Season 2 – Episode 4 – Lucky Day

Synopsis: Sarah’s habit of buying lottery tickets runs her afoul of both Islam and her daughter. Meanwhile Amaar struggles to hip-ify Muslim youth day by re-branding it “Islamapalooza.”

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

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What did you think of this episode? How does it compare to the previous episode?

Are there any other topics from the episode that you want to discuss?



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23 responses to “Season 2 – Episode 4 – Lucky Day

  1. Viktoria

    I really enjoy this show and it has actually encouraged me to learn about Islam. My question for anyone who knows is…….Would the lottery money donated to the Mosque be considered unacceptable? Would the Mosque accept the money? I remember a few year ago in the US a man won a multimillion lottery and wanted to donate a sum to the Salvation Army and they would not accept it because it was from gambling. Just curious. Thanks.

  2. Fitz "Gerald" Dalton

    I would think so. I know money made in lotteries is unacceptable for us Baha’is, and I think it is a law we carry over from Islam.

  3. I loved the archeology sub-plot! That was cute and funny!
    Seriously the whole gambling and interest thing is a common thread among Jews, Christians and Muslims, All three religions forbid it, but the first two groups have tended to violate the rules about gambling and interest. Christians in particular break the rules on gambling and interest.

  4. Yes Viktoria

    Lottery money would not be accepted by any mosque in islam as it is a form of gambling.

  5. Fitz "Gerald" Dalton

    Katja, are you sure that Judaism forbids interest? I always thought that was untrue, as Christians used to cheat the system by emplying Jews in their banks. (Then when the Jews became rich doing the job they were hired to do the Christians would turn against them and drive them out.) I might be wrong, it may just have been a case of people ignoring the rules.

    It is not just a thing in those three religions, Baha’is cannot gamble either and have to adhere to strict moral standards when interest is involved.

  6. Videos 2 and 3 are unavailable.

  7. Li

    Baber is the best!

  8. William

    I saw that asifnana’s Youtube account has been suspended. Will you still be able to post new episodes? I live in the U.S. and thanks to asifnana I have been watching this show since the first episode. I think this is a great show and I’m not even Muslim.

  9. Tamara

    I really, really enjoy this series and encourage everyone I know to watch it. Unfortunately, living in DC we can only watch it online, but it works out just fine! I have gotten people hooked on the series with me in the DC area, Michigan and even Egypt. (The ones in Michigan get to see it on television!)

    I love every episode and I like the way everyone isn’t a “perfect” Muslim because this is reality. In our communities we have all kinds of people on all different parts of the path.

    But sometimes I don’t like Saras character, she seems very sweet and then she does these sneaky, manipulative things, it doesn’t feel right to me, like sometimes it goes a little too far.

    I loved the episode on Hallalloween from last season! The concept brought up some interesting topics in some discussions we have had. Being Moms trying to raise our kids in western society with Islamic traditions is hard. They are competing with these huge holidays like Christmas and we try to give them some comperable things to celebrate. The funniest things that come up are “Ramadan Fairy” some people have started a thing where the Ramadan Fairy leaves a treat on the kitchen chair of the good kids. And a friend of mine has a kharoof (lamb) tree. A “christmas” tree with light and lambs that the kids make. We usually go to a indoor water park each Eide as a tradition.

  10. Kabir

    What’s the name of the song that plays as the credits roll through?


  11. William: MydienMusic has the episodes up too.

    Kabir: the song is called Tala’ al-badru alayna. “The moon has risen over us” It is the song the Madinan women sang to welcome the Prophet (saws) to Madina.

    Yes, I was a bit surprised they accepted the money for Islamapalooza. I guess Amaar didn’t know it was from gambling, though, since it was anonymous. Only Rayyane knew.

    Tamara: I also loved the halloween episode! Babur was hilarious in it.

  12. Farah

    This song was sung to Prophet Muhammad when he had arrived to Al Madinah

    The full moon rose over us
    From the valleys of Wada’
    We should be thankful
    Once called to worship Allah

    O you who were raised among us
    You came with the words to be obeyed
    You came and honored Al Madinah
    Welcome! O the best Scholar

    The clear light has shined
    The light of the best among messengers
    The light of safety and peace
    The light of truth and certainty

  13. asiila


    i like this show, although i’m getting really sick of sarah and her husband….lol. i wish they’d introduce more varied characters to include ‘other’ types of muslims…and to tackle, even lightheartedly, some other issues. say a new shia family, or that lady in the burqah, or some other more serious practicing muslims that aren’t as culturally crippled as babar (who does have ‘some’ more serious ideals than the rest).

    why not examine the possibility of fatimah and babar considering marriage to each other and then why it won’t happen (the colorism amongst muslims). Or introduce characters that will eventually marry Babar and Fatimah and have them marry!

