Season 2 – Episode 7 – Spy Something or Get Out

Synopsis: The people at the mosque become suspicious when an agent from the Canadian Security Intelligence Service comes to town.

Suspicions are aroused when CSIS agent Nancy Layton (The Daily Show’s Samantha Bee) comes to visit Mercy. She says she’s here to fish, but Fatima thinks she’s up to no good. Amaar argues for common sense: of course the government wouldn’t spy on Mercy mosque… would it? Meanwhile, Amaar opens a store in the mosque to sell Islamic merchandise. He enlists Rayyan and Baber to run the store, unleashing Rayyan’s competitive nature.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

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What did you think of this episode? How does it compare to the previous episode?

Are there any other topics from the episode that you want to discuss?



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33 responses to “Season 2 – Episode 7 – Spy Something or Get Out

  1. American Muslim

    I really enjoyed this episode. Season 2 seems to keep getting better and better. I noticed from the very first episode of season 2 that the scripting and acting seemed more solid than season 1.

    With regards to this episode specifically, I thought the play off people spying on the mosque was great. This is a tense issue for Muslim all over North America, and to have it played out in a humorous fashion can help to ease the tensions.

    I wasn’t too sure about the whole Yasir and wife relationship thing going on there. I recall them playing this out in the first season a bit, and thought it was a bit much. However, I am just wondering how long they will stretch the show out before Amaar and Rayan hook up. Seems they are setting it up for that…

    * AM *

  2. Samina

    Is it just me or is Amaar getting geekier. When the show first started, he had a presence and his humour was witty. Now it just seems like his humour is geeky and is just seen in the background.

    The show is still just as funny especially if babar has anything to do with it.

    As american muslim said, I wonder how far the Rayyan and Amaar thing goes. From the interviews i have read by Zarqa Nawaz it seems like there are going to be a lot of changes.

    I am very grateful to this website that allows me to watch too as I am on a totally different continenent 😦

  3. asiila

    as salaam alaikum:

    i liked this episode, not as funny, but the point was made regarding our being watched. actually, where i live now an Imam of a mosque was arrested for ‘tax issues’ and is being treated like a terrorist in solitaire. it seems they are trying to get him to confess to something. they’re also denying him bail so he can prepare his defense. this CSIS, FBI, CIA thing is not so funny when it really happens to someone you know is just being used to inflame sentiments against Iran, or to keep the paranoia going. Look how long it took for that charity organization to be absolved of ‘aiding terrorists!!!” it’s a lot of time, heartache, health, family wasted in these witch hunts.

    And i am REALLY getting tired of all the emphasis on Sarah and Yasir…there have got to be other people they can focus on as the subplot…they need to concentrate more on the other characters, or introduce some new ones. I know it’s hard to be creative and funny every week, but i hope they really do try to back up off that sarah woman. she’s starting to get on my last nerve. lol


  4. Samina

    I agree. Sarah is becoming annoying. Yasir alone is quite funny but put him with Sarah and he’s a love struck teenager all over again.

  5. nonamiangirl

    This was HIGHlarious!

  6. Halimah

    I kind of like the Yasir Sarah story line as it shows that not ALL Muslim men are domineering.Which is the case w/ my Dr. and his wife,plus the Great Prophet(PBUH)first wife was a very strong woman who taught him alot as did the other wives.Not that I am saying that Sarah is of the same cloth,just that she has this way of getting her way in a passive non threating tone that Yasir just melts and it keeps their marrige going.
    I also believe that the last episode was very negative as far as making fun of a spying on Mosques and Majids because I live in an American redneck area and am starting to watch my every step outside of my home because we have had alot of police in front of our home checking us out.I have felt a little like Anne Frank at times and I don’t leave my home unless it’s errand running!
    I wish that I could relocate to another country but with the falling dollar we just don’t have the money!
    InsAllah something will happen to enable us to accomplish this in the near future I have been praying for a move for quite awhile.But until then we have LMOTP to amuse us and this website.
    Iman and Islam to All,

  7. Art

    “Suspicions are aroused when CSIS agent Nancy Layton (The Daily Show’s Samantha Bee) comes to visit Mercy. She says she’s here to fish, but Fatima thinks she’s up to no good.”

    How could a CSIS agent be “up to no good”? If one is doing nothing wrong then there is nothing to be feared.

    We need CSIS agents to keep tags on people who fit the profile. Yes, in this day and age I mean Muslims though in previous generation I could be talking about German immigrants.

