Episode 7 – Mother in Law

Synopsis: Yassir’s visiting mother from Lebanon insists that he try a second wife. 

Video courtesty of mydien

What did you think of this episode? How does it compare to the previous episodes?

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34 responses to “Episode 7 – Mother in Law

  1. freshouttatime

    ok episode 6 about muslims fronting like Christians was something that was too outlandish and reduced the show to one of those generic comedies, lacking something fresh. sorry if that sounded a little harsh.

    this episode however tackled some core Muslim issues, and like almost in every episode shows the Muslim community in Mercy making inroads with the non-Muslims.

    i liked this episode.

  2. Sara

    Corrected – I love the show, but some of the characters have gone in the background. Fatima and Berber were not as funny in this episode as in some of the other episodes.

  3. Canadian Muslim

    Pretty unrealistic – it’s not like Muslim guys are always getting second wives.

    Fatima, not so funny this ep. Baber and Joe’s new friendship cracked me up.

  4. Zaraf

    I don’t think they made it seem like this is something common place, and I was glad that they explained the circumstances behind it as well. The other woman was widowed, and that is why they were trying to get her to be re-married. And I liked the fact that they brought it from the mother’s side, rather than having Yassir trying to get a “fresh, young, new wife” and only fuel the negative stereotype that Islamic polygamy already has. I was kind of surprised seeing the whole homosexuality issue coming up.

  5. nadia

    i have to second finding it pretty unrealistic. i don’t know if they were trying to be “topical” or educational or what with the polygamy, but i don’t really see that happening.

  6. FZ

    They may not be getting second wives all the time but the family pressure on them to marry a relative even though they are already married to a foreign woman is so so very common and an everyday occurrence at least among Egyptians I know. This actually was one of the most realistic storylines I have seen in all seven episodes actually.

  7. nadia

    if the mother had been pressuring him to get a divorce and marry this woman she handpicked, i would have found that plausible. but it seemed like they used the situation as a springboard to debate polygamy like it’s a huge issue, which i found kind of odd.

  8. ZMama

    Okay, I like the show sometimes but I don’t others and I’ve figured out why… the characters are too flawed, too silly, just too much. In the US we have a show called Gilmore Girls where most of the characters have certain silly, outlandish traits but are otherwise normal and there are 1-2 characters who are completely normal, and only about 3 characters who are competely silly and outlandish all the time. That show is well-written, well-developed and extremely funny without having to make all of the characters “out there” even though there are plenty of “out there” funny moments. I wish the writers of this show had written this show similar to that one. What we have here is too much stereotype, too many extreme representations for gags, it’s gotten old and isn’t feeding any positive moments for counterbalance to the funny, flawed ones.

  9. Don

    that is got to be the dumbest show on earth, nothing about portray true islam, the women who made is a liberal which is against our faith. using abathroom matt to pray on it, was pathetic and absurd. this show only represent the women who made it, and there is nothing islamicaly right about it.

  10. Ali

    I give credit to this show for helping me think about Islam more than I have in the past. It has helped me focus on my identity as a Canadian Muslim, and I have gotten really “into” it. It is encouraging me to learn more, research online, and discuss the topic with my family and friends. It has led me to start praying and reading the Quran for clues and information.

    Even if there is nothing else, my “conversion” alone is valid justification to the existance of this show and I thank God for letting it happen.

    One thing I came across, which I wanted to share with others, are the versus 9:128 and 9:129. There are debates that these are forgeries (this soora does not start with “bismillah” and one of these versus refers to the prophet as the “raheem”, a term only used to describe God) Anyone like to share their opinions? (Please also note the numerical x19 code of the Quran as researched in the late 80’s, which, if true, also supports the forgery of these ayaat)

  11. Zaraf

    Regarding this whole “forgeries” business with the Quran, the short and simple answer is: It is not possible.

    Why? There are many reasons, and I’ll get to them, but first, I just want to address that “raheem” issue.

    If you look at the context, of sura 9:128, God is telling the people that this Prophet (referring to Muhammed (pbuh) ) wants only the best for the people, which is to see them in Paradise, and that he is a mercy for all of mankind, and “to the Believers is he most kind and merciful.”

    When you say that “raheem” is only used to describe God, that is incorrect. “Ar-raheem” is used to describe God, which means “Most Merciful”. Basically, saying someone is merciful is ok, but the attribute God has is that no one is more merciful than Him.

    So as to reasons why forgeries of ayat/suras are not possible:

    1. Muslims believe that God has put His own protection on the Quran, so that it can never be changed, or additions can never be made (or subtractions).

