fred Tupper, their conversations crack me up.

    Season three will be another smile for me, and by then I should be able to catch it on TV so w00t!

  29. Ya Zahra

    Ok so maybe a lot of people asked this, but does ANYONE know when the third season is being aired out? Why is it such a mystery?

    Next fall is too LONG! who can wait that long??!!

  30. Aren’t they doing it in October?

  31. I guess she must have SOME feelings for JJ or she would have told him exactly what to do with his ice cream cone in the previous episode.

  32. Samina

    What planet are Bess and Jacob living on?

    Nahida, October is too far away!!!!!!!

    They can’t give us such a crap cliffhanger and then make us wait until October!!!

  33. nissy

    I love this storyline but i hate waiting after a cliffhanger!!

    I’d rather it not be JJ or Amaar anytime soon and maybe have Rayaan say she wants a break from guys or something. I still think they shoud bring in a female character in her 20’s to be a friend for Rayaan.

    btw, i love how everyone’s talking about the show this time and not discussing some non-issue about Islam like they did for previous episodes.

  34. Kim

    If Amaar wants to stop JJ from marrying Rayyan there is an Muslim tradition where a rival suitor can go up to the man she is betroved to and challenge him to combat to the death. If he refuses he can’t be married to her under Islamic law. And of course refusal would also be a lost of honour to JJ so he would have to accept.

    Now to make such a challenge Amaar would have to get the approval of a iman, but since he is an iman, that really doesn’t apply in this case.

    Of course such ritual combat is illegal in Canada so it really will go to the question of what are the limits upon the free practice of religion.

  35. Bess

    Now does the iman have to approve of the challenge or the actual ritual combat.

    Because if it was the actual ritual combat then Amaar as “rival suitor” could make the challenge to JJ and Amaar as iman can refuse that the ritual combat would take place.

    After all Amaar is a lawyer so I could see him finding this legal loophole to prevent JJ from marrying Rayyan because he was unable to accept the challenge.

  36. Kim

    The “rival suitor” has to get the iman to sponsor the challenge. That is why it doesn’t happen much in the west.

    And I don’t know even if it happened the way you thought it might, even if the combat couldn’t take place I would think because JJ accepted the challenge he could still marry her. But I don’t know the technicalities.

    Now what JJ could do is tell law enforcement about the challenge and that would stop the combat from taking place and he would still be allowed to marry her (if he first formally accepted the challenge), but again there is also the whole honour thing associated with this sacred ritual combat and doing something like that would be seen as dishonourable.

    So the only question would be could JJ take Amaar? Oh and who would Fred bet on?

    I am joking about the Fred part as non Muslims are strictly forbidden to see the ritual combat. Although they could have Fred find out and then have him say he was going to bet on the outcome after all he would know who wins by who he doesn’t see at Fatima’s the next day. But since Muslims don’t bet, who would he bet with?

  37. khanner12

    this show is gud and i like it…but the sad part is its not that islamic…

  38. David

    What bothers me is that this show has nothing to do with the friction that is going on right now.

    Amaar doesn’t even have a beard. What difference does that make? I find Amaar a very accessible likable person. If he would dress and act a little more like Babur and had a beard, I don’t think I would have the same impression of him.

    And what about Barbur and his insolent daughter. Yeah, here in the west we might call it spunk and I personally like her. BUT she is insolent and if she lived in a really conservative Muslim household such insolent would not be tolerated for one moment.

    And also it is just another chance for television to bash the white male. At least it isn’t as bad as it seems to be on British television, but how does a show build tolerance if it tells one half that they are just ignorant hicks. Yeah, that’s sure tolerance.

    Most of the problems people are having aren’t with Muslims. The problem is with Muslim immigrants most of the time.

  39. Alex

    I am just wondering if Rev. McGee is going to come out of the closet next season.

    The guy is as gay as Dumbledore. I don’t think he wants to admit it to himself but come on the guy isn’t even married. He isn’t a Catholic priest. He is allowed to marry.

  40. Larry

    Actually since the marriage proposal happened at the mosque that Amaar is the iman of, he does have the ability to issue a fatwa forbidding the marriage.

    I doubt he will do that though because he knows that if he did Rayyan would never forgive him.

  41. Zaynah

    Aaaah! Cliffhanger!!!!! Well, I’m almost positive that Rayyan and Amaar will eventually get together, even if she says yes to j.j., more than likely it will be temporarily before she realises her feelings for Amaar or something like that. But now I have to wait until autumn to find out…..groan…

  42. karen

    Not much of a cliff hanger.

    Her saying yes was just a formality. Both fathers had already agreed. If she said no she could never marry. Well she could never marry within the Islamic tradition.

    At that point it was either JJ or no one.

  43. Emina

    I think you need to do more research about Islam and its regards to marriage. At this point it is her decision who she wants to get married. In Islam woman that is divorced can re-marry so I don’t see how Rayyan can not get married to someone else if she pleases.

  44. NAJ


    there’s no such rule in Islam.. please do not confuse between tradition and Islamic law

    in Islam, it is FORBIDDEN for a Muslim to propose to a woman who had already been proposed by another man

    there’s a shahih hadeeth for this, please check it out

  45. NAJ

    Hadeeth 1 (Shahih Muslim):

    Abu Hurairah, may Allah be pleased with him, reported:
    Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) forbade a dweller of the town selling the merchandise of a villager or outbidding in a sale (in order that another might fall into a snare), or a person making the proposal of marriage when his brother has already made such a proposal, or entering into a transaction when his brother has already entered; and a woman asking the divorce of her sister in order to deprive her of what belongs to her.

