Misconceptions in Religion

Yassir turns the table around by offering a few misconceptions he has on the Anglicans. He asks the Arch-Deacon how the Vatican is, he asks Sarah if  Easter is when Jesus looks for his shadow.

Normally, the misconceptions are for Islam and Muslims; it was refreshing to observe misconceptions on a religion other than Islam. It also shows the ignorance of Yassir and how absurd he looks. 

Are there other common misconceptions in the Christian religion?



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5 responses to “Misconceptions in Religion

  1. Sara

    What is the difference of Catholics and Protestants?

    I ask this, because I ask a lot of Christians but they do not really know.

  2. Well let me see if I can help you in this, Catholics are the original church in the West of Europe. The word Protestant comes from the word ‘protest’.

    The Catholic Church is headed by the pope, and in the Middle Ages from about the 11th century on there were groups who objected to various doctrines and practices in the Catholic Church.
    You should know also there’s a difference between Catholic and Orthodox Christians.

    The split between Catholic and Orthodox dates to the 11 century.
    The last pope, Pope John Paul II began a negotiation process between the Catholic and Orthodox churches with the stated aim of re-unifying them.

    One notable dissident Christian group actually was located in Bosnia Hercegovina, they are nowadays called ‘The Bosnian Church’ but are also known as the Bogomils. They were an underground movement all over Europe at one point. They disappeared from history when the Ottomans conquered Bosnia because many of these people became Muslims. They rejected the Trinity and the authority of the Pope and had a married priesthood. They were regarded as heretics by both the Catholic and Orthodox churches. Apparently they did not drink wine, and were rigidly celibate even within marriage. They were not just in Bosnia Hercegovina but in present day Sandzak which is in Serbia, and in coastal Croatia. Basically any place you find a type of grave monument called ‘stecci’ (pn stechi) the area was inhabited by this religious group.

    Modern Protestantism though has it’s origins with Jan Hus, Martin Luther, Calvin and John Knox who came up with most of the doctrines of Protestantism.
    There is great variety of doctrine among Protestant churches, which is why your friends probably could not tell you the differences, and I would have to say the main difference is that Protestants reject the authority of the Pope, but they are not Orthodox either. That is the simplest way I can put it.

  3. rstd

    Yassir has so much to learn. About his own religion and those of others. His problem is that while he has a good heart, he follows mainly his lusts–for money and…

    Not that either one is bad. Yassir, like all of us, is need of some serious spiritual growth.

  4. Jim

    Differences between Catholics and Protestants:

    It’s hard to list them all because there are so many different Protestant faiths.

    Some differences include:

    The Pope is the spiritual leader of Catholics, while Protestant faiths have their own leadership.

    Some Protestants take the word of the bible to be the literal word of God to be taken absolutely as stated. Catholics believe that the bible was inspired by God, but open to some interpretation.

    Certain statements made by the Pope are
    declared to be infallible.

    Catholic priests are not allowed to marry.

    The Catholic Church does not approve of the use of artificial birth control, or abortion.

    Catholics believe that priests have been given by God, the ability to forgive sins, if the sinner is truly sorry and does not intend to sin again.

    During the Fridays of Lent, the 40 day period leading up to Easter, Catholics abstain from eating meat.

    Catholics believe that it is a sin to not attend church each Sunday.

    Catholics believe that all people are born in a state of sinfulness (original sin) which is taken away by being baptized – initiated into the Church. They also believe that Mary was born without original sin.

    Catholics believe that at the end of her life, Mary was taken into heaven both body and soul. They do not believe that Mary is divine, and while prayers are said to Mary, they are prayers asking Mary herself to pray to God on their behalf.

    This is not to say that there are no Protestants with many/some of the same beliefs, or that there are no other differences. There are many of other differences that could be cited.

  5. John

    Jim, that’s an excellent list. It does refer to an ideal, of course, that few Catholics in North America live up to.

    The large majority of people calling themselves Catholic in Canada, for example, may respect the Pope, but the idea of papal infallibility is considered a joke. Most know they’re supposed to go to Church every week, but go only on Christmas and Easter — if they feel like it. The majority completely ignore Church bans on birth control. Some still do abstain from eating meat on fridays, but fasting during Lent has pretty much been non-existent since the 1960s.

    The vast majority even confuse key details of their own doctrine — for example, they think that the “immaculate conception” refers to Mary being impregnated without recourse to a male, rather than to her own “sinless” birth (the correct answer).

    I can’t speak for any other countries, but here in Canada, Catholicism is more a cultural upbringing than a true religion to many people.


    p.s. Of course there are still many devout Catholics — just not a large proportion of them.

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