    They did the same thing in the 1990s with so called “anti government” groups. The groups weren’t really anti government. They just thought that the government had become too large and were infringing too much on individual rights. But still the government looked into these people. But since no one was doing anything wrong no one was arrested.

    It really offend me when people won’t allow law enforcement to do their jobs. Sometimes we need our law enforcement to “go fishing” but again if one is innocent then there is nothing to be afraid of.

  8. Brian


    Those Police would give their lives for you if it came to that. Allow them to check you out. If you are not involved in terrorism then you have nothing to fear (unless you are engaged in other illegal activity).

    Rednecks make the best Americans. They believe in truth and honor. They stand by their neighbors in time of need. You be a good neighbor to them and they will be to you. They will join you with shotgun in hand to protect you and your family if they know that you and your family are good people.

    There is nothing funny about the fact that 9-11 could have been prevented had the government not been so afraid of ethnic pressure groups and instead would have done something about a bunch of Arab looking people who wanted to learn how to fly but were not particularly interested in the whole landing part.

    But you know what they would have said if the government did do something. Here goes racial profiling. Like what does the government think these people are going to do? Ram some planes into buildings?

    You know the same people who are now making fun of the government’s efforts to keep us safe will be the first to condemn the government if something goes wrong.

  9. Steve

    Perhaps there’s lots of police around your house Halimah because they are protecting you.

  10. Steve

    Rednecks are cool!

    They are hard working down to earth people who are self-reliant. They are pure and no nonsense. You know where you stand with these people. They don’t put on false faces.

    One of my favorite shows growing up was the Dukes of Hazard. Sure more than a little unrealistic as the whole car chasing part goes, but still the show captured the character of the people they were portraying.

    Rednecks will go to the mat for a friend. Now for an enemy, yeah, they can be ones worst enemy as well.

  11. James

    I know in many (if not most all) Muslim countries the government is the bad guy. But in the West, the government is really here to help. They defend all of us.

    While none of us like the feeling of being spied on the truth is that we all are. You walk in to the 7-11 to buy a Slurpie, guess what, you are on camera. You try out clothes at a Department store, that’s right, on camera again.

    These aren’t pleasant times for any of us. I still wake up each day remembering 9-11 like it was yesterday. Each day the moment I wake up I turn on the cable news channel to see if today is the day the other shoe drops. And of course I wasn’t even directly effected by what happened.

    We must allow the government to do their jobs. Why are are they targeting Muslims? Well, if they were going to look into the Italian Mafia, they don’t go bug a Greek restaurant. They target Muslims because that’s where the terrorists are. No, not all the Muslims, hopefully not even many Muslims, but nonetheless the terrorists are in among the Islamic communities in the West (especially Great Britain).

    So, you need to recognize this for the unique time that it is in history and be as open as possible. As this show kind of indicated, the government workers don’t want to waste their time spying on people who are doing nothing. If anything else – IT’S BORING.

    So, invite the CSIS into your Mosque. They will probably decline as they only have so many people to do their jobs. And if they want to park a candy van or a flower van at your Mosque for a few days, so what? Again these are unique times and if they can rule you out as quickly as possible then they can go and spy on people who really do need to be spied on.

    We expect the government to do the job of keeping us safe and then we (or at least some of us) tie their hands and make it impossible for them to do their jobs. And, by the way if you think its only Muslims they are “targeting” think again. I have an English name and look but they completely searched my suitcase during the last trip I took. So stop with the chip on your shoulder. We are all being inconvenienced but again these are unique times.

  12. Scott

    Fatima, Barber and the writers of the show for that matter really don’t get it. These CSIS agents would die protecting them if it ever came to it. All they ask in return is a little transparency and understanding. They certainly don’t deserve to be treated with disrespect as Fatima did during the episode.

    One of the evils of these terrorists is that they hide among good decent people. They use these people as camouflage. Somehow they need to be identified. And that means that good decent people need to be spied upon. I know that sounds harsh. I know that seems “politically incorrect” but that is what the times we live in demands. In other times, other groups of people needed to be watched.

    It is quite true that not all Muslims are terrorists. In fact just a few. But it is also true that practically all terrorists (at least those current targeting the West) are Muslims. To deny that would needlessly handcuff government officials.

    But again, remember this, these people would give their lives to protect you and your family if it ever came to that. I must admit I personally can’t understand such self-sacrifice, but that is what makes those who protect us, whether in the military, law enforcement, spy agencies, fire and life safety response (fire fighters), etc. such a breed apart.

