Season 2 – Episode 9 – No Fly List

Synopsis: Amaar and Rayyan go with Baber to the US consulate to get Baber removed from the American ” No Fly List “.

Baber can’t give a keynote speech at a conference in Chicago because he’s on the American no fly list. Amaar and Rayyan persuade him to fight the power by taking a day-long road trip to the American consulate. Back in Mercy, the Mayor wants to put a private bathroom in her office — and Yasir will stop at nothing to get the job. Guest-starring Dave Foley (Kids in the Hall, News Radio).

Part 2:

Part 3:

Videos courtesy of mydien

What did you think of this episode? How does it compare to the previous episode?

Are there any other topics from the episode that you want to discuss?



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19 responses to “Season 2 – Episode 9 – No Fly List

  1. Sorry im kinda Late 🙂 but the videos are online now 🙂 enjoy and comment

  2. s

    very funny – esp car scenes.

  3. Samina

    A much better episode compared to last week.

    Baber just gets funnier. Fatima’s son is funny too.

    Although I was wondering whether it was possible for Rayan to speak to Amaar without flirting just once to see whether it is indeed possible. She could also try standing back when talking to him as opposed to having her face close enough to kiss him.

    There was a lot of talk of Ginger beer but did anyone actually see any?

    The best part this week were provided once again by Baber and his Laila, Fatima and her son was good too, The best had to be however the guy at the embassy. “It’s hug time!!”

  4. red

    Ginger Ale is not beer, it’s soda. Completely halal, contains no alcohol.

  5. asiila

    cute…now, is Babar on the no-fly list for real??? (veiled threats of plane crashing…)

    p.s. i don’t like planes either!!!

  6. Jo

    what’s up with Amaar and Rayaan. i’m sure they’ve crossed what’s considered to be normal boundaries for a man and woman in Islam.
    But then again, where i’m from, i know young girls wearing hijabs with their boyfriends and this is actually considered normal in my society.

    i absolutely love baber in this episode. i think he is the funniest character and also i think his daughter adds real class to the show.

    keep up the good work, i’m absolutely hooked on LMotP

  7. nissy

    I agree with everyone who says that amaar and rayan are FAR too close. Even if perhaps there are some muslims who may act like them, Amar’s supposed to be an imam and rayan is supposed to be devout. It just makes no sense. I hope something changes soon, its what bothers me most about the show.

    Overall tho very funny episode, i love the ending. I hope LMOP doesnt get cancelled anytime soon, its a really refreshing change from everything else thats on TV

    Thanks for posting all the episodes, I’m always too busy to catch them on tv.

  8. It offended me when Rayyan said to Baber that they should go to the American consulate and demand their rights.

    THEY ARE CANADIAN CITIZENS. They have no right to go to the United States. When we allow them in to the United States we are giving them a privilege, a privilege that can be revoked any time for any reason or for that matter no reason. Because it’s our country, and just like Canada can keep out anyone from the United States they don’t want in there, the United States has the right to keep out any Canadian (or any other non-citizen of the United States)

    I don’t only believe that about certain Muslims and the war on terror but we keep some Canadians out of the United States, for their pro-communist and/or anti-American rhetoric. And that’s our right!

  9. Ruk

    “How do you live like this?”
    “I retreat inside myself” Ha ha ha. That looks like a fun game. Very Strategic! Plus, “You can eat the seeds!”

  10. kurukawa

    i would say second season is much better for yasir and his wife are keeping their distance.

  11. Hahaha, I love that Yasir & his wife are close enough to pinch bums in the mosque.

    I also think Amar and Rayyan’s relationship is VERY realistic in terms of a North American Muslim relationship between young people.

    I think they is gonna get married 🙂

  12. alikaz

    a) if a US citizen is denied access US will make a huge deal about it, trust me, canadian citiziens are denied access on a daily basis on no evidance what so ever.
    b) if someone banned you from entering someplace without no reason, you’d be pretty pissed too.
    c) its not a privlage, a person should be allowed to go whereever they wish to, unless the other side has strong evidance againt them.

  13. Samina


    I am aware ginger ale is halal, I just thought it would be funny to actully watch him overdoing the ginger beer. You misunderstood. There was no religious emphasis on anything that I said. Even the flirting thing I was talking about from ‘an annoying to watch’ perspective.

  14. I thought he was drinking ginger ale, not ginger beer?

    Ginger ale is a soft drink that contains lots of sugar whereas Ginger beer has a stronger taste of Ginger to it. I like ginger ale, whereas I find Ginger beer distasteful (just my preference, perhaps if i grew up in a culture that used ginger more I would like ginger beer).

  15. Ummm, both ginger ale and ginger beer are halaal. Neither of them are alcoholic.

    Ammar and Rayyan are going waaaay overboard. It’s annoying, not to mention haraam.
    Can we not just have a wedding on LMotP already?! It would make a cool episode, actually… who’d do the nikah for them (I’m thinking Baber – he could prolly make it hilarious AND touching), getting the whole community involved, etc.

    Season 2 is a zillion times better than season 1 was.

  16. Emina

    I loved this episode.

    @ Anonymouse
    What do you mean that Ammar’s and Rayyan’s relationship is haraam. What is haraam about it?

  17. Episode 10 is online 🙂

  18. Matt

    alikaz going to another country is indeed a privilege granted by the country you are going to.

    With some countries you have to get a VISA before going. That is permission by the country you are going to. You send them your passport and some other forms and they stamp it with the date telling you when you can go.

    Now the US and Canada have an agreement where a citizen of either country doesn’t need a VISA to visit, but one does need a passport these days. And it has been the case forever, long before 9-11 that the US and Canada can restrict people from visiting. I don’t believe felons can visit Canada, and the US probably doesn’t allow Canada’s felons to visit either. I also know of cases where others have been barred from entry to the US.

    Everyone has to stop at the border and identify themselves. Sometimes they even search the contents of your vehicle before they allow you to enter.

    So, yeah it is a privilege to visit another country. One that can be denied for any reason, or for no reason. It’s not a right.

  19. Nadia

    Assalam alaikum all.

    Was she flirting? I don’t really know what that looks like. It looks like they were having a fairly normal conversation to me. A few episodes last season, Ammar was giving her the eye. But other than that….

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