    How about a practicing hijab wearing teen who moves to the town and befriends babar’s daughter; someone who begins to show her that it’s OK to be a Muslim and a Canadian, and that folks would actually respect her more if she found her Islamic roots and embraced them. All of these can be done humorously—or not. an occasional serious topic about an agent provacateur, etc. will not hurt the show at all.

    it’s also quite obvious that amir and rayyan are very attracted to each other…why keep it at such a childish level? them eventually marrying and writing about the inner workings of their life together to eventually include kids would add another level. (can you picture Rayyan not making it to the hospital to deliver and fatimah, in her old ways, having to catch her baby for her?)

    i’m not putting the show down. i think it’s ground breaking and more positive than negative (many of my friends think it is making fun of Islam–not just Muslims), but i’d like to see it venture into other topics and scenarios that also represent what the Ummah is going through….after a couple of years, i think the non-Muslim fans would be able to ‘take it.’ In fact, they would probably take an examination of such issues better than the Muslim fans. Is that why it’s being kept at such a ‘fun’ level???

  14. asiila

    by the way, it WOULD be considered ‘wrong’ for a masjid to accept money won from gambling…however, not all scholars consider the lottery a form of gambling since the monies are spent on social projects and because those who buy one (operative word being ‘buy’) are usually not in danger of being obsessed by it, or spending more than one or two dollars at a time.

  15. Kabir

    Thanks musicalchef and Farah, do either of you know the artist that sings the particular track from LMOTP?

  16. Farah

    You’re welcome. That’s my lousy translation. Lol. It’s quite literal. The song is longer than that, but those three verses are the ones usually sung.

    Sorry, I don’t know the name of the artist. I know some Muslim singers singing the song English version, but I’m not sure where to find them.

    Asiila, LOVE your ideas. Especially the teen wearing a hijab. That’ll be awesome. I miss Fatimah, she’s not included in S2 as much as she was in S1. I hope she gets a centeric episode.

  17. asiila

    salaams farah: YES, i miss seeing more of Fatimah too…!

  18. Asiila: Fatima is WAY too good for Babur! I don’t think race would be as much of an issue there. More like if they got married Babur would be getting regular beatings cause he’s too flaky for her! But yes, maybe he can look to marry that niqabi and maybe someone can come along that Fatima can like.

  19. asiila

    salaams: musicalchef. are you kidding?

    one of the issues of muslims is this race, rather colorism, (with black being on the bottom of the pile) the majority of our immigrant brothers and sisters suffer from.

    I could write an entire sitcom on various stories i’ve heard from africans and african americans dealing with too many (not all) arabs, pakistanis, etc. A serious issue in the ummah is intermarrying, with most people very averse to marrying outside their culture, much less an ‘aswad.’ There have been terrible things said regarding such.

    you should’ve seen the uproar when an Afghani sister married an African American man here. Like i said, this topic is big enough for it’s own sitcom.

    i think most muslims, whether they admit or not, know exactly what i’m talking about regarding this. it’s unfortunate, but a real problem. Even if Fatimah is too good for Babar as you say, they would never marry because she is black…pakistanis RARELY marry black people (even if the Pakistani him or herself is black skinned themselves!)


  20. Steve

    One general comment regarding the actors in this show. To portray character very well you need to have a certain amount of respect for that character so you can at least understand where the character is coming from even though that character you are portraying might be totally opposite to what you believe.

    The actor portraying Babar seems to have that respect while the one playing Fred doesn’t. And it really shows in how weak a character Fred has become on the show when he could have been much, much fuller.

    I really would like to see Fred ally himself with Fatima and mount a challenge to the she-mayor. I believe that Fatima would give the mayor a run for her money in an election and I do think she shares some common beliefs as Fred when it comes to economic issues and what small town businesses need to prosper. I believe she could really make an issue out of that junket that the mayor took to China last year. And while some might think Fred teaming up with Fatima against the mayor as being unlikely well politics make for strange bedfellows.

  21. asiila

    i read somewhere that Fred is supposed to have some kind of crush on Fatimah….but i don’t see that at all in the show. he likes her, like he ‘likes’ the rest of the muslims and everyone else in such a small town. she serves good food and tolerates him… but i’m not sure if he’s ‘crushin’ on her.

    am i not seeing this right?


  22. Vicky

    i cant believe Amaar mentioned House in the end, that made me smile, cause i love that show and of course hugh Laurie!

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