    Hadeeth 2 (Shahih Muslim):

    Ibn ‘Umar, may Allah be pleased with them, reported:
    Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) said: None among you should outbid another in a transaction, nor should he make a proposal of marriage upon proposal already made by someone else.

  46. Karen

    I knew it.

    That means that if Rayyan doesn’t marry JJ she can’t ever marry within the Muslim tradition.

  47. HB

    These comments are really strange and kind of funny, though I’m not sure they mean to be. I came on here to see if anyone enjoyed the gentle comedy of this show as much as I do. It’s nice to see that some folks do, but a lot of the comments are nonsensical and verge on the truly absurd. I find myself questioning the mental health of some of the people posting.

    To karen, who seems to think that Rayyan will either be forced to marry J.J. or be doomed to spinsterhood, the process goes like this:
    1. J.J. proposes
    2. a) Rayyan accepts and they marry
    b) Rayyan declines and they both move on with
    their lives. They are both free to marry other
    people. Your conclusion is bizarre.

    To Jacob, who said, “And this family is supposed to have a lot of money. Honour says that they are supposed to do it themselves, but if they can’t get into Canada perhaps they will hire a hit man to take out Rayyan, Amaar and Yasir.” It’s sad that you are not being facetious at all.

    I can just imagine the writers working in a storyline about J.J.’s dad sending a hitman to the little town of Mercy to take down the bumbling contractor and the mild mannered imam. This is great. You should pitch this to someone. [/sarcasm]

  48. Karen

    NAJ said “in Islam, it is FORBIDDEN for a Muslim to propose to a woman who had already been proposed by another man”.

    So since JJ’s father and Yasir has agreed and JJ has already proposed to her that means that no other man can propose to her. And it goes without saying I think that if another man can’t propose to her, she can’t get married to another man.

    So, either she accepts JJ’s proposal or never marry. NAJ said that is how it is in Islam.

    HB do you know something about Islam that NAJ doesn’t?

  49. HB

    “HB do you know something about Islam that NAJ doesn’t?”

    I don’t know if I know something about Islam that NAJ does not. I don’t even know who NAJ is, much less how much he/she knows about Islam.

    To the matter at hand, though, I believe you are misunderstanding both NAJ and the hadith. I read the hadith as urging Muslim men to not propose to a woman who has already been proposed to by another Muslim man but who is still considering his proposal (or has accepted it). To do so would be underhanded. If the woman has rejected the proposal, which she can do in Islam, then there is nothing holding her down. So, Rayyan’s choices are to marry J.J., marry Ammar, or marry no one, and those are her choices, not her father’s and not J.J.’s father’s.

  50. NAJ


    what is meant by the hadeeth is, if someone already propose a woman and another guy knew about it, he can’t propose to the girl as well unless that girl turn off the first proposal

    in other words, a guy can’t propose to a woman who is already engaged with another man

    Amar knew JJ already proposed to Rayyan. if Rayyan said yes to the proposal, it’s forbidden for Amar to propose as well. but if Rayyan said no, Amar still have the chance

    let say in the future, if Rayyan or JJ breaks their engagement, Amar can still propose since Rayyan is once again a single woman

    i hope this explanation will clarify some confusions. (pardon my english, i’m not really good at the language)

  51. NAJ

    maybe you’d like to know this as well…

    even it is forbidden for a guy to proposed to a woman who is already engaged, the woman can still accept the second proposal and breaks off her promise to the first guy

    the marriage with the second guy is still legal in Islam, but the act of:

    1. proposing to a woman who is engaged to another man
    2. breaking the promise of marrying the first guy (by the bride-to-be)

    are considered as sins

  52. NAJ

    correction (i said earlier):

    “in other words, a guy can’t propose to a woman who is already engaged with another man”

    but the more accurate sentence is:

    “in other words, a guy can’t propose to a woman who is STILL engaged with another man”

    * once again, pardon my english 🙂

  53. Lisa

    Isn’t it true that it was basically a done deal since Rayyan’s father and JJ’s father had agreed to it.

    Saying No would be a great insult to JJ’s family. And it would be a great insult to Yasir as well. It would demean him as a man.

    If Rayyan loves her father she had to say yes.

  54. Bess

    Saying no to JJ would be like forcing her dad to wear lipstick and a dress and parade him around town that way.

    At least that is the best Western analogy I can think of. It means total disgrace, total disrespect for her father.

    And it is the ultimate insult to JJ’s family.

    JJ’s father would demand that Yasir honour kills Rayyan to regain his family honour. And failing that, then JJ’s father is honour bound to kill both Rayyan and Yasir. And he can ask the local iman for his help in doing that. Since Amaar wouldn’t, that would mean that JJ’s father would have to kill him as well for failing to do his duty as iman.

  55. Bess

    You are right. Rayyan has to marry JJ for not to would be one of the most disrespectful things a daughter can do to a father.

    He would be honour bound to kill her.