    2. The Quran presents within it a challenge to anyone to produce a chapter or verse like the Quran. But then God also says that you won’t be able to do so. But if this were to be a forgery, then that statement in the Quran would be made left false. And that would undermine the entire authority of the Quran itself.

    3. The Quran is the ONLY book that has been passed down the generations by not only text, but by memorization. Millions of people have completely memorized the Quran. How many other books have that ability? If anyone was to add, subtract, or modify even a single letter in the Quran, there would be an uproar. How do you change something that is solid in the hearts of millions of people? You can’t.

    4. The Quran is unique in it style, prose, content, etc. Humans do not write in the way the Quran is written. You can find research done by non-Muslim historians and linguists who back up this fact.

    5. The fact that it doesn’t have “bismillah” at the beginning of the sura provides no support for it being a possible forgery. Do you honestly expect me to believe that if there existed a person talented enough to write a sura of the Quran, that he would just happened to “forget” bismillah at the beginning? The fact is that no one could write even a verse, much less a sura, so that whole issue is stamped out. If it was left out, it was left out for a reason.

    Anyway, there are more reasons, but its past 2 am here, and I’m too tired to keep typing 🙂


  12. Ali wrote: “There are debates that these are forgeries…”

    No offense, but I’ve never heard anyone suggest that these particular ayat were “forgeries” other than from you. You may find this blogpost of interest as it deals with the 114th basmallah.

  13. Ali

    JDsg I am not saying I agree that they are, but if you do enough research on the subject, you will find people out there claiming that these are forged.

    Zaraf, they are not saying the entire soora is forged, only the 2 ayat. I believe that the Quran is protected, and they are debating that the lack of “bismillah” is one of the methods by which God has protected this book. They say that because it is forged, God is hinting to people by having not included “bismillah”.

    The truth is, if these two ayat were never included in the Quran, they probably would have never discovered the numerical code of 19. As in pathology, we study the functionality of the human body by example of when there is something not functioning properly.

    The other thing about these 9:128 and 9:129, is that in Bukhari is says that only one person witnessed/heard these verses. During the process of writing down the Quran, it was accepted that in order to be valid, at least 2 people should have witnessed it. But it says that only one man had heard this aya but was given the credibility of 2 men, and so they included it. There are also some hadiths that suggest that Ali was against including them in the Quran, but he was out numbered in votes. I don’t know about the validity of the “Ali” hadith because I have not read it in a proper book.

    What do you think?

  14. The truth is, if these two ayat were never included in the Quran, they probably would have never discovered the numerical code of 19.

    Ah, now I know where you heard this; this particular heresy comes from the Submitters. This group is a quasi-cult, whose numerology was debunked long ago. Don’t bother to waste a single second’s thought on them or their ideas, they’re not worth it.

  15. Ted

    Was that the last episode of this show?

    If not I have a few suggestions for plots for future shows.

    On Fred’s urging Fatima runs against SheMayor in the local election. Fatima wins of course due to the fact that SheMayor’s liberal supporters (including Reverend McGee) had to support Fatima. After all being Black, a Muslim and a woman certainly trumps being just a woman in the world of Political Correctness. Fatima lowers taxes and passes pro-business legislation leading to an economic boom in Mercy.

    Reverend McGee is falsely accused of being a pedophile. This false rumour leads to the few remaining churchmembers (those who hadn’t already left him due to that whole gay marriage thing) to threaten to leave his church. Although Reverend McGee is innocent he confides to the Iman that he was sexually abused by his Reverend when he was a child and that he is a bisexual crossdresser who goes to gay bars whenever he is in Toronto.

    Baber’s cousin visits him from the old country and accuses him of becoming “too Westernized” . After leaving Baber’s house in anger about what he saw there, Baber’s daughter is almost killed by Baber’s cousin in an “honour killing” and Fred’s radio station is firebombed.


    A prominent Iman visits Mercy. Amaar is at first jealous about all the attention the people at the Mosque is giving to this Iman but then he finds out that the Iman is plaining a terrorist attack in Toronto. Amaar needs to gain this Iman’s trust in order to get the evidence he needs to turn him over to Canadian Authorities (at the end even though Amaar gets on video the Iman admitting to planning the terrorist attacks the Canadian Authorities let him go. The last thing you see in the episode is Amaar seeing on his television a news flash).

