Season 2 – Episode 13 – The Crush

Synopsis: Amaar thinks Layla has a crush on him and tries to figure out a way of ending it quickly.

There’s trouble at Amaar’s Koranic studies class when he intercepts a note from Layla indicating she’s got a crush on him. He does what any good teacher would do: he runs to Rayyan for help. Meanwhile, when Yasir and Sarah help Fatima study for her citizenship test, they come close to driving her out of the country.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

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What did you think of this episode? How does it compare to the previous episode?

Are there any other topics from the episode that you want to discuss?



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13 responses to “Season 2 – Episode 13 – The Crush

  1. Azeena

    Wow, another cool episode. I have to admit, it was much better then the Jihad on Ice- I guess that episode was a bit too ‘blah’ for me. But this one was cute and funny 😀

  2. Samina

    I think the relationship between Fatima and Fred is really good.

    They needed to show Baber a bit more in this show.

    Still very funny and much funnier than the last episode.

  3. Anton

    Oh this episode was great! I think it’s getting better with time, which is good

  4. Steve

    I guess one of the issues that this episode dealt with is Citizenship. I for one would die for mine but I am an American and I don’t know how strongly they feel in Canada about theirs.

    One of the things that I find interesting is that all the Muslims of this show are Canadians and not foreigners. Well, except for Fatima, but now she is a Canadian as well. But what I mean is nowdays it is much easier with the Internet, Long Distance Phone Calls, Satellite TV to move hundreds of miles from your “home country “(say to Canada) but still remain intimately involved in the culture and the happenings of the “home country”.

    But all the Muslims they show on this show are in essence Canadians. Wherever Fatima was from they didn’t really mention any desire she had to go back there. It wasn’t like she was keeping in touch with what was going on wherever she was from.

    Baber I guess is from Pakistan, yet he hasn’t been there since the days when they sold cigarettes on the Airplanes (the 1960s?) and it seems from the episode that he is a Canadian too.

    I guess I would have liked to see Fatima take her decision to be a citizen with more deliberation. After all when you become a citizen of one country it means that you are abandoning the country of your birth, and that is a serious thing indeed.

  5. Bronwen

    “After all when you become a citizen of one country it means that you are abandoning the country of your birth,”

    Not in Canada it doesn’t! In Canada you are both. That’s what it means to have a “mosaic” model of multiculturalism rather than a melting pot.

  6. “Melting Pot” served America well for years. Now that we are moving away from that we are seeing our society in decline.

  7. Farah

    Awww, Fred and Fatimah are so cute together.

  8. Bronwen

    To each their own. Mosaic works aces for us.

  9. Ayesha

    i adore this show. i love the misunderstanding with amar and rayan. oh so cute. I adore their cute relationship! “She is just a kid, who cares what she thinks”..that must have really thrown rayaan off. is it just me, or are rayaans clothes GORGEOUS!!

  10. Abdul

    Yes you are right she is carrying her cloths well. Have you seen her interview on you tube. She has been in pakistan for long time. And she was use to wear those clothes there

  11. Ayesha

    really? but she is a model…

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