    Fortunately for her Yasir isn’t that strong of a Muslim.

    Now, JJ’s father on the other hand. I doubt even JJ could stop him.

  56. Greg

    Rayyan saying no could mean financial ruin for JJ’s family.

    No Muslim would engage in business with JJ’s family and since JJ’s father works in Dubai it would mean that he would lose all the business connections he had over there.

    The idea behind that is I guess what kind of business associate would you make if you can’t even arraign the marriage of your son successfully

  57. That was the season finale ??!?! noooooooooo… so a few months of no LMOTP 😦 !! Last episode was nice. I think Rayyan and Amaar make a good pair. JJ looks goofy to me! On the side note, Babar and Fatima ?? Wont be too bad!!!

  58. NAJ


    honour killing jas got NOTHING to do with Islam, as th matter of fact it is forbidden

    please don’t get confused between traditions in some countries with Muslim majority and the true Islamic teachings

  59. NAJ


    honour killing has got NOTHING to do with Islam, as th matter of fact it is forbidden

    please don’t get confused between traditions in some countries with Muslim majority and the true Islamic teachings

  60. fan

    Love this show, and thanks to mydien for posting. Can’t believe this cliffhanger, and it sucks that we have to wait till October to find out what’s next! This show definitely keeps the viewer’s attention.

    On another note, who the hell are these weird people (Bess, Jacob, Lisa, Greg, etc.)? It actually sounds like one person posting under various names to pretend that there is more “discussion” about the crap they are spewing. If any of those are your real name, it’s more than likely you’re not Muslim and thus, probably not familiar with the religion or its rules. So please take your drivel elsewhere and leave the comments open to people who actually have something of value to say about the show.

  61. Iman

    i live in the U.S. so i only watch LMOTP on youtube….do we really have to wait till October to find out what happens??thats a REALLY long time!! i dont think i can wait that long!=(

  62. Greg

    Are you a real Iman?

  63. Janna

    I felt the ending was just as predictable as most people agreed, and I hope the show maintains its witty humor and effective comedic setups and not get too sappy!

    Btw Greg it’s IMAM (the prayer lead), not IMAN (faith) those are two really different things in Islam. Talk about having sufficient knowledge to be some armchair analyst the way you’ve been spewing junk-facts all this while.

  64. Samina

    Ok….. I’m am now officially having withdrawal symptoms…..:(

  65. Amina


    I can’t wait that long!!!
    Thanks for posting these episodes and please post them for the next season
    …in October…
    I live in the UK and I don’t think anyone has even heard of LMOTP over here.

  66. Samina


    I have!!!! Me is also from the UK. We can only watch it here so am hoping they will be back in October. I will be even more upset if they are not!

  67. safiyyah

    Thanks mydien
    I cant wait for the next season
    I love the way Islamic marriage is portrayed, the couple actually get to know each other a bit, and they have absolute freedom to decide on their own futures.
    Whats all this talk of honour killings, people please do not be so ignorant as to think something like that is Islamic…
    this show is meant to foster inter cultural understanding and tolerance, but your comments are doing the opposite and giving islam the bad name we are all trying to clear!
    I love that the imam and preist are best friends, it makes me think of the good relationship our prophet SAW had with the Negus of abysinia…

    Sarah definitely need some hidaya 🙂 but i think yaasir is hilarious, the writer really did created a good mix of characters, she should bring in a niqabi maybe, and something about sufism, as well…

  68. Steve

    Honour Killings happen all the time with Islamic Immigrants in the West.

    If this was real and not a comedy Baber would have killed his daughter by now.

  69. Steve

    Does it bother any of you that the producers of this show are not Muslims but instead members of the Bahá’í faith?

  70. I guess Steve’s definition of “all the time” is three or four incidents in the past compared to the estimated 4 and 1/2 MILLION Muslims that live in America.

    And no, it doesn’t bother me that they are members of the Baha’i faith because if they WERE Muslim people like Steve who just feel the DESPARATE NEED TO FIND SOMETHING WRONG OR ELSE THEY’D FEEL USELESS would just be saying that it’s a bunch of Muslims trying sugar and funny things up to make themselves look good.

    Besides, the WRITER is Muslim–and that’s the most important person. Without her, there’s no show.

  71. Jim

    You know I was thinking that the one foreign religion group who freak westerners out more than Muslims with their Burka ladies, honour killings and stuff are Sikhs.

    You know with their Tubans, , beards, and their swords and stuff. You see them all the time in Vancouver.

    Well, of course they are not Muslims although many in the West might unfortunately mix the two together not understanding this.

    Well, wouldn’t it be a great storyline if a bunch of Sikhs move to Mercy. Amaar would have to go around trying to explain to Fred that these newcomers aren’t Muslims. Would the Muslims of Mercy now feel like the threatened ones with the Sikhs kind of moving into their territory of being the strange foreign religious people?

    The mayor would obviously try to get the Sikhs on her side. Sarah might even lose her job as perhaps the only reason she had the job was that the mayor saw employing her was a way to get an “in” with the Muslims of Mercy. She might try to hire a Sikh instead.

    It would be a whole “seeing things from the other foot” type of thing as the Muslims of Mercy learn how it must have felt to the Christians of Mercy when they came in. Perhaps it could be for only a few episodes and then the Sikhs move on elsewhere.

