Episode 7 – Preview


Note: This episode was originally supposed to air Feb 21st 2007.

You can watch clips from Episode 6 at CBC.ca.

Second Marriage: Yassir’s mother talks with Amaar about a second marriage for her son.

Washing my body: Sarah’s mother-in-law reveals that she doesn’t want Sarah to wash her body when she dies.

Leaving home: Sarah has Rayyan bring her some things from home which doesn’t include Yassir and his mother.



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13 responses to “Episode 7 – Preview

  1. M

    Salam to Everyone,

    These previews to episode 6 look very interesting.
    I was not able to view the clips on my computer sorry to say.

    I was hoping there would be other family members to the many characters introduced as the series progresses.

    I think it is great that such ‘sensitive’ issues as polygamy are taken on with no hesitation.

    I am interested in the mother-in-law’s character. What her relationship is like with Sarah, etc.

    The fact is that while many converts are readily accepted by their husband’s family, others are not.

    Some families welcome their new daughters (in-law) with open arms. Some hesitate to no ends, questioning their intentions on conversion, etc.

    But to tell you the honest truth, I have not had any backlash from anyone in nearly 30 years of marriage. I don’t want readers to think I am sugar-coating anything, but that is the truth.

    And the majority of my ‘con’ Muslim girlfriends have had positive relations with their new families too.

    I wonder if Yassir’s mother is not so much against Sarah as a ‘daughter’, or does her character portray more of a ‘stereotypical’ mother towards her son (Your mother, your mother, your mother) and therefore, manipulates her role as mother through Islamic teachings?

    Washing the body;

    Thank you for bringing up this topic. I have assisted in this humbling duty in our small community. I hope this issue brings understanding and education to non-Muslim viewers and readers of this blog.

    Leaving home;

    Since I haven’t seen the clips or episode yet, all I can say for now is I think Zarqa Nawaz is really putting a lot of effort and soul searching into how she has developed these characters.

    They are more real to life than we want to admit..:)

    I mean really, who hesitates more in showing the world our faults, warts and all, than Muslims at times, sorry to say.

    Part of it is our own fault for living in our clustered societies, afraid to venture out, etc. And in part because we have a burden to carry and answer to. The challenge is from those who claim to be Muslim and have caused great harm and death to innocent victims.

    What this series means to me, is showing the non-Muslim viewers that we are not perfect. That sometimes our teenagers do yell at us. That sometimes we don’t pray on time or properly, and we question hijab, polygamy, etc.

    And for the Muslim viewers, it shows us our flaws in a humorous manner. It is allowed, to have a sense of humor, that is.

    From reading some of the posts by Muslim viewers it seems like this is one aspect that is very touchy.

    Laughing at ourselves is a healthy tool towards a healthy community. At least for me I believe it is.

    On another note;

    It would be interesting to have a few episodes on Sarah’s family visiting with Yassir’s (Is his mother a widow? Does he have siblings, other family members….more fun….:).

    Maybe some of Sarah’s family could be Mormon (no offense to any Mormon readers). They could lament the fact that she was a ‘jack’ Mormon to begin with while Rayyan sympathizes with them, that her mother is a ‘jameela’ Muslim at times too.

    Just have fun with it. It would be great to meet Ammar’s family too.

    (Oops, sorry for the long post, hope I have not put you all to sleep)

    Salam to All –

  2. moh

    The clips on CBC.ca are incomplete .. it’s just a min or something each, anyone knows where i can watch the full episodes at ?

  3. Greetings, the clips didnt’ work 😦 . , @ M, Sarah is already an Anglican, maybe someone else among the people of Mercy can be a ‘jack Mormon’! 🙂 I’m sure some fun could be had with that, but I think there needs to be sensitivity there too, Mormons come in for a lot of misunderstanding from other Christians let alone Muslims! 🙂

  4. Greetings, pardon the double post, I got the clips to work. Correct me if I’m wrong, but in the Muslim religion, isn’t a second or third or fourth marriage only legal if the people involved live in a country where it’s legal?
    The law of the U.S. doesn’t allow polygamy, Utah could not become a state in the U.S. without making it illegal, and the LDS (Mormon) church had to make it illegal in order to make sure the law would be observed. They had a ‘special revalation’ or something about that matter.
    And second question, the imam in this series is a full time imam, no secular job right? Aren’t imams supposed to have a short beard?