  13. ei

    Not all terrorists are Muslims and not all Muslims are terrorists. To think anything else is not only absolutely ridiculous but completely prejudiced.

    This is not to deny the presence of Islamic terrorists, nor am I saying that violence in any form is acceptable.

    I thought this episode did a great job of showing how many government officials and agencies constantly misinterpret Islam to be violent. Something as simple an ordinary as a group of people conversing was considered suspicious, though no doubt, at any other religious establishment would be considered ordinary. Yes, this episode does exaggerate the events, but in reality, this type of discrimination occurs all the time.

    As a Muslim woman who wears a hijab, I am personally, regularly “randomly chosen” to be checked at airports whenever I travel. I understand that people are afraid of the violence – I certainly am as well, and I recognize the presence of Islamic militants, which is why I accept the searches without complaint. My objection however, is that I am an American citizen, who has never faced any suspicion, and I am still being subjected to “random searches.” Why not spend that time collecting accurate Intel and working on real investigations of people who are actually suspicious, instead of every bearded man or scarved woman, simply because of how they look or because they pray facing Mecca.

    Someone mentioned above that this type of behavior has been prevalent in international history, and unfortunately, we still haven’t learned from our mistakes. There was no reason to suspect all Germans during WWII, all Japanese after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, every single person that had a different opinion during the Cold War and the McCarthy era, and there is no reason to suspect all Muslims or Arabs now. And yet, while some terrorists do not cause discrimination of the groups they identify with (the Oklahoma city bombings and attacks on abortion clinics and workers did not cause a rounding-up of all white, Christian, males), unfortunately, minority groups in a nation are singled out because of a few bad apples.

    What we need to realize is why these terrorists exist in the first place – they are present because of negative historical contexts, because of political and socio-economic problems. And more importantly, they do not accurately represent everything they claim to; Islam condemns violence:
    “If anyone slays a person,
    it would be as if he slew all people.
    And if anyone saves a life,
    it would be as if he saved the life of all people.”
    – Qur’an 5:32

    We all value human rights and dignity, and the government’s job is to secure that for its people. I will allow them to check me all they want because I have nothing to hide, but then why should they check me in the first place if they know that? What if the groups of terrorists today considered themselves to be of a different faith? I highly doubt there would be this level of prejudice. When will it all end?

    And I Said Nothing:

    In Germany
    They first came for the communists
    and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a communist.
    Then they came for the Jews,
    and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Jew.
    Then they came for the trade-unionists,
    and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a trade unionist.
    Then they came for the Catholics,
    and I didn’t speak up because I was a Protestant.
    Then they came for me––
    and by that time
    no one was left to speak up.
    — Pastor Martin Niemoller, 1945

    And I Said Nothing (Revisited):

    In the United States
    They first came for the ARAB AMERICANS
    and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t Arab American.
    Then they came for people from MUSLIM countries
    and I didn’t speak up because I was born in the U.S.
    Then they profiled PEOPLE OF COLOR as terrorist suspects
    and I didn’t speak up because I must not look like a terrorist.
    Then they targeted IMMIGRANTS,
    and I didn’t speak up because I have legal status.
    Then they arrested SOCIAL JUSTICE ACTIVISTS
    and I didn’t speak up because I was afraid to get involved.
    Then they came for YOU AND ME– –
    and by that time no one was left to speak up.
    — adapted by Applied Research Center , 2003

    I hope we can all speak up.

  14. James

    ei you said:

    “the Oklahoma city bombings and attacks on abortion clinics and workers did not cause a rounding-up of all white, Christian, males”

    That simply ISN’T true. Well it is true in the sense that we are not “rounding-up” Muslims. But the way the government now treats Muslims is like how they treated white Christian males during the 1990s. In fact they treated white Christian males much worse.

    But of course since you weren’t close to that community you didn’t notice.

  15. James

    There was every reason to suspect all Germans during WWII, and ll Japanese after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Suspect them yes, until the suspicions were either verified or allayed.

    SO, how is the good weeded out from the bad? Well by gathering information on the good so the government is aware that the good is the good so that then they can go focus on the bad.

  16. ei

    White, Christian males were certainly not sent to places Guantanamo Bay or any torture camps for years, without notice, without conviction, without laywers. Minorities are constantly treated unfairly in societies where rights are supposed to be guaranteed for all. They were not harassed in airports. They were not subject to random arrests and threatened for speaking out any time. And they most certainly were not deported, despite being citizens of the country they were in.

    There’s a difference between suspecting someone based on representation of faith or appearance and suspecting someone due to credible Intel.