  72. Steve

    Can you just see Baber and Fred get together complaining about the newcomers with their funny clothes and all? That would be so hilarious especially with the irony of the strange way Baber dresses yet he is calling the way they dress funny.

    Great idea Jim.

    Ironically it was the Sikhs that almost stopped me from going to Expo 86 in Vancouver. It almost seems that concern about terrorism began on 9-11-2001 but of course that’s not the case as the Air India incident happened long before that. There was much concern that terrorism might disrupt the Expo in Vancouver since the Air India incident happened like a year or so before that.

    It would be interesting to see how the Muslims feel about being displaced even temporary as Mercy’s top strange foreign religion. It would be interesting to see the Mercy Muslims start to act in the same ways regarding the Sikhs that previously the Christians of Mercy acted about them.

    And it would be hilarious seeing Fred first mistake Sikhs as a type of Muslim and Amaar trying to set him straight about that.

  73. Sara

    At the end perhaps the head Sikh (does anyone know the term for a religious leader in the Sikh religion) can tell Amaar that they are going to all move to Dog River where perhaps they will find a people “more tolerant of differences” than that of the people of Mercy.

    Of course for those who watch Corner Gas the irony of such a statement is obvious. The Sikhs will find less success there than in Mercy.

  74. Sara

    “It would be interesting to see how the Muslims feel about being displaced even temporary as Mercy’s top strange foreign religion.”

    I think first the Muslims of Mercy are going to like the fact that now people like Fred are now going about insulting the Sikhs instead of the Muslims. That would be of course after Fred is finally convinced that Sikhs aren’t really a type of Muslim.

    But then they are going to get jealous of all the attention the Sikhs are getting from people like the mayor. And then the Muslims are going to feel when PC works against them when they are on the receiving end of accusations of not being politically correct enough to the Sikhs.

    I think the whole “walk a mile in the other person’s shoes” aspect of such a story line will be great. They will see first hand what it must have been like for the original people of Mercy when the Muslims came in and seemed to practically take over. And after all “the Muslims were in Mercy before the Sikhs”. I could see Fatima use such a line and the irony in such a statement.

    All and all, I don’t see Sikhs being a permanent fixture in Mercy culture but to have several episodes about this could be amusing indeed.

  75. Bruce

    This is an interesting video (in four parts).

    I doubt you will see this issue addressed on this show any time soon

  76. Check this out (past the weather).

    It is showing what Muslims are doing to white girls in the UK.

  77. Check this out.

    It is showing what Muslims are doing to white girls in the UK.

    Why do I bring this up? Well in the UK there was recently shown a drama called “White Girl” about a White girl from a “White Trash” family being befriended by a Muslim family and as a result she converts to Islam.

    Well that was a drama. You know fiction. But here is what happens in real life to “white girls” who come into contact with Muslims in the UK.

  78. Bruce

    Just like the character in the BBC drama these “White Girls” come from white trash families. But of course what happens to them in real life is much different than what happens to the girl in the drama.

  79. Bruce

    Just to be clear the only reason I bring up race is because race was a significant factor in the BBC drama (being the title and all).

    It should go without saying that no girl of any race should be treated like this.

    But the fact that the girls in the documentary were white connected quite nicely with the fictional character in that drama. The contrast between fiction and reality in the UK is just so glaring.

  80. NAJ

    please stop all the provocative posts

    i come from a (very) multi-racial country where 60% of the populations are Muslims & so far, not even one case of honour killing ever happened here.. because it’s merely a tradition, has got NOTHING to do with Islam

    so please stop all the nonsense

  81. Bruce

    “i come from a (very) multi-racial country where 60% of the populations are Muslims & so far, not even one case of honour killing ever happened here..”

    You mean not one case of honour killing has ever been reported.

    Most countries don’t have the freedom of the press that the Western Countries do. And it is something that isn’t talked about much and people tend to keep it as quiet as possible.

    In some countries the authorities don’t even investigate honour killings feeling that it’s “a family issue” and not a concern that they should get themselves in the middle of.

  82. E


    People who use religion to justify their bad actions are just looking for a means to an end. They’ll interpret a religion however they want to, and as a result you see stuff like those videos you posted.

    I took a social psych class last year and learned about all the terrible things that people have done and their excuses for doing them. The fact that those guys in the videos might call themselves Muslim gives the good Muslims a bad name.

    Maybe instead of blogging about it, you can go out there and do something. Fight against all that social injustice!

  83. Matt

    Here is a good topic.

    What was your favourite and least favourite episode of Season 2 and why?

    My favourite was Episode 14 – Welcome To Mercy. I found it quite courageous. It really was television at its most profound. Only a few shows reach that level of quality.

    I guess my least favourite would have to be Episode 7 – Spy Something or Get Out. I thought that Fatima was quite rude to the CSIS agent and also I didn’t like how Amaar was insulted that the CSIS hadn’t listed his Mosque as a threat.

  84. Nahida

    I think the only reason Amaar found it insulting was because she said he wasn’t charismatic and his congregation wasn’t “big enough” which he probably associated with “good enough” to be a threat.

    And doesn’t Fatima talk to everyone like that?

