Public Access

In the show, Rayyan and Amaar co-host an Islamic television program on  Public Access TV. The episodes are disastrous to say the least. The entire production is unorganized and the more help they receive, the worst the show gets.

I’m not sure if they are Public Access, but the Islamic shows that I see on television are pretty boring. The speaker usually speaks in a monotone voice that puts you to sleep. I guess this could apply to other Public Access shows as well.

Do you have any favourite Public Access Islamic shows? How are they received in your community? How do they keep you intrigued?



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4 responses to “Public Access

  1. frida

    I almost wet myself laughing when the public access show aired with the “Judaism Journal” opening and Amaar saying “Assalam-wa-alaikum”. That was so funny !

  2. Aron

    I enjoyed the part where Baber tells Amaar that “[he is] an idiom”.

  3. You should check out and other channels that are listed on Some of the channels do feature lectures for the most part, but there are other programs that are more “exciting” so-to-speak.

  4. Mona

    This was one of my favorite LMotP episodes…the Public Access concerns were very true to life.

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