The Mayor asks Rayyan to gather 150 signatures supporting her cause to place a female lifeguard on duty before the next budget meeting.

The Mayor of our city asked the Mosque to create a petition against placing a Psychiatric Hospital next to the Mosque. The community felt that mental patients escaping the hospital to take refuge in the Mosque wouldn’t be a very good thing. We’ve also held rallies to show support for electoral candidates from our Muslim community. 

Have you had to create a petition? How about one supporting Islam? What sort of response did you get?


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11 responses to “Petition

  1. Sean

    See, this is how it starts. Some oportunistic politician seeing within the Muslim community a unified voting block that could become solid voters for him or her gets the Muslim community involved in politics.

    Pretty soon they start demanding concessions and before you know it they are trying to change the character of the community.

    But I believe She Mayor is being shortsighted here. When the Muslims in Mercy do become an overwhelming political force, they are obviously going to vote her out of office regardless of how accomindating she has been to them. After all she is a woman and a non-Muslim. Well I guess she could convert to Islam, but even if she got a sex change I don’t think the Muslims would want her.

    When Mercy does finally become Mercistan the Muslims are going to want a male Muslim to be mayor of the town.

    This so reminds me of what happened in Antelope, Oregon, USA. First they came in slowly and all they asked for was a little tolerance of their unique lifestyle, but pretty soon they had enough people there to take over the city council and change the name of the town to Rajneesh.

  2. Krista

    Dude, you are seriously obsessed. Seriously.

  3. Nutty

    Sean? Is your daddy rush limbah?

  4. Maybe I am way out of line, “Sean,” but isn’t it possible that your ancestors also came to a continent that was already inhabited by locals and changed the character of the continent over time? I know mine did. It happens.

  5. Sean

    Shouldn’t I learn from those people’s mistakes.

    I don’t want to be placed on some reservation.

  6. Me

    For your information Sean, Muslims countries have been some of the first in the world to elect female heads of state. Even in a strictly conservative country like Iran, women account for a significant portion of their equivalent of parliament.

  7. Nano

    Not quite correct on Rajneesh (since named Osho), Sean. You do realize he was a guru of a Hindu cult, and Hindus are not Muslims? His followers bought a ranch in Oregon where they settled, and named it Rajneesh. It was previously named the Big Muddy. There was never any takeover of any town. If you are going to make spurious claims, at least get your facts straight.

    Not every Muslim on the planet is a terrorist sleeper cell, just as not all Christians are cross-burning white supremacists. Open your mind and embrace your fellow man, and explore the richness of diverse cultures instead of locking yourself away and fearing them.

  8. Sean

    Yeah, he lived on the 65,000 acre “Big Muddy Ranch” near Antelope, Oregon, which his followers had bought for six million dollars. The ranch was renamed Rajneeshpuram (“City of Rajneesh”).

    His followers flocked to the area. Many came to live at the ranch, but others actually settled in Antelope itself. The number of residents of Antelope that were followers of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh came to outnumber the number of original residents of this small town and eventually they were able to elect themselves onto the Antelope city government.

    On Sept. 18, 1984, by a vote of 57 to 22, the charter was amended to change the name from Antelope to Rajneesh.

  9. Here, from the town’s own website.

    Antelope Valley was probably named in 1862 by members of the party of Joseph Sherar while packing supplies into the John Day mines. There were many antelope in central Oregon in pioneer days, hence the name. Antelope post office was established August 7, 1871, and Howard Maupin was first postmaster, the office taking its name from the valley. The 1862 Shearer party also named Muddy Creek, Cherry Creek and laid the foundation for Bakeoven. After World War II, the community languished until the 1980s, when followers of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, who had started the city of Rajneeshpuram on the site of the old Muddy Ranch, came to dominate the town. On September 18, 1984, by a vote of 57 to 22, the charter was amended to change the name from Antelope to Rajneesh. This received considerable publicity throughout the state, for feelings about the Bhagwan and his followers were sharply divided. The Bhagwan’s problems came to a head in the fall of 1985 when Anand Sheela, his personal secretary and spokeswoman, decamped to Europe, reportedly with a substantial sum of the sect’s money. A short time later the Bhagwan was indicted on federal immigration charges. After an abortive attempt at flight, he pleaded guilty and returned to India. Meanwhile, on November 6, 1985, the remaining residents, both original and Rajneeshee, voted 34 to 0 to restore the original name. The Post Office Department, relying on the efficiency of zip code 97001, never changed the name from Antelope.

  10. Sean

    How long do think it will take for Muslim’s to come to dominate Mercy, changing its culture at least if not its name to Mercistan?

    It always starts out slow with but a few, but as they make gains, more and more start to arrive and pretty soon the minority becomes the majority.

    That’s how it happened with Antelope

  11. How long do think it will take for Muslim’s to come to dominate Mercy, changing its culture at least if not its name to Mercistan?

    It will never happen. This is fiction.

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