  85. Dorothy

    I miss my show !
    I’ll never understand why soap operas can have new episodes every day and yet supposedly there is no budget for quality television like this; where there’s

    more thought put into it than who’s sleeping with who. It’s just a frustrating situation is all .
    As to what I want for the next season {using bad Vista voice recognition software}

    Ray an = Okay, I get why ray ann doesn’t get how much she has in common with her mother’s style of Muslim faith , But why doesn’t anyone else ever point it

    out to her? I think having Layla being instructed to take Rae Ann as a role model would have very hilarious consequences were Leila to pick and choose Which

    parts of ray an ‘s behavior to emulate .

    Leila = I would like to see more daddy daughter time. There are so cute together!

    Also, I want to see more scenes of her at school with the non Muslim kids. It was so cute as she idolized that other girl in her class and suddenly wanted

    to wear a head scarf just because the other girl thought it was cool. Her life nemesis was suddenly cool. Too funny!

    Amar = I would like to see him interacting with the public more. It seems like it’s always the same pairings with him {the priest, ray and, ray Ann’s dad,

    and occasionally Babar} not the entire truth, but definitely the impression given.

    Famtamah = I think the people who want to see her with Babar have lost their minds! If she must have a love interest, have it be someone from the outside –

    that she follows around like a little puppy dog without ever confessing her feelings to. From such a strong independent woman, that would be comedy. We

    don’t need her compromising her standards just because he happens to be the closest single man available AKA Babar.

    By the way, what’s up with the invisible son? Remember how shocked Leila was to encounter a family life so even more traditional than hers when she stayed

    with them? Certainly there must be room on the show to portray a young Muslim boy as well as a young Muslim girl .

    Yasser = he was perfect this season – no complaints.

    Sarah = same as her husband. Wonderful writing. Although, the tap dance episode had me somewhat confused and still does.

    J.J. = is a little too grating for the kind of character he’s supposed to be. The jealousy thing was a bit over the top. Strangely enough, I like him ,or

    rather I see the potential to like him were he a more developed character. Just because he’s brought in for the love interest of ray an shouldn’t mean he

    can’t have interactions inside the community outside of love interest plot.

    Babar = absolutely perfect.

    Priest {yes, blanking out on his name, probably because my mother and I always call him this preceded by “the”}
    = no complaints, aside from not being able to remember his name that is. Although, it might be interesting to meet some members of his congregation and

    getting their reactions to the mosque / members of. Maybe have somebody walk into the wrong entrance after being away from home for a long time – like

    school or marrying an out of towner.

    Fred = never thought much of him, until Leila became his intern, and then my heart just about broke for him when it became apparent he could not keep his job

    and keep himself human. Very poignant and unexpected from a comedy show.

    It does rather confuse me as to where they go from here with the character though. How can he go on being bigoted with Leila knowing his secret heart -able

    to expose his humanity at any moment. After all, teenagers are fickle creatures, and she might make this mistake of thinking she was actually helping him.

    Nothing is harder to defend against than being defended by your worst enemy.

    The mayor = no particular complaints, but kind of forgettable this season. In fact, I almost forgot to put her in this summary.

    As for the Rae Ann and J.J. Will they or won’t they — I really don’t care. All I know, is that I don’t want to see her with Amar.

    This is mostly personal, as I can’t stand it when people look down on me for having friends who are men who are just friends and nothing else. What makes it

    worse is occasionally some of those friends will think repeatedly that they have a chance with me in between their girlfriends just because I happen to be

    there – not happening. I don’t blame them, but society, for indoctrinating them with the idea that men and women cannot just be friends and merely two

    people being single at the same time is enough justification for dating – it’s not.

    Let Rae Ann have her friendship without having it further tainted by the writers pandering to a common denominator.

    If J.J. is not to fall in love with ray ann, then let him fall in love with mercy. Having him stay would be far more interesting than having him go {and

    feel like a less of a waste of character development time that could’ve been spent on someone staying}

  86. Matt

    Some of your comments about the characters I agree with while others I don’t. Fred for example I don’t know what you mean about the “remain human” part. I believe part of the problem with the character is the lack of understanding the actor playing the character has about the character he is playing. Unlike say the character playing Baber. The actor playing Fred obviously hates Fred even though Fred has some admirable characteristics. It comes from the actor’s own biases. It is a fine balance between emphasizing characteristics for comical effect and protraying the true nature of a character. Fred at his best keeps them on their toes and his honest talk is the best way for true understanding to emerge.

    J.J. well he was never meant to be a perminent character but he is played well by the actor playing him. To see him heartbroken out of no fault of his own will be tragic indeed.

    McGee (the pastor), well he is played well for what he is supposed to be, which is the state of mainline christianity today. I find him a pathetic character, but again, that’s the state of mainline Christianity in the West, so to play him in any other way than pathetic would be untruthful.

    He obviously has contempt for his flock which I guess is somewhat deserved but he doesn’t understand his culibility (and the culibility of mainline Chrisitianity) in the current state of affairs. When the true Gospel isn’t being taught in the churches people will look elsewhere to get their spiritual needs meant.

    Perhaps it is due to his contempt for his flock that causes him to go up against them time and time again. I don’t know how I would feel if my church was turned into a part time Mosque, Synagogue, etc, but I probably would feel the same way as a Muslim and a Jew would feel if their Mosque and Synagogue was turned into a part time church. And of course what he did with the Gay wedding was totally inappropriate but does reflect what is going on in the Anglican church these days.

