Season 2 – Episode 16 – Ear for Trouble

Synopsis:  During the Ramadan period, Amaar challenges his congregation to abstain from lying, getting angry or gossiping but this proves to be difficult for some

Amaar asks his congregation to give up their faults. For Yasir, it’s lying. For Sarah, it’s gossip. For Baber, it’s anger. Meanwhile Rayyan and Baber must work together to replace the mosque’s worn carpets.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

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What did you think of this episode? How does it compare to the previous episode?

Are there any other topics from the episode that you want to discuss?

Month of Ramadaan, Giving up flaws during the month of fasting, managing anger while hungry.



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29 responses to “Season 2 – Episode 16 – Ear for Trouble

  1. Lesia

    I want that t-shirt!!!

  2. Ali

    It was good, i liked it.

    Thanks for uploading this video

  3. Matt

    What trade could a Chinese city engage with a town so small as Mercy?

  4. Don

    What trade could a Chinese city engage with a town so small as Mercy?

    Remember the beets? Lots of beets. 🙂

  5. Samina

    I really liked this episode it was very funny however I did think the knob joke Rayan told was a little inappropriate to tell infront of her father.

    Baber always comes out as the funniest with his one liners. “The duplicating machine is trying to enrage me!” and “3 timer”.

    I don’t understand why Rayan can’t talk with out silly head movements.

    Oh we need to see more of Fred he’s another very funy character especially when paired with Fatima.

  6. Jenny

    Where was Fatima this episode anyway? She’s a great character, why so much less this season? Maybe Arlene Duncan has other commitments …

  7. Nahida

    Fatima WAS in this episode, Jenny. =) But for a very short period of time–she was the one handing out plates.

  8. Nahida

    I actually didn’t get the knob joke.

  9. sakurapassion

    I’ve been keeping up with the show. It seems the characters are starting to develop a little bit more.

  10. Kassad

    It’s just me or Yasir’s t-shirt look like Ahmadinejah?

  11. Azeena

    I didn’t like this episode as much as the other ones. I guess for me, it had some weird awkward moments where things just didn’t flow as well as the other episodes did.

    But it was still pretty funny. I don’t think the knob joke was inappropriate, especially because it seemed like it wasn’t intentional (well it probably was intentional in the script).

    Still, it was a fairly good episode- and of course, Little Mosque rocks! 😀

  12. Bronwen

    I really think the quality of the episodes is picking up, which is great… only one thing… wasn’t Ramadan in the autumn last year? I suppose the idea was to play this when we Christians are embarking on Lent, so we can empathise with the fasting and being good gig.

  13. Farah

    It’s not Ramadan yet, seven months to go before Ramadan, I think S1’s Ramadan episode wasn’t in Ramadan either.

    It doesn’t matter, anyway.

  14. Adara

    Samina, I know some people who just…do that–move their heads a lot when they talk, I mean. With some people it bothers me, but for whatever reason, Rayyan doesn’t =P
    I completely missed the knob joke somehow. I’ll have to go back and find it. haha~

  15. Nahida

    LOL if you get it Adara let me know what it is.

    I totally didn’t understand it~

    And the next episode is when Rayyan falls for J.J.

    It would be sooo sad if Amaar had to marry them to each other. (For him I mean.)

  16. Samina

    Ok, Adara and Nahida I think (but correct me if I am wrong fellow fans) but she called Amaar a knob in the rude sense.

    The joke was something like “I was just looking for the knob and you are out here” (or something like that). She was looking for the knob (to the door) and found Amaar (knob as in reference to male organs used as a innuendo or light insult).

    Please correct me if I am wrong after all I am british and I may be way off the mark.

    Adara, the head thing used to bother me about Amaar too but he has stopped almost like he listened to what I had to say.

    Nahida, who is j.j whats this all about?

  17. Samina

    It’s ok Nahida I couldn’t wait for the reply and did some digging I can’t believe they will be courting. What will happen to Amaar? Do you remember how jealous he got when the fireman asked was interested in her?

    I will love to see Yasir react to all this. Yasir, Amaar and Baber should be key in these JJ Rayaan story lines.

    I bet they will leave it hanging on a proposal and make you wait for the answer until next season. When will that be by the way and will they still be shown here? I have no other way of watching this. 😦

  18. Nahida

    Thank you very much for the explanation Samina. =) I didn’t get it because I’m American probably–I’ve never heard the word “knob” used in that sense.

    Lol. It will be very interesting to see both Amaar’s and Yasir’s reaction! Maybe he’ll finally confess? But I heard Sitara Hewitt say on one of the shows that season 3 will be about drama in Rayyan’s love life–so they probably WILL leave us hanging after this episode, as it’s the closing episode for season 2. I have no idea when season 3 will be but they’ve been very good about posting things here. =)

  19. Samina

    It’s not a very nice term I know. Apparently the last episode of this season will be j.j. proposing to Rayaan but I don’t think we will hear her reply until next season. You never know maybe Amaar comes clean eventually forcing her to reconsider!!! Nah I doubt it he isn’t brave enough. Two guys after the same girl…. Oh by the way do you know who will be playing J.J? Anyone interesting?

  20. Nahida

    I don’t know who the actor is, but I’ve seen him.

    He’s handsome. 😉

  21. Nahida

    Yeah I know, he’d be heartbroken. =(

  22. Samina

    A heartbroken Imam. How amusing.

  23. Nahida

    I know. Can you imagine him standing there marrying the woman he loves to another man? D:

  24. Adara

    Whoa love drama is on the way!?! I had no idea!
    Okay, so now that I have located and identified the knob joke (LOL finally), I have to say this–I’m not Canadian, but I know that depending on where you live, knob can mean male anatomy, an obnoxious person, or an idiot/moron/whatever not-so-nice word. I’m pretty sure it means like “I was looking for the knob on the door, but I found one right here!” meaning like…”I found this big doofus, Amaar.” or whatnot. hahaha I don’t know, I’m sick right now, I think I need to take a nap because I have never used the word “doofus” before =P

  25. Samina

    Yes I think you should take a nap. I haven’t heard the word doofus used in a very long time.

    Yes love drama is on the way over the next four episodes. I’m pretty sure they will leave us hanging. Typical!

  26. Samina

    Adara, Nahida – Love reading your comments – Keep them coming!

  27. Episode 17 has been Online 🙂

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