Season 2 – Episode 3 – Ban the Burka

Synopsis:  A Burka wearing newcomer stirs up a wide range of emotions in Mercy.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Videos courtesy of mydien

What did you think of this episode? How does it compare to the previous episode?

Are there any other topics from the episode that you want to discuss?



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33 responses to “Season 2 – Episode 3 – Ban the Burka

  1. shae

    I love the show!! Please hurry and post episode 3!!

  2. Farah

    This is the episode I’m dying to see! Hopefully it’ll be uploaded soon.

  3. Mariko

    Salaam alaikum,

    When will Episode 3 be up?? I see episode 4 is already up– did I miss episode 3?

  4. Aron

    I think Episode 3 was missed somehow? Does anyone have a link to it?

  5. Hi Guys 🙂 you can Watch Episode 3 @ ->

    Enjoy and have fun

  6. This was the best and funniest episode so far! I really liked it!

  7. Slm! Thx 4 this really really good video! One of the best episodes of this show!

  8. Scott

    Burkas remind me of KKK Dress except for the KKK dressing in white and burkas being black.

    You can’t identify one woman in a Burka for another, and Burkas are big enough to hid things like machine guns. Some woman could come in somewhere and shoot it all up and still people wouldn’t be able to give any useful information to the law enforcement as to her description.

  9. Farah

    I think you mean the abaya. The burka is just the face cover. I think the woman was wearing a nekab, not a burka. A burka is the cover with a thread between the eyes.

  10. Way weird. Baber was creepy in this episode… almost like a fetish w/ the niqaabi! :/
    The fudge part was the funniest… which isn’t saying much.

  11. Bariah

    As salamu alaikum
    I guess the whole Baber asking about her wali thing wasn’t worth mentioning, instead he was more interested in figuring out a way to holla at her “the niqabi.”
    I thought that these episodes were going to be a straight forward Islamic comedy and not a watered down comedy about Islam; as “”some”” episodes seem to be.
    I pray that inshaAllah in future episodes there is more informative Islamic information (Quran….Hadith) so that people will know the difference in what Islam represents and says verses what the practices of some Muslims are. Us Muslim have to keep in mind that we don’t want to sell our religion for any price.
    These episodes are on the right tract keep up the good work! STAY FOCUSED !!

  12. I thought the episode was funny. No wonder Babur is still single!

    I knew Amaar was going to eat the fudge, but I thought we’d actually see him eating it. Like he’d say “how good can this fudge be,” and then he’d try it and not be able to stop!

  13. I thought it was so hilarious, how in the end the lady with the niqab went up to Baber and was like, “I saw you noticing me. Maybe later we could…” like they were in a bar or something. I was surprised they did it that way, because we all know that IRL he would only talk to her through a mediator and vice-versa.

  14. Steve

    I thought the show did a poor job at explaining why McGee couldn’t have the fudge.

    The most likely reason from a Christian perspective would be that it was Lent and for Lent there is a tradition of giving up something.

    I find the lack of understanding of Christianity from the writers of this show to be very disappointing. Yeah I know the show is about Muslims, but if it is about the interaction of Muslims with the rest of Mercy society, and especially since one of the main premises of this show is that the Mosque is in a church, there needs to be an understanding on the part of the writers of Christianity as well.

  15. Amina

    Babar mentions in this episode that he is divorced, but I seem to recall in Season 1 (the episode of the convert), didn’t Fatima explain to the guy that both she and Babar were widowed? It makes me wonder how Babar’s daughter ended up with her father.

  16. Greg

    Steve, it wasn’t about lent. It was purely about the addictiveness of the fudge. You are reading a bit much into this.

    The writers of the show really don’t have anything to say about Christian practices beyond the Anglican church’s readiness to administer same-sex marriages. There is a sense that somehow Islam is a “better” religion than Christianity throughout the series and the Christianity bashing I see on these boards is quite amusing.

  17. Pra

    Greg, I see what you are saying, but I don’t agree with your point that the show means to convey that Islam is a “better” religion. I think the main goal is simply to clear up a few misunderstandings about the Islam religion. I think a lot has been misrepresented and misinterpreted (even by the Muslims themselves!) in recent years. They are just clearing a bit of the smoke. I don’t believe this should matter at all, but for the record, I am neither a Muslim nor a Christian.

  18. Greg


    The focus of the show is on the Muslims having to deal with the non-Islamic culture they live in. Many aspects of this culture are portrayed in a way that is intended to show it as decedent. The role models in the series are obviously the “good” Muslims. All others are in some way not good people and in some way “less” than the good Muslims.

    While the show does provide some insight to those who are completely ignorant of Islam, for those knowledgeable about it, it just shows one particular perspective which we know will be argued about between Muslims themselves on this and other related message boards illustrate. In the end the picture becomes murkier as it becomes impossible to really know what a “true” Muslim is.

  19. Jauharah

    I too was wondering if Baber was a widower or if he was divorced, because Fatima said “…… Babar’s wife passed on Babar” which can be interpreted either way.

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