    Honestly, what do you think is used nowadays?

  17. James

    “White, Christian males were certainly not sent to places Guantanamo Bay or any torture camps for years, without notice, without conviction, without lawyers.”

    No Muslim in America has ever been sent to Guantanamo Bay or any torture camp.

    And yes, during the 1990s (and perhaps even today) White, Christian Males were targets of government investigations. They arrested many of them on gun charges. But, again, since you aren’t close to that community you didn’t realize that.

  18. James

    “They were not subject to random arrests and threatened for speaking out any time. ”

    Ever heard of Randy Weaver?

  19. James

    “There’s a difference between suspecting someone based on representation of faith or appearance and suspecting someone due to credible Intel.”

    And how do you get credible Intel?

    You have to spy on people.

  20. Danya

    “No Muslim in America has ever been sent to Guantanamo Bay or any torture camp.”

  21. James


    Read your own link.

    Hamdi was captured in Afghanistan.

  22. Halimah

    Yes I have heard of Randy Weaver and have even tried to help Ed Brown(it breaks my heart to hear what happened to him and his wife)what I am saying is we must start questioning our governments.
    I am a 9th.generation American my Father fought in WWII and was a POW my 2 former husbands are Viet Nam vets I worked for the VA for several years.
    Ten years ago I found Islam (which means peace)
    and boom after 911 I am suspect of what?I will not accept a government that takes away anyones rights because I dont really believe the MSM story on what happened that day.
    My ex has worked in counter intel and he does not believe in it and has plans on moving himself.
    I really am sorry that I started this diatribe,but it’s kind of like the Elephant in the room.
    InsAllah we will know the truth and that will set us all free.
    “Silence is betrayal” Martin Luther King Phd.

  23. Danya

    James, but Hamdi was a US citizen. You do not become more or less of a US citizen (and thus your rights do not change) based on where you are in the world.

  24. Danya

    To add: he was initially denied habeus corpus by the Bush administration… if it were not for the Supreme Court ruling, Bush could have set a precedent for detaining citizens without habeus corpus.

  25. Halimah

    I am sorry to inform you of this but habeus corpus is history it’s gone.We Americans are living basically without a consitution is scary all I do is pray especially at night and ask Allah’s forgivness for all the people who have died and have lost hope because of my government’s passion for greed and power.
    I hope I have not put everyone in bad mood I just love all that Allah has made and has given us.InsAllah things will get better.

  26. James

    “You do not become more or less of a US citizen (and thus your rights do not change) based on where you are in the world.”

    Actually when you go abroad you lose the rights guaranteed by the US constitution. Now by treaty or agreement or whatever often the US will come in an protect an US citizen when that citizen is abroad and if a US citizen gets abused abroad it could create a whole international incident over it and such, but beyond that, out of country, out of constitutional rights.

    And when a US citizen is captured on a battleground working for the enemy that person has absolutely no rights. In fact since that person is a traitor the only appropriate punishment would be the death penalty.

  27. James

    “…set a precedent for detaining citizens without habeus corpus.”

    Wouldn’t be a precedent as Lincoln detained citizens without habeus corpus during the Civil War.

    And again, this traitor was caught in a battle zone helping the enemy. The person should have been executed (after interrogated).

    The Supreme Court ruled wrong here. But they have done that in the past. When it comes to capturing enemy combatants during war time the President should be able to do whatever he wants with them. It’s a military issue not a legal issue.

  28. James

    “James, but Hamdi was a US citizen. You do not become more or less of a US citizen (and thus your rights do not change) based on where you are in the world.”

    Your rights do change when you are in another country. You have to obey their laws and rules. Now the US government may intercede on the behalf of US citizens if they get in real bad trouble, but in the end, the country you are in has the final say.

    And when it comes to being in a war zone, no as a traitor to America they can do whatever they want with you. The big mistake was when they transfered him back to the US because then his status becomes a little less clear but only a little less because since he was captured out of the country on the field of battle working for the enemy it really should be left to the President and the military what to do with him.

  29. Sorry Guys im kinda late but Episode 8 is Online 🙂 watch n Have fun…..

  30. ei

    The Geneva Conventions were established for a reason.

  31. James

    None of our enemies ever followed the Geneva Conventions.

    We shouldn’t either.

    We should allow our soldiers to do whatever it takes to complete the mission and come home alive.

  32. James

    By the way according to the Geneva conventions if you are not wearing a uniform you can be shot as a spy.

  33. Season 2 is going much better than Season 1. This episode actually made me laugh without cringing.

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