  16. Ted

    Upon the death of his parents (due to the terrorist attack in the last episode) Amaar re-evaluates his decision about becoming a Iman. He talks to McGee about how one might become an Anglican Reverend (McGee jokes about how straight men don’t become Anglican Reverends in Canada these days). At the end of the episode though Amaar comes through his crisis of faith with the understanding that you don’t have to support terrorism to be a Muslim and recommits himself to Islam). Also during this episode he loses control and beats the crap out of Baber when Baber says something supportive of what happened in Toronto.

  17. Ted

    Oh, in the episode regarding Baber’s cousin, while it is Baber’s cousin who tries to kill Baber’s daughter in an “honour killing” Baber at the end admits to Fred that he was the one that firebombed the radio station in an attempt to impress his cousin. Fred says this will be “our little secret” since the station “made out like bandits” with the insurance company and Fred was glad that he now will be getting the new studio he has wanted for years.

  18. Ted

    Oh, on the episode where Fatima runs for mayor, Shemayor after realizing that she has lost her traditonal supporters in the liberal community of Mercy changes her tune and tries to talk all conservatively and such and reversing everything she said when was in front of the liberal group.

    Doesn’t work of course since Fred also supports Fatima and challenges SheMayor on her record (SheMayor says to Sarah”that’s the most digusting form of dirty politics. Comparing what a politician says to what that politician does once in office.”)

    SheMayor also blows it when on Fred’s program she tries to talk with a rural accent (earlier at a debate among the Muslims she tries on Baber’s accent). Fred plays the clip of her “pretending to be one of us”over and over .

  19. Ted

    In later episodes “SheMayor” becomes a radical liberal activist in the community and even goes after McGee for the cross he has in front of his church.

  20. I say we wait and see what happens next season, whatever anyone says, this isn’t a bad start really.

  21. Ted, you should right one of those “companion novels” that I see in the library for shows like Star Trek and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I would read it.

  22. Also Baber’s daughter must emotionally go through an intense stage of teenage experimenting–everything from drugs to Wicca to the burqa.

    Rayyan should be the love interest of many males, including Amaar, random guys at the clinic, and Marlin once he makes his Islamic comeback. At which time she learns Krav Maga and street fighting from the local Mercy High School gang.

    Sky’s the limit on that one.

    (*write on post above)

  23. Ted

    Baber is talking with Fred at his new studio. For some reason Fred quickly leaves the room (Perhaps he was choking on some food or something like that, some medical thing but not too serious). Anyway, Baber is left in the studio, with dead air and the phones ringing so he answers the phones and finishes the program.

    Well, Fred finds out that his audience loves to have Baber to yell at so Fred co-hosts this new radio program with Baber and himself. A national syndicator hears the program and decides to put it on nationwide. Fred and Baber become very rich and famous.

  24. Ted

    When I said that Fred was talking with Fred orginally I meant during a station break, but once Baber goes on the air to cover for Fred he becomes very popular becuase the callers love to yell at what he says.

  25. lol at Ted, I got some plots too

  26. I love the Babar/Fred idea

    Is Babar’s ex-wife still alive? Cause I hope she can stop Babar from sending their daughter to an all-female Islamic school in Michigan. I mean I like the daughter. She gives this show a nice taste :p

  27. John

    This is a fun topic, and I’m enjoying the posts. I realize that not all of this is serious, but I have seen other postings on this website where some viewers would like to see LMOTP handle more serious issues.

    I don’t think that’s a good idea. This is a sit-com — a television form that is for light entertainment, and should not get too heavy.

    I think what these ideas demonstrate is that there is room on television for a heavier show — say, a prime-time drama — about Muslim families. Obviously the interest is out there.

  28. Alidost

    I agree with Don.
    Scroll down to read his comments.

  29. Alidost

    well, I meant…scroll UP to see Don’s comments.
    I didn’t even finish watching this episode, it was pathetic.

  30. Call me crazy and I could be wrong about this, but I don’t know many Lebanese Muslim women, who have a son, who is working overseas in Canada, who is married to a Muslim convert, who are not tainted by society’s western definition of what marriage should be and the misconception that polygamy under Islam is wrong, unless under special circumstances.

    Islam does allow polygamy. Polygamy is one of the forms of marriage allowed by Islam which occurs by default in certain societies where the conditions are favorable towards polygamy and does not occur in societies where the conditions are not so favourable. It was a common practice in my country 50 years ago, but is no longer there because the social, financial and cultural conditions have changed and it is now more favorable to have nuclear families not extended families.

    This has led to the decline in polygamy. It is still allowed in Islam, whether Muslim haters like it or not. Unlike what Fatima said, Polygamy is not a dying tradition, it is a Muslim practice that will continue so long as the human condition calls for it. IT IS a part of Islam that can be exercised at the Muslim’s discretion when he can. That is just the way it is.