  87. Matt

    I would like to see how (if) Amaar interacts with the general Mercy community more. After all he is the leader of the Mercy Islamic community so how he acts has a lot to do with how people in Mercy perceives Islam.

    Also, doesn’t Mercy have a Jewish community. From the cable television episode it seems like they once had one but did they fade away? If so, why?

    As for Leila, as a non-muslim I really like her. But in trying to put myself into a Muslim perspective I see her as a very poor Muslim and she treats her father very poorly.

    Baber is a difficult character indeed. I can understand and respect his belief in tradition and the need to hold on to tradition, but in that it really bothers me how easy it seems for him to despite all the talk and bluster to cave so easily time and time again.

    The mayor – Heck she’s my mayor. She reminds me of the mayor in South Park as well. For what she is supposed to be she is played well. Her frequent junkets at taxpayers expense with no benefit for the community goes on in my town all the time with not only my she-mayor but members of the city council as well. She is who she is supposed to be and therefore no complaints.

    As for Fatima, she does need more of a role in the show but NO love interest (especially Baber). Can’t an unmarried woman have a fullifuling life without a love interest? She is a great business person.

    As for the other characters I haven’t mentioned, no complaints there. I do wish they wouldn’t try to emphasize so much a Rayyan-Amaar love interest. Also I would be interested in seeing more how these Muslims deal with living in an increasingly perverse, decandant, immoral Western Society, a problem that not only Muslims have but all of strong moral/religious faith have to deal with as well.

  88. Matt

    In the show there are three immigrants (Baber, Fatima, and Yasir) and the rest were born Canadians.

    I would be interested to know why the immigrants came to Canada.

    Also I was kind of disappointed how Fatima didn’t make more of a deal about becoming a Canadian. Even though she is a tough person it should have brought a tear of joy to her eyes as it would have been an life experience on the level that is only excelled by a birth of a child, a marriage or something of that magitude.

  89. Matt

    I believe on the tap dancing episode it was very wrong for Leila to blackmail her father like. I realize this is a comedy and as such perhaps I need to cut it some slack for that.

    But still even if Baber was wrong about how he felt about Sarah tapdancing in public (which I assume most who watched that episode thought he was) it wasn’t Leila’s place to correct him on that.

    But again it is a comedy so perhaps we need to consider her actions in this with that in mind.

  90. Matt

    I meant to type “I believe on the tap dancing episode it was very wrong for Leila to blackmail her father like that”.

    But again this is a comedy not a drama so I am willing to cut the show some slack for that, but in reality she shown total disrespect for her father in doing this.

  91. Matt

    As for Fatima, her becoming a Canadian would have been the perfect time for a moving speech but instead the show boiled it down to “now she can complain”.

    Even in comedies there are times when seriousness is called for like in the WKRP episode where in real life those people died in that concert.

  92. Matt

    Dorothy, Fred is not a bigot.

    He attacks people equally.

  93. Matt

    “I don’t blame them, but society, for indoctrinating them with the idea that men and women cannot just be friends”

    It isn’t only Islam that makes this near impossible but fundamental Christianity as well, especially if one or both of them are married.

  94. Abdul

    What ever do any body have any news of the third season??

  95. gulfam

    wow , reading through the posts never realised how ignorant people are or how little they think before they speak

  96. Anton

    I think the third season is coming in the fall. Hang in there 😀

  97. Nadia F

    I want ray and JJ toghether forever it romantic how the are toghether………….. Amar can find someone else

  98. Nique

    I can’t wait for new episodes in the fall. And I’d really like to see what FOX does with the show once they adapt it for American television.

    I agree that it’d be nice to have more characters added to the mix. Rae Ann doesn’t have any friends her age, it’d be nice to have her interact with some other young Muslimahs or even show how she navigates social relationships with non-Muslims her age; she hangs out w. Fatimah and Ammar too much. What ever happened to the niqab wearing sister?? or even the folks they showed on the “bad hair day” episode?

    I think it would be nice to see some white practicing Muslims, to balance out the Sarah character or the extreme character they had on for the one episode. That way Islam doesn’t have to seem like a “foreign/immigrant” religion.

    I also agree there is room to flesh out Fatimah’s character and show more of her family life.

    Maybe Ammar can find a sister online through one of the Islamic websites that’d be interesting.

  99. tJ

    After watching the whole of season 2, I really feel some characters have grown and some have backpedaled. I agree with some that Sara has become increasingly annoying. I also feel she has not represented the real struggles us converts go through. The mayor has increasingly become the devils advocate which makes Sara’s situation worse. I think Fatima’s character should be more developed; her role in the town is important. She is a good link between Muslims and non-Muslims. I also think Layla’s character has a lot of potential as a Muslim-Canadian teen and situations that group encounters. As always, I love the dynamics between Duncan and Amaar. These two are a match made in heaven! I can’t wait for season 3 (which I hope will be more readily available in the US).

  100. Steve

    “That way Islam doesn’t have to seem like a ‘foreign/immigrant’ religion.”

    But Islam is a “foreign/immigrant” religion. Sure there are some people who were born in Canada who are Muslims, but they are usually second generation.

    And yeah, there are even some whites that are Muslims but those people aren’t common but indeed the exception.