  5. FZ

    I guess it depends on what you define as legal. Are you talking about from the perspective of the government or the religion?

    I don’t think he has another job. There are some who believe that all Muslim men should have a beard; it is not something specific to imams. In Afghanistan during the Taliban, they took it to the extreme that a man could get killed if he didn’t have one, but that is the exception, not the rule. I always tease my husband he would have been dead by now in Afghanistan as it seriously takes him a week to grow a 5 o’clock shadow. There wouldn’t even be any point to him to try to grow a beard, it just wouldn’t happen! Even if he did, it would never be more than a goatee and a mustache as he has absolutely no hair on the side of his face.

  6. Well the beard thing is interesting, did you know Orthodox Christians are encouraged to have beards, especially priests and monks!
    I know that for various reasons, having to do with genetics, men will have more or less facial hair.
    At one end there’s guys who have the double male chromosome thing going and they have no ability to grow a beard. Alexander the Great had this trait, then you get guys like my son who had enough facial hair at age ten to grow a starter moustache and a little goatee by age 12, he really had his starter moustache at age 10 and had a goatee by age 13. His friends weren’t even in his league until after high school! 🙂
    As to the second marriage thing, I meant both religiously and legally.
    Personally I don’t have the usual problem Westerners have over polygamy. I’d rather see it be totally legal because I think it’s better than men having mistresses or patronizing prostitutes. Everyone knows what’s going on that way, whereas the way things are now, a man can be unfaithful to his wife, and any children of that relationship don’t really have rights. I just wondered how Muslims deal with polygamy being illegal in places like the U.S. and Canada, but legal in other places like Saudi Arabia.

  7. Tajuddin

    Great questions Katja…regarding marriage, because it is primarily considered a religious union (and a simple contractual relationship) and hence many polygynous Muslims in countries that outlaw polygamy simply ignore the legality by engaging in marriages without a civil ceremony…

  8. Ellen

    Is washing the body of someone who dies a ritual amongst Muslims?

    Also, do Muslims believe in the body being buried within a certain time of death?

    What about cremation? Is that allowed?

    On a somewhat different topic: What perecentage of Muslims in North America perform the Hajj. If you can’t give numbers, can you say that more do than don’t?

  9. Sara

    In Islam, the body of a Muslim, even after death, is to be treated with respect. Hence it is

    washed, dressed in a clean shroud, enveloped in fragrance and carried with great respect on the shoulders of fellow-Muslims.

    Muslims bury the body as soon as possible, usually within 24 hours, thus easing the grieving process

    Islam views cremation as a deviation from the norm. Allah has showed us from the very first death in the time of the Adam that burial as opposed to cremation is the proper and most fitting way to dipose of a body after death.

    Allah (swt) gave the proper way for us to bury our dead with the example of the Raven. Allah is all knowing and if cremation (although it was not available to man at the time of Cain)was the proper way for burial Allah would have provided that as an example vice burial. So, if Allah gives the decree that is all that is required for not to cremate. Also, Prophet Adam (AS) was not embalmed. The angels washed Prophet Adams body, wrapped and buried it. Embalming means using some form of preservative on the body, Muslims do not preserve the body of the dead.

  10. Zaraf

    Yes, Sara summed it up pretty good. Yes, we don’t need to preserve the body, since the earth was commanded to not consume the bodies of all of the prophets and the martyrs. Thus, even today, if you were to open up the grave of a martyr, you would find the body as if the person had just been killed 🙂

    Regarding your question about the Hajj. Hajj is the pilgrimage to Mecca, and must be performed by every Muslim once in his/her life time, if he/she is financially, physically, and mentally able to do so. I actually went to the Hajj this year, and it was an amazing experience. Now how many Muslims have gone to Hajj vs. not gone? Definitely the number of Muslims who have NOT gone to Hajj is much more. As for a percentage, I couldn’t give you a number since I don’t have accurate figures.

    Unfortunately, too many Muslims today regard Hajj as something “I’ll do when I’m old and settled down”. While at Hajj, I saw a LOT of people from Turkey. However, out of the thousands of people from Turkey that I saw, I counted maybe 2 or 3 people who were probably under 30. The rest looked 60+.

    Muslims don’t seem to understand that once you have enough money to go, and you are able to do so, it becomes the priority…not buying that car or owning that condo, etc.

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