    This note is for brother Ali: Numerical Base what of What? My dear brother, anybody can see patterns in anything, but just because a certain scholar noticed something that relates to the number 19 does not mean it is the code of the Quraan, another one with more advanced math may see another pattern in text which is based on (1+2)^n or whatever that means. Math is not the world around us Ali, Math is the translation of our observations of the world around us. I’m sure anybody can see a pattern in something that is related to me, but that pattern, base 10, 1345, or whatever, is not and will never be me.

    Ted, you have a vivid imagination man, that’s all I can say.

    One final note:
    What the hell is Skinny Hair?
    Where was the muslim writer when they thought about the word Angel Droppings?

  31. Habibah

    It’s sad that people look down on Islam permitting men to have more than one wife- yet people accept the western idea of men being able to have a wife and all these mistresses, why is that okay? If a man has strong desires, then he should be able to fulfill them in a permissable manner without going behind his wifes back and destructing the entire family household by cheating. It’s well known that a lot of men, if not cheat, flirt a lot with other women, but it isn’t right… and if getting another wife is an outlet for that, then let it be. However there are restrictions in Islam with having more than 1 wife, it’s that you have to treat them exactly equally, which is very difficult. In the earlier ages of Islam men were more god-fearing and practicing and therefore were able to handle having more than one wife [not to mention this was a time of war and many women were left as widows without money for the family], so it was more of a widespread practice. Times have changed now, and it’s more difficult to live this way, so it’s rarely practiced and hard to uphold. Of course it’s not a necessary practice.

    Skinny hair may be thin hair?

    Angel droppings.. not a good line.

    Yasir to me didn’t seem to mind another wife or something, if I were in his place I’d be more frantic about my mother wanting to put that together. He seemed not that worried.

  32. Alice

    “It’s sad that people look down on Islam permitting men to have more than one wife- yet people accept the western idea of men being able to have a wife and all these mistresses, why is that okay?”

    It may be ok in some places in Europe (Italian and France comes to mind) but in America and I think it is true in Canada, when a male is found to have a mistress that still is a scandal as most people find it a sin.

    Although since the successes of the Left starting in the late 1960s – early 1970s in the Culture War there is what is known as an Open Marriage which means that there is an agreement between the husband and wife that they can have sex with other people. However at least in America the Left hasn’t won to a point that most people accept this idea. Even if the couple has agreed to this kind of “marriage” most people would still consider it a sin, and frown upon it.

    Now the idea of mistresses in Italy from what I understand the concept of a Goomah comes from the Italian’s males perception of womanhood.

    It’s called the Madonna-whore complex. When the male gets married the wife becomes to be seen by him as a second mother, especially after she gives him children. The male sees her more and more idealistically and less and less sexually. To fulfill his sexual desires (especially the more dirty ones) he seeks out a “bad girl” to become his mistress. He will not develop “normal” feelings of love in these sexual relationships.

    So with the mistress she provides the other role in the Madonna-whore duality. He can do the more dirty stuff that would sicken him if he did that stuff with his wife. I remember in a comedy where it was suggested to a Italian that he had real dirty sex with his wife he got angry saying “those lips kiss my children’s foreheads as she tucks them in at night.” He doesn’t want to see the idealized “Madonna” image he has with her tarnished in that way.

    Also, another reason for a mistress (not justification just a reason that the male might be attracted to the idea of a mistress) is that once he married a woman, the idea of “conquest” is over since by marrying her he has fulfilled the conquest regarding her. So, he seeks out mistresses so he can experience the feelings of conquest again. It is also why in Italy and France, and perhaps other countries, a powerful man is expected to have mistresses as a sign of his manhood as it proves to them that he is strong at conquests.

    Now this only works one way. A female can never have sex with another male in Italian society. That would show a lack of respect and “dirty her up” in the husband’s eyes. He would then have to somehow challenge the male who she was having an affair with, and sometimes this leads to him killing the guy.

    But again, this isn’t the way it is in America or I believe in Canada. Having mistresses is considered by most of the people in these two countries as a sin.

  33. Alice

    “However there are restrictions in Islam with having more than 1 wife, it’s that you have to treat them exactly equally, which is very difficult…”

    And it goes against why men has affairs. One woman, the wife is supposed to play the role of “Mother” and be the source of all his emotional affection (love). The other is supposed to play the role of “Whore” and be the source of his sexual pleasures and feelings of conquest.

    Treating them equally is the exact oppose to why he has the affair. At least it is in European society.

  34. Great post I learned alot! Thanks =)

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