  101. As for Layla, I find her very disrespectful to her father.

    I wonder if they are going to kill her off this season.

    Check out this Video

  102. kei

    No, seriously you have no idea what you’re talking about.
    Majority of Muslims are in fact Asians and the most populous Muslim state is Indonesia and nope, no honour killings there.
    There isn’t anything in a religion which justifies honour killings.

    Stop using weak cultural arguments to propagate your xenophobia and Islamophobia, thanks.

  103. ME


  104. Gary

    You know what would be funny.

    If (perhaps only for one episode) they had a Scottish Muslim character. You know like a Mike Myers type of character

    Can you imagine him saying Muslim things with a Scottish Accent.

    That would be soooo funny.

  105. Gary

    Why isn’t McGee (the Reverend) married?

    Is he gay?

    I think that is what the show is trying to portray his character as being. I don’t think he is a practicing gay. I think he is still trying to deny that truth about himself.

    Perhaps he will come out of the closet to himself and others this year. And if he does should the Mosque be at a church with a gay pastor in it?

    It would be great to bring this up as the Anglican church is going through lots of problems on the issue of homosexual pastors and other issues regarding homosexuality and it is really pulling the church apart.

    Just this Thursday leaders of the U.S. Episcopal Church voted to defrock a bishop who has been a leader among dissidents opposed to the ascendancy of gays in the church and a critic of other issues involving liberal scriptural interpretation.

    The House of Bishops of the 2.4-million-member U.S. branch of the global Anglican Communion said its members meeting in Utah has voted 88-35 to remove Bishop Robert Duncan, head of the Diocese of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, from the ordained ministry.

    Over the years Duncan has been a leading orthodox dissident and an organizer of those who have been at odds with the U.S. church since 2003 when the Episcopal Church consecrated Gene Robinson of New Hampshire as the first bishop in more than four centuries of church history known to be in an openly gay relationship.

    The action came just weeks before Duncan’s diocese was to vote on whether to bolt from the U.S. church and place itself under the jurisdiction of a conservative South American Anglican primate. A diocese in California earlier became the first Episcopal diocese to defect and others are considering the same action.

    And the same kind of conflict is going on in Canada. It is probably one of the key reasons that church attendance is so low at McGee’s church.

  106. Greg

    I have just found an advanced copy of what some of the episodes of this season is going to be. This seems to only be a working copy and I don’t know what order it is in but it looks to be an interesting season ahead indeed.

    Here are some of the episodes:

    Mercy Street Fair.

    Johnny (the gay swimming instructor) and his “wife ” (or is he the “wife” and the other guy the “husband”) are back in town. This time as heads of the Saskatchewan gay pride committee. They are going to have Mercy become the center of an event they want to put on which is similar to San Francisco’s Folsom Street Fair. The Mayor loves this as she sees this as bringing in tax revenue to the community, but the problem, the location for the fair is the street that Fatima’s diner is on.

    One strange foreign weird religion too many.

    Amaar and Fred join forces when a bunch of Sikhs come to town thinking of settling. Amaar because he fears losing the influence that comes from being the leader of the “diversity religion” (Sarah also loses her job temporary because the mayor was only keeping her around to have an “in” with the Muslim community and so she hires a white woman who was married to one of the Sikhs because she now wants an “in” with them) and Fred because while “the Muslims might be terrorists, still they don’t wave around them swords like these sheiks do (yeah he always calls them sheiks instead of Sikhs and at first he thought them to be a type of Muslim) ” It also may be because Fatima is a better cook than any of them Sikh ladies. Fatima joins in with them because “the Muslims were in Mercy first” and Barbar also helps because those Sikhs “dress funny”.

  107. Greg

    Wheat Week II.

    Wheat week is again threatened when a bunch of Muslims from Toronto come to protest the town having it despite it being offensive to Muslims. Of course from those who have seen the season two episode about Wheat Week you know that this isn’t actually the case but once such a rumor is started it tends to take on a life of its own and perception often becomes more important than reality. The Toronto Muslims were of course just seeking publicity, and the whole town even Fred applauds when Amaar tells these trouble making “flying Iman” type out of town Muslims in front of the cameras to “Get out of our town” which of course is important because Amaar up to that point has seen himself more of a Torontonian than a member of the Mercy community. Also, Rayyan is having trouble with getting everyone to agree on an idea for a float that they can put into the Wheat Week Parade in order to show that Muslims actually do support Wheat Week.

  108. Greg

    McGee Comes out.

    Amaar is afraid that McGee is coming on to him after McGee admits to himself and then declares to the entire community that as a result of being sexually abused as a kid by his own pastor, he developed homosexual tendencies that he had been fighting to deny. Of course at the end Amaar is wrong and McGee isn’t attracted to Amaar nor was he “coming onto” Amaar. But instead he is starting to go out with that guy who protested him having that gay marriage at the church (Del I believe his name was). Seems that reason he was divorced so many times was because the women could tell, although he could never admit it to himself that he was gay. That was why he was so hostile to gays for so long because it was something he was trying to deny himself. He was molested by the same Pastor McGee was. But the courage that McGee showed in admitting to the world that he was gay gave Del the same courage to do the same. Everyone is shocked that the Pastor is going out with Del because well Del is Del but none more than Barber who thought he had found in Del a real ally against homosexuals. And of course they tease Baber because he and Del had seemed to be getting along so good and Del was divorced and he was divorced (of course Barber gets really defensive and everyone laughs).

  109. Greg

    Fatima becomes Mayor.

    In an episode that just coincidentally comes around the time of the elections in the US Fred convinces Fatima to run against the mayor. We all know that despite of what he might say he has much respect for Fatima as a businesswoman, and the She Mayor has been running a deficit that is forcing her to raise taxes big time against the citizens of Mercy.

    Well the Mayor is desperate as she thought she had “placated THOSE people” (what do you mean Sarah says Blacks or Muslims”? Both, and as for the Muslims what do I have you on staff for). And even goes as far as trying to get the conservatives of Mercy to vote for her as one of theirs even though her whole career she has been a flaming liberal. But fortunately Fred is there to show her up when she tries to “re-invent” herself. Sarah’s loyalties makes her feel like she is being torn apart, working for the mayor being a Muslim and having the chance of having the first Muslim mayor in Saskatchewan. Can Fatima win? Well according to her campaign director Rayyan Yes she can (how original) and she has gotten some major long term supporters of the she mayor who had supported the she mayor because well she was a woman, to now support Fatima (“she’s a woman, a black, and a Muslim that’s the hat trick of modern Canadian politics”). It looks like the she mayor might actually lose this one but it could be close … and the winner is…. (to be revealed at the next episode).

  110. Greg

    After Fatima fires Sarah, as a cost cutting move after winning the election Rayyan against her best judgment gets Sarah a temporary job working as as receptionist. Well of course Sarah gets on Rayyan’s nerves. At the end of the episode Fatima does get give Sarah her job back which really disappoints Fred as Fatima was right in the beginning when she told Sarah that it wasn’t anything personal but indeed her position was unnecessary and just a waste of taxpayers money. How quickly they become part of the the system and its business as usual Fred laments. Such on target political commentary hasn’t been seen since “Yes Prime Minister” .

  111. Greg

    Setting Layla Straight

    When Layla’s friend misinterprets Layla’s friendship and kisses her, Layla starts to question her own sexuality. She turns to Rayyan who uncharacteristically turns to Amaar for advice. They both know that for the sake of Layla’s very life they have to stop her from having such notions, and have to prevent Barber from finding out that she is having even such questions less he kills her and himself. (Amaar asks Barber “hypothetically” of course what should a Muslim father do if he finds out his daughter is questioning her sexuality. Well that’s easy of course. Kill her. But surely you couldn’t do that if we were talking about Layla. Well, of course we aren’t talking her but if we were I would do it out of love for her. It would be my ultimate expression of my love to her and then I would turn the gun on myself. That is what a good Muslim father would do”). Fortunately at the end of the show Layla does realize that she is a heterosexual (Rayyan is embarrassed though about some of the things she admits to Layla). She gets her friend in trouble by accusing her of Hate Speak (saying bad thing against Muslims) so that anything she might have said about thinking that Layla was gay would be assumed to just be attempts of retaliating against her reporting the Hate Speak.

  112. Tim

    The Fred We Know.

    When Fred gets booted off the air by the CRTC for “hate speak” the Muslims of Mercy are at first less than sympathetic about his plight.

    That is until they get a listen to the Leftist who takes over for him.

    First the host causes a riot that gets the mosque damage. Well actually it was the church they were going after, but of course the church and the mosque in this show is the same thing so the Muslims suffered the consequence as much as McGee (who now preaches each morning for a group of around seven old people half of them sleeping). The Talk show host gets the church nearly burned down because he said something to the effect I know some call Muslims terrorists, I say it is the Christians who are the terrorists, it is the Christians that should have their buildings burnt down, they are the biggest threat to Canada.

    After finding out how by having people burn down a church in Mercy it in effect has them burn down the Mosque the host apologize and then he tries in his liberal way to “set things straight” about Muslims but his misconceptions about Islam are even worse than Fred’s and in his “helping” he actually makes things worse for the Muslims of Mercy.

    So they decide to help Fred and get rid of this guy and get Fred back. In the end they do so by making him say something that made it sound like he was against Mercy’s mayor because she was a Black Muslim. And since those who live by the sword die by the sword he is assaulted by the same leftists that he is a part of and will never work again, and Fred comes back stronger than ever.

  113. Muslim Lady

    Assalamu alaikum and peace be with you all.
    Not long to go now. Yipeee!!!
    It’s like the perfect Eid present.
    Since LMOTP isn’t broadcast in the UK, could I sincerely request mydien to post the new episode as soon as possible after it airs. I’m sure they’re are many people like me who would really appreciate it.
    I really must commend you upon creating this site also, mind you some of the comments here are completely bizarre but I guess thats how people learn by discussing various misconceptions about Islam and having them clarified by the more informed. Well done all of you.
    Eid Mubarak when it comes to you.
    Please remember me in your prayers 🙂

  114. Tim

    Language Jihad

    Barber believes that since Arabic is the language of the Koran it should be the second language of Mercy, and so goes on a campaign advocating that Arabic be used on all government signs and communications in Mercy.

    He even goes as far as taking down street signs and replacing them with ones in Arabic which causes some